City Intern

Whether you scored an internship in the Big Apple or another fashion capital, how you dress is important. Interning in a city gives you leeway to step outside your comfort zone and try something daring. However, it’s important you make sure it stays professional. The Fashionista pictured mixed sophistication and sass, giving her the perfect look for a summer internship.

If you find yourself in the city this summer, you’ve probably noticed the array of dark hues, so it’s easy to be weary of color. The street-style is mainly made up of a lot of black and navy, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of fun. This Fashionista chose a metallic, satin apricot-colored blouse to brighten up her look. To keep it clean and professional, she paired the fun top with a pair of slim black trousers. A pair of nice black pants should be a staple for any intern’s wardrobe. They’re sleek, conservative, and very functional all of which are important factors when choosing your outfit.

For her footwear, she kept functionality in mind yet again and chose a low-heel black patent leather bootie. Patent leather shoes are another versatile item and can easily go with any look. Their shine makes them pop against the black pant without being too over-the-top, and their low-heel makes them both wearable and fashionable.

Lastly, it’s important to be prepared for any weather, so a black leather jacket is a great addition. For a normal day in the office, a leather jacket is a great go-to and most likely an existing part of your wardrobe unlike a blazer.

Strut into your internship radiating confidence and style. Even if your outfit may consist mostly of blacks and basics, don’t be afraid to stand out with an occasional pop of color…even in the city. Show it off on social media and tag @CFashionista!



STYLE ADVICE: Double Denim

We’re diving head first into denim this spring, and this Fashionista’s going to show us how it’s done. Using seasonal staples like her hat, jacket, and boots, this outfit is perfect for transitional weather and sunshine.

Between the cool mornings and hot evenings, springtime is always a balancing act. By pairing her short gray bodycon dress with black over-the-knee boots, she’s showing the perfect amount of skin. Solid-colored bodycon dresses are great for these in between seasons because they’re easy to match with and are great for layering with anything from a cardigan to a denim jacket.

The denim-on-denim trend has been taking over celebrity styles, city streets, and runways all around the country. This Fashionista shows us how to make it possible by adding a denim jacket and hat to her ensemble. A lightweight denim jacket is a must-have for any closet. They’re ideal for any casual outfit, and can be taken on and off as the temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. To complement the jacket, she throws on a matching denim hat, to draw even more attention to her look. While we see bolder variations of this trend in the fashion world, a simple hat and jacket are a great starting point for anyone who wants to give it a go.

As it gets warmer outside, out come the bright colors and creative trends. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new styles this spring! Mix and match similar patterns and pieces and show off your creative new looks this season.

WHAT TO WEAR: Lunch With the Girls

Getting together with friends for lunch seems to always be something that’s on the weekly agenda. Between classes, work, and everything in between, finding the perfect outfit for the occasion should be the last thing on your to-do list. This Fashionista put together the perfect casual look to run from one activity to another and still look great at lunch.

One thing I’ve learned is that you can never go wrong with black jeans. No matter what the shape or style, black denim is ideal for any occasion since it’s so easy to dress up or down. To keep her look casual, she chose a low rise pair with a slight slit in the knee, then complemented them by adding a pair of knee-high black boots to her outfit. This combination of jean style and boot height is perfect, since it lets her shows off a little bit of skin while still looking casual. Sticking to a neutral color palette, she added a simple gray long sleeve top to give her room to play around with accessories.

In simple outfits like this, the importance is in the details and accessories. She shows off her personal style by adding a pop of color with her turquoise ring and white nail polish. Jewelry is always a fun and easy way to add personality and color when wearing neutral colors, and nail polish only helps draw more attention to it. Last but certainly not least, her sassy black aviator sunglasses tie everything together while still keeping things fun and casual.

Whatever your day consists of, this outfit is ready to handle it. Start with a pair of black denim jeans then add any solid color shirt; that’ll be easy to add accessories to. With the help of jewelry, makeup, and some fun nail polish, you can let your personality shine through and create the perfect casual look for a get together with the girls.

BEAUTY BAR: Marilyn Maroon

No matter what outfit you decide to wear, makeup can make or break your look. Finding a balance between natural and glamorous is hard when you’re transitioning from going to class to going out, but this Fashionista found a happy medium.

Even though she decided to rock a pair of sporty Tommy Hilfiger sneakers and a fluffy jacket, her makeup is feminine and playful. Combining a fresh, glowy face with a sporty outfit is being seen more and more, and is the perfect way to change activities or environments without feeling under or overdone.

