STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Head to Toe Summer Style Y’all!

I am beyond sad to say that this is my last entry for College Fashionista of the summer. However, as sad as this fact is, I wanted to turn it around and focus on a Fashionista that was rocking some of my favorite trends from the entire summer; as a sort of a walk down memory lane shall we say.

I chose this Fashionista because from head to toe, she embodied summer 2012 in my eyes. I saw a lot of people wearing boots this summer. From cowboy boots to combat boots, they seemed to be everywhere. I loved this trend because it was so unexpected for the summer heat. Usually people turn to flip-flops and sandals in the summer, but it seemed that girls everywhere were rather choosing to pair their sundresses and denim shorts with some sort of boot, and I loved it.

Denim shorts were one of the biggest trends of the summer, in my opinion. This Fashionista was rocking a distressed, high-waist style, which is my personal favorite. I believe denim shorts were huge this summer because they were so versatile. I saw girls wearing “jorts” in so many situations; from walking their dogs during the day to partying at 1-Oak during the night, denim shorts were everywhere. 

Another favorite of the summer was the knotted top style. This style of shirt took over the traditional crop top this summer and really made a name for itself. I particularly love this Fashionista’s shirt because not only does it give a little peek-a-boo to her tummy, but it also has cutout shoulders, which was a big trend this summer as well.

And last but not least, I adore her use of tribal print and bright colors in her purse and her headband. Little pops of color like these have always been a great way to spice up any outfit, and this Fashionista did a great job of doing just that!

If you are thinking about mimicking this Fashionista’s look during the final days of summer, I strongly encourage you to do so! For the boots, check out this great pair from Steve Madden. Urban Outfitters is my personal favorite for high-waist denim shorts, like these. Forever 21 has great knotted tops and I actually found the exact shirt this Fashionista is wearing! And don’t forget your pops of color! If you don’t have time to make it to some exotic country for something a little more authentic, check out this gorgeous bag from Anthropologie.


August is officially here. Not only does that mean that the start of the new school year is quickly approaching, but it also means that we can expect some very hot temperatures for the next couple of weeks. What better way to ward off that relentless summer sun than to pair your favorite breezy dress with a wide brimmed hat?

I’ve noticed that hats of all shapes and sizes have been hugely popular recently. From fedoras, to ball caps, to beach hats, there seems to be a style that everyone feels comfortable wearing. I personally think it’s great that there is such an extensive variety because we all have very different heads, and hats are definitely not 'one size fits all' kind of accessories. Take me for example; I have an extremely small head. When I wear baseball caps I look like a five year-old. The tight fit just accentuates how little my head is. Not quite the best look. No worries though! If you are having a similar dilemma, definitely check out the wider brimmed hat style, like the one this Fashionista is rocking.

When I saw this Fashionista, her hat is undoubtedly the first thing that caught my eye. But after taking her picture and really analyzing the complete look, I realized just how cohesive it really is. Her black hat ties in with her black Converse sneakers. The white sundress is simple enough that it can take on the hat, the sneakers, and all of her silver jewelry as well. I think one of the most important things to keep in mind when going for this look is to keep it simple with the outfit. Sure, hats usually give any outfit an edgy, chic touch, but sometimes it can go from cute to cluttered really fast. Be mindful of what you’re pairing a statement hat like this with. If you’re wearing a zebra-print jumpsuit with neon platform shoes and ten draping necklaces, I would advise you to leave the hat at home. Sometimes it can be a little too much to take in. Give your hat its time to shine!

If you want to mimic this look, definitely check out this look from Nastygal. It even has the same feather detail as the one on our Fashionista! And why stop with just hats? Headbands and scarves are also huge right now. I love this turban inspired piece from Nastygal as well. And as for the simple sundress to pair your head accessories with, Forever21 is a great place to start. This simple, white dress is similar to the one the Fashionista is wearing and is begging to be paired with some great head-piece.


When I stopped this Fashionista outside of my favorite thrift store in Brooklyn, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that I loved so much about her outfit. After some thought, I realized what made this outfit work was the fact that it didn’t have one aspect or one piece that stood out more than the others. What made it work was its simplicity. All of the individual pieces fit together seamlessly to form a cute, casual, and totally wearable look.

A couple weeks ago I wrote an entire post about how to wear denim shorts. This Fashionista does a great job with her own pair. Distressed denim is big this summer, as are short shorts. The pair of shorts on this Fashionista is the perfect length to show off some leg. And although high-waist shorts are huge this summer and I’m also a huge fan, I think it’s a breath of fresh air to see some normal waist shorts, like this one, from time to time.  

