ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Work-Wear Relaxed Chic

Nix traditional winter fabrics like tweed and wool – this season it’s all about the right flannel. An original work-wear staple turned Fashionista must-have, the cozy button-down has evolved into anything but homely. The thick, soft material offers warmth without the bulk, particularly during the dreaded finals period. So, take advantage of the shirts’ comfort and dress it up or dress it down for a perfected hipster look.

This Fashionista pairs her flannel with a heather gray tank, black leggings and the coveted Melissa Button Frye boots. The look has an aura of effortlessness stemming from the relaxed nature of a slouchy plaid. What’s more, she maintains that relaxed vibe with minimalist waves at the ends of her locks and a fresh face. In my opinion, a manageable cut offers tremendous advantages. With tresses falling just below the shoulder, the strands hold subtle tassels with little upkeep required. For the face, this Fashionista uses a clean sweep of tinted moisturizer and delicate dabs of bronzer to bring out her olive undertones.

Try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 for a lightweight coverage that simultaneously moisturizes and protects. For a trusted bronzer, opt for the NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo. This complementary pairing delivers a sun kissed glow year-round – and who doesn’t want that in the dead of winter? When it comes to finding the right flannel, look no further than your local thrift or vintage shop. These flannels have a signature authenticity coupled with an ultra-worn-in feel, giving it that extra dimension of comfort. For a modern take on the vintage button-down, try the BDG flannels from Urban Outfitters. With an endless supply of patterns and colors, invest in two or three…or four.


An age-old debate surrounds the delicate pairing of black and brown. Historically dubbed a faux pas, the color combo has surged in popularity as the cardinal rules of fashion welcome greater flexibility and experimentation. Fashionistas across the board have consistently broken the so-called ‘rules’ of fashion including the likes of Kate Moss and Rihanna.

This Fashionista looks impeccably chic in a black puffer jacket, oversized bag and worn cowboy boots. She sticks to lighter hues of brown to contrast black’s coveted edge. Opt for shades of camel, nude or almond when mixing black and brown. While Michael Kors' signature Hamilton bag works with virtually any winter ensemble, the price tag doesn’t always fit the college budget. Try this Pattern-Block Tote with an oversized black jacket. The western-inspired motif adds a complex note to an otherwise simplistic tote.     

Since neutrals go with almost anything, it’s no shocker that a neutral beauty palette looks vibrantly effortless against a perfected brown and black ensemble. Personally, I love deep shades of honey and chocolate brown locks against fair skin. The deep hues frame and accentuate the evenness of a warm skin tones, livened by pink undertones. What’s more, a short cut just below the shoulders allows for little to no fuss. Simply wash and air-dry for naturally wispy waves. For those of us with stubbornly straight hair, add a little Bumble and bumble surf spray. The salt-infused formula adds fullness to subtle waves, giving you that fresh from the shore look. And what’s better than beachy waves in the middle of December?

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Natural Beauty

Earth tones, like almond brown, burnt orange and rustic gray have a familiar 1960s flair, reminiscent of tribal artistry. The subdued hues of the earth’s palette exude understated brilliance, especially in the presence of equally dazzling tresses. Clad head-to-toe in a pragmatic mixture of ivory, maroon, almond and black, this Fashionista embodies the timelessness of the earth’s signature color combos.

Aside from the meticulous mix of neutral notions and effortless textural blending, this Fashionista has head-turning hair, radiating coveted volume and shine. Her natural dark brown locks have carefully placed caramel highlights that artfully reflect the winter sun. When it comes to highlights, use your skin tone as the foundation. This Fashionista has cool undertones, maintaining a natural sun-kissed glow throughout the year. She rocks a select amount of golden brown highlights, adding body to her wispy layers. For warm skin tones (think pink), experiment with honey blonde and ever-so-light shades of almond. These shades look particularly eye-catching on layered locks — and who doesn’t love added volume.