Her berry red lipstick pairs perfectly with her light maroon top, and gives her face a sassy pop of color. Choosing the right lipstick to wear with a sportier outfit is tricky because if you go too bold it can look out of place. By taking the color of her top and toning it down a few notches, her lips actually complement her outfit and bring more color to her face.

Another thing I loved about this beauty look, was her natural brown smoky eye. She started by prepping her lids with an eye shadow primer  before applying anything else. Then, she chose a shimmery nude eye shadow that matches her skin tone and adds just a hint of glitter. By choosing a brown, she kept the look very natural so that the sparkles wouldn’t appear to be too drastic. Glitter is another thing to be wary about and can easily look too dramatic, so it’s important to choose a color close to your skin tone if you’re wearing it with an active outfit.

Lastly, she completed her gorgeous look with a coat of deep black mascara, to make her lashes pop against her skin and the nude eye shadow. Mascara is always an easy way to transform a beauty look and really tie everything together.

Next time you think you’re too underdressed to rock a colorful lip, think again. Makeup can transform any outfit if you use it the right way, so don’t be afraid to try!


It’s always a pleasant surprise when the December sun decides to show its face in the middle of winter, and when it does, out come the cute outfits. This Fashionista ditched her coat for the day and decided to show off some of her favorite gold metallic jewelry and a lacy bralette that would’ve usually been hidden under the layers. If the sun is shining, why shouldn’t you be too?

This Fashionista’s chunky gold watch was the first thing that caught my eye. Watches are such a chic accessory and are the perfect way to balance out other jewelry you want to wear. The bold watch contrasted by her delicate gold bracelet balances everything out. As a final touch she added in a simple gold necklace. Even though she’s wearing three different accessories, their varying characteristics make them all work together without being overwhelming.

As for her outfit, her nude lace bralette is the perfect undergarment for those long sleeve days when you still want to show a little skin. Bralettes are not only super comfortable, but they add a little sass to any backless top without revealing too much. As if the back of the outfit isn’t already fun and flirty, the top she chose has “I love you” embroidered into the back in an eye-catching red. Since she chose a detailed top, she kept the rest of the look simple and paired it with dark wash denim jeans and brown leather booties.

Make the most out of the rare sunny days this season and add a little sparkle to your looks!

STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Gregson

Hi everyone!

Since my sophomore year at Virginia Commonwealth University, CollegeFashionista has been a huge part of my life and I couldn’t be more excited to return for yet another semester. At school I’m majoring in fashion merchandising with a media studies minor and absolutely love it. I think that it’s important to find something you love doing and invest everything you have into it. Lucky for me, I’ve been fortunate enough to find a major that I adore and plan on pursuing a job in the fashion industry once I graduate.

The thing I like most about fashion is seeing how much it varies from person to person. Especially at an urban campus like Virginia Commonwealth University, you really get to see all of the fun things you can do with clothes and accessories. The sense individuality and diversity in both the people and fashion is one of the best things about going to college in the city.

My personal style is very classic and simple. I love makeup, shoes, and rings and I think that the perfect lip color can completely transform an outfit. My closet consists of a lot of basics that I dress up with fun shoes and makeup. Although I don’t like the cold winter weather, I do love being able to wear my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. Jeans are so easy to dress up or down so I can wear them to class or when I go out. For basic everyday wear, I usually pair them with booties and a white T-shirt then add some jewelry. Rings are by far my favorite accessory, and over the years I’ve begun to buy one from every place I travel as a souvenir. Wearing my favorite rings is like a little reminder of my trip so I always try to incorporate a few of them into every outfit.

Follow my articles this upcoming semester for an inside look at all of the fun fashion walking the streets of Richmond!


Finals week has officially arrived and the last thing on anyone’s mind is their outfit. Between sleepless nights and the dropping temperatures, comfort quickly becomes the number one factor when you go to open your closet. However, this Fashionista shows us that it is possible to be comfy and cute at the same time.

The first thing I noticed when I saw her was the vivid white adidas sneakers she was wearing. Seen in countless runway shows and on the feet of celebrities across the country, dressing up sneakers has become one of the most popular trends for fall. Rocking sneakers with a cute outfit not only provides you with day-long comfort, but it makes a statement. By choosing a bright white, her shoes stand out against the dark denim making them the focal point of the outfit. The retro sneaker trend makes it easy to run from class to class without a worry and is the perfect choice for the cold season ahead.

Another highlight of this winter outfit are her open finger knit gloves. Gloves are essential for the cold, but it’s hard to always find a pair that works with an overall look. By choosing a subtle neutral color like the straw tone she chose, they complement both her sweater and her outer jacket without drawing too much attention. These open finger gloves are perfect for on-the-go since they keep you warm while still allowing you to text and use your hands conveniently.

