The Must-Have Shoe for Back to School

With summer winding down, there comes the exciting time of picking our back-to-school wardrobe! In addition to some new clothes, I like to pick out a pair of shoes that will be my back-to-school staple. More often than not it is a boot, but this year I have been drawn to a different style of shoe: the flat mule.

From high-end designers to more budget-friendly brands, mules are everywhere. Moreover, they come in all sorts of styles, prints, and colors. Additionally, they are available at a variety of prices, so it is easy to find the perfect pair. When I saw these Sam Edelman Studded Mules, it was love at first sight; I knew they were going to be my fall staple. I went for this black pair with a subtle stud detail for multiple reasons.

1—They can go with pretty much everythingThe flat mule is an incredibly versatile style of shoe. You can wear it casually to class with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a graphic T-shirt, or maybe on a date with a midi skirt and an off-the-shoulder top. You can even wear them in a professional setting with a slim-leg trouser and a blazer!

2—I love a black shoe with a pointed tipWhile my pair is understated, another more detailed style of mules I love look like loafers but in mule form, like this pair. Moreover, the loafer detailing, which often includes tassels, can add more flair to the outfit and make more of a statement. Therefore, mules are a wonderful addition to a fashionable return to your campus.

What are some your must-haves for back to school? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Make DIY Dorm Decor

Have a graphic T-shirt you never wear anymore but can’t bear to get rid of it? Or have you ever seen a funny T-shirt in Forever 21 but would never wear it? Use this DIY trick to make the perfect decor to personalize your dorm. The best part is that it’s easy and cheap!

1—Pick your T-shirtPreferably one with a cool print or funny phrase.

2—Gather your tools. You don’t need much: just some pins, scissors, chalk, or pillow stuffing. Use either a sewing machine or hemming tap for a no-sew option, and measuring tape if you’re particular like me.

3—Decide on the shape of your pillow and the size. For this pillow, I decided to make it a rectangle and kept a one-inch border around the graphic.

4—Outline with chalk. Use it as a guiding line for when you start to cut.

5—Cut along your chalk line. Do this on the top layer of the shirt. Then use that as a stencil for cutting out the back panel.

6—Pin the two pieces together. First, make sure the sides you want on the outside of the pillow are facing each other. Pin along the edges.

7—Sew along the edges. Make sure to leave a two-inch gap on the sides. As an alternative, you can use hemming tap instead of sewing.

8—Turn the pillowcase right side out. Do this using the gap you left and make sure to push out the corners.

9—Stuff it. Fill the pillow case with pillow stuffing. I used polyester fiber fill. Add as much as you want. The more the fluffier!

10—Hand-sew the gap shut.

Violà! You have a decorative pillow in 10 simple steps. Show us your DIY pillows on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.