STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don’t Snow on my Parada

Over the past few days some definite traces of snow have been spotted around Manchester, which means it is officially time to dust of the wellies and welcome back the puffer jackets. This weeks Fashionista is the ultimate example of how to wear your winter ensemble with her fusion of casual knits and much needed waterproof wear. Where to start? Firstly, is her Moncler puffer jacket, that despite being created for skiwear, has a great daywear appeal and appears to be suitable to wrap up any winter outfit, not to mention it being the perfect antidote to the Manchester weather! Even with the current Moncler ad campaign, the look makes it hard for me to not want to ‘steal the jacket’! 

So it is no longer possible for us to just throw on our converse anymore and make our way to uni; we must now take extra care in keeping our feet warm and dry! Here we see a classic example of plastic to perfection with our Fashionista’s impeccably sculpted Fendi wellington boots, garnished with that well know ‘F’ to complete the look. To give that added air of casualness we can see how our example has opted to team leggings with leg warmers for a bit of a twist and also keep her that little bit warmer!

Completing the look is the oversized Longchamp bag that is perfect to carry all your books, whilst being totally waterproof. It’s impossible to not want to own a Longchamp bag! So, now that the wardrobe issues are sorted, ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’ but don’t forget your hat!


This week's Fashionista is the epitome of the scruffy uni-goer, from the hole in her tights to her off white All Stars, who manages to put the undone look together in a way that says “I got ready this morning in 10 minutes!” but really it took a lot longer to look this casual cool!

So, it turns out it’s a little harder for us to let go of our summer-wear than we thought, and our Fashionista is letting us know her love for the summer as she wears her shorts proudly into the month of December! Looking at our chosen one, we see how fashion is continuously evolving and being re-shaped through the years. In the past a young lady would not have been caught dead in a pair of shorts during the heart of winter, not to mention in Manchester(!) where studies have actually been carried out as to why it rains so much! Non the less, in the winter of 2011, young girls are spotted in their high-waisted Topshop shorts, which are at least made of black denim, so the winter palette has not yet been updated! Though we must recognize that the shorts trend is at least teamed with tights, which add a touch of urban chic to the outfit, and I can only assume this coupled trend was due to winter being far too cold for shorts alone!

Nothing says casual cool like a plain white vest top and here we see it combined with an open denim shirt. There’s nothing better then having an early uni start and throwing on a white vest top which you know is effortlessly cool and works during any occasion; I personally deem myself to be quite the connoisseur of the white vest top its been my saviour on countless days and nights out! The outfit is enclosed with a soft leather jacket, emphasizing a bit of a rockstar edge, leather being very on-trend this season.

To finish off I have to mention the ombre hair trend, which as of recent has been rather hard to miss. For those of you who don’t know this is the dip-dyed look, which has become extremely popular lately, perhaps it is a subtle way of paying homage to Nicki Minaj or the works of Lady Gaga but without pushing the social boundaries too far?


I bumped into this Fashionista moments after seeing one of those free jumpers pounce off of a lamp post and onto a wall (true story). After getting over the initial shock of what I had just seen, my eye was caught by a glimpse of colour to my left. This week's Fashionista focuses all attention on her ruby red, India-inspired scarf — a divine mix where Hermès meets India, and colour, fabric and pattern do not come in few. The beauty of this coloured scarf goes further than aesthetics as it can be used as a tool. In this case it has provided both aesthetics and practicality by brightening up an otherwise dark outfit using a touch of ethnicity.

However, it's obvious that just a scarf alone is not enough to keep us warm this winter as temperatures fall to what feels like minus degrees celsius(!) and this week's Fashionista has chosen an oversized vintage style coat complete with fur trimmed collar and cuffs to keep out the cold. Warmth is key during the winter season and this suede coat looks like it would work a treat, not to mention what the vintage finish does to her relaxed look, which is emphasized with a pair of soft black leggings instead of everyday jeans. I have recently come across the debate as to how warm jeans really are. It is food for thought.

To finish off her look this week's style maven has matched her patent black shoes to her patent black bag, which we all know, in fashion theory, is usually a faux pas. However, with these darling little shoes and this rather studious bag I think we can let this one go. After all, she hit the nail on the head with that fabulous scarf!


