ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: What The Buzz Is About

Happy summer, Penn Staters! With the transition in seasons, it’s due time for a new fashionable start, especially in terms of hairstyles. For our gentlemen readers, a short new ‘do might be the solution to update your look. A short style looks tidy, sophisticated and appropriately-edgy.

As the sweltering summer months approach, a sleek and shaved look is the easiest way to keep cool while looking dashingly dapper. This Fashionisto looked seasonally chic with a buzz cut, which went particularly well with his hair type and the shape of his face. A summer shave keeps you physically cool when the temperature rises and is exceptionally easy to upkeep. It not only makes a serious statement, but adds a bit of bounce to your step. This timeless style is honestly effortless, as there is no need for additional products or styling, and dries in a matter of seconds. With a buzz cut, there are no morning mishaps or bad hair days.

Not all buzz cuts are created equal. There are a plethora of options available for every facial shape and sense of style. Whether you wish to channel David Beckham’s flawless follicles or Zinedine Zidane’s close cut, the array of options are endless. Before you grab the clippers, be mindful of your head shape and hair type. With a quick consultation for your stylist, you will be on your way to a simple, low maintenance and incredibly stylish new look.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Short and Chic

Admittedly, my long mane is one of my prized possessions—but I’ve always been curious what I would look like with a stylish, short style. While I’m not courageous enough to get chopped, I hold those that do in high regard (you go girl!). The fall/winter 2011-2012 runways of rag & bone, Lanvin, and Giambattista Valli all featured cool, cropped cuts in their collections that were both chic and edgy. 

Out of all short haircuts I’ve seen this spring, this Fashionista’s has to be one of my very favorites. This multifaceted cut featured closely shorn sides with a very voluminous top. But the best aspects of this style are its amazing body and excellent shape. It’s very versatile, as she could easily wear it brushed forward or slicked back. But, her deep, vintage-inspired tousled side part is pretty, feminine and seriously cool.

Whether you’re going pixie, bobbed, or seriously shorn — short hair can shape and refine your entire appearance. These sorts of cuts define your cheekbones, add volume and texture to your tresses, and shows off the subtly sexy nape of your neck. There are options that flatter every face and hair type, and the results are exceptional (take note from Twiggy, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, and Hallie Berry). So if you’re looking to punch up your style, stop hiding behind those lengthy layers and make haste to your local salon! Plus, who doesn’t love the benefits of a 5 second blow out?

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Gentleman’s Shave

The Gentleman’s shave is undoubtedly an art. The wet-shave method is slightly extensive, but the results are nothing less than legendary. While winter whiskers are standard for the chillier months, a clean-shaven face is much more suitable for spring and summer. With resources like The Art of Shaving and Dollar Shave Club (to name a few), there’s no reason for you dapper dudes not to be impeccably groomed. If the winter months made you a bit lax in your shaving routine, transitioning back into the task can seem a bit tedious. Never fear, handsome reader, there’s a few simple steps that will aid you in perfecting that baby-soft face.

The perfect shave, like anything else worthwhile, is a process. This stylish, clean-shaven Fashionisto prefers the four-step process, highlighted by Gillette’s The Art of Shaving, which produces optimal results. Their exceptional tools and luxe line of skincare products turns the chore of your morning shave into a delightful task. Any lady will tell you that the key to obtaining smooth skin is exfoliation so, first, start with an exfoliating facial wash or scrub. Baxter of California, a great men’s grooming line, recommends this initial step to lift hair and remove dead skin to produce a closer, more comfortable shave. After you rinse off the exfoliant, either use a preshave oil or a hot wet towel to soften your stubble and open your pores. Just a tip: always try to shave after or during a hot shower. Next, lather up with a foamy cream to protect your skin. Once you’re well lathered, take a sharp blade with a manageable handle and shave in the direction of the hair growth. If you want an even closer shave, reapply cream and gently go against the grain. Finally, rinse with cold water to close your pores and apply a moisturizing facial cream to soothe and hydrate your skin.

That’s it! Lather up, gents. Go out and get yourself a great blade, good products and a couple of minutes to give yourself a premium shave. While certain products may be a bit more of a splurge, I find that you get what you pay for with skincare – so invest a bit. It is your face, after all.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Check Your Specs

Chicks dig stylish guys – simple truth. The ZZ Top trio was onto something when they wrote the prophetic lyrics, “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharped dressed man.” Well-groomed, dapper dudes certainly have an edge over the sweatpants-clad, hoodie-sporting masses of our student population. Looking for an easy way to step up your game while looking smart and sexy at the same time? Glasses, my good man – it’s all about the glasses.

