LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Styling Coffee Dates

With finals and the busy end of the semester, everyone deserves a little coffee break to catch up with friends and indulge in the rich taste of the holidays. This student’s impeccable style and casual demeanor show that the end of the year doesn’t have to take a toll on your wardrobe choices!

As tempting as it is to leave the house with your trusty drawstring sweatpants and oversized sweater, this student is heading to the library with a rough leather jacket from Gap, khaki Levis pants and a comfy T-shirt and cardigan. Compromising your style during exam season is definitely not the answer. Dressing to the nines will ensure you feeling your best while acing that final exam. With his coffee in hand, this casual student changes it up by adding a red beanie and aviators to his look, while being practical for the weather.

For many men, versatility and convenience are important characteristics of their wardrobe. This look is easily changeable by replacing his red beanie with a trendy trapper hat or a hood for ease. With a quick swap of shoes, this look can become winter-ready with this unique take on boat shoes that are oh-so-popular on the Queen’s campus. If boat shoes are not in your niche, try these edgy combat boots by John Varvatos that will be sure to turn heads. Being stylish is not only in the way that you dress, but also in the way that one carries oneself.  

Hint: Dress to feel great. Choosing your outfit in the morning is a catalyst for an enjoyable day.  My advice to you is if you look great, you’ll feel great and success will follow.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: From Morning to Tumbleweed

Your campus is your runway, and there is never a lack of originality on campus here at Queen’s no matter where you are or what time of day it is. The most basic of items are worn with impeccable confidence, or with a hairstyle that gives an outfit just the right amount of je ne sais quoi.     

On this warm day, this stylish student opted to wear a plaid shirt from a thrift store called Phase 2 with Urban Outfitters chinos and shoes. Without a doubt, plaid is a staple at Queen’s University whether you choose to put it on in the morning for class, casually studying at the library or transitioning into the night on Tumbleweed Tuesdays! 

The plaid trend has become something of a mainstay for college students everywhere because of its versatility and variation in styles for both girls and boys. For the more fashion conscious men, plaid can be easily paired with a denim jacket or vest for cooler days and without any fuss. For a more fitted look, oxford plaid shirts at J.Crew are easy to wear under a corduroy blazer or just by themselves. 

Hint: Make sure it fits on the shoulders well and button the buttons to avoid a sloppy look. No matter what style, colour or wash of plaid shirt you choose, it is important to keep it classic and not too flashy!


The students at Queen’s University have been receiving mixed signals from Mother Nature since the start of the school year. Luckily for this stylish student, today was calm, sunny and just peaceful enough to keep warm under the bright sun. 

Wearing black skinny jeans, a graphic T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, a Gap chambray shirt and a quirky vintage necklace, his style emulates simplicity at its finest. The combination of black denim and pale chambray is essential in any wardrobe because it is laidback enough to be casual, yet versatile enough to dress up for the coming winter months.  Chambray is available in different washes, such as this one from Land’s End. For the fashion conscious with an eye for detail, ASOS has denim shirts with color blocking panels and tie-dye patterns. Without a doubt, this student has a bright smile, coiffed hair and vintage glasses that give him that classic James Dean allure.

When the winter weather kicks in, this stylish student has tons of options for layering and cold weather accessories. Putting on a wool cardigan and leather jacket will give him that little bit of edge, or simply wearing a zip-up hoodie and a parka will keep him warm. In terms of accessories, a slouchy beanie,or even a pair of fingerless gloves will tie together his understated look.

Hint: The options are endless. Accessorizing your look with hats, necklaces and gloves during the cold months is essential to keeping warm and dressing the part! Just remember that staying simple and unfussy is the golden rule; everything else will fall into place. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Colors Speak Louder Than Words

Trendy students are easy to come across at Queen’s University, but it’s not everyday you find someone with a unique sense of style. This student’s loud outfit, and even louder personality, made him the perfect candidate for today’s post. 

Wearing casual jeans from Hurley, Uncle Florian shoes, a maroon shirt from Phase 2 and a subtly patterned vest from a local Kingston favorite Blueprint, this student is wearing four out of seven colors of the rainbow, but still manages to keep the look refined! If this vest by Selected Homme is any indication that winter is coming, then it is the perfect transition piece for the chilly weather. Vests have become somewhat of an understatement in wardrobes around the world, but this student shows us how to make a comeback!