This week's Fashionista is a seasoning of color goddess as she spices her look up with the colored pant trend to battle the chilly with cozy hues. The greatest power of the colored pants are that they offer so much flexibility, no matter the occasion they fit in for the day and night.

It’s hard to ignore the love for Alexander McQueen around Manchester; this iconic skull print statement scarf is given a feminine twist with the cliché black and white do giving a chic and downtown look that blends in well with this Fashionista's outfit.

This week's Fashionista finishes off her look with the classic Louis Vuitton speedy bag and matches the brown shades to her Burberry sneakers. She makes comfort her priority but appears to making sure it is not comfort before style! Here’s the secret to being the perfect brand Barbie — the perfect blend of clothing and accessorizing


I stopped this Fashionisto on his way to class after that casual cool vibe of his practically slapped me in the face. This week's outfit contains a high dose of laid back to the extent that even that cowl neck cardigan hangs very loosely and there is no hint on those drawstrings being tightened! Cowl necks and asymmetric lapels are a big hit for the men this fall and are an interesting way to mix up a normal neckline of a staple winter item. As of recent years men’s fashion has hit the world hard, letting us all know that fashion is definitely not just for the ladies. This week, the cowl neckline is teamed with a hooded black leather jacket that injects a higher level of cool into this winter outfit.

Today's Fashionisto completes the look with some hi-top padded All-Stars, jeans tucked in and tongue pushed out. It’s not always easy to find a shoe to combat the dreary Manchester weather but these leather trainers are a great way to keep the rain off your feet and your style intact.

The options inside the boys’ winter wardrobe may not be as vast as that for us girls but that’s no excuse for not looking good! And this Fashionisto is the perfect example of effortless cool by using all the right colours, fabrics and fits. Wear that cool outfit with a matching attitude and you can’t go wrong.


So now that the doom and gloom has made itself comfortable and is officially upon us, its time to break down the trends of the new season to decide our faves and this week's Fashionista has followed Missoni’s autumn/winter 2012 trend to a T! The eye-catcher of Missoni’s runway show was the chunky knit jumpers over the ground sweeping maxi skirts. This Fashionista shows the winter winds are no match for her oversized knitted cardigan and loosely hung scarf.

This week’s street icon shows her on-trend cardigan is not the only eye-catcher of the outfit but teamed with her studded leggings she’s found the perfect substitute for everyday jeans. Her choice of colour is an interesting mix of the lighter shades of the winter palette with a blend of grey, blue and beige. This Fashionista has found the key to softening a winter look by taking the lighter side of the road.

This week’s chosen one finishes off her look with her rose gold Balenciaga bag, which adds a touch of class to the casual day look. Teaming this with some subtle accessories worn on the sleeve are enough to win us over and make her this week's Fashionista!

Hint: Heavy knits are a must-have this winter but if you’re worried about drowning out your feminine silhouette, feel free to add a waste belt or team it with skinny jeans or leggings.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dark feat. Light, does it work?

It is common knowledge that when winter rears its icy head around the corner, it is time for those dark hues to be dusted off once again. Today's Fashionista has brought back those staple winter colors but with an unexpected twist! Her pick n’ mix style is emphasized by her mismatched outfit. This Fashionista shows her dedication to summer colours with her bright yellow and red scarf, which she wears with pride over her winter wardrobe. Maybe this will be what makes this winter a more interesting season as it wont be about what matches or dressing according to this weeks weather forecast but instead about injecting some quirk into an outfit.

Today's Fashionista is also showing us that its not quite time to throw out last seasons knee high boots as their reign continues! Her studded boots teamed with her leather jacket and skulled scarf is enough to give her that winning biker chick look.

This Fashionista however sparks up a discussion with her over sized Zara bag. The question remains as to whether or not animal print is still fashionably acceptable? This Fashionista's leather bag might just be able to convince the fashion jury that a little bit of animal print never hurt anybody!

When you feel your winter outfit is lacking that certain je ne sais quoi, don’t be afraid to experiment with that little splash of colour. Just enough to brighten your outfit and the day!