A great pair of glasses really gives an edge to an otherwise ordinary outfit. It easily adds oomph to a classic jeans and a T-shirt combination, and instantly increases the appeal of any type of work wear. Speaking of, I spotted this bespectacled Fashionisto on campus in a seriously-spirited ensemble. His impeccable taste in eyewear was evident in his choice of dark, squared frames that complemented both his coloring and face shape. This easy addition made his sportswear look smart, sophisticated and seriously stylish.

Vintage, retro-inspired specs have dominated contemporary men’s frames over the last several seasons. Throwing on some chunky frames can do a lot for a face. While it’s factual that not every dashing gent was blessed with a chiseled chin or the strong jawline of a GQ model, glasses can really aid in improving the architecture of your face. I’m a personal advocate of the tortoise shell or jet-black array, as these are the most universally flattering and classically stylish options. But, by all means, experiment with a little color if you’re feeling particularly bold. The coolest specs I’ve spotted on guys include pairs from Oliver Peoples and Ray-Ban. Here’s looking at you, four-eyes!

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Pointing Fingers

Hands up, beauties! Marvelous manicures have taken the spring/summer 2012 season by storm and the results are simply stunning. The dazzling designs spotted in the recent collections of Topshop Unique, Meadham Kirchhoff and Nicole Miller make any Fashionista itch for a trip to her local salon. From awesome ombre to adorable appliques, this trend is sure to bring out the artist in all of us.

The perfect way to top off a good outfit is with a great manicure. The visual impact made with an impeccable polish is a foolproof way to enhance your ensemble. This Fashionista’s delightful digits undeniably accentuated her sweet, preppy look. As an advocate of all things cool, creative and DIY, I adored this stylish lady’s take on hot pink nails. Her addition of an adorable applique-blinged-out bow and a touch of neon leopard print was pretty, punchy and totally punk rock.

Go for it Fashionistas! Don’t be afraid to break out of your typical beauty routine and try something new. An adventourous manicure, like this fabulous Fashionista’s, is a perfect way to add some extra glamour into your look. Little gems, baubles and beads are a simple way to make a serious statement. If you’re dying to recreate this amazing look like I am, pick up some nail glue and sparkly supplies from your local beauty supply or craft store. Looking for something that's a whole lot of fun and a little less 3D? Try Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips. This cool product is a perfect way to incorporate a lot of wow into your outfit. Whether you're looking for demure or daring, this is a trend to try. So, get crafty, fashion enthusiasts because there’s no such thing as too much glitz.


Ladylike fashion is back in a big way on the spring 2012 runways. From Christian Dior to Louis Vuitton, this fabulous feminine trend has permeated everything from handbags to accessories. Big bows and pretty pastels are extremely springy and fun, and what better way to translate this runway trend than with a terrific topper? I’m talking some serious headbands, fashion enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Blair Waldorf, or you're trying to tame troublesome tresses, headbands are a quick addition that produces some seriously stunning results.

Seen on starlets at the Golden Globe Awards, and in the spring collections of Tory Burch, Dolce&Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera, headbands have continued to take the accessories world by storm season after season. This Fashionista executed the trend by adding a charming blue-zippered option onto her punchy, preppy look. While her outfit is adorable on its own, this simple addition pulled her entire look together to make her ensemble pop. 

Headbands are a super simple way to incorporate a little style and polish into every outfit. With endless options this season, you’re sure to look radiant with whatever you choose. Whether you’re looking to punch it up with edgier options or emulate elegance with ribbon and lace, headbands are a surefire way to keep your look adorably fresh on campus!


The morning rush before an early class can sometimes make it difficult to appear your most campus-fabulous (8 a.m., eek!). Fear not, Fashionistas, there is a simple solution and you might just be wearing one on your foot! Yes, ladies, we’re talking about the sock bun. This simple DIY-beauty-solution is the easiest way to create a bold, beautiful bun in a flash.

This sensational, chubby top knot has been spotted on red carpets, runways and soirees of the chic and fabulous, and with a little creativity and inventiveness, it too can be yours. This Fashionista looked fiercely-fantastic in her sock bun on her way to class. Paired with a punch of contrasting patterns, a fantastic wedge and sweet shades, this elegant do took her look from stylish to stunning. It’s easy to achieve. All you need is a hair elastic, scissors, single-tube sock, bobby pins and a bit of hairspray. Once you have your materials, it's time to get started. 

