TREND: Combat With Shorts

Who says boots are for the winter? Living in the Big Apple the past couple of weeks has been less than predictable. Last summer, the sun and humidity left very little leeway for outfit choices; dresses and cute sandals were a go-to. But this summer, things are a bit different. Whether it's rain or shine, there's one trend that I've seen Fashionistas wearing all over the city that is a versatile approach: shorts with boots. And I just adore how this Fashionista rocks the style. With short black jean shorts, the Fashionista accompanies them well with an oversized, printed violet top. The purple is a great color for this trend season and it has been seen on long, flowy accordion skirts, or staple headscarves (which would be an exciting addition to this outfit!). She looks comfortable and fun, giving an effortless look for a day of shopping on Soho's Broadway Street.

What especially caught my eye though, was her interesting use of black lace-up combat boots with this seemingly summer duo. But I've seen this trend repeatedly on the streets of NYC. We all have our kick-around boots we wore in February and March, and with the unpredictable, rainy weather, they're a great complement with a pair of black jean shorts if you're not going to let the weather get in the way. Not to mention it's a great way to save some shopping money!

Hint: Combat boots aren't limited to shorts. I love seeing Fashionistas around the city wearing them with floral printed babydoll dresses or single-toned rompers. Just keep in mind the specific style of the boots; they aren't made to wear to work, but they're a great thing to wear on your out-of-the-office days!


TREND: Time To Jumper

The time has come. How could we forget the unbearable New York City heat last summer? Well I've gotten here right before the stress of staying cool on the walk to the subway and running to make it on time to work in the blazing sun. I caught this Fashionista walking her dog in this transition weather in an adorable black strapless jumper. I love how she's merely on a walk and chose to look absolutely fabulous strolling down the street. While the weather is still relatively cool enough out to wear something with pants, I love the idea of wearing cute, short jumpers or rompers when it gets unbearably hot out. I also love how this Fashionista added cute accessories such as a brown leather tote and espadrilles.

Hint: While I love my long, silk, navy jumper, it isn't the most practical for the upcoming months. Investing in colors like white, yellow, and floral prints are a great buy for the heat. But keep those heels! Short rompers and espadrilles might be just the ticket for a night out in the West Village bars. 

Style Guru Bio: Robin Shapiro

Hi, my name is Robin Shapiro and I am a rising senior at GWU. Growing up in an incredible urban environment in Chicago, I would say my sense of style is greatly influenced by the place I grew up, and the places I have traveled subsequently. Last summer, I spent three months interning for a fashion company in New York City, only to be dazzled by the rapid and never-exhausting pace of the Big Apple. Then, after my first semester as a junior at GWU, I spent four months studying abroad in Paris and traveling around Europe, where I was inspired by a whole new realm of fashion. Each city I experienced opened my eyes to the importance of culture in different styles and trends. With the help of my time in New York, my greatest inspirations in fashion came to be Diane Kruger, and of course, Karl Lagerfeld. This summer, I will be working in New York City again, and cannot wait to fuse my new ideas with the excitement of the city all over again! 


Warm temperatures bring in the typical springtime attire of jean shorts, sandals, or short babydoll dresses. But not this Fashionista. Rocking an adorable dress she found at a flea market, I love how she's wearing a maxi dress even in the high temperatures. With the loose, light texture of the dress, she isn't overwhelmed by the Paris sun, and she stands out with an entirely atypical outfit choice. While most Parisians tend to wear their favorite pair of espadrilles with trendy parachute pants, I love how this Fashionista mixes it up with flat sandals to give her a more bohemian look. 

Long dresses are a great investment for late spring and early summer, but be wary about materials and prints. While floral is a go-to print for the season, a full-length dress of it might be a little much. Moreover, silk might not be your best bet for the warmer months. Like this fashionista, cotton or light linen are your best bet. Perfect day dresses, a maxi dress is great for picnics in the gorgeous parks of Paris, or a stroll by the Seine. 

Accessories are also fun to work with when wearing your favorite maxi dress. Big straw totes are a great addition with the length of a maxi dress. But keeping it simple is always the best way to go!


If there's one thing to try this spring, it's something out of the box. There's something about the change to warm weather that allows for a bit of individuality. I spotted this Fashionista walking down the streets of Berlin's Mitte area, with her bold colors standing out among a youthful crowd. Her mix of primary colors, with the long blue coat, red Ray Ban's, and a large yellow satchel give this Fashionista a truly unique look. She strays away from matching all pieces of her attire to make herself look more colorful. I love her choice to wear something completely different, and how she pulls it off with a pair of cute oxfords. 

The best way of finding something that will truly give you a distinct look is by shopping at a great vintage store. Find an oversized T-shirt and add a bit of individuality with bright statement colors like the yellow on her bag or a pair of unique sunglasses.