What’s more, working earth tones into an everyday outfit requires little to no effort. Like this Fashionista, play up a simple button down with killer boots and accessorizing. I am a huge fan of these super-skinny high-rise jeans with a hint of tribal flare. Pair them with a solid-colored button down and layer it up with a vegan leather jacket. Last but not least, finish off the look with a limited-edition pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s — a must on any Fashionista’s Christmas list.


ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Avoiding The Bulk

The term ‘bundle up’ used to imply an ungodly amount of layers, virtually unflattering across the board. Understandably so, perfecting the delicate balance between traditional ‘bundling’ and fashionable layering requires a little knowledge about textural blending. The bulk factor ultimately derives from layers of similar textures—think puffer vest under a puffer jacket. Now, if you ask me, looking like the Michelin Man while braving the spine-chilling cold doesn’t exactly scream fashionable.

This Fashionista embodies the essence of flattering layers. She opts for a thick gray sweater, camel-colored vest and an ever-popular Patagonia fleece. Notice the masterful mixture of the thick intarsia knit, the sleek vest and the thin fleeced-jacket. The endless variety of textural blends assures a frame-flattering approach to staying warm and bulk-free. What’s more, she accessorizes with a print to offset the solid nature of her layers.

If you find yourself bogged down by the diverse assortment of outerwear this season, try this approach. Pair this Marc by Marc Jacobs knit with an army puffer vest. When it comes time to face the outdoor chill, throw on a statement Leopard coat. The double-breasted opening, coupled with the retro shape, gives the jacket that feminine edge to offset the masculinity of the vest. And who doesn’t love a jacket reminiscent of Kate Moss’s consistently innovative, never contrived personal style?

When it comes to the hair and makeup in a layering situation, keep it light and simple. The last thing you want is a face of foundation on top of winter’s signature dry skin. This Fashionista keeps her highlighted locks tasseled and carefree. The same goes for her makeup. In fact, she wears little to nothing, opting for a sheer moisturizer and swipe of mascara. So, next time you hear the words ‘bundle up,’ avoid a dreaded fashion disaster and spice it up with textural twists.


I find this time of year particularly enchanting. Perhaps the array of burgundy, mustard and army green leaves have me mesmerized. Or perhaps I yearn for the comfort of family and friends during the awaited holiday season. Regardless, this whimsical time of year brings great expectation. Families reunite after months of hustle and bustle, eagerly anticipating decadent food and quality time. What’s more, it’s only natural to want to look your best during the myriad of holiday festivities. In my opinion, it’s really quite simple: layer it up, but keep it clean.

Fashionistos have it tough when it comes to perfecting the delicate balance of holiday-appropriate clothing. A plain button-down can appear somewhat boring and contrived during a fateful attempt to impress the relatives. Rather, keep it low-key, yet thoughtful with intriguing layers. In the spirit of the holidays, inject needed flare into your layers with contrasting prints and textures. If you ask me, nothing shows more personality than a sharply tailored trouser against a statement knit. This Fashionisto pairs colored J.Crew cords with a seasonal cable knit. The sweater mimics the creativity of the season with abstract blends of burnt orange, amber and navy. He finishes the look with a subtle fohawk, giving his ensemble that desired edge.

To get the style, invest in a trustworthy styling gel. Using no more gel than the size of a dime, run it through dry hair at an angle. The look works best on short to medium length hair. What’s more, it gives any Fashionisto the creative outlet he needs during the holiday parties, too often plagued with cookie-cutter dress codes. For the next big event, opt for a colored pair of Levi’s and a trusted flannel layered under a winter cardigan. With your outfit under control, maximizing your plate space for the dessert table should be your only worry.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Work Wear Demystified

College is the ultimate balancing act. Juggling countless responsibilities from a full load of classes to that coveted internship, fitting it all in to a day is merely half the battle. With each responsibility comes a uniquely distinct code of dress and complementing beauty regimen. Only the astute Fashionista can perfect the transition from carefree classroom wear to an intriguing internship ensemble. What’s more, it’s vital to maintain appropriate hair, nails and everything in between. So, nix the dip-dyed tips and glitter-coated nails when stepping into the often-feared office uniform. Rather, keep it simple, yet effortlessly chic, like this Fashionista.