Last week my post was welcoming the winter and the rainy season, but im having a slight change of mind now, I guess this means ‘Welcome to Manchester’ for all the new students. They say fashion changes with seasons, but with Manchester’s unpredictable weather, this week’s Fashionista is well decked to blend into any possible season. This week’s Fashionista Ananya has put her outfit together with an emphasis on the awkward transition period we have all found ourselves in! Being the beginning of the winter season our wardrobes have found themselves with a mix of summer and winter clothing that remains until we have fully transcended into the winter trends. Ananya has displayed her take on the mix of summer and winter by usinging bright whites, with grey and navy.

You can always tell when Autumn comes around the corner, when street fashion involves greys, creams, beige, pinks and pastel shades. A casual and easy-to-wear option comes in the form of well-cut skinny jeans and neutral ballet pumps with chiffon blouse. Ananya’s wholesome style is flawless for a day out soaking up the sun while its still there.

You have to let your outerwear complement the shape of what you are wearing underneath and what’s better than lightweight cardigans that are everlasting till they are no longer in one piece! The feminine floaty look of our Fashionista’s ASOS top praises her silhouette and creates flair because of the cut, and crunchy/elastic top half with lace, studs, and embellished beaded trim.

The style in wearing pale colors is more elegant with accessories and layers.



This week’s Fashionisto, Cameron, is modish and well covered for Manchester’s rainy season. Men always look smart in basic colors and this Fashionisto wears Puma shoes, Diesel jeans and a Dolce & Gabbana belt along with classic Burberry jumper.

A classic jumper is essential in men’s wardrobes. This pullover is rendered in with the softest cotton, cashmere feel blend with a sophisticated Burberry logo to give it an impressive look. The week’s Fashionisto’s style is very common in high street brands such as M&S and Tommy Hilfiger

A personal favourite of my item worn by this week’s Fashionisto is his Puma by Alexander McQueen shoes! Spring/summer 2011 brought together a play in several acts of urban escapism. The collection of these shoes fuses this sport of efficient energy with an urban touch. The graphics feature feather wings, eclectic designs, along with a grounded color palette of black, grey, yellow, and electric blue. What makes it even more exciting is that Alexander McQueen’s by Puma are available for men and women.

Prep your wardrobe with four types of warm wears:

1. M&S’s basic Jumper or Topman’s Jumper for a more stylish color for £32
2. SuperDry’s Gilet, for £94.99
3. Topman’s Cardigans, for £40
4. M&S Chunky Knits, for £59

Embrace the outdoor and the mix of weather’s at this time of the year, and pick up items such as woolen or cotton based jumpers for relaxed and warm feel.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The New Black is No Color at All

There are no rules in fashion and this week's Fashionista has done a great job at putting together a monochromatic outfit to look simple yet fashionable. This Fashionista this week is a fresh graduate of Fashion Textile Retailing; she loves to style herself up and loves to keep the colors basic. She has steered away from colour and dipped herself in black from head to toe. The long length of her Zara top played a key role in creating a textured look that is quite in right now, where the weather is playing with our dressing — end of summer but not yet the winters.

She’s also assorted a combination of a Vintage sling bag and Dior boots, which are like Sam Edelman Rowin lace-up stiletto ankle boots, or Augusta lace-up brogue ankle boots by Topshop for £75.

Dark colors are never too boring to put on because when you wear simple, accessorizing is the most fun. This Fashionista topped off her look with a pair of fancy designer earrings by Vivienne Westwood, and bracelet by Link’s of London to give a pinch of glamour. On one hand Links of London is one of my personal favorite — it’s preppy chic, and stylish; however, Vivienne Westwood jewelry are the perfect finishing touch to a modish outfit and are quite the fashion statement; their jewelry ranges from earring’s, rings, charms, necklaces and bracelets, ranging in basic, pearls, Swarovski, and colors. To make a simple look, style up

3 choices to prep black in your wardrobe: 

1. Chiffon: American Apparel chiffon oversized shirt for £51
2. Cotton: Bodycon dress by Topshop for £50
3. Lace: Black lace drop dress