To go along with her classic pair of denim shorts, this Fashionista chose to wear a high neckline orange blouse. Not only is the color great for her skin tone, but the cut is really flattering as well. High necklines like this one accentuate the shoulders and create a pretty silhouette that flares out at the waist. I think the combination of a solid color top and bright blue jean shorts is just simple enough to stand out.

Another great thing about rocking such a simple, classic outfit is that it gives the Fashionista plenty of room to accessorize. This Fashionista chose to pair her outfit with a classic Louis Vuitton purse and brown wedge heels to match. I give her serious props for rocking these wedges for everyday activities, like shopping with her friends. It’s something I have been pushing myself to do and seeing how adorable this Fashionista looks in her super cute wedges matched with such a casual outfit really makes me want to try this look! My feet will just have to get used to it!

If you’re looking to imitate this look, definitely start with the shorts. Every girl needs a basic pair of denim, frayed shorts for the summer time. Check out this pair from J Brand at Nordstrom. As for the high neckline blouse, check out this piece from Topshop. Not only is it clean and simple with the classic silhouette, but it also has an adorable button detail in the back!  And last but not least, you cannot forget about the shoes. Steve Madden is always a reliable place to look for a great pair of funky wedges like these!


If there’s one color that has been catching my eye this summer, it has to be green. From army to emerald to mint, the different hues and shades of green have been dominating the concrete jungle.

This Fashionista caught my eye because she wasn’t afraid to rock such a bold color. This striking shade of green really popped against her skin tone. I think it’s important for every girl to know which colors look great on her. Always go for the colors that make your skin look radiant, like this Fashionista, and try to avoid colors that will wash you out. That’s one of the great things about green! There are so many variations of the color that there truly is a shade for everyone. 

Another reason why this outfit works so well is the brown braided belt. The dress itself is very loose and flowy. It wouldn’t look right to have a very stiff or rigid belt. The slouchines of the braided belt goes perfectly with the dress and really accentuates the movement of it. In my opinion, smaller belts, like this one, are a lot more on trend this summer than the dramatic, oversized waist belts. Less is more, and when you’re wearing such a striking color there really is no need to go for a huge belt that is going to compete for the attention, anyway. I highly suggest checking out thrift stories when it comes to finding little belts like these. You can get something really unique and really timeless for a ridiculously cheap price!

To emulate this Fahsionista’s look, check out this retro dress from J.Crew or this maxi dress from Gap. And no need to worry if you’re not feeling like rocking an entire green ensemble. Try stepping out in some green accessories, like this adorable Kate Spade bag. My favorite green accessory in my own closet is a blazer from Zara. People joke that it looks like the jacket given out at the masters, but it has to be one of my favorite pieces I own. I wear it all the time, and even though the color isn’t the most common for a blazer, it’s definitely my go-to piece. Go green, or go home!



Crop tops have been big for years now. Whether they are teeny wheeny and cut right under the bust or a little longer and cut right under the bellybutton, wearing crop tops is a great way to show off a little skin. Every girl has that one crop top that she can always depend on. Recently, I have been noticing a trend that is similar to crop tops, but has taken off in its own right: knotted shirts.

It seems that this style has been everywhere recently. Not only are they adorable and look great with high-waist pants, skirts and shorts, they are also perfect for keeping cool in this unbearable summer heat. The top that this Fashionista is sporting is made of a breathable cotton material that not only looks adorable, but feels light and breezy too.

And while this Fashionista made a great choice in her knotted shirt, the cowboy boots are what truly sent me over the edge. I was absolutely dying over her decision to pair her knot top with cowboy boots. Being from the South, I always take notice and appreciate it that much more whenever I see someone who is bold enough to rock this look in the city. I am a huge fan of cowboy boots. They are comfortable, durable, and most importantly, totally sexy. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy feeling like Jessica Simpson during her ‘These Boots are Made for Walkin’ phase? I definitely think more people should get in touch with their inner cowgirl and try out this look. Cowboy boots are here to stay people!

To imitate this Fashionista’s look, I would highly suggest trying to work with what you have first. There are so many button-up shirts and vests in my closet that I can easily just tie at my waist and get the same effect. But if you don’t happen to have anything of that sort in your closet, definitely check out Forever21. They have a variety of knotted shirts from denim, to polka dots, to even sunflower prints. You’ll be sure to find something you like.  As for the boots, check out Boot Barn. You’ll find loads of authentic cowboy boots.



