How to Create Your Dream Dorm

“Back to school.” Some people dread hearing those words. They immediately think long classes and endless homework, all that makes us remain in a summer mindset forever. But for me, I immediately think about my new dorm and all of the fun ways I’ll style it and make it mine. Your dorm or bedroom is where you should be able to go and get away from the world—that happy little corner that solely belongs to you.

One way to really spice up a room is through fun, decorative pillows. If you chose to opt for more of a neutral-toned bedspread, this is a must, as statement pillows can add a fun and unique flair. Just look for whatever matches your personality, such as a sweet floral or a cute animal. Pillows like this boho one will really brighten up a dorm while keeping it looking cozy and inviting. Another fun idea is creating a pillow bed on the floor. This will give friends a place to sit or provide you with a little nook for doing homework or just chilling out.

Another fun way to decorate your dorm is through creating a very personalized and organized desk. Odds are that this is where you’ll be spending a lot of time due to the plethora of papers and assignments you’ll have to complete. For this reason, you want a desk that makes you feel comfortable and is adorned with what expresses your personality. This can be done through fun pieces, such as this desk toy or fun little plant dog. By creating a workspace that inspires you, you’ll feel more motivated and will thrive to get assignments completed.

As another form of inspiration, it is always fun to create a mood board—a board that is filled with your current obsessions, goals, and inspirations. By having this board, you can work towards being your best self and completing all of your goals.

By creating an atmosphere that most represents you, a sense of peace and protection will be created as this is the room you’ll be spending the next year in. Decorate it with everything that excites and inspires you and create a dorm room that all your friends will be jealous of!

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Fun Statement Shorts for the Summer

Summer is the time for adventures, love, and the three S’s: shorts, sun, and swim. Now, the first one on the list is very vital, as the summer sun can be very brutal and unforgiving. However, shorts can get boring when sticking to the typical safe, plain denim. There are definitely fun ways to spice up the routine, whether it be embroidery, bright colors, or whimsical patterns. Statement shorts instantly spice up an outfit and keep you looking cool, both figuratively and literally.

The shorts I am wearing here are ones with little lemons dotting the material. My heart is fond of any article of clothing that involves food, especially cute embroidered fruit. Any statement shorts will suffice, including these dotted with lions. The fun thing about cool shorts is how you can accessorize them. Usually, a more plain top is necessary as to not take away from the funkiness of the bottoms.

Jewelry is always a good idea. Lately, I’ve been loving these dangly yellow earrings, as they add a little something special to every outfit. Large statement earrings are making a comeback and I’m fully living for it! Throwing on layered necklaces will add an unexpected and dainty look. They’re not too loud—just the perfect amount of chic and noticeable. It’s even more fun to throw on varying necklaces, as opposed to a set, to mix and match.

Let’s be real, almost everyone is wearing a pair of shorts at least every other day this summer. If your go-to is denim, consider some patches or embroidery. If you prefer cotton shorts, try rocking a bright color or a fun detail, such as tassels. Whatever your preference may be, turn this simple staple into a cool new piece for your wardrobe and you’ll have all heads turning this summer.

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