With an eye for detail, this student also shows us that men can rock accessories just as well. His everyday earring and bright red watch are telltale signs that he is confident, creative and knows what works for him. For a different look, try these vintage watches by American Apparel. Whereas, if you have more expensive taste, look for timeless classics at Rolex.  

Fashion is such a dynamic topic. In a world where certain colors and fads are in one day and out the next, this student’s bold and colorful outfit speaks louder than any trend in fashion. 

Hint: Men, don’t be afraid of color! It has been found that although most men prefer the basic white shirt, you will realize that color is your long-lost friend and is definitely a plus in ladies’ books too! 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Colour Palette Perfect

With the storm season causing a lot of panic and uncertainty these days, the stylish students on campus are definitely keeping in check with their daily outfits. Although Kingston weather is nowhere near as drastic as that in the East Coast, this university town definitely experiences some sporadic weather.   

There seems to be no shortage of stylish exchange students at Queen’s this semester, as evident in this young man’s ensemble. Wearing a leading Scandinavian fashion brand called Filippa K, it is no wonder that some of the best clothes and fashions come from Europe. His dark army jeans perfectly contrast his light denim dress shirt, and his neutral parka is essential for stormy days in Kingston. This student definitely came prepared for the chilly canadian weather. 

If you are already searching for winter-appropriate basics, parkas are definitely the way to go, especially in this dark olive color! The cool shearling peeking out from underneath is also an added bonus—creating a fashion statement and keeping you warm at the same time. Rather than opting for your traditional Canada Goose parka, try these variations in wool or a lightweight nylon material. For a more utilitarian look, this padded parka by Filippa K exudes cool style and ease. 

Hint: When choosing the perfect winter parka, it is all about the fit! Look for lengths that hit just below the hips to avoid looking swallowed up in your jacket, and look for linings such as fur or patterns to create interest. A neutral color will also ensure a timeless piece for many winters to come!



In fashion, staying ahead of the curve is what designers, stylists and “it” girls and boys have gotten down to a T. That doesn’t necessarily mean always being on trend, though! It really is about taking elements of your basic wardrobe and changing it up a bit one piece at a time. That’s what makes dressing up such an exhilarating challenge!

Navy is one of those basic colors that work in every situation from strict formal settings, down to your laziest day. This stylish Comamerce student is a prime example of incorporating a single color into your entire outfit without being overwhelmed. 

Wearing a slouchy, navy Club Monaco cardigan over top an army green Gap T-shirt, dark nudie jeans, Jack Purcell Converse shoes and a navy wool coat over top, he is able to create interest using different textures and patterns. Nude jeans have become somewhat of a staple in the young modern man’s wardrobe, and with good measure! They are made from 100% organic denim and have become a type of lifestyle. The longer you wear them, the more character is given to your denim.

With this outfit, there are variations of things you can try from replacing your cardigan with a blazer for a more professional look, to simply changing into dressier shoes for a nighttime stroll down Princess Street. 

Hint: Working with only one color can be either the best decision you made all day, or the worst. Try this student’s look by making sure you are wearing different fabrics and textures. For example, his cable knit cardigan with denim and a wool-like overcoat are all navy, but in collaboration they are all still unique to the eye.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Classy in Maroon

Who needs fashion models and design inspiration when we have a stylish crop of students walking around Queen’s campus everyday? 

Walking with ease and confidence, this stylish student is wearing the perfect fall shade of maroon jeans, a dark jacket from H&M, classic oxfords from Aldo, a light blue button-up and rocking some serious sunglasses on this sunny Kingston day. His statement pants are definitely the star of the outfit but the pairing of the light blue denim shirt was a wise decision. It is always commendable when a stylish street-goer is able to mix and match colors without going overboard.

It seems that maroon and burgundy are making huge waves this season, as we find these shades of color on all things wearable—from jeans to scarves, handbags to lipstick. Maroon and burgundy are the perfect colors to transition from fall to winter, with varying shades available in styles for all men and women. Take inspiration from Valentino’s spring 2013 collection or even go outside your comfort zone by wearing a full armor of maroon. 

To lighten up your look, pull together your outfit with neutral colors of beige and camel. For example, a classic khaki trench coat courtesy of Burberry or a camel colored knit circle scarf to protect you from the wind!

