The craze for color blocking has not yet died. It's easy, it's trendy and it's chic! This summer, it's all about the orange; tangerines, corals and peaches dominated the runways for spring/summer 2012. This Fashionista has color blocking nailed down to an art form. Blocking the hottest color of the season with a classic royal blue piece ensures that this Fashionista catches the eye of all passersby. 

High-waisted, wide-leg orange trousers are undeniably the staple of this outfit. The high waist on this pair in particular makes this Fashionsita's legs look long and lean. On the top, she has balanced the provocative with the professional. A scandalous black lace tank top is tight enough to balance out the width of the trousers. A royal blue blazer makes this look day-time appropriate and hits the color-blocking nail on the head. That's not all, though! As if legs weren't already long enough, she has finished the outfit with a pair of patent nude pumps — the neutral shoe is a soft touch that does anything but distract from the bold colors. (Take a note, Fashionistas! A nude pump is the secret to long legs, and nobody does it better than Kate Middleton.) 

Colored pants are a trendy staple that will probably get more wear than you think! Colored denim is a latest summer craze, but many forget about trousers being an option. This Fashionista's orange trousers are not only work appropriate, but trendy and affordable (they're from Forever 21!). Make a statement in the workplace with some orange and give your co-workers something to crush on. 

Don't shy away from color! Be bold and put blocks of bright solids together. 


Very few things are as fierce and fabulous as leopard fur. Tyra, Kimora and Mariah are just a few mononymous divas who hold the thrones as queens of fierce, fabulous and glam. This Fashionista takes a page out of their books and is sitting at the top of the fashion food chain with this grungy ensemble composed of elements of the funky, wild and street. She takes an over-the-top piece and mutes her diva status with some stylish grunge. 

The leopard fur coat is definitely the most eye-catching piece to this Fashionista's grungy ensemble, but there is so much more to this outfit! The entire look is worth talking about. Under her acid wash skinnies, this Fashionista has layered bright, aztec print tights — the ripped denim at the knees showcase the tights perfectly. The mesh floral skirt add some flutter to her hips and completes the bottom portion of the look. On the top, a heather gray knit peeks out of the coat sleeves, and a long chunky oatmeal scarf loops loosely around her neck; all we see are fun layers upon grungy layers upon glamorous layers! Last, but most definitely not least, her silver TOMS glitter shoes are the shining beacon to this get-up. 

A fun and easy way to add fabulosity to the simplest of everyday pieces is to look for basics that have some flair. This Fashionista has added glamor to an otherwise plain college outfit with a bold coat. The tights are spunky and serve as a fresh alternative to the blacks, grays and navys we have seen around campus all winter. And for the record, excessive layering (like layering a mesh skirt over jeans over tights) is never really all that excessive when done right! The Michael Jackson-inspired sparkle on the trendy espadrilles are a great fun touch that could even be worn casually for a night out. The leopard fur coat can indubitably a great stand-alone piece; this Fashionista pairs it with the right basics to create a subtly diva-esque look. (Did I mention that the fur coat is from Zara? It is undoubtedly a fabulous piece at an even more fabulous price. Zara is the epitome of on-trend highs and lows: stay trendy and fashionable without breaking the bank!)

This Fashionista describes her style as “whatever I see in the morning.” A casual and quick look like this Fashionsita's can be as simple as piling on your favorite pieces and having faith in the outcome! All Fashionistas can pull something like this together in five minutes flat with the help of a wardrobe full of fun, glamorous pieces. 



A decade after pastels’ glory days in the '90s, it’s finally making a comeback as a staple shade in every Fashionista’s summer wardrobe. This Fashionista’s pastel pink skinnies are eye-catching, on-trend, and unique. The bright bottoms stand out among an outfit of stylish basics.

From head to toe, she embodies easy style. Her shades have a slight cat-eye silhouette that is the subtlest of chic. The black is mirrored in her trendy button-up knit with industrial detailing. This black basic does not distract from the focal point of her look, yet undoubtedly stands as a stylish and comfortable stand-alone piece as well. The omnipresent yet versatile military jacket is perfect for the type of fluctuating weather we often experience in Montreal. The neutral-like army green is also a sure pairing with most colors. A brown leather messenger that is perfect for all her notes and textbooks in this crazy exam period complements the rest of her look perfectly.

This Fashionista’s pink jeans add a healthy does of fun to her otherwise neutral outfit! Colored denim is a easy and fun way for all Fashionistas to spice things up this summer. Everyone knows that blue denim will forever be dear to their hearts, but sometimes, experimenting with a fresh palette and trendy pieces keep every Fashionista young at heart. Blue jeans are here to stay; pastels may not, but if you don’t experiment when you’re in college, when?


