ACCESSORIES REPORT: Rock N’ Roll Soothes The Soul

It’s cold! It’s cold! My dear Fashinista/os, Athens is see-your-breath-cold at the moment and everyone seems to be loving it. I’ve spotted luscious scarves, fantastic footwear and an array of beautiful headgear littering the Athens populous (I myself have been living in my black cashmere turtleneck, courtesy of my mother’s closet). A costume gone awry (an attempt to dress up as Kimye’s spawn, North West) has led to my recent acquisition of an all camouflage New York Yankees snapback. Though I’ve never been a model advocate for structures that are prone to causing severe cases of hat hair, I’ve found that throwing my new snapback on backwards paired with a swipe of Estee Lauder’s Rubellite Shimmer lipstick amps up a simple jeans and T-shirt combo and make me feel like a certified boss lady. For those of you who have suffered from a similar case of hat related phobia, this week’s Fashionista has the perfect alternative for you.

I’ve often noticed this fine feline walking into my 3:30 p.m. French Literature class sporting a pair of Sol Republic headphones with iPod in hand for a few months now. After several instances of admiring her offbeat style and ability to master the French language with a finesse that would make Carli Bruni proud, I finally decided to break the barrier of strange classmate who constantly stares at her (in a totally appreciative and non-creepy way) and get this gal on CollegeFashionista! But enough about my stalking tendencies, headphones are the focus here, people.

Pairing a stylish pair of headphones with an effortlessly cool outfit, just as this Fashionista did, not only has the potential to fill your ear holes with dynamic tunes of your choice, but you get the bonus of a practical and chic accessory as well. I’ve picked out three musical crowns that will rock your socks off: a white and gold duo by Frends Taylor, wooden wonders by Grado and modern buds by AIAIAI. There, I just made it easy for you.

Spotted: In 2009, Japanese designer Limi Feu sent models down the runway in monochrome outfits topped off with Princess Leia-inspired headphones that rocked the fashion world and catwalk.

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ACCESSORIES REPORT: 50 Shades Of, Well, You Know.

I was going to try and stay away from the 50 Shades of Grey references but, let’s be honest. With the recent unmasking of which actor is to play the dark and brooding Christian Grey that had us blushing in the airport behind pages of mystery in the soon-to-be movie rendition, the blogosphere has gone crazy over all gray everything.

Even fashion designers couldn’t help but dip their toes into the fantasy which resulted in the color gray being a prominent trend in the fall 2013 runway shows. Reed Krakoff’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear show had us lusting over gorgeous crocodile print “Track bags,” which are perfect for a weekend getaway on your beau’s private yacht. Not to mention the dark gray cropped cashmere jacket that stole the show (and my heart).

Though this week’s Fashionista claims she never had a chance to read the ever enthralling book series (wink, wink,) her 50 shades of fabulous outfit makes up for it. What’s one way to make an all gray outfit look anything less than drab? Why, put it on a perky blonde with a killer smile, of course! Seriously, though, this babe makes some serious noise in a pair sky high Betsey Johnson Lolita heels. An oversized knit sweater and totally tubular infinity scarf take an outfit that is oh-so-simple and make it oh-so-chic (unlike the Halloween costume my mother devoutly tried to make me wear this year).

Spotted: Alexander Wang fed our fantasies with a luscious gray collection for his fall 2013 ready-to-wear runway show with charcoal pointed toe high heels complete with knit mohair details and delicious ribbed knit snoods.

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Remember when you were sitting in your ninth grade geometry class, secretly cursing your frizzy haired math teacher for her ability to make everything significantly less fun and you thought to yourself “when am I ever going to use this stuff in real life anyway?” Well, I’ve come to you with good news, my fellow Fashionistas/os. This season, designers brought us back to basics in celebration of geometry (in a fun way, I promise!). Acute triangles, trapezoids, polygons—wouldn’t Mrs. Frizzy be proud?

This Fashionista has obviously been paying attention in class because I give her thigh high socks socks an A+. Reminiscent to the designs seen on handbags at Givenchy’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear runway show, the geometric pattern on her socks are the perfect solution to the formula of how to look fashion-forward and weather appropriate at the same time. Seeing as Georgia’s temperatures rarely drop below 60-degrees Fahrenheit, thigh high socks are the perfect alternative to a pair of pants that are only going to cling to your legs with perspiration during your walk to class.

Staying in theme, this Croatian beauty’s necklace is the perfect addition to celebrate the synergy that geometry can bring to an outfit. The straight lines and diamond shaped coral pieces paired with the diagonal lines in her thigh highs bring her military-inspired jacket, fantastic leather trimmed T-shirt and cream leather boots together with subtle ease.

Spotted: Drift into geometric heaven with Narciso Rodriguez’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear show. Models crushed the catwalk in color blocked pointed toe high heels with geometric splattered clutches in hand. Grab this slice of heaven by Rafé New York for a(cute) night out (see what I did there).

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My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: My dear Athenians, the time has finally come for cashmere pants, knee-high suede boots and all things knit and itchy. Winter is coming—huzzah!. We must all embrace this onset of rosy-cheeked weather and follow in the footsteps of our favorite Winterfell heartthrob, John Snow, by piling on the fox stoles, mink floor length jackets and, of course, kangaroo fur purses.

