There’s no doubt about it: winter is here. Last week I even saw some cities in California that were facing temperatures in the thirties! Yikes! The drop in temperature doesn’t mean there has to be a drop in our style, though. While you can bundle up until you look like the abominable snowman wrapped in marshmallows, you definitely don’t have to.

For those of you like this week’s featured Fashionista who aren’t too keen on bulk, there are a few alternatives to the cumbersome puffer jackets. Start out with a heavy but slim-fitting coat. A wool peacoat is a fantastic option and while you may be able to find one for a bargain, don’t be afraid to shell out a few extra bucks (if you can) to invest in a nice coat that will last for years. Once you’ve decided on a coat, turn your attention to accessories; not jewelry but additions to your outdoor ensemble that will keep you warm.

Although the idea that we lose a disproportionate amount of body heat through our heads is completely untrue, keeping your head warm is still important. Hats are obviously the best way to go but if you are fervently anti-hat, turbands and earmuffs are also options that will help to shield your noggin from the cold.

Your next concern should be your neck. There is nothing worse than drafty air escaping down the front of your coat because you’ve forgotten a scarf. You can go with a slim one like the Fashionista is wearing or you can ensure extreme warmth with a massive infinity scarf.

I may have lied earlier when I said there was nothing worse than forgetting a scarf because finger-sicles are definitely the worst side effect of harsh winter weather. Gloves are an absolute must. If you’re as “plugged in” as I am, tech gloves are a necessity for you so you don’t have to sacrifice warmth in order to stay updated and entertained while you’re on the go.

So we’ve covered the basics but if you want to go a little further, take a note from the Fashionista (and the ‘80s) and grab some adorable legwarmers. They’re the perfect addition to shoes that probably weren’t meant for winter weather.

Keep these tips in mind on the next cold day (which, let’s be honest, is probably tomorrow) and you’ll be warm and flawless.


When it comes to color in fashion, Pantone is the only voice that matters. These deities of color make color forecasts and designers can choose to either claim their stake in the trend or risk irrelevance by opting out. Most of the time designers decide to roll with the pack, which leads to the frequent appearance of certain colors across collections during fashion weeks.

For 2013, Pantone declared emerald, a color said to “[bring] a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation” as its color of the year. Of course, if Pantone says so, it is law and tons of designers such as TibiEmporio Armani and Monique Lhuillier set out to incorporate the color into their fall collections.

Since 2013 is nearly over, hopefully you’ve been rocking this bold green all year, but if not, there is still time! You can wear emerald without risk of a fashion faux pas until spring, at least.

This week’s featured Fashionista dons three different trends – emerald, leather and moto jackets – all in one absolutely stellar article of clothing, a duo-tone leather moto jacket. Because the emerald in her jacket is so deep and dark, the green could be overlooked in a casual glance. To combat this, the jacket needs to be paired with a simple outfit to ensure the jacket is the focal point of the ensemble. The Fashionista does this perfectly by wearing black allover: simple and chic, but not at all boring.

As with cranberry, emerald can be worn like a neutral or as pop of color. As a neutral, you could try subtle emerald pants with a top in any color of the rainbow. As an accent, you wear either an emerald scarf or handbag.


Let’s face it: scarves are fantastic. They may not garner as much excitement as a fabulous bag or a killer pair of shoes but everyone loves a good scarf. Unlike some clothing, they don’t need to be trending or seen on the most current ‘It Girl’ to be relevant. They’re like the cozy sweaters of the accessory family, just wonderful staples that are always there when you need them.

My favorite thing about scarves is that they are incredibly versatile and functional. They can be worn as belts, bag adornments, hair accessories or, in their original purpose, around the neck. As hair accessories, they can be worn in a seemingly endless variety of ways such as headbands, bows and turbans. I cannot even begin to count the many bad hair days that have been turned into fabulous hair accessory days with the help of a stylishly wrapped scarf. If you’re more traditional and want to keep the scarf where it’s “supposed” to be, fret not; you can get creative too, as there are countless ways to tie a scarf around your neck as well.