Parisian winter was filled with Fashionista's sporting their favorite dresses and skirts with dark black tights and boots, so it seems natural that the trend transitioned into spring. Tights were an essential when I came to Paris, and I can't get enough of the different styles and fabrics used to compliment different Fashionista's outfits. I love how this Fashionista is wearing dark black tights with leather shorts and a cute pair of oxfords. Paired with a black, loose T-shirt and headband, the clear statements of her outfit are seen in the oversized blazer and handbag. With the understated black underneath, I love how her blazer falls over and covers her leather shorts. This Fashionista looked sophisticated and savvy when I spotted her walking down Rue Rivoli.

I also love the use of beige as a transitional color. It's a great investment as a versatile piece for any season and weather. Her bag, although a very different pattern than the blazer, is a perfect piece for the coming months. She looks ready for a stroll through Tuilleries or the Louvre.


There are few things as beautiful as spring in Europe. Fashionista's are finally starting to leave their jackets at home and reach for their favorite spring dresses. I love this Fashionista's flared navy dress, complemented with a beige scarf and oxford heels. The colors of her outfit are a perfect transition outfit; I've always been a fan of mixing blacks with blues, and the black woven bag looks adorable with her navy dress. Not to mention, the polka dots on her dress are also a great addition to any outfit. Even though the weather is getting warmer, who knows when the sun will go behind a cloud, and this Fashionista's long sleeved dress makes her fully prepared for any temperature. 

Hint: While the weather seems to be getting warmer, it's important not to get too carried away. Although we are all fully excited for the warmer weather, summer is still many months away. To keep yourself dressed appropriately for the weather, grab a light jacket that will complement the colors of your daily color palette. 


No matter what the weather is, what part of town you are in, or the time of day, Paris fashion never seems to disappoint. I spotted this trendy Fashionista in the late evening rocking adorable evening wear. Although the rain won't cease, I love how this Fashionista is fearless and rocks a short dress with tights and heeled booties, ready for a chic dinner and drinks in St. Germain. From head to toe, she demonstrates the quintessential evening attire. Tights and booties are an essential duo for winter in Paris, especially paired with a unique mini skirt for a night on the town. Moreover, I love how this Fashionista complements her dark tights with a navy long sleeved dress. The arm length is perfect for the unpredictable temperatures at night, and the shoulder beads add just that bit of flare to make her outfit pop. The big tote bag also gives a more professional look, making her attire more versatile for any time of day.

As a final piece, I love how this Fashionista is wearing her hair up in a high bun. This hairstyle became a big trend throughout the past few weeks in Paris and London fashion week, and I love how this Fashionista's hair makes her look classy and edgy at the same time.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Braving The Fabrics

If there's one thing Parisians can't get enough of, it's fur. Whether it's to class, down the streets of the Champes Elysees, on the metro, or just walking around the city, Fashionistas all around Paris can be spotted flaunting their favorite piece of fur. While fall/winter trend reports in the United States have closely followed fur vests, the French do it a little differently. This Fashionista is flaunting the quintessential fur coat. I love how she is following this trend, but with her own bit of edge. Unique in its color and cut, she truly makes her coat the staple of the outfit. Her dark pants and plain gray V-neck enable the fur to stand out and look its best.

What I love most about this Fashionista's outfit isn't just her own take on the Parisian trend but the other fabrics she uses to complement the fur. Since arriving in Paris, I've become much more intrigued by the notion of leather- particularly leather pants– but haven't found the courage to rock a pair myself. I adore how this Fashionista isn't afraid of mixing fur with a pair of leather pants. I also love how she also adds a small leather bag and combat boots as a way of keeping the other pieces simple. Although I just happened to catch this Fashionista on her way to class, her effortless look is the most chic school-wear I've seen yet!

Hint: The best place to find a unique fur coat is truly searching for a high-quality vintage store. Great shops on Rue de Saint Paul in the Marais have a large selection of styles, cuts, fabrics, and colors that just might suit your furry needs.


If there's one thing I've learned about style while I've been in Paris, it's the bigger the better. Whether it's accessories, coats, fur, or sweaters, oversized pieces seem to be the way to go. This Fashionista exemplifies the "big" trend perfectly. While sometimes it's often difficult to stay trendy while walking the streets of Paris in the winter months, it seems that the French have mastered the concept. I've seen countless women around the city wearing big, warm coats with fur for the freezing temperatures, and I love how this Fashionista follows the trend with adorable accessories. With an oversized gray sweater and black riding pants, I love how her school bag is a gorgeous oversized satchel that is complemented by the beige combat boots. Her use of dark colors allows the excitement of her accessories to really stand out, and the size of the bag makes a bold statement against her dark coat and pants.

I also love how this Fashionista added a pretty headband as a final piece of flare to the outfit. A small, unique piece like a headband adds that bit of individuality to a trend-filled look. For a warmer option, opt for a cute earwarmer headband  that's just as stylish, but versatile for a day walking around the city!