I don’t know about you, but I have never been more ready for summer. Now that finals are over and I have officially recovered from my intense caffeine addiction, it finally feels like summer is officially here and with it comes fabulous summer fashion. This Fashionista was easy to spot, not only because she is one of the last few stragglers on campus, but also because of her sweet country chic style. While bomber jackets and edgy accessories are among my favorite things in the winter, I completely appreciate charming, softer styles in the warmer months. I absolutely adore her floral dress from Express because the knit navy top is comfortable and casual while the bottom is flowing and flattering. The contrasting fabrics make it easy to wear this dress to just about anything with the right accessories. Her cowboy boots, from DSW, have proven to be a necessary piece in any wardrobe over the past few years. Weather you’re going line dancing (a la Daisy Duke) or just going shopping for the day, you can dress these boots up or down to go with almost any outfit and destination.

Her accessories include incredibly unique gold earrings from Syria (though I’m sure similar ones can be found at Topshop) and a pastel purple clutch from Express, the perfect size for a night out on the town.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Summertime Sundresses

Now that classes have come to a close and days locked in the library have transformed into days of soaking up the sun, it's time to toss out clothes that even remotely resemble cold weather fashion. Lately, the weather has been just right for simple sundresses and great summer accessories. Sundresses are no doubt my go-to look for spring and summer. I absolutely adore them, because they are so versatile that by changing a few accessories, the same dress can be appropriate for virtually any outing. This Fashionista’s dress from H&M is perfect for summer.

The abstract pattern and blocks of color are not only fun but also unique and interesting. As an added bonus, the influence of brown and gold colors will only boost the appearance of that tan you’ve been working on. Her worn leather satchel bag from Urban Outfitters is also a fantastic piece to have on hand this year. The reddish tint as well as the fringe and buckle accents make the bag increasingly unique and attention-grabbing. Determining footwear, of course, depends on the length and style of the dress. I absolutely love these great gladiators from The Shoe Dept.

Because they’re black and so incredibly simple, they will go with just about anything you can put together this summer.


There will always be those tragic moments when style has to take a back seat in a Fashionista’s life. For CollegeFashionistas however, this happens twice a year for a caffeine crazed and tension filled week: finals. Its a terrible time of year when studying is superior to styling and A’s are more important than accessories. Some fabulous Fashionistas however, can perfectly balance their looks with learning.

Today's Fashionista immediately caught my eye with her adorable outfit when I spotted her lounging by the Lair enjoying the (almost) summer sun. Her gauze top from Vance’s Blues is light and airy with a sweet floral print and an almost-vintage look to it. Plain denim would have made this outfit perfectly decent but she took things up a notch with her white linen pants (super in style this season and super cute).

She finished off her look with an ever-reliable pair of Sperry’s, an absolute must for college students. What I adore most about this outfit is the sheer effortless look she gives off, while maintaining a fashionable front.

Good luck with finals Fashionistas/os! 


As we all know, weather in Morgantown can go from bright and sunny to practically snowing in the blink of an eye. Luckily, however, it seems that as we’re getting closer to May and a summer vacation. All over campus, Fashionistas are pulling out their new, flirty spring dresses to flaunt around campus. Sundresses are my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe because they can look so different with the same common elements.
I love this bright floral dress from Free People. I know you’re probably thinking that floral patterns in spring aren’t anything groundbreaking; but in abstract prints like this one, you achieve the fun spring look without the tired print. The front ruffles add an extra textural element to the dress, and the racer back is a fun variation on normal spring dresses. Her rustic wide brown leather belt from Urban Outfitters is a great addition to this outfit because it gives the dress a new shape, and by changing belt, you can dress the outfit up or down. I’m also crazy about her metallic gold shoulder bag from Forever 21.

Hint: Look for variations on your favorite spring styles this year; they’re everywhere!


When maxi-dresses first appeared on the ready-to-wear fashion scene, I’ll admit that I was against them. Even though I am an extreme girly girl and complete dress enthusiast, I thought of maxi-dresses as passé, too '70s, and frankly just too much. This season however, as more maxi-dresses are appearing all over campus, I have to admit I’m falling in love. Spring/summer 2011 is bringing a myriad of different styles and shapes to the maxi-dress trend. This year it seems that a short flirty dress isn't the automatic go-to for warm spring and summer days. From soft spring pastels to bright daring colors (like this Fashionista's), the long dress style is making an intense comeback. 

This color-blocked maxi dress from Macy’s is fun, flirty and perfect for a spring day on campus. Though it seems that lately department stores have somewhat fallen out of fashion for CollegeFashionistas, their new lines for spring/summer 2011 seem to show a fabulous comeback with all the latest trends. To complete her spring look, this Fashionista added a pair of peep-toe seersucker wedges from and some great purple bangles. Shoes like these are great for spring because they can be worn with just about any outfit. Also, let’s face it; wedges are pretty much the most comfortable shoes out there.


