We've all hit the final stretch — literally. Finals are here at Mason and studying have taken the main priority. Although in some cases fashion has taken the backseat for this stressful time, the Fashionistas/os haven't completely forsaken fashion for finals. 

Even though most of us will be up all night securing the grades we want with countless hours studying, you don't have to sacrifice your outfit. I spotted this Fashionista on the way to one of my study sessions wearing an outfit perfect to take a final and comfortable enough to study all day in.

The stand out piece in her look is her denim top that she layers well with a simple white tee underneath and khaki shorts. Its an easy going look that balances out the stressfulness of exams with fashionably comfortable articles. Denim tops are the perfect item to layer with and combine looks that won't inhibit your studying habits. Layering a denim over top of a classic T-shirt or sundress is a surefire way to not neglect your looks because of the extra brain power you will be exerting.

Sticking to classic and versatile pieces while you are in the midst of finals will leave you stress-free about your outfits, but still a Fashionista/o while avoiding the temptation of wearing whatever you roll out of bed in. Dress well and you'll inevitably test well!


It's easy to guess that the top two reasons why a college student puts an ensemble together is for comfort and the weather. With the finicky spring weather and finals approaching there is less time to really focus on that perfect ensemble. Although I am guilty of still picking out my outfit the night before just as I did in 5th grade, most do not have this same embarrassing habit. 

I spotted this Fashionista with the right amount of comfort and warmth for the odd spring chill. She struck a perfect balance that shows the effortless equation of college fashion. Classic dark washed jeans, Ray-Bans and Sperry's convey the collegiate attire; however, it's the anorak that gives this student the title of a CollegeFashionista.

Anorak jackets have a nautical feel to them providing a shield to the remnants of winter while giving an edge above the parades of fleece on the walkways of campus. The cinched ties on the jacket and zippers have a rough utility feel, but the traditional khkai color equalizes the toughness to give it the preppy and sportiness of casual spring outerwear. Anorak jackets are the perfect everyday jacket in comparison to a classic trench. They have the “throw it on” uncomplicated effect that would be easy for any college student to wear. 

Finding an anorak is just as easy as putting it on. There are many options with various price ranges that would suit anyone's tastes. Zappos has a great number of options, but if you're looking for a different twist on this classic try this one from Madewell.




Just as a roller coaster inches up and comes falling down, although this related factor doesn't occur as fast, hemlines and lengths fluctuate every season following the various trends. Even though this heat that has hit Northern Virginia has made people question adding extra fabric, many forget that added length doesn't mean additional weight or heat.

As I was walking to Starbucks to grab an iced coffee to cool off from the warmth, I captured this cool Fashionista flaunting a maxi dress. Many may dread the walk to class as the heat bears down on us, but this breezy ensemble that this Fashionista tells us that her outfit pays no mind to the warm weather. Obviously, there is extra length in her dress, yet it doesn't seem to add to the temperature. The halter cut and looseness ensures that she stays cool underneath the sun's rays.

Her braided hair band and maxi dress pay homage to the hippies in the '60s and '70s, but her look is far from being outdated. With the combination of the two pieces along with her accessories, her look is much more chic and up to date. Maxi dresses sometimes have the chance of looking outdated or matronly, but taking the dress back to its roots and pairing the piece with current things ensure that it stays with recent trends.

This Fashionista went for the full frontal hippie bohemian chic, which every Fashionista with unspoken effort can pull off. Looking for neutral colors and silhouttes enable anyone to use a maxi dress to their advantage. C&C California has classic cuts of this style and J.Crew shows us a classic take on this relaxed style. So rather than shortening your hemlines, try a longer dress to give that cool, calm and peaceful hippie vibe.


Its apparent that most of us center our ensembles according to the weather and I've metioned countless times the roller coaster of weather changes in Virginia. A mere three weeks ago it felt as if summer had already hit and last week a spring chill was still upon us. The temptation of wearing shorts to still donning a chunky sweater leaves us all confused as to the simple task of what we should wear that day.

This confusing task can be easily solved with the observations on this Fashionista. Throw out the rulebook of wearing white after Memorial Day. Its nonsense to abide by rules that dictate wearing a coloring during a certain time. However, I do suggest following this Fashionista’s lead in pairing the white denim seasonally. Although today’s Fashionista wears the white denim fantastically, the stand out piece that will get you out of the confusing weather bind are her gladiator sandals.