This week’s Fashionista is a fare maiden with a pension for fur. And boy, does she do it well. Being a fellow fur connoisseur myself (I’m not joking, you should see my closet), I beamed towards this lassie at the first glimpse of her arm candy. A kangaroo fur purse?! Am I the only one who wasn’t aware that that was a thing? Regardless, it was fantastic and ultra soft. By the way, did you also notice her calf hair camouflage belt? This Fashionista just can’t lose. The purse was a treat from her ex-beau, who obviously had keen listening skills and the belt was a splurge from none other than J.Crew.

Designers this fall went crazy for furry accessories. Celine’s furry pumps were quite the hit on and off the catwalk with Fashionistas such as the Man Repeller and Vogue Japan’s editor-at-large, Anna Dello Russo, embracing their fuzzy footwear.

Spotted: Italian Gods, Fendi, stole the spotlight during fall 2013 Fashion Week with their collection of furry friends. Handbags that can wink at you? Count me in.


Be still my heart! It was 65 degrees outside, the sun was shining and my hopes of finding a fantastic Fashionista/o were dwindling. That is, until I saw this hunk of sexiness. Amidst a sea of Chacos, ill-fitting Columbia shirts and last night’s khakis, this Fashionisto’s cool and collected look shone like a diamond in a pile of…unenthusiastic rubble.

This season’s must-have accessory (as declared by yours truly) is the backpack. Designers who reign supreme in the fashion world, such as Gucci, adopted the accessory and transformed it into something of style and luxury. For us sweet college babies however, the backpack is pretty much a necessity. Queue the shoppable links. Tote your books around with class (pun intended) in this Neil Barret leather and nylon backpack.

This Fashionisto let me in on a little secret. The perks of being a younger sibling? Hand-me-downs. His gorgeous army green sac à dos was actually gifted to him by his older brother who recently returned from serving two terms in Afghanistan. Fact of the day (courtesy of this week’s superstar): aviator sunglasses are called so due to aviation pilots being issued a pair of the daring specs upon enrollment. This Fashionisto’s pair was his father’s.

Finally, I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t mention the boots. THE boots, should I say. Structure, leather, durability—they’ve got it all. Every man needs a staple pair of boots that will enhance the rest of their attire. For example, these boots by UGG fit the bill perfectly and would look great with just about anything.

Spotted: Hermès‘ fall 2013 menswear collection left with us with plenty of eye candy in the form of fancy footwear with detail laces. Follow in their footsteps, kids.


The little black dress has reigned supreme amongst the wardrobes of Fashionistas around the world (my closet currently touts five of them). It wasn’t until a beautifully crisp morning (I’m assuming/dreaming) in 1926 that its popularity came to be. A young and controversial French designer by the name of Coco Chanel was quickly taking the scene with innovative designs such as pants for women (mon dieu!) and collarless cardigan jackets. The little black dress was one of her creations.

While clean and sophisticated on its own, the little black dress can quickly be transformed into something of wild adventures and rebellion. Take this fantastic Fashionista, for example. By utilizing the pure elegance that a little black dress can provide, she has managed to use its simplicity as a canvas for her own self-expression. Implementing the latest trend to capture my heart—punk—this darling dandelion created an outfit that incorporated some of my favorite things: a nod to the Queen herself, Madame Chanel, and all things Vivienne Westwood inspired. Don’t catch my drift? After checking out both of their fall 2013 runway shows, you will.

Is there really anything better than a pair of Dr. Martens? After years of astounding comfort and owning the rockin’ boots in just about every shade that the rainbow has to offer, I’ve decided no. Miley Cyrus even proclaims her love for the leather kicks in her latest tragedy spectacular, “Wrecking Ball.”  This Fashionista’s clever addition of gold chains to the shoelaces of her own floral pair adds some innovation that would make Coco proud. A splash of plaid and this babe’s sweet personality is quickly offset with an outfit that says “Come too close and you’ll be smelling the roses soon, of my Dr. Martens, I mean.”

Spotted: Punky Brewster may not have glamorized the days of hanging out by Trafalgar Square with the rest of the London punks (despite what her name implies) but these designers certainly did in their fall 2013 collections. Saint Laurent (RIP Yves) was all about boots with attitude and Givenchy showcased some delectable plaid details.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Stacks On Stacks On Stacks

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she must invest in her first pair of high heels. Granted, that time came a lot sooner for me than most, but for all of you who have yet to take the plunge, now’s your chance. To my delight, the runways were littered with dazzling heels this season. Designers from Hermès to Balenciaga to Chloé all touted heels that were sky high.

This Fashionista certainly got the memo. As the great Christian Louboutin once said “High heels are pleasure with pain.” This babe and a half managed to find a loop in the system with a delicious pair of platform heels that give her height an extra boost without inciting a nasty case of Plantar fasciitis. Shall we call her look school girl chic?

