It's summer and summer in London means playsuits, standing out and finding pieces that are practical to wear. 

Today’s Fashionista was spotted wearing a vintage polka dot playsuit that was purchased in France. No matter how old this silhouette it, the timeless piece will never get old. Continuing on with a basic, but chic look, this Fashionista opted for a classic denim jacket to accompany her playsuit. The contrast of the blue jean against the stark black and white playsuite made her outfit stand out amongst a sea of Fashionistas walking the streets of London.

This week take note for today's trendsetter and opt for a simple, playsuit look. Remember: simple doesn't not mean boring! 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cardigans Are Always Better

Oversized printed cardigans have become famous for their comfort aspect and their trend appeal they give to Fashionistas and Fashionistos. Naturally our trendsetters have been wearing this chunky knitwear in the winter season to stay warm but with the unpredictability of London weather dragging your cardigans into summer isn't the crazy idea.

Today’s Fashionsta’s looks divine in her knitted floral majorly oversized cardigan. Turning heads in a sea of people this Fashionista had me hooked and wanting to imitate her ensemble immediately. 

She played along with summer's favorite pattern, which is floral but in a bolder way then most. Clinging to her girly roots she wore feminine socks and dainty bow heels. 

Let your imagination run wild this week and try taking note from this week's featured Fashionista. Think chunky cardigan meets summer pattern meets 5-year old girl and there you have it! 

Hint: Check out ASOS marketplace for vintage garments that will leave you having a one of a kind look. 


The Royal Wedding has brought all British people together to showcase nation pride. Some people have been showcasing their spirit in our nation's colors, while others were dressing in traditional attire from English history's past. 

Today's Fashionista shows her passion for her country by wearing an English rose printed shirt. Opting for a more subdued floral print she choose this design and also stayed true to England's heritage. Following along with the English theme she wore her Dr. Martens, a classic English staple most trendsetters here have. 

Love Live the Queen and celebrating nation pride! 


The best trick for being a Fashionista is to have camera on you at all times. After so many times of saying “Why didn’t I take my camera? That Fashionista looks amazing” I have decided to never leave home without it.

Today's Fashionista was spotted on a market-stroll with my friend one sunny Saturday afternoon.

What initially drew my attention to her was her chiffon lace wedge sandal. After being intriqued by those I spotted her top, she again chose chiffon, the must have fabric for every Fashionista and this season white is a color every Fashionista should know. 

Hint: Try this pinky big bow headband from Topshop, making you just look chic and also suit anyone who love vintage outfit! 


Still residing in Poland for a holiday trip the weather and wind have seemed to gradually become worse. There isn't a better outerwear option then a trench coat for this intense climate. 

Today's Fashionista opted for a black coloured jacket to fight the winds this random afternoon. While we commonly see trench coats worn in khaki, thanks to Burberry, the featured Fashionista dipped into her dark side with this jet black colored piece. 

To finish off her ensemble she worn a pair of black leather wedges that had oxford influence. Although, the weather might not be ideal your shoes can still have fun, right? 

Take cover Fashionistas in Poland. You don't want to get blown away by this windstorm! 


Summer is finally out for the summer and people who have taken holiday break have escaped from London, myself included! 

Traveling to Poland with friends I was able to immerse myself in the culture and fashion of this cold, cold city.

After writing reports on cold weather fashion all winter long, I found out that the best trick for an outstanding outfit is accessories!

Today's Fashionista wrapped up her knitted cinnamon circle scarf around her shoulder, using it as an accessory to keep her warm in the Polish harsh wind. Her oversized, square watch was another eccentric accessory that made her look catch my attention.

For all those of you traveling during our holiday break, embrace the fashion in whatever city you may be in. It's always great to veer away from London and educate yourself on cultures elsewhere. 

Safe travels! 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Effortlessly Stunning

Most university students are on holiday enjoying a break from classes and the surprisely decent weather. For Westminster’s hard workers, there’s still one week to go and this last week at uni is full of deadlines, tests and very little sleep.

Today's Fashionista is a prime example of how to look simply chic. She paired together a variety of basics to complete a Fashionista-worthy outfit. Her floral top is right on trend with spring fashion and also equally as comfortable for class. Her black leggings are a no brainer in most CollegeFashionista's wardrobes and make it manageable to sit at the library cramming all day. Her big shoulder bag allows her to tote all her work for the day as well as doubles as a purse to hold her wallet, phone etc.

And her hair is just crazy cool. Shocking pink and slightly messy this Fashionista makes getting through this dreadful week a bit easier. 

Good luck wrapping up classes Fashionsitas/os! 


The best thing that people love about living in London is you could never be too odd. You can wear whatever you want to throw yourself out there and someone is bound to appreciate it. Today's Fashionisto showed us how to be a rule breaker. 

This Fashionisto turned his boring shirt into a interesting dress by tightening the selves around his waist. He mixed up colors to add depth and create a much stronger reaction then just staying comfortable in one color palaette.

Let this Fashionisto inspire you to walk fiercely around campus this week. 


Springtime means blossoming flowers and pastel hues filling the streets. With London's immense gardens we are fortunate to have inspiration surrounding us all the time. Today's Fashionista turned towards foliage for her daywear outfit. 

She wore a pair of trousers that were lightly decorated with a flower/paisly combintation. Airing on the more conservative side she paired her patterend bottoms with black on the top. This season we are seeing florals clashed with florals and every color combination imaginable. If you aren't willing to go overboard with your floral outfit choice then turn towards today's Fashionista for inspiration.

Hint: She tied a green scarf on her head to add a darling touch to her polished look. Look at what scarves you have lying around and how you can make them a hair additive. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let’s Talk About Accessories

Fashionistas could never deny the beautify of accessories! How can one say no to those small and delicately designed things that only cost you a few pounds? 

Headbands usually play a big role in spring accessories and they have made their mark once again this season. Apart from buying the already-made headbands, you could always improvise it by doing it yourself. Simply wrapping a scarf around your head and creating a turban-isque look is always chic. 

Today’s Fashionista dresses in a retro-styled outfit by letting the focus remain on her tiger patterned headband. Whether you purchase one from a store or make it yourself let your headband be the center focus on your wardrobe this week. 

Hint: Oversized totes are never too big for CollegeFashionistas and this season you might need to choose a bold color if you want to qualify as a true Fashionista.