Hint: As far as shoes ago, matching them with your belt is a rule of thumb. This will help keep the flow of your outfit consistent and tie together your look so that there aren’t too many things going on at once.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Knits, Knits and More Knits

Let’s face it, the rainy weather can dampen the mood a little, especially when you’ve woken up late and are in a rush to figure out what you feel like wearing for the day. 

This stylish second year student seems to have it down in check though! Rocking a peppered navy-grey knit sweater, caramel coloured chinos and casual canvas sneakers, his ensemble is definitely one to take note of. An avid fan of H&M, his affordable taste looks expensive but with a personal touch of style. His advice is to think of in terms of ensembles. Try not to buy just any shirt, but think about what you could wear with that shirt.   

During the cooler months, these shawl collar knit sweaters are popular amongst men and women alike. They are cozy, warm, come in a variety of colours and prove to be an instant upgrade to your usual crew neck sweater. The buttons are the perfect addition, but if you’re a more easygoing type of guy, look for knits with graphics such as this one from Ralph Lauren. If a pullover is too restricting, there are styles that come in cardigan form and with a variety of buttons, such as this one

To make your look a little more unique, add layers of shirts underneath or even accessorize! It is a common misconception that accessorizing can make a look more feminine, but it can really change your look from one season to the next. 

Hint: Men, to add some interest, wear a slouchy beanie with your knit sweater or opt for a messenger bag, as opposed to your usual school backpack. Switch your canvas shoes with leather combat boots and voila! You have now successfully transitioned from fall to winter without even changing your outfit.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cold Weather Investments

The windy, frigid weather has finally descended upon Kingston. It can be a tough time looking well put together when the wind is constantly blowing in your face, but this stylish fourth year student manages to do so! Wearing khaki trousers with red Vans, a light blue button-up shirt and a navy coat to shield him from the cold, he looks polished and casual. His outfit is casual enough to be comfortable, but with a few slight adjustments, this look can take him from school day to night time. Worn in Vans are essential in any university boy's closet, but to instantly make this look more formal, try a pair of brogues or shiny new oxfords.

As the winter months approach men, invest in a jacket— one that keeps you warm, but can also be a conversation starter. This stylish student chose a casual toggle coat that can be worn walking downtown on Princess Street or as a quick overcoat to run to class in. If you're looking for a jacket that will last you throughout all your school years and even beyond, opt for a peacoat with a wool blend or a trench coat to keep things interesting. If you have expensive taste, opt for this timeless Burberry trench coat or wool coat. On a budget, fashion-forward and pocket-friendly jackets can be found at Zara or H&M. These pieces can change your look completely and have plenty of styles, buttons, materials and even colours to choose from.

Hint: Don't compromise your outfit by simply wearing a bulky sweater or boring jacket. A nice, tailored coat will be sure to bring you positive attention. This student’s advice is to wear things that make you feel comfortable and good about yourself!


As summer is nearing to an end and fall sneakily approaches behind us, we can look forward to cooler days despite a bright and shining sun. Although we will have shorter days and colder nights, don’t fret because our fall wardrobes are just waiting to get some wear out of them! The transition from summer to fall can be a hard one, going from lounging at the beach back to the classrooms with pen and paper in hand. Make back to school that much more exciting by trying new and unusual things with your old clothes. That way, you can save so much more being on a student budget. 

This stylish university student looks cool and casual in a lightweight Club Monaco shirt, dark Levis and classic Chuck Taylor’s with various sized Buddha beads on his wrist and a convenient watch.  Sometimes the best outfits are the simplest, and this outfit truly is simplicity at its finest.  A great jean is a basic necessity in any stylish man’s wardrobe and can instantly change an your look depending on occasion. To upgrade any outfit, stick to a dark wash like the one pictured above so that you’re looking sharp from day to night! For a more rebellious look, try these Cheap Monday skinny jeans. Or, if you like your denim raw and full of history, try Naked and Famous denim for a classic, downtown look with styles and cuts fit for all men. Denim can create a powerful statement, so make sure you take advantage of denim in all forms—shorts, jeans, shirts and jackets!       

General advice from the stylish Waterloo student himself: “Stick with something simple, and change it up by having something standout—like a bright color.”