Spring is finally here to stay! We can finally sit outside and enjoy the sun, walk to school without tramping through snowbanks and rest at home without worrying about our salt-stained boots. We can celebrate by popping all our outfits with hints of obnoxious summer colors. This Fashionisto has taken his classic, transitional outfit to the next level with his pylon orange beanie. What does this tell us? There's definitely a bit of spunk in this go-getter Fashionisto!

This Fashionisto's monochromatic outfit is undoubtedly chic and professional. The black shoes, black skinnies, black trench, black bag and black shades would make any campus dude look like he stepped out from Men in Black. However, this Fashionista breaks up the outfit just right with complementary accents. The light blue shirt and tie combo peeking out under the otherwise all-black ensemble lightens up the entire outfit. We can see that beyond the blue this Fashionista is playing around with different prints. The simple stripes on his scarf against the retro print of his shirt is stylish enough. But this blue accent paired with a bright orange knit topper makes a this a fun outfit by elementary school rules (after all, where did we all learn that blue and orange go together?). Most probably coincidentally, the orange in his most stand-out accessory is mirrored in the orange of his school books! All the guys on campus should take a note from this Fashionisto on creating the perfect professional look with key notes of style, swagger and spunk.

Accessorizing is one of the best things about spring fashion. Fashionistas and Fashionistos are limited by their winter bulk no more! While this Fashionisto kept his accessorizing simple and minimal, this cool weather is perfect for taking things up a notch. Dare to be excessively fashionable by layering on scarves, piling on the costume jewellery and breaking out the winter accessories for the last time.



This week's Fashionista shows us that mixing highs and lows is the way to go when we want brand name products on a college budget. Infusing expensive designer products with affordable pieces is a sneaky, but smart way to have a fancy, budgeted outfit. 

On this Fashionista, I first noticed the Dooney & Burke tote — not something in every girl's price range. The expensive item is balanced with an affordable outfit featuring trendy, versatile pieces from Forever 21 and American Apparel. Her oatmeal wool cardigan from Forever 21 is simply embellished; this long sweater under a short black leather jacket creates layers that gives the look dimension from the oatmeal-black contrast and long-short tiers of clothing. This warm day allowed for a denim mini and a bit of bare leg. To keep the outfit end-of-winter appropriate, she has covered up with tall black boots. 

Everything this Fashionista is wearing seems reasonably priced and easily trendy. The high-priced item polishes the look off, giving it an air of opulent classiness. The merging of highs and lows in this outfit create a wearable look that neither looks overpriced nor cheap. Look for inexpensive pieces that will give you easy looks, then splurge on big-ticket accessories that will complete any outfit! 

It's a good idea to have a signature piece as a pop to your looks, so why not spoil yourself a little? Think about the cost-per-wear ratio: a way to rationalize expensive purchases is to think of how many uses it will get compared with the cost. For example, if a bag is $150 and you will use it at least 50 times, then the bag is only $3 per wear! Splurging on an item that you can wear often, such as a practical designer tote, will ease the guilt of dishing out more money than you should on a dress that you'll only wear once.


At last, we have a McGill Fashionisto worthy of a mention! Spotted on a warm day, this friendly Fashionisto looks stylish with his male auora completely in tact. It's not often that a Fashionisto can be given such a title without looking metrosexual, feminine or overly conscious of his wardrobe in the world full of McGill hipsters. This Fashionisto makes college casual look like an easy feat. 

On a campus overrun with vintage snobs and too-cool-for-school plaid junkies, this week's Fashionisto manages to look clean and scholarly in the nicest way. He pieces together all the basics for a simple look, perfect for a nothing special day at school. A navy double-breasted trench is the perfect neutral piece for this end-of-winter weather; contrast is created in this outfit from the lighter scarf and chestnut canvas messenger against the navy coat. He tucks his dark denim into brown leather shoes that look like they've had their run for the season. We can even see that the messenger brings out the warm chestnut in his hair! 

We can see from this Fashionisto that being on trend is not rocket science. Stock up on strong basics that do all the work for you and getting dressed in a pinch will be ever so easy. Staples that go together easily will make your life that much easier. If you're feeling bold, or if you enjoy a pop to your outfits, make sure you have a staple piece that has some pizzazz! A printed trench, for example, would be a great basic that makes you stand out in a crowd. Just be sure to pair it with simple accessories!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Thrifted Treasures

This week's Fashionista shows us that one girl's trash truly is another's treasure. The key to her trendy look? It turns out that most of what she's wearing is thrifted! Time spent digging through used-clothing stores and cul-de-sacs really pays off. 

Let's quickly review this Fashionista's outfit. A denim collar peeps out from a snug textured sweater. A simple black circle skirt, black tights and beige suede oxfords let the layers at the top stand out. A chocolate wool-lined shearling coat keeps her warm and cozy. The tote plays with contrasting tetures (burlap and leather) and colors (off-white and brown), and is a perfect carry-all for school. 

