It’s no question that international boys know how to dress. I found this Fashionisto in perfectly matching items with bright blue shorts and a graphic T-shirt. His whole outfit was breathable for a warm summer day. The soft colors of tan and blue give a refreshing feel to the eye.

Name: Mohammed Altowaijri

Year: Sophomore

Major: Finance

CollegeFashionista: What are your favorite spots to shop?

Mohammed Altowaijri: I love to shop at Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tom Ford. In Saudi Arabia, we have soog zelmall where they sell traditional clothes like a shmagh you would wear to weddings or school. Everything is handmade, all the sandals and flip flops are in Arabic style.

CF: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

MA: I go to the mall, or to the streets to find new fashion. I also ask friends what looks good or I do online shopping.

CF: Why did you decide to wear this today?

MA: It looks nice; it's comfortable and good for summer. I also like to match polka dots and stripes and simply what looks nice.

CF: What piece of clothing you can’t live without?

MA: I love shorts and jeans. I like to search for jeans when I go shopping. I love V-necks. I can’t live without shoes and of course, underwear. Every piece of clothing is important.

How to: Imitate this look with a cool laid back T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, perhaps a baseball tee, paired with a solid, bright colored short from Marc Jacobs, anywhere from red to purple. Pay attention to detail and add accessories like a relaxed pair of Buddy Holly glasses.


I have always been attracted to Japanese culture and fashion. There is so much variety, choices, and they really know how to layer their outfits. The unique thing about Japanese people is the range of daring trends. I think it is embedded in Japanese bloodstream to know exactly, how to think outside the box. They are limitless, which is something I truly admire. It definitely inspires people to express themselves and find a style they can call their own, not to mention how comfortable they look in their own skin.

What caught my eye about Haruka was that she looked completely in character with her outfit. Her bright happy smile made her look so sweet; it was the perfect combination with her brightly patterned tee. She looked effortlessly put together with washed out jeans and a pair of snazzy sandals for a lazy summer afternoon at the coffee shop.

Name: Haruka Komaki

Major: International Culture

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your style.

Haruka Komaki: Since I am from Japan, my style is influenced a lot by my culture. I like to express that with colorful prints like flowers or cartoons.

CF: Where do you find inspiration?

HK: In Japan I read fashion magazines.

CF: Where do you shop most for summer items?

HK: I love to shop at Forever 21. I mainly look for one piece clothing like rompers, jumpsuits and sandals.

CF: What is your favorite ‘I can’t live without’ item?

HK: I can’t live without one pieces, those are my favorite.

How To: If today is a casual day, settle for a poppy graphic tee like this Something Else Slice Floral Tee from Madewell. Pair it with solid colored shorts or loud trousers like these High Rise Abstract Harem Pants from Forever 21. Add sandals like this pair of Tumbled Leather Miller Sandals by Tory Burch.


Patterned denim is hot for 2012 summer fashion, from polka dots to tribal print. Fashionista/os are taking denim to a whole new level. This Fashionista immediately caught my eyes in her lovely high-waist polka dot denim shorts. They almost seem surreal and cartoonlike. I love the idea of patterned denim, because you can D.I.Y them  at home. Just snag an old pair of thrifted denim shorts and get creative. The outcome will be applauded and inspiring for others to try.

Name: Van Chuong

Major: Business Management

Year: Freshman

College Fashionista: What is your number one passion?

Van Chuong: Makeup, I love buying palettes and doing my friends make up. I used to work at a booth and there I would practice the art on my coworkers.

CF: What trends are you daring to try for summer?

VC: I want to try the high-low skirt or dress, because they’re trendy, flowy, and cute. Oh and with a pair of wedges! I would say those two are my top favorite summer items, because they are both wearable for the beach and even to go out at night. I would even wear them in the winter because they’re so cute!

CF: Why did you decide to wear these polka dot pattern shorts today?

VC: Honestly, I just threw it on this morning. I didn’t put much thought into my outfit today. Although I did buy these just a few days ago so I was trying to work with them.

CF: Who is your style icon?

VC: I don’t have one. I don’t look at magazines or websites or follow trends on the television. It comes naturally, like if I go shopping and I see something cute, I’ll try it on. If I like how it looks on me, I’ll buy it. I also think mannequins at the mall influence my choices a lot, but other than that I don’t go out of my way except for Instagram, because there are lots of pictures of fashion.