This week’s featured Fashionista was turning heads as she strutted across campus in her oversized leopard scarf so obviously, I had to stop her. In her simple core outfit and her bold royal blue cardigan, the statement scarf is the perfect addition to the ensemble. The size, draping and print ensure that the scarf is the focal point of the look.

With all the versatility that is available in the world of scarves, there is absolutely no reason to be without a scarf (or tons) that you adore. Whether it is a classic winter, a trendy infinity, a fun texture or a large shawl-like scarf, there is bound to be something to tickle your fancy. Guys, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t rock a scarf because you definitely can. A scarf is the perfect item to give any outfit a little extra oomph.


My mother always hated paisley. She said it was the ugliest print she had ever laid eyes on and she didn’t understand how anyone would choose to be seen in it (too many hippies in her lifetime, perhaps). I, being a young and inexperienced Fashionista who thought her mother was the queen of everything, politely and blindly agreed. As I grew older, I only saw paisley in pastel clothing for old women so I really had no reason to reconsider my thoughts about the print. Many years later, I was in a thrift store and happened upon a pair of paisley pants. They were bold and fabulous and I was in love; paisley items have been sneaking into my wardrobe ever since. Just last weekend, I stumbled upon a gold brocade paisley jacket that was to die for. Needless to say, I am now a paisley fan.

A few designers are fans as well. Paisley was seen in the fall 2013 Givenchy collection as well as those of Etro and DKNY for spring 2014.

So you see, paisley is not inherently terrible. It just has to be worn correctly and boy, was this week’s featured Fashionista wearing it flawlessly. Anyone who can wear all over paisley and not look like a couch gets automatic fab points in my book. The success in this Fashionista’s look comes from three sources. The first is the laid-back structure of the jacket and pants, a simple bomber and slim leg pants. The second is the type of paisley. It’s small and muted, not at all gaudy and obnoxious. The final and most important factor is the simplicity of the rest of her outfit: a simple white T-shirt, white Converse and minimal accessories. No one is going to be able to take their eyes off your paisley so why bother with anything else?

If you are not one to go bold and wear paisley all over, you may want to try a very on-trend sweatshirt, jeans, a staple paisley scarf or maybe even a classic Vera Bradley piece. Guys, you can hop on his bandwagon as well with paisley hoodies, button-ups and sneakers. Paisley is for anyone and everyone.


As a preteen, I went through a phase where everything I wore had to match. Not just coordinate, but match exactly. If I was wearing a black and pink shirt, I had to wear black jeans, pink accessories and pink and black shoes. This need for everything to match perfectly meant that it was impossible for me to indulge in the then-current denim on denim trend. It bothered me to no end if my jean jacket did not match my jeans and it was nearly impossible for my mother to find denim pieces that matched to my liking. It was a tragic time for everyone involved but luckily, it is now in the past.

I am happy to see that the denim on denim trend is back now that I’ve progressed past my near-neurotic color obsession and I look forward to seeing the many ways people will wear it this season, especially since the last time the trend was in, this happened. Yikes.

One way to rock the denim on denim look is to go monochromatic like this week’s Fashionista does and like preteen me would have preferred. Her look is completely solid all the way down to her muted cobalt blue oxfords, but she breaks up the monotony by sporting a graphic tee under her unbuttoned chambray shirt.

An alternative would be to do a bit of mixing within a single color family. A light blue chambray shirt tucked into a pair of deep indigo skinnies is instantly chic and not at all gaudy or garish. You can mix it up even more by pairing colored or printed denim with normal blue denim.

If you’re not quite ready to wear two separate pieces, you may want to go for a “denim-blocked” piece like this shirt or these jeans. To accomplish the allover denim look in just one step, try denim overalls or a jumpsuit.

There are endless ways to wear denim on denim. Why not try them all?


To music lovers around the world, punk and grunge are dead and have been since they went mainstream. That probably has a lot to do with the appropriation of grunge culture by the fashion industry and Marc Jacobs in particular. Whoops. Sorry about that.