Depending on the internship, color can go a long way. This Fashionista plays it safe with classic hues of navy and black. In fact, this timeless pairing of cool tones dominated the fall/winter runways, making it the ideal fall palette. Carolina Herrera, in particular, achieved a rare form of functional luxury with head-to-toe navy and black. When it came to model beauty, she maintained a desired level of simplicity with minimal accessorizing and understated makeup. Similarly, this Fashionista accessorizes in select pieces of silver jewelry, while keeping her hair, nails and makeup neutral. She rocks ink-jet locks, gracefully tasseled at the ends with maximum face-framing capabilities. Plus, her D.I.Y. French manicure looks minimalist, yet statement-worthy against her rings.

For an office-appropriate look that won’t break the bank, invest in a few staple pieces to pair with items already in your closet. First and foremost, every Fashionista needs a work-appropriate skirt. Try Anthropologie’s Chantilly Lace Mini. The lace details keep it fashion-forward, while maintaining a suitable hemline. Pair the skirt with a solid pair of tights, a simple chambray or silk button-down and a sleek pair of flats or boots. I personally love making a statement with my footwear—so don’t shy away from bold colors and statement patterns. Lastly, keep everything from your hair to your nails natural. Opt for solid-colored nail polish and a sleek, wavy mane. With your outfit in check, taking on the rest of the day will seem like a breeze.


As the November chill sets in, winter wear slowly emerges from the shadows of the fallen leaves and frostbitten pumpkins. This season, traditional layers have gotten a needed makeover with trending prints, leather, baroque and velvet. Bulky layers are less than ordinary this time around, decorated with dozens of accents from sequins to fur. While I adore the embellishments, I am drawn to the seasonal prints. Geometric, florals and my personal favorite, animal, neatly adorn everything from button-downs to cozy sweaters. 

With a classic leopard print button-down, this Fashionista mixes trending prints with solid staples. In fact, her ensemble reflects the current transition from color blocking to simple black and white. The surplus of florals and overload of color dominating seasons past has given way to a mysterious, subdued palette of muted tones. To keep her look free of winter's dreariness, she maintains her bleach blonde locks despite the seasonal trend toward darker, or ombré hues. Her wispy, angelic tresses contrast a winter wardrobe dominated by classic grays, blacks and browns. What’s more, her white vest with a hint of sheen compliments the summer blonde.

So add dimension to your winter wardrobe by experimenting with meticulous mixes of blacks and whites—whether it’s through your beauty repertoire or your seasonal layers. For those ever-so-light shades of blonde, opt for a darker color palette for a wintery contrast. Like this Fashionista, pair a sleek pair of black jeans with a geometric heavy knit. When it comes to adding a pop of color, keep it fairly neutral. Channel the continuously popular military-inspired trend with an army green parka or even a camo fatigue jacket—both with provide warmth and needed variety.


My obvious love for a muted color palette includes a strong bias toward a monochrome black ensemble. As the most timeless color (and arguably the most flattering), black transcends the seasons. You can wear it head-to-toe in the heat of summer or the dead of winter. What’s more, the color loves a good selection of accessories, while serving as the perfect platform for a vamped-up beauty palette.

This Fashionista pairs scalloped shorts with a chiffon striped top. Whether she knew it or not, she channeled the obsession with stripes seen on the s/s 2013 runways from forerunners Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors.  The s/s runways also boasted a diverse mix of black and white prints, replacing the usual florals. Alexander Wang and Jason Wu challenged the colorful seasonal print with beautifully elegant monochromatic looks—just like this Fashionista. She finishes her gray scale with leather combat boots and a simple cardigan. To give these classic shapes a needed accent, she accessorizes with a turquoise statement necklace. 

Turning to her beauty repertoire of choice, this Fashionista opts for a loose, relaxed vibe. Her long blonde locks look effortlessly wavy, cleverly contrasting the deep hues of her outfit. I couldn’t help but reminisce on the show-stopping beauty palette used by Jean Paul Gaultier in his f/w 2012 collection. Models streamed down the runway with what looked like painted-on roots. This graffiti-esque style accentuated dark roots against a bright mane. Somewhat similar to the ombré, it has that whole “unkempt” aura to it, exuding an urban appeal. This Fashionista stays true to the trend with dark brown roots, which undoubtedly contribute to the monochromatic edge.