First, cut the toe off of your sock to create a tube. Roll the tube into a donut shape and put your hair in a high ponytail secured with an elastic. Pull your ponytail through the center of the sock and spread your hair around it. Then, roll the sock towards your head and wrap your hair around it as you go. When you’ve made it to the base of your ponytail, secure any stray pieces and fly-aways with a bobby pin or a spritz of styling spray. Make sure the sock is totally covered with hair and voila! You’ve done it. Go out and work it, girl.

This sexy style has been one of my favorites for a while now. I’m all about almost anything big and bold, and this meaty bun is the perfect way to tame your tresses. Looking for a little more guidance? Check out a tutorial on The Perfect Buns website and this instructional video for more tips!


Classic, timeless beauty trends are things to be admired and revered. These everlasting staples have aided generations of lovely ladies add a bit of oomph to their looks. While long locks and rosy cheeks are noteworthy, nothing shouts chic like a fabulous red lip.

A super-sexy red lip is immune to seasonal transitions. Featured in some form on every runway rotation in recent history, a crimson pout makes a strong statement while simultaneously looking insanely stunning. This Fashionista added a pretty pop of color with a bold lip amidst a fantastic springtime ensemble. Spotted amongst some tropical trees, she effectively utilized a fuchsia-toned red to amp up her cute, stylish look. The creamy shade added a dramatic effect without being overbearing. To soften the saturated shade for the balmy climate, she went over the rouge with a cocoa butter lip sheer!

Grin and bear it, Fashionistas! Be bold and rock a red lip! Everyone from Rick Owens to Dior featured this sort of iconic elegance on their catwalks this spring. This simple statement instantly adds both pop and polish to your ensemble. Looking for something a little more low maintenance for daytime? Try a lip stain with a light gloss over it for a quick campus beauty boost. The result is lovely, lush, natural, and subtlety sensuous.


This week, I’m here to prove that writing about beauty is not just for the ladies. There is a single, unifying accessory that can take your look from frumpy and unflattering to stylish and chic at the tip of a hat. That, my friends, is the ever-classic ballcap. Making its comeback from the days of N.W.A and Kurt Cobain, this simple accent will keep you looking super fly.

Those spectating last season’s catwalks sported a slew of sensational headgear. While wraps, beanies, and fedoras are commonplace at such events, a rookie headdress was spotted on dapper domes all across Fashion Week. The baseball cap is a truly glorious thing. This dashing gentleman opted with an off-white leather strapped variation to accentuate his cool, preppy look. Worn backwards, the hat worked as an exceptional addition on a cloudy day.

Ladies and gentleman, take note—rocking a ballcap is not only stylish, but very on trend. Having a bad hair day? Boom—hat. Don’t feel like washing your hair? Never fear—hat. You can spot me on campus several times a week rocking my Pittsburgh Pirates snapback with my leather jacket and leggings. While I’m a fan of rocking my hat flat and front facing, either direction is awesome. Cap off your adorable spring ensembles with this fun, fashionable trend. It adds a bit of quirk and edge to an otherwise ordinary ensemble.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Fabulous Fringe

Feeling foxy, Fashionistas? Why not add a bit of fringe to your look! I’m not talking tassles and strings, I’m speaking of beautiful, bold bangs. Hairstyles on the spring 2012 runways were elegant, stylish and full of fringe. Whether you’re feeling angular and edgy like Marc Jacobs models, or sweet and side swept like the ladies at Jill Stuart, you’re sure to make an impression when you go out with a bang.

Eye-skimming layers are the name of the game for this fabulous Fashionista. Her piecey, yet sexy side-swept locks enhanced her look instantly. Looking put together in classic black blazer, emerald silk top, tribal skirt, vintage Louis Vuitton bag and riding boots, her hairstyle effortlessly took the ensemble to another level. By adding a bit of curl, she incorporated a pretty, playful bounce to her lovely brunette locks. Bangs like hers are perfect if you want to shake up your look without losing a lot of length.

Bangs are an amazing way to instantly take your look from shabby to chic. Seen everywhere from blunt bobs to lengthy locks, this style adds texture and interest to any head of hair. Do you have trouble with a tricky cowlick or lifeless layers? Bangs help to flatter your face while solving the issue. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-feminine style or something that packs a bit more punch, there’s a face-framing style for you. Consider your features and face shape when trimming your tresses to find your perfect cut.