The grunge trend became popular in mainstream fashion culture in the ’90s and while the likes of Anna Wintour are glad that the fad died, even more people are glad that it’s back, myself included. I am a huge fan of anything that isn’t stereotypically “pretty” and I love the subversive feel that the grunge trend has. Grunge says that it is perfectly okay and on-trend to be a bit unkempt with oversized, holey clothing, last night’s makeup and disheveled hair.

Fortunately, there are many ways to pull off a trend, as this week’s Fashionista proves. I spotted her on the streets of New York City being photographed by a street style photographer for another site, for good reason. With elements of glam, grunge and punk in her outfit, she is quite the showstopper.

Let’s break down the many elements of her look from the bottom up. Her creepers are notably punk, as was her spiky backpack which, in all the excitement, I sadly forgot to photograph. The flannel shirt tied around her waist just screams “grunge” in every way. Her overalls, had they been denim, also would have been a nod to the grunge trend, but in leather they add an intriguing element that’s  somewhere between glam and punk. Her makeup has a very old Hollywood vibe, with a winged eyeliner and a red lip. Her hilarious hat is the perfect item to top off any outfit. There is a lot going on here, but it all works together flawlessly.

If she can pull it off with such poise, who’s to say that punk and grunge are dead?


Ladies, gents and non-binary peeps, if you live somewhere that actually experiences seasons, it’s probably starting to get a bit chilly. You know what that means? Sweater weather! Or, if you’re anything like me, jacket weather! The name’s not as cute, but the sentiment is just as valid.

This season, eye-catching outerwear is one of the biggest trends. You may decide to go with an oversized coat in a bold color or simple silhouette in a standout print; but whatever you do, ditch the simple shape-simple color combo.

One of the prized silhouettes of this season is the moto jacket. The biker-inspired look is definitely nothing new, but when designers such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jeremy Lang and Twenty8Twelve decided to diverge from the classic black leather, others took note. Now you can find a moto jacket in countless textures, colors and prints, and thus I invite you to moto your way.

This week’s featured Fashionista rocks her motorcycle jacket in a print many teens and young adults are still obsessed with, Aztec, pairing it with a simple LBD and black flats to ensure that the jacket is the focal point of her ensemble. With fashion’s return to classic prints, you may be interested in a plaid, camouflage, houndstooth or leopard print moto jacket. If your style is more on the stereotypically girly side but you’d still like to indulge in the motorcycle trend, this lace moto jacket may strike your fancy. But, you know, you may just want to stick to the basics. For those residing in warmer or colder climates, a moto vest or coat, respectively, might be the thing for you.

Not only are motorcycle jackets versatile in that they are available in such a wide variety, but also in that they can be styled with almost anything. They can complete an already badass look of a band t-shirt, distressed jeans and combat boots; they can toughen up a sweet and feminine sundress; and they can even be paired with a chic blouse, fitted trousers and heels. It is nearly impossible to go wrong with a moto jacket. If there is one thing your closet needs this season, it’s this jacket.


Every season we are presented with a color that is purported to be “the new black.” To be quite honest, I think such claims are complete and utter hogwash because no color can ever replace black. As someone with a wardrobe that contains more black than anything else, I think even the mere thought of replacing black as a staple color is completely absurd. But I digress.

After being spotted on the runways of Noon by Noor, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Charlotte Ronson and countless others, fall 2013 fashion week reports claim gray as this season’s new black. Pantone has claimed emerald not only as the color of the season, but also as the color of the entire year! There is a color, however, that while pervasive, has been generally overlooked in this season’s color palette: burgundy. Some prefer the term cranberry, wine, maroon or oxblood, but no matter what you call it, there is no denying its presence this season. It was huge last fall and seems to be back for round two. The color dominated Zac Posen’s collection, was used by designers such as Anna Sui and Diane von Furstenburg and is even said to be the hottest color for lips and nails.

I nominate burgundy for this season’s “it” color because it is bold yet versatile. It is both striking enough to be the focal point of a look and subdued enough to be used as a grounding neutral. This week’s featured Fashionista uses it as the former, pairing her deep cranberry corduroys with a simple white button-down. If you’re looking to incorporate this color into your fall wardrobe, you can go all out with a bomber jacket or a dress, or you can add a slight pop of color with tights or shoes.

