A Trip to the Ringling Museum of Art

Being that I am an art major and that one of my best friends lives in Sarasota, I pretty much started geeking out when I realized how close she lives to the Ringling Museum of Art. This museum has a total of 21 exhibits, ranging from interchanging galleries of contemporary art, to displays of portrait photography. Due to the permanent collections being the only galleries I could take pictures of, I dedicated most of the time I had at the 14th-18th century European art, and the Circus Museum.

The gallery of 14th-18th century European art mostly captured art from the Renaissance era. The combination of beauty and elegant, flourishing creativity during this period is why I’ve always found the “rebirth” period to be one of the most influential movements in history. One piece that really stuck out to me features this snazzy lady right here. Her gown is hands down one of the prettiest articles of clothing I’ve ever seen and she’s holding the tiniest dog to walk the planet.

The circus museum was full of interactive pieces such walking on tightropes and sitting in a clown car, but what really stuck out to me what the fashion. The Ringling Circus was at its peak in the mid-1920s, so obviously the costumes were amazing. Female performers always had the most intricate beading and details on their costumes and this woman’s warm-toned gown matched perfectly with her partner, the elephant’s, costume. The piece definitely gives me Water for Elephants vibes.

How to Conquer the Ringling Museum of Art

1—Bring your student ID. If you’re enrolled at the University of South Florida, Florida State University, State College of Flordia, New College of Florida, Ringling College of Art and Design, or Eckerd College, this is essential. If you are a college student but not enrolled at any of these schools, bring your ID because you will still get a discount! Your ticket will cost only $5 rather than the typical adult ticket which costs $25.

2—Keep track of time and make the exhibits you know you want to see a priority.

3—Bring a bag that can fit everything, including your camera. Walking around a museum, or anywhere in general, with a camera in my hand can be very irritating, and I find that it draws attention to me. I found that just bringing a bigger purse can easily solve the problem. I usually find myself gravitating toward smaller purses, but in situations like these. A shopper or tote is the perfect solution.

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What You Need to Know About Anxiety and Depression

Under any circumstance, if someone hasn’t experienced something that you have, they will never truly understand how you feel. Unfortunately, this applies to mental illness. These past five years have been very difficult to get through, and within this time frame, I’ve realized that it was mainly because the people I cared about most didn’t understand what I was going through and why I needed to focus on my anxiety and depression.

The Best Thing You Can Do

As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, I can tell you that the best thing that you can do is offer your support.

How You Can Help

An anxiety attack feels as if you’ve lost complete control of your body. You wish you could escape the shaking of your body, the pounding of your heart, and inability to breathe, but all you can do is struggle. Ask your loved one how you can help. If they need you there to calm them down and get them water, do it. Ask them if they need time alone. If so, give them space. If they don’t feel comfortable at a public event, leave the crowd and help them! Do what you can to assure them that they’ll be okay. Depression consumes its victims with negativity, causing them to live their lives hopeless, lonely, and empty. Remind your loved one why they’re important to you. It is not expected for you to know exactly what they’re going through, but putting effort into your relationship, and letting them know that they aren’t going through their struggles alone is extremely helpful.

How I Cope With My Anxiety and Depression

I’ve found that the best way for me to take my mind off the darkness and negativity in my life, is to distract myself with activities that I’m passionate about. Being that I am an art major, it is no surprise that I rely on creative outlets to do so. Whether I’m making sketches that reflect the mood I’m in or jotting my ideas down in a journal, getting my thoughts down on paper helps clear my mind.

The Meaning Behind My Tattoo

Being that this was my first tattoo, I wanted to get one that was simple yet meaningful. Project Semicolon is a movement whose main goal is to prevent suicide and helps inform people about mental illness. In a sentence, a semicolon is used to continue a sentence rather than just ending it with a period. The semicolon on my wrist represents how I could have ended my life, but decided not to. I had the option of ending my short and sad life, but decided to power through and continue and see what the future holds.

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How to Pull Off an Eclectic Sense of Style

Because our generation pulls inspiration from multiple eras and styles, I personally do not feel obligated to limit myself to the trends of one particular category. By bringing different elements of fashion into my wardrobe, I have developed a way to pull off my eclectic sense of style. As long as an outfit is tied perfectly together, it cannot fail. Different pieces can be mixed together as long as they complement each other!

1—Edgy chic. Starting off with the edgy portion of this look, I layered an oversize cropped top over a netted bralette and high-waisted shorts. For the past year or so, red has been a staple in my color palette. It gives the perfect edge to any outfit and pairs beautifully with black. The fishnet bralette that lies underneath is such a simple and fun way to add excitement to any crop top. Adding black and silver accessories, such as my purse, belt, and choker, give the outfit a more minimal, chic vibe.


2—Girly grungeThis look is a feminine twist on the long-lived grunge trend. With a pair of Kurt Cobain sunglasses, a black velvet scrunchie, and creepers, this outfit stays true to the early ’90s. I decided to continue the ’90s theme by wearing a straight neck dress and a dainty choker to add a girly flair.

3—Haute momPun-intended, this mesh-lined cami perfectly represents summer street style. I just couldn’t resist completing the look with a good old-fashioned pair of mom jeans. The flattering and comfortable mom jeans are the perfect go-to and can make any outfit casual. Because of this, I haven’t owned a pair of low rise denim since 2013, and I never plan on going back!

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