Whenever comfort and temperature start to become a priority when choosing your outfits, remember that there’s always a fashionable way to do it; this Fashionista’s living proof! By adding a pair of sporty sneakers and cozy gloves to your winter look, you’ll achieve fashion and comfort with no extra effort.


It’s another transitional period for the ever-changing Virginia weather, except this time it’s from fall to winter. Like all other in-between seasons, being prepared and dressing in layers is key. As the temperature drops, the outermost layer becomes increasingly important which is exactly what made this Fashionista stand out. Her caramel brown button-up jacket is the perfect rich color for fall while still staying in the neutrals category. Not only is the color eye-catching, but it’s the perfect piece to complete the rest of her vintage look.

For the base layer of her outfit, she rocks a pair of straight legged Calvin Klein jeans and a simple white T-shirt. The simplicity of the look allowed her to integrate her own personal style into the mix by adding an embroidered red rose onto the top. As the saying goes, wear your heart on your sleeve. Embroidery is a huge trend this season and a great way to express yourself and the things you love through clothing.

Instead of accessorizing with traditional jewelry, this vintage babe chose a solid cream leather hat and her favorite pair of white sneakers. Baseball hats are another great addition for a midway through fall outfit when it’s not quite cold enough to pull out a beanie. For her shoes, the classic white tube socks and simple sneakers complete the look and tie together her whole ensemble; not to mention they’re comfortable. The sneakers and jeans look is another growing trend and this Fashionista shows us just how effortlessly it can be done.

So, as the fall temperatures drop and winter approaches, be sure to invest in a jacket that can be paired with most of your closet, a pair of fashionable sneakers and something that brings out your personal style.

Don’t be afraid to wear what you want. Other people don’t have to be wearing it for you to be able to. This Fashionista’s best friend embroidered this shirt for her, so whenever she wears it she is helping promote her. Choose something close to your heart and incorporate it into your outfit.


Fall has arrived and so have the festive flavors, colors and activities of the season. This Fashionista caught my eye because her vibrant and flowing autumn outfit. Inspired by the changing colors of the leaves, this Fashionista’s jumpsuit radiates fall vibes and is filled with reds, oranges and browns of the season. Her jumpsuit is not only perfect for this time of year because of the colors, but the flowy pant bottoms make it versatile for this ever changing weather.

Another way to cope with the transitioning season is to always be prepared and have a cardigan nearby. The neutral light gray knit sweater is ideal because regardless of the pattern or style of your outfit it’ll pair perfectly. Weather it’s with jeans and a T-shirt or a dressy jumpsuit, a versatile cardigan is an essential layering piece for this fall.

To top off this bold look, she added a pair of brown suede fringe sandals. As seen on the New York Fashion Week runways, popular ’70s fashions like fringe and wide-legged pants are making a comeback. These trendy fringe sandals are the perfect element to tie together the look and add a little extra flare. As for jewelry, she kept it simple with a few gold Alex and Ani bracelets to add a little rustic gold into the color palette. This season, spice up your outfits with rich fall colors and layers and don’t be afraid to rock a little bit of fringe.

“Since the weather has been so off and on, I like to wear loose flowing clothes with layering pieces. The cardigan I paired it with is easy to throw on,  and since it’s a neutral color it can go with any festive fall patterns so you can have fun with your look!”


Concerts are the perfect time to go out and to show off those unique pieces in your closet you don’t get to wear everyday. This Fashionista did just that by adding her personal style to a simplistic outfit by accessorizing with a homemade choker and embroidered hat, two of this year’s biggest trends.

Embroidery and chokers have both made a huge comeback in fashion and are two of the top trends this upcoming fall. Embroidery can transform any garment into something personalized and unique to your style, making it a great option to spice up basic pieces such as this Fashionista’s solid white hat. It’s widely seen on denim, pant pockets, jackets and accessories and adds color and flare to anything!

The ’90s choker trend is another thing to be looking out for this season. These trendy accessories are easy to make and are eye-catching, as we see on this Fashionista. She rocks her homemade black denim choker made from the same material as her jeans. To make your own, get a piece of any material you want, size it to your neck and then just add a clasp for a DIY accessory!

Lastly, for her shoes she decided to stick with a lace-up block heel to dress up the outfit without having to worry about comfort. Heels like the ones this Fashionista has on are perfect for any occasion since they’re low enough to wear with something casual, but can also be paired with a dress or skirt and still look dressy.

Even though a white off-the-shoulder top and plain black jeans may sound like a basic outfit, this Fashionista shows us otherwise. By adding the right accessories, her concert attire is fun, unique and on trend making it the ideal look for a big night out.