Gentleman, as evidenced by its appearance in fall 2013 menswear collections such as Calvin Klein, John Galliano and Maison Martin Margiela, this deep red is in for you as well. You can add the color to your wardrobe with bold chinos, a charming peacoat or simple accessories. If you’re a bit more daring, you can make quite the statement at your next formal event with a burgundy suit.

When it comes to reds this fall, abandon the brights and take a trip to the dark side.


Spaghetti and meatballs. Chips and salsa. Cookies and milk. These are all things that just go together. But what about melon wrapped in prosciutto? Scrambled eggs topped with marinara sauce? French fries dipped in a milkshake? Sometimes in order to discover true greatness, you have to think outside the box and shake things up a little. This is just as true in fashion as it is in the kitchen, if not more so.

If you remember my STYLE GURU BIO, you know that I am a huge advocate of mixing styles. I mentioned that “I like to dabble around in everything, mix things up and break fashion rules, and I like seeing people who do the same,” so you know I had to stop this week’s featured Fashionista. Her ensemble effortlessly combines girly basics with accessories that have a bit of an edge.

With her white top, black skirt and leopard print scarf, this Fashionista’s outfit is perfectly girly. She would need only a cute pair of ballet flats or smoking slippers and a cozy cardigan to complete the look. To accessorize, she would have dainty jewelry and maybe a nice bow in her hair. But no; she decided to take a different route. She layers a chambray shirt over the core of the outfit to create a laid-back feel and throws on a pair of black ankle boots to toughen up the look. Her jewelry, though rather inconspicuous, is what adds the most edge. The gold ear cuff and  bracelet, when spotted by chance, give the look a subtle bad girl vibe. All these elements together create the perfect mixed styles outfit.

If you are bored with your wardrobe, mixing styles is a perfect way to spice things up. The next time you go shopping, visit a different store or a different section of a store you already frequent. Buy something that you like but that you feel you may not be able to “pull off” because it’s “not your style.” Incorporate that item into what is already in your wardrobe and voila! You have successfully mixed styles!

I am completely obsessed with these studded boots and wear them with nearly everything. They are, surprisingly, incredibly versatile, and give a punk rock vibe to just about anything. Maybe you could give them a try!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: By The Power Vested In Me…

By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Fashionista/o and vest. I wish you two an incredibly long and happy partnership, one filled with endless style and creativity and one that never becomes stale or boring. You may now wear the vest.

Last week, I spoke of the importance of accessories in the male wardrobe, focusing on the bowtie. This week, my attention has been redirected to the vest, a timeless piece that never really has to be “in style” because it never goes away and probably never will. As long as men wear suits, vests will always be in. Now, of course, there are fairly frequent shifts in fashion that place the two-piece suit above the three-piece and vice versa, but I don’t think it would ever be considered a fashion faux pas to wear a vest.

The formal wearing of a vest is probably something with which you are fairly familiar. It should match or complement your suit or match your pocket square and blah blah blah. I’m sure you don’t want to hear me going on and on about stuff like that. The casual wearing of the vest, however, may be a bit more nebulous.

In my opinion, the casual vest is an accessory, as it is not necessary to the outfit but adds to it. Let’s take this week’s featured Fashionisto for example. His outfit could have ended at the simple chambray shirt and tan corduroys, but to give the look a bit more flavor, he adds a gray vest in a muted plaid.

In order to pull off the casual wearing of the vest, you will obviously need a casual vest. Successful execution of this look with a more formal vest is definitely doable, but can be tricky and can easily lead to a fashion police arrest. Unless you are a total style pro, you’ll probably want to stay away from brocades and other shiny, printed fabrics. Safe vest options include denim, leather, solids and simple prints. Thrift stores are great resources for funky vests that can steal the spotlight and become the focal point of your entire look.

Ladies, we can wear vests as well, especially since menswear is in for women, yet again, as seen on the fall 2013 runways of Helmut Lang, rag & bone and Comme des Garçons. Fortunately, female fashion offers us endless variety so if you’re not a fan of the menswear style vests, you can go for something a little more feminine such as fur, lace or a funky fringe.