How to: Try some pattern shorts like these from Topshop or Forever 21.  Keep it balanced with solid colored tops like this Fashionista, and eye-catching accessories from JewelMint. Then, kick it up a notch with a pair of killer Jeffrey Campbell’s. You’ll be a looking perfect for summer.


This French beauty, Elise Paul traveled long distances to come and sport her perfectly simple outfits in sunny San Diego! Here, she’s wearing a bold black and white top that creates the sweet and serious illusion with its V-neck and flowy characteristics. She accessorized with cool Ray-Ban shades, a sweet orange bangle and my favorite leopard moccasins.

Name: Elise Paul

Major: Studying American Language Institute

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where is your favorite place to shop for summer items?

Elise Paul: Zara is my favorite place to shop for summer items, because it’s pretty cool and has lots of choices. I’m excited for the newest opening at Fashion Valley Mall, can’t believe its two stories!

CF: Where do you look to find inspiration?

EP: I don’t look online or anything like that. My sister inspires me, she is a stylist.

CF: Why did you decide to wear this loose fitting top and adorable leopard print moccasins today?

EP: I just quickly threw it on [Laughs], I had no time this morning.

CF: Who is your style icon?

EP: I like Eva Longoria, she has a fierce look.

How to: Grab a loose fitting top with a nice neckline, for example try a swoop neck or even a V-neck. For a fashionable accent, try bright colors for summer and bold prints to give the perfect illusion of fun and sophisticated. Keep eye-catching accessories close. Tip: mix it up with printed leggings or bright neon pastel jeans like these feautured on Seventeen Magazine. You'll be set and reasy to take on the heat of San Diego summers! 


I am a strong believer that it’s not what you wear, but it's how you wear it. This lovely lady, Talia, chose a beautiful floral print vintage dress, which expressed a beautiful, happy and carefree attitude. That’s what made her so approachable.

Hands down, only some people can perfectly pull off this vintage look; it takes carelessness and confidence. She mastered the art by pairing a flattering thrifted black dress with brown leather accessories, then toning it down with a messy bun. I love the detail of the pearl buttons; this creates harmony by pairing flirty pieces with rugged and tough accessories. I was immediately drawn to her outfit as a whole. As an artist, she knows how to express her carefree lifestyle. The relaxed colors are not meant to draw too much attention. It was so effortlessly tied together, that it made the whole thing simply perfect.

Name: Talia Ceravolo

Passion: Painting, Baking, Cooking and Airbrush Face Painting

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What is/are your passion(s)?

Talia Ceravolo: I love baking and cooking. I also paint. I am a Studio Art major with an emphasis in painting. Lastly, I do airbrush face painting for little kids.

CF: How does your passion directly impact your style?

TC: I like things that fit my intuition. I will wear anything that is comfortable. I love anything vintage. I will usually wear whatever fits my mood.

CF: What is a staple in your collection?

TC: My favorite is my brown lace-up boots. I also have vintage J.Crew from the thrift store [laughs]. You can’t get more classic than thrift stores! Another staple is a brown leather bag, either big or small. It doesn’t matter.

Style Guru Bio: Sabrina Anderson

I am so glad to take part in such a wonderful website. First off, let me say farewell to the great Sarah Wienberg who did an excellent job as the Style Guru at San Diego State University. I am honored to take over as the new Style Guru of CollegeFashionista at San Diego State University.

Now to introduce myself a little bit; I am now a sophomore at SDSU. My major is Studio Art, which is a combination of painting, drawing, sculpting, illustrating and the like. My passion for fashion started when I was 13 and opened my first Nylon magazine. I got really inspired by the attitude and uniqueness of the art and fashion. Since then, my love has grown with intensity. I began modeling at 16 years-old as a hobby, and also set up my own minishoots for fun. I also have a love to sew and alter old useless pieces into wearable and unique items. I would say my style is a combination of boho and classical chic, with natural looking makeup. I like to look pulled-together, but also fearless and artsy. My favorite place to shop has always been thrift stores, even as a child. I love treasure hunting because you can find the most unique pieces there. I like to explore D.I.Y and sketching. Other hobbies include rummaging through random record shops, burying my nose is sweet smelling in old dusty novels, exploring styles of photography and eating chocolate while having deep intellectual conversations. Either young and trendy, or old and classy, fashion is fun, so pile it on!