Pairing gladiator sandals and leaving your typical flip-flops in the dust ensures a more chic, upgraded look to any outfit. I spotted today’s Fashionista walking along the pathways of campus in her sandals paired well with her white denim and bright top. The sandals establish that the warmer weather is here and the denim still does its job keeping her legs warm. Gladiator sandals have become a distinct trend in the past years with minimal to much embellishment. With the variety of colors, textures and styles there is a number of options for everyone.

The pop of the basic, neutral black makes these sandals a statement of their own. With the wrapped and weaved technique that hold the foot to the shoe give this Fashionista some added depth to her ensemble.

A basic shoe or gladiator sandal is the easiest, yet most unexpected way to level up an outfit. Especially with this bewildering weather, pairing your uncomplicated gladiator sandals with your outfit can guarantee a put-together outfit while staying weather and seasonally appropriate.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Layering Technique

I have about three items in my wardrobe that I wear at least once a week: a chambray button-up, black pants and a white T-shirt. In a way, I can't live without these pieces because they help further a technique that every Fashionista/o must grasp. There are trends and techniques that are permanent staples in fashion. And without fail, one technique that is present constantly is layering. No Fashionista/o can forget about this obvious knack because it essential to utilize one’s seasonal wardrobe. Spring has sprung at George Mason University, but there is still a chill that is lingering around for some time now that keeps Fashionistas/os coming back for this tactic.

Today’s Fashionisto was on his way to class when I spotted his perfected layering ensemble. Time after time, many of us focus on layering as Fashionistas; however, it is a necessity for Fashionistos. This Fashionisto exemplifies the best example on how to coordinate different textures and pieces to make the most out of a spring outfit. From the denim jacket, striped T-shirt and cardigan to the classic Ray-Bans, desert boots and collegiate satchel, his look is the ultimate trifecta of layering chic-ness. Just as I have my go-to pieces, his classic pieces, the denim jacket and khakis, are the foundation that he can use to build the rest of his outfts. His look gives off casual, cool vibes while still transcending him into being a CollegeFashionisto.

It cannot be stressed enough how layering indivdual pieces can instantly transform an average outfit to a shining one. Combining textures, patterns and different pieces are an easy way to develop a cohesive outfit that stands out amongst the rest. Incoporating layers can revamp any old, dull wardrobe, especially on the days that you think you have nothing to wear. Layering this spring and every season following will ensure you are one of the best dressed Fashionistas/os on campus.


The other day I saw a tweet from the Man Repeller herself saying “Nothing induces the kind of happiness that warm weather does. Nothing.” I couldn't agree with her more. We had a very mild winter and now spring has finally come with warm weather that absolutely no one can be disastified with. 

I spotted today's Fashionista on another beautifully warm day while walking to class and what struck me about her ensemble was her fun, youthful crop top. The warm weather brings out simple, looser and brighter articles of clothing that just about everyone can be drawn to. Last spring and summer crop tops fit perfectly in that category and it's about that time to take them out again.

The whimsical print and neutral color of the crop top that this Fashionista wears just further shows how this warm weather brings out more cheerful and charming pieces of fashion. She balances the crop top with a basic pair of dark wash denim and simple black flats. This only lets her blouse take the center stage — as it should. 

Crop tops are easy pieces to style, layer with and throw together with any bottoms. Pairing a crop top with cut-off shorts ensures a classic, American look or trying a high-waisted skirt to make a chic statement. A crop top may leave some of your stomach showing, but if you aren't feeling daring enough to leave your mid-drift exposed high-waisted bottoms are a quick fix to still rock your crop top confidently. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Interning The Right Way

In college most of us have developed a pretty sound routine: wake up, go to class, eat, study and sleep. Of course there are the occasional mishaps and other extracurricular activities that pop into the mix of our routines. A great example of a scheduling occurrence that is found in the majority of college students' routines is an internship.

I spotted this Fashionista on my way to class and learned of her internship in Washington D.C. I did not have to ask her outright as to why she was so put-together because I immediately knew through her ensemble. Internships are a must-have for college students just as a pair of colored denim is a must-have for the spring season. As we have all heard, they are the stepping point to further our resume and hopefully our future careers. However, it is not wise to fall into the doldrums of dressing like a college student for these internships. Following this Fashionista’s lead in putting together an outfit is the best path to take in identifying what to wear for an internship.

She keeps her look fresh, professional and clean. The classic pieces in this Fashionista’s outfit exemplify that she is ready to put her best foot forward as an intern. With her pops of color from her scarf and kate spade earrings, she also embraces her youth and uniqueness of a college student.