Your next move: buy these out of this world platforms from NASTY GAL to start the look. This not-so-nasty gal ups the ante with a rockin’ pair of knee-high socks that make her sweet pleated skirt a little more daring. Here’s a pair of K. Bell knee-highs that will complement your new iridescent platforms that you obviously just purchased after I told you to. Though it will be difficult to match the authenticity that this Fashionista brings, we can only try. Plus, that’s why I’m here to help you. Next stop? Graphic T-shirt heaven, a.k.a Pull&Bear’s website. Sneak your roommate’s favorite skater skirt out of her closet and you’re good to go, honey! Get out there and show the world how style savvy you really are, just like this babe did.

Spotted: Stacks on stacks on stacks were spotted at the Chloé fall 2013 ready-to-wear runway show. Channel your inner high heel goddess with a pair that will make the hairs on his neck stand up.


After standing on the corner of Sanford Drive and Baldwin Street for an exasperating amount of time (so much so that I bumped into some coworkers and they cautiously asked me why I was standing around staring at people), the clouds opened up and one single beam of radiant sunshine pointed this Fashionisto out from the crowd.

I introduce to you the master of making trousers look oh-so-cool and casual during the daytime. The simplicity of this outfit is outstanding. I once owned a pair of electric blue skinny jeans in ninth grade, that is until a cute boy in my geography class called me a smurf and they immediately went in my donate pile. My point is, trousers in a vibrant hue can often make an outfit, leaving no necessity for overdoing it with accessories (also, that cute boy was a jerk). Sometimes, minimal accessories are the best accessories. The latest trend hitting the spring 2013 Men’s runways? Casual Friday. Designers such as Valentino, Lanvin and Versace all took their suit’s formality with a grain of salt this season. Fluid lines, loose fits and pliable fabrics all made a statement.

This Fashionisto made his own statement by pairing some luscious jade trousers (rolled at the bottom, of course) with a pair of loved-in Sperry Top-Siders and some wicked classic Ray-Bans Clubmasters. Of course, backpacks are an essential part of any college student’s diet; this stone cold fox embellished his with some funky buttons. With that being said, you probably need this delicious backpack by Herschel Supply Co. for all of your scholarly needs.

Spotted: All of the supple trousers your heart desires can be seen in the Prada spring 2014 menswear show. Navy, deep red and chocolatey brown—gotta catch ’em all!


It’s one million and ten degrees outside and if I do say so myself, flaunting this season’s must-haves while trying to stay cool is proving to be quite tough. Luckily, I ran into a Fashionista whose style knows no boundaries. While most of campus’ occupants have decided to opt for a more comfortable approach to the beginning of the school year, this French cream puff laid the accessories on thick.

There are few things I love more than a fantastic case of androgyny. What could complement a sexy LBD better than some testosterone-inspired oxfords? In navy suede, nonetheless! Footwear that blurred the lines (I had to) was walking itself all over the fall 2013 runways in shows by designers such as Dries Van Noten, Prada and Michael Kors. So put away your flip flops and reach for a pair of shoes that will strike some curiosity in passersby.

Yet, this Fashionista’s femininity was hardly lost on me. Her new take on the classic cat eye sunglasses had me stopped dead in my tracks. Two trends in one outfit? They say it couldn’t be done, yet here stood this beauty in front of me as she embraced all of her fierceness. She claimed the show-stoppers were a quick buy on an extra sunny day, but I could sense the genius behind closed doors. This diva knew what she was doing. Bravo kid, you’ve done good.

Spotted: Want to up your street cred and look amazing while doing so? Follow in the footsteps of designers such as Jil Sanders and invest in a solid pair of men’s brogues, like this adaption by Zara. Some sexy feline sunglasses were spotted on the runways of designers such as Dior and Gucci. The ultimate pair to aspire for can be found in the form of Tom Ford and then a more realistic pair to own can be found by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

STYLE GURU BIO: Remington Feierbach

Hello all of my lovely Lolitas and divine dudes; it is I, Remington Feierbach. You may remember me from mind-thrilling life moments such as Lifetime Network’s Caught in the Act, my daily performances in my Hyundai Sonata and, of course, the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS weekly column this past summer.

I hail to you from an itty bitty town with a big attitude called Athens, Georgia. Though my roots lay in Weirden, Netherlands and a whirlwind of lifetime adventures took me for a spin in countries such as Luxembourg, Italy, Canada and the United Arab Emirates, Athens has been my home for the past three years and I could not have asked for a better setting to really find myself in. This town is teeming with style savvy people who have big hopes and dreams.

I’m a Fashionista with a purpose who knows exactly what she wants. My plans for the future include spending every last waking moment of my life dripping in turquoise in five inch heels whilst enjoying a chocolate cronut and running my own fashion empire. Watch out New York City because once I graduate, I’m going to take you by storm.

I’m delighted to announce that this fall I will be bringing to you all things accessory-related in a feature we like to call ACCESSORIES REPORT. I’ll be pinpointing for you the latest and greatest of the accessories world and show you how to incorporate a little bit of fabulous into your life as well. So buckle your seat belts Fashionista/os because I’m going to take you on the ride of your life.

Check back every Friday to see what quirky goodness I’ve come up with this time.