Denim is, and always has been, an American style staple. From practical blue overalls on the farm to stylish high-waist shorts on the streets of New York, denim has been an iconic part of Americana that is forever here to stay.

The particular style of denim this Fashionista is rocking is the high-waist jorts look. Jorts, the combination of jeans and shorts, are huge this summer. High-waist denim shorts are great for a number of reasons. First, they are extremely flattering if worn correctly. A good pair of denim, high-waist shorts should hit your waist snuggly, but be pretty loose on the bottom. When rocking jorts, beware of the potential for looking like your mother. There is a fine line between fun, youthful jorts and straight-up mom jeans. To ensure your denim shorts don’t fall on the latter side of things, make sure the fit is right. Avoid intense camel toes and serious panty lines. And I’m not saying this to deter all of you from trying this look at all! I just want to ensure that you look like you stepped out of a Kid Rock video, not a minivan full of soccer balls.

Another great thing about denim shorts is that they go with everything and anything! You can pair them with a simple tank top and sandals for a casual stroll down the street like this Fashionista did, or you can dress them up with a blazer and heels for a nice dinner or rooftop party. The versatility that a great pair of denim shorts allows you is incomparable. And not only do they go with everything, they are also incredibly comfortable and ridiculously durable! A good pair of jorts could last for upwards of ten, even 20 years! And who doesn’t love the natural fray that comes with aged denim?

When it comes down to it, nothing says summer like a nice pair of denim shorts! So if you don’t have a reliable pair in your closet, I would highly suggest going out and finding one. You can get a classic pair like this Fashionista from Levi Brand Jeans that will look great on all shapes and sizes. Or, you can opt for a funkier denim look made by Runwaydreamz. Regardless of your personal preference, denim is definitely something to invest in. I can guarantee denim will be big next summer, the summer after that, and many more summers to come!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

Some of the biggest and most undeniably in-your-face trends of the summer are colorful pants and shorts. We Fashionistas are no longer restricted to simple jeans, white pants or khakis; oh no! This summer is all about breaking out of your comfort zone and reaching for some pink denim pants instead of your every-day, go-to bottoms. I can honestly say that every color of the rainbow has been making an appearance in the form of pants, shorts and capris these days, and I am loving every minute of it!

I absolutely adore the shorts on this Fashionista. Not only is the emerald color so magnificent and eye-catching, but the cut and style are extremely flattering as well. The high waist on the shorts hits her at just the right spot and gives her the ideal hourglass shape. And while the shorts are great on their own, this Fashionista managed to slip in another huge summer trend as well: nautical.

This Fashionista chose to pair her bright green shorts with a navy and white striped long sleeve T-shirt. The horizontal stripes definitely give the ensemble a nautical feeling without the need for an overwhelming amount of obnoxious anchors or sailor hats. Simplicity is definitely the key to rocking this look. Sometimes wearing such a standout piece, like her shorts, can be tricky. You definitely don’t want to overload your outfit with too much color or too many patterns. This Fashionista executed the look perfectly by choosing a subtle shirt that isn’t fighting the shorts for attention. Rather, both pieces complement each other and tie together effortlessly.

To complete the look, this Fashionista topped off the outfit with her classic Ray-Ban shades and simple black flats. Again, I think any more color would have been a bit much (except for her red lip — love that!) By keeping her accessories simple, the shorts are truly able to shine.

To mimic her high-waisted and colorfully bold shorts, check out these shorts from Topshop. And if you’re looking for a simple, nautical-inspired tee, check out this one from Michael Stars. Honestly Fashionistas, as long as you remember to balance the bold and bright with the soft and simple, you will knock this look out of the park!


It’s no secret that all things maxi are huge for the summer. Walking around Columbia, and all of New York City for that matter, it is hard to avoid this sizzling summer trend. The particular style that has been catching my attention quite frequently is the sheer maxi skirt. This trend got its start on the spring runways of designers like Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs, but has successfully carried over into summer as well.

In most cases, the sheer maxi skirt consists of a shorter skirt or shorts on the bottom paired with a layer of sheer material on the top. This style is the optimal peek-a-boo look for summer. It has the flowy comfort of maxi skirts that we all know and love, but the added sheer layer gives your outfit a little extra hint of sex appeal. This Fashionista’s maxi skirt really stood out to me because of the beautiful lace detailing.  If you’re rocking a skirt with gorgeous detail like this one, do what this Fashionista did! Pair your sheer maxi skirt with a simple top that doesn’t distract from the beautiful features that are going on down south. By pairing your skirt with a simple, muted tank top, the maxi skirt will become the focal point and the minimal details will be highlighted and brought to life!