Internship responsibilities may lug you down at times, but that does not mean your ensembles need to suffer. This Fashionista put together her look in a matter of minutes keeping with the traditional office pieces, yet adding touches of her favorite colors. You also never know who you are going to meet and why not dress for the job you want rather than the one you have.


Cardigans are a staple piece in every girl’s closet. They are the perfect piece for layering and staying warm on those chilly days. It’s clear, though, that cardigans or button-down sweaters aren’t just for girls, yet guys completely shy away. Many guys have exclaimed that cardigans are solely for girls, but that is not the case.

Today’s Fashionisto throws that interpretation with his spring sweater. Cardigans are a chic, manly item that can transform any ensemble up a notch. This Fashionisto pairs his cardigan well with a button-down, jeans and sneakers. The simple texture and neutral tone of the sweater are the best combination for the rest of the pieces in his outfit. His relaxed look with the sneakers and jeans with the more put-together pieces of the button-down and cardigan show the excellent balance of a college student. This Fashionisto’s look is very casual but it’s a step above the rest with a statement against the girl notion. His look is well accomplished for any Fashionisto willing to rock a classic cardigan.

Cardigans for Fashionistos are best found in tailored, gentlemen-like shops like J.Crew or Brooks Brothers. These would be the best places to find investments pieces that would last you for years. However, if you are still apprehensive about this so-called girlish piece, try finding a basic one from H&M that would still serve its polished look. Cardigans are a handsome, traditional piece that should not be just found in Fashionista’s closets, but in the wardrobes of Fashionisto’s as well.


Sweatpants, UGGs, leggings, T-shirt, sweatshirt, hat and sunglasses are the typical apparel worn by the collegiate masses. Although we have seen an upheaval of a more school, collegiate type fashion on magazine spreads and runways, that doesn’t stop the average student from dressing down to class.

I can sympathize because we are all crunched for time. We hit snooze button at least twice and we are always rushing to get ready at least every day. It is the college lifestyle and even though we have those growing pains it is all worth it. Too bad our clothing choices are taking most of the hit.

I truly appreciated today’s Fashionista’s style. It is the epitome of effortlessly chic and still maintains the nonchalant, put-together feel of an ensemble for class. She mixes textures, colors and patterns for the perfect alternative to the grunge look you reach for. This Fashionista is like every other college student hurrying to the next required location, however, her outfit is at least twenty steps above an adequate pair of UGGs and leggings. Yet, I’m sure her texturized items took just as long to pair as the aforementioned outfit. She represents the collegiate style with a classic tweed coat, brown oxfords and Ray-Ban Wayfarers. But, then she adds surprise elements of a floral shirt, a studded denim shirt and colored denim. It is the optimal collegiate style we have seen previously and it strays away from the stereotypical college student wardrobe.

The best advice that this Fashionista heeds is to treat everything like a neutral. Colors are meant to be combined along and the easiest way to do that is with different textiles. The time old saying “everything will fall into place” is perfectly fitting for this Fashionista’s outfit. Combining textures and similar color palettes is the best way to stand out in the sea of normalcy. Try a thermal floral shirt, tobacco colored denim and a simple chambray shirt for the best edge to the actual collegiate look.


My hair is almost to the point of being absurdly long and truly the only thing that bothers me about it is that it gets caught everywhere: on my bags, shirt, coat, etc. Yet, I can't complain too much because my locks do keep my head warm and I shy away from wearing a hat to avoid any unnecessary flattened hair.

As I was rushing to class with my hair whipping all over the place from the cold wind, I spotted this Fashionista in a well-kept slouchy beanie. Although I mentioned earlier that I stay away from hats, when I saw this Fashionista it made me want to put one on. Unlike me, she isn't afraid of donning a hat and facing the chance of getting the dreaded hat hair. Her grey beanie doesn't just keep her noggin warm, but literally tops off the rest of her ensemble.The simplicity of the color contrasts with her hair color by making a chic statement of its own. With her hair meticulously tucked in and her hat resting at the perfect slouch, I think she was far from worrying about less voluminous hair. 

Hats are one of the best accessories in the winter to add to your other layers. If you are like me and worried about the ominous hat hair, follow in this Fashionista's footsteps by just tucking your hair in. By wearing the beanie the entire day you automatically make a bold move and avoid hair troubles by simply just keeping the hat on.