To recreate an all-black ensemble worth the absence of color, pair this printed maxi skirt with a simple gray tank. Add a chunky cable knit when the winter chill sets in and, as always, accessorize accordingly. A pair of black Dr. Martens will do the trick, which go surprisingly well with bed head-inspired hair.


The sock bun has sustained the transition into fall following a summer of undoubted popularity. While I still find the whole concept somewhat odd, I can’t seem to ignore its elegance. High-profile fashion icons from Whitney Port to Mila Kunis to Sarah Jessica Parker have tapped into their thrifty side, utilizing the trustworthy sock to pump-up the volume in the bun department.

It’s actually rather refreshing to see a modern take on the traditional ballet buns that waltzed the fall runways. For one, Yves Saint Laurent’s f/w 2012 collection mastered this classic style. The sleekness of the bun mimicked the overall assertiveness and power behind his daring fabrications and bold tailoring (including leather and chainmail). Meanwhile, Valentino used low-sitting buns to further evoke the brazenness of his clean-cut, monochromatic collection full of decadent embroidery and refined silhouettes. I therefore associate the ballet bun with a somewhat masculine vibe that exudes endless sophistication. On the other hand, the sock bun embodies the essence of femininity. It captures the spirit of the old ballet, transforming it into a modern beauty phenomenon.

This Fashionista transitions the effortless femininity of the style into an everyday look. She perfects fall’s simplistic color blocking with plum colored skinnies and a basic white tee, meticulously finishing the look with metallic Sperry Top-Siders and a lightweight infinity scarf. Adding to the style's versatility, it’s virtually foolproof. Simply cut an old sock around the toe area, slip the circular shape around your ponytail and secure with bobby pins. A bun with that much volume doesn’t get any cheaper. And what’s more, it easily transitions from day to night. Honestly, could it get any easier? Its no wonder the trend has secured a spot in every Fashionista’s beauty repertoire.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: The Reincarnation of Rapunzel

Thanks to the Disney princess phenomenon, every Fashionista has dreamed of Rapunzel’s infamously lengthy locks. Fall’s runways had dozens of parading beauties with waist-length, effervescent tresses reminiscent of Rapunzel herself. While Jason Wu channeled his inner warrior with ever-so-sleek ponytails, Prabal Gurung accentuated the mane with a dramatic middle part. Perhaps the most intriguing take on this fairytale hair was Fendi’s revamping of the traditional braid. The f/w 2012 collection depicted dozens of models with narrowly twisted tassels in Fendi’s quest to the re-create the spirit of Rome through a juxtaposition of styles and genres. He skillfully pairs the luxury of fur with hints of tribal flare, tailored silhouettes and delicate pleating.

I immediately felt a sense of nostalgia for this legendary collection when I spotted this Fashionista heading to class. Like Fendi himself, she creates that desired juxtaposition of style and genre through a play on fabrications and a delicate balance of print and solid. Her snakeskin denim reflects the surge in prints on everything from leggings to leg warmers. Urban Outfitters has a huge selection of Aztec-inspired leggings that reflects the current love for all things animal. If you’re in the mood for something a little more daring, look no further than the Pistol Skinny Jeans from NASTY GAL. It combines the best of both worlds into one pair of pants: black and tiger print. 

Pair your print with a solid staple to give an onlooker’s eye a break. This Fashionista rocks an army green sweater from none other than Burlington Coat Factory. To add an element of femininity, she belts the sweater to give it form. The belt even adds another dimension of fabrication, artfully contrasting the denim of the pants and the suede of the shoes. To top it all off, she mimics Rapunzel’s fairytale beauty with literal waist skimming locks. I couldn’t help but admire each perfected braid, reflective of Fendi’s twisted tassels. With hair that head turning, I secretly yearned for my average length locks to grow to their waist-long potential.