On the last few chilly pre-spring days, Fashionistas all over campus explore new ways to pair their latest finds of the season with fantastic light jackets. I found this Fashionista rocking her winter-to-spring look on the way to class. After the first taste of spring, it’s hard for any Fashionista to retreat back to winter trends. I love this light pink crocheted top from Forever 21 paired with a fitted navy jacket, a steal from Target. Jackets like this are great for cooler weather in the fall and spring because they’re heavy enough to keep you warm but light enough that they won’t suffocate you as the weather warms up a little. Her belt was an amazing find from Shareen Vintage, a “secret” vintage store in New York City that was featured in Nylon last month. Vintage accessories are always on the list of things every girl needs. Vintage pieces have been a constant staple for Fashionista/os and many designers for years because of their unique characteristics and style. Finally, she finished the outfit with a timeless pair of skinny jeans from American Eagle and a pair of essential silver flats that go with practically any outfit. Say goodbye to your winter clothes, Fashionista/os. Spring has finally hit Morgantown!


For the past few weeks, Morgantown Fashionista/os were rejoicing as bitter cold temperatures were replaced with refreshing spring sunshine. Unfortunately, it seems that winter wanted one last hurrah. As we ride out these last few weeks of cold, a new trend around campus has been the fun fusion of the trusted winter essentials and new spring pieces. This Fashionista’s dark but bright style stood out to me just as brightly as her bold red lipstick. My favorite thing about this look is the navy and white polka-dotted tank from Forever 21. Though its semi-dark, the light satin material screams spring fashion and the bold choice of pairing it with a red cardigan (unfortunately hidden by a necessary jacket) makes the look even more like spring. Another element of this piece that I love is the loose fit, one of my favorite trends of this year.Because its too cold for the shorts or capris that would look fantastic with this shirt, this Fashionista wore a pair of ever-reliable black jeggings from American Eagle.

Instead of opting for a traiditonal school bag, I love the alternative option of a leather messenger bag. Its vintage look and structure are adorable and keeps perfectly with the trends of this year. Also, her oxford shoes from give the look an extra fashion forward push. Finally, she topped off the outfit with an oversized octopus necklace from Forever 21 and faux Ray-Ban glasses from Urban Outfitters.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Blazing Towards Spring

With Morgantown’s unpredictable weather changing between almost-summer and almost-freezing every other week, WVU Fashionistas have learned to embrace a versatile wardrobe. I spotted this Fashionista in between classes and immediately fell in love with her laid-back look. More than ever, I have come to realize that the number one staple in any Fashionista’s wardrobe is a blazer. While I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one, I do love this tailored look from Urban Outfitters. The sleeve length makes the piece more casual and perfect for those days where you want to dress up a little for class. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for an outfit that ends up matching perfectly. The green seersucker stripes on the cuff of her blazer matching her boho-chic scarf really makes her look polished and fabulous. One major trend this year that I love has been the combination of a blazer and accessories with a plain T-shirt, but this Fashionista takes it one step further by adding a white shirt with crochet embellishments from Rue 21.

To top off this look she added a classic pair of dark jeans (from American Eagle) as well as flats and a leather satchel purse.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Prepped for Spring

While gray skies and random mixes of snow and rain might make it seem like winter is still in full effect, all that is on WVU student’s minds is springtime fashion and fun. Fashionistas all over town are beyond ready to trade their heavy jackets and UGG boots for this seasons brightest florals and rain boots that are essential for spring.

On this dreary day in Morgantown, most college students can be found bundled up in sweat pants and oversized hoodies. Needless to say this Fashionista was easy to spot in the crowd. Right away I fell in love with her fantastic spring outfit. Her bright yellow rain boots from J. Crew would stand out of any outfit but don’t look out of place at all. In fact, they do more to bring out the bright colors in the rest of her outfit. I absolutely adore her beautiful floral dress from Express because it’s everything a spring dress should be. While it’s light and flowy, it has an attached belt and ruffle embellishments making it anything but ordinary.

While we can combat winter styles with fresh bright looks, ignoring the fact that it’s not tanning weather yet is near impossible. This Fashionista paired a pastel purple Ralph Lauren with her dress (conveniently matching her umbrella) to deal with the cooler temperatures.

Hint: Go all out for spring, Fashionistas! Top off your look with a floral headband (like this one from Forever 21) or other accessories.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Morgantown weather is a constant mystery. One day Fashionista/os are walking around campus enjoying the sunshine and rocking their long lost sundresses and sandals, and the next it looks like a hurricane settled over WVU. The trick to keeping up with the constant change, other than owning one of everything, is light (and in this case bright) layers. When I saw this Fashionista on campus, her bold colors definitely brightened my day. College students everywhere will agree that on dreary days, no wardrobe option seems more appealing than sweatpants, which is one of the reasons this fabulous Fashionista caught my eye. In a sea of gray and black outfits, this bright retro-inspired orange coat from Urban Outfitters was bound to stand out. Because it is lightweight and water resistant, a coat like this is a staple for any rainy spring day. The oversized buttons and navy detailing are also fun embellishments to the piece. Her blue leggings from Forever 21 add to her colorful look and meticulously match the trim of her jacket, leaving no piece of the outfit boring. Of course, no rainy day is complete without rain boots. These versatile navy boots are actually Crocs! Not being a Croc fan myself, I was surprised that I loved these cute lightweight boots. To (literally) top it all off, her yellow umbrella really completes the effect of the look, making her the brightest Fashionista I’ve seen all week!

Hint: Don’t fall into the tempting trend of oversized sweats and dreary colors next time campus is hit with a storm! Distract yourself from the dreary weather by wearing bright fun clothes and forget it isn’t sunny outside.