I definitely encourage all you Fashionistas out there to try out this trend. If you love the lacey details on the skirt worn by our Fashionista you will also like this style by Urban Outfitters. And if you’re looking for less detailing but more sheerness, check out this style by GUESS. In my opinion, these skirts go great with a pair of flats for strolling the streets on a lazy day, but can also look great with some ankle booties or funky wedges, like these from Steve Madden. So go on Fashionistas and let the sheer madness ensue!


For the majority of college kids, summer means one thing: freedom! Finally done with classes, we are free to do whatever it is our hearts may desire. However, for some of us, summer means the opportunity to hang around campus and get a few more credits under our belts without the stresses that occur during the regular school year.

I caught this fashionista running, literally running, to her summer class. I could tell she was in a rush, but I had to stop her! Her outfit was so inspiring and so representative of this in-between work and play trend I have been noticing on Columbia’s campus recently. I think the key word here is versatility. Living in New York City, you never know what kind of event or opportunity you could run into at any given time. You and your outfit have to be ready to take on anything! Therefore, your ensemble has to be conducive to a class environment one minute, and then be able to adapt to going out downtown the next!

This fashionista’s outfit is the epitome of sophisticated versatility! What struck me the most about this ensemble was the unexpectedness of it. I would never think to pair a standard sweater with a sheer maxi skirt and stilettos. However, this fashionista pulls off the style effortlessly and flawlessly, and I definitely think it is one for all of you summer students to try out. To mimic her look, check out the sweaters at J.Crew and also the sheer maxi skirts at Urban Outfitters.

The accessories also add a lot to this outfit. First, her shades are a must for the New York summers. When the bright sunlight is reflected from buildings, a sturdy yet stylish pair of shades is an absolute must. This fashionista is wearing Ray-Ban, a brand of glasses I highly recommend not only because they are polarized and great for your eyesight, but also because they won’t break if your drop them in your purse without the case. Second, instead of throwing her laptop into her backpack with the rest of her books, she opted for a Louis Vuitton handbag that adds a level of sophistication to the outfit and truly ties it all together.

This fashionista definitely knows a thing or two about “Summer School Chic.” Think about it; she can stroll into her summer class and dominate any discussion or presentation, and then immediately after class she can simply take off the sweater, throw on a tank top or crop top, and she is ready to hit the town. Now if that’s not summer versatility, I don’t know what is!

Style Guru Bio: Rachel Hodes

My name is Rachel and I am a rising sophomore at Columbia University. While I haven’t decided on what I will be majoring in quite yet, there is one thing I am absolutely positive about: I love fashion and I could not be more excited to be contributing to CollegeFashionista as a style guru this summer in the one and only New York City.

Born in Miami and raised in Atlanta, my style has been very much influenced by the warm climates around me. In my opinion, nothing beats a sundress in both cuteness and comfort. I am also a very big fan of clean, simple outfits that are given a little extra spice with accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and bags. You could say I have a bit of a Michael Kors watch addiction, but hey, don’t we all? My style can be encapsulated by saying if I can throw it over a bikini after a day at the beach and still look fresh and fabulous, then it works for me!

However, my style was thoroughly challenged this year when my studies led me to New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world with a much colder climate than I was used to. I had to adapt to my new environment and learn how to make the cold work with my style. I had to push myself not to rely on my comfy slippers and sweatpants combination. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to do this because of the overflowing amount of inspiration I found at my fingertips. Living in New York allows me to observe an endless supply of new styles and trends, and honestly, gives me the courage to try things I never would have tried at home. Walking the streets of Atlanta cannot compare to strolling down Broadway or Fifth Avenue. Whereas at home, I never felt the need to challenge my own style or try out new things because, frankly, everyone either dressed the same or didn’t really care. However, being in such an eclectic and vivacious city makes me want to try new things. It pushes my style forward in ways I never would have imagined before. Whether that is rocking my new yellow wedges to class one day or wearing my leopard print fur vest as much as physically possible, living in such a dynamic and vibrant city gives me the courage to try anything new, no matter how extreme it may be. In New York, anything goes and anything has potential to be fabulous. That is why I love this city so much and I cannot wait to document the amazing trends I spot on my campus.