“Rain, rain go away come back another day.” I can’t help but focus on the constant rainy days that we have seen this summer.  It has definitely been a low point for myself when choosing what to wear for the day! I tend to always find myself digging through old winter and fall clothing to find a stylish outfit. But why? I saw this Fashionista on a gross wet morning and couldn’t resist the chance to talk to her about what she was wearing. Her outfit was filled with color, patterns and texture, classifying it as the coolest rainy day outfit by far.

Name: Jodi DeJoung

Year: Senior

Major: Public Relations

CollegeFashionista: What Are you wearing?

Jodi Dejoung: I am wearing bright red Steve Madden rain boots, American Eagle denim shorts, an Anthropologie sweater and a Primark jacket.

CF:Whats your number one rule when dressing for bad weather?

JD: My number one rule is simple and easy; wear boots!

CF: How would you describe your style?

JD: I would say that my style is eclectic, easy and colorful.  My personality is very out there so I definitely think my style should be too!

CF: What is your favorite summer trend?

JD: I love turquoise so I'm excited that I've been seeing it everywhere! Finally I can wear an out-there color and not have my boyfriend tell me I look crazy!

CF: What is your go-to summer piece?

JD: I don’t have one specific item, but I think a white dress is the perfect go-to piece and definitely should be a staple in every closet. It's so easy to dress up or down and you can’t wear white all year round!

How To: What's so great about this Fashionista’s outfit is her ability to mix so much pattern, texture and color into her ensemble and make it look effortless. Bad weather tends to bring down everyone’s mood, and their sense of style, but just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean you have to feel and look bad too! To get this look, start off with a statement pair of wellington boots, like this Fashionista is rocking. Add in a pair of denim shorts to combat those hot and muggy rainy days then to make the outfit a little more complex, add a funky shirt or sweater like this peach with metallic trim, knit finished sweater. To finish the look, pull everything together with a statement rain jacket layered on top.


There have been so many summer trends that have been roaming the streets of George Washington University, including neon, neutrals and color blocking. But when I saw this Fashionista, her nautical stripes and outfit truly stood out to me. Maybe it was the bold stripes and bright red lipstick that she was rocking or maybe it was simply her confidence that she had when I saw her, regardless she seemed perfect to bring to CollegeFashionista. However, the best part of this outfit was the necklace she accesorized with, which was from her native country Iraq, adding the perfect personal touch every outfit needs.

Name: Zanab Hussain

Major: Undecided

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Zanab Hussain: I am wearing a striped dress from Urban Outfitters, an old sweater and navy jelly oxfords!

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet this summer?

ZH: My favorite item, which is not only for the summer but also year round, is this pendent necklace from Iraq. It's always a reminder of where my family comes from and it gives me a sense of pride to be able to wear something that represents my culture in a unique way.

CF: How would you describe your style?

ZH: I would say my style is irreverent. I always dress for myself and sometimes cross boundaries with other people, but to me that is the only way you can truly be comfortable in what your wearing. I dress to make myself feel good and I always try to remember that when I am getting dressed in the mornings.

How To: To replicate a look like this Fashionista, first find a striped dress that suits your style. Opt for this short, blue and white striped tank dress great for a casual outing or day at the beach or this red and navy striped dress complete with cutouts for a more daring outfit. Complete the look with a cardigan on colder summer nights or a simple gray blazer. Finally, find accessories that allude to your personality, heritage or culture like this Fashionista did, which will surely steal the entire spotlight.


The summer has officially kicked off and many of us young college students have started our summer 2012 internships! I spotted this Fashionista on her lunch break from her internship at epic records and couldn’t resist asking her about what she was wearing. Internships are a tricky thing to dress for — you can’t be too casual or revealing, but you also don’t want to be plain or boring.  This Fashionista found that absolute perfect balance with a clean-lined ensemble and small accessories that made her outfit pop.

Name: Cali Faulkner

Major: Political Science

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What are you wearing?

Cali Faulkner: I am wearing pants from Comptoir des Cottoniers, sandals from Dolce Vita, a T-shirt from Intermix and the sweater is J.Crew.  The scarf was a birthday gift from years ago and has been a staple in my closet ever since!

CF:  What is the most important thing to you when you dress for your internship?

Cali Faulkner: The most important question I ask myself every morning before I leave is: can I walk 20 blocks in this outfit? I always try to put together nice outfits to work but I commute and need to be able to last the whole day. The trick is to be able to balance the two.

CF: What is your Favorite Item in your closet this summer?

Cali Faulkner: My favorite item is a Seneca Falls white dress. It has a really great neckline and a flattering fit. It’s great to throw on for any occasion.

CF: What three words would you use to describe your style?

Cali Faulkner:  Electric, unexpected, and practical.

How To: To get this classic look for your internship start with the major component to your outfit, whether it is a high-waisted skirt or in this case high-waisted pants.  Once you have the major component to the outfit then there is the flexibility to get creative and find those fun, yet subtle items in your closet. The best way to get an appropriate outfit for an internship is to keep a simple structure like the pants, shirt, and sweater, but then really find the pieces with fine details like the Intermix shirt she is wearing that has faint stripes contrasted against her crocheted sweater from J Crew. Add a pop of color with a scarf or necklace and there it is the perfect outfit to wear to a summer internship!

Style Guru Bio: Sabina Armstrong-Loscalzo

My name is Sabina Armstrong-Loscalzo and I am an upcoming junior studying International Affairs at George Washington University.  I am so excited for this summer to find unique styles and trends to show all of you!

I grew up in Europe for the first 13 years of my life and moved right outside of New York City for high school.  This conglomeration of cultures and places has led me to find one of my passions and that is fashion! I love how fashion travels all over the world and it is one of the few things that have bridged the gap between every country.  To me it is a universal language and because of this it has played a very important role in my life. Fashion and personal style, to me, is something that molds every facet of the world and society together. That is why my style exhibits a global feel. I admire those that are able to bring their unique culture into what they wear each and everyday.

If I were to describe my style I would say that it is somewhat versatile, I never stick to one genre and I never know what will catch my attention.  I do live by one philosophy and I call it the three P’s: the past, personality, and passion.  The three P’s are what make our style unique. I find that when I create looks for myself I always try and work in a piece that has a history or meaning to it whether it is an old necklace that was passed down by a family member or simply just a gift from a loved one.  There is always meaning in what we wear and that is what makes our style important.

My love for fashion and designers is endless. I crave finding new brands that no one has found yet.  My favorite designers and brands at this point are Comptoir des Cottonier,  Hermés (for the classic touch) and Osklen.  I love unique unpredictable brands that shock me season to season.

I am so excited to be part of CollegeFashionista for this summer!