Where did she find these pieces? This Fashionista is lucky enough to have an aunt who lives in Paris; both her bag and coat are thrifted from little Parisian boutiques. Thrifting is a great way to find quality pieces that will not only last a long time (as proven by their presence in a vintage shop to begin with), these outstanding pieces will typically come at fraction of the price of a commercial retailer. 

Not all of us have easy access to the fashion capital of the world, but Montreal can come pretty close! Montreal has a European feel that is unique from most other North American cities. The fashions that you will find in Montreal cul-de-sacs will range from '70s bell-bottoms to (real) attachable fur tassels to old-school shoes, bags, belts and other accessories that the hipsters have brought back in style. Patience, creativity and an open mind is the secret to unlocking a chest of treasures in thrift shops and used-clothing boutiques!


This Fashionista has nailed the perfect way to dress without feeling too heavy with the winter blues: layers, layers and more layers! Every Fashionista knows that we perpetually feel 10 pounds heavier in the winter with the heavy parkas and thick scarves. However, on a sunny, warm day like this, we can get away with a more stylish way of life. This Fashionista shows us a trendy way to layer while keeping it simple. 

The secret? Pile several thin layers overtop each other to create a look with some depth. Cardigans, knit sweaters, turtle necks and even a fall jacket are just some great options to play around with! This Fashionista wore a white cardigan over her brown cable knit sweater; a black water resistant coat (which is perfect even for the fall-to-winter or winter-to-spring transitions) is the final layer. It's obviously a warm enough day to keep the jacket and cardigan open, showing off the layers beautifully. 

The white cardigan with oversized buttons, slipped in between the brown cable knit and black jacket, accents the layers by creating contrast, breaking up the two dark neutrals. The white tuque further emphasizes the contrasting layers as the perfect topper to the look. 

Subtlety is key here. The rest of the look is streamlined and sleek; dark skinnies tucked into leather combat boots quietly allow the layers to speak for the entire outfit. A leather messenger is a practical carry-all for school. 

Layering is easier than you think! If you're having doubts about it, an easy way to go is to stick with neutrals like this Fashionista. If you're feeling bold, try incorporate the color blocking trend in your layers! Colored jeans and bright knits are your go-tos for this fun merging of trends. 


When it comes to winter headgear, the Russians do it right. Ushanka hats (i.e. troopers), native to Russia and appropriate for the siberian Russian winters, have ear flaps to that are attachable to the cap. The trooper is a practical winter hat that has made its way all the way over to Montreal — every other McGill student sports one! The problem? They're boring, predictable and often unflattering! This week's Fashionista shows us a glamorous alternative to topping off a winter outfit. 

This Fashionista's fur hat screams Montreal chic and style. A fur topper is a fun and daring way to make a statement; it takes a true Fashionista to rock such a fluffy declaration of stylish presence. Everybody on campus is bundled up from head to toe during this season, but there's no reason why covering up should mean fashion must be compromised! Not only is a fur hat incredibly warm, it truly does all the work for your winter outfit. 

The grey-white shade of this hat goes nicely with the pale mittens and light grey messenger. The charcoal and black outfit serves as a dark palette on which these light colored accessories pop. The neutral outfit is all-in-all perfect for a beautiful winter day!

This hat is probably out of many CollegeFashionistas' budgets — expensive as purchasing new fur usually is, this particular hat is from Holt Renfrew. As with much of my advice regarding getting the bang for your buck, I once again suggest digging around in vintage shops for an affordable furry find. Montreal cul-de-sacs are an especially good place to look, since these fur head-wraps are a timeless Quebecois classic; perhaps even try excavating your grandmother's attic. Who knows what you'll scrounge up — one person's trash is another's treasure!


In Montreal, black is always the “new” black. Needless to say, you can never go wrong with an all-black ensemble. This Fashionista radiates European chic with her black on black outfit. She plays around with textiles of different textures to create a sophisticated and classy look. 

Let's talk texture intrigue on this Fashionista: wool, cashmere, leather and nylon all work cohesively in this outfit. Clearly, a one-color ensemble does not need to be boring! Invest in classic pieces in the one color that will never go out of style. Furthermore, not only is are these pieces boundlessly versatile (every single piece in this Fashionista's outfit can be worn a million different ways through some simple mixing and matching), it turns out that this look is truly timeless! This Fashionista bought this coat from an H&M five years ago — in France! Also, her bold haircut even lends her a bit of Twiggy's allure. 

All Fashionistas have those days when you get up in the morning and are too brain-dead to decide what to wear. Make it easy for yourself and pick up a bunch of things in black. Throw them all on and you will almost always have a better-than-passable all black getup. Opting to buy black pieces that have a bit of flare to them (like this Fashionista's coat) will guarantee you easy, timeless style. Try making a statement with an understated monochromatic outfit!