As it hits below 40 degrees here in Paris, and I see that it is below 10 degrees back in Denver where I will head back to in a few short weeks, a heavy coat sometimes isn’t enough armor to protect you against the bitter cold. Of course you need a warm pair of gloves and a cozy hat, but don’t forget a chunky scarf!

Scarves are very important when the temperature gets down this low because it takes much more for us to keep warm. It’s said in Paris that no one leaves home without a scarf, which after living here for more than three months, is a statement I completely agree with! Men and women alike, I rarely see an outfit being worn without a matching scarf.

I especially love this Fashionista’s patterned scarf. Her simple outfit makes the pattern of the scarf stand out that much more. Scarves are a great way to switch up any outfit. If you have a top you love, it’s hard to wear it too much without it looking like you only own a few shirts that you rotate, but mixing and matching different scarves with the same top can give it a whole new light of day. Scarves are very easy to come by in all the popular stores but patterned ones are a little harder. Don’t worry because I found some for you to make your holiday shopping a little easier! Here is a simpler two-toned Vince Camuto geo print stripe scarf if you’re looking for something a little more subtle. Try out any of these patterns at Vera Bradley or get crazy with this folkloric patch scarf at Free People.

Scarves are also a great gift for the holidays, so keep your loved ones warm and wrap up a lovely scarf this winter!


I have a new obsession and it began once I stepped foot in Europe. I see it everywhere in street fashion and in almost every country that I’ve visited. I’ve seen it in all different shapes and sizes and even different colors. It’s leather! Europe is not afraid to sport their leather however they want.

My Fashionista of the week chose to pull off her choice of black leather as a skirt. Definitely out of the norm of a typical leather jacket. She is wearing it with a black parka jacket, a white and black striped button-down and a pair of brown leather boots and gray knee high socks. The color combination works perfectly. You definitely don’t want to try out so many colors when it comes to leather. It can be easily too overwhelmed so it’s better to keep it simple.

Leather comes in so many forms from designers today. With trends growing with leather bags, shoes, jewelry and pieces of clothing like our Fashionista is wearing here, jackets seem to be a just a distraction when it comes to choosing the perfect leather. There is definitely something that fits your budget and style needs. A great pair of leather pants is a great staple item for any closet. It’s easy to pair it with chunky sweaters, some leather boots or a top to go out for the night. These BB Dakota Collective Ethel Leather Leggings will work great into anyone’s wardrobe. If you’re looking to ease into this new leather obsession, check out this rag & bone ‘Tent’ sleeveless leather shirt. Pair it with a colorful cardigan and a pair of dark skinny jeans with short boots and you have the perfect outfit with just the right amount of leather.

Leather can be worn in so many ways. Don’t let any of them hold you back and go experiment today!


My walk to school in Paris is great. I pass a middle school, a high school and another college other than my own. This gives me some great Fashionista/o spotting on the Parisian streets. One of the trends I’m seeing everywhere in Paris is simplicity in the way they dress. All of the students I pass look so fashionable yet comfortable at the same time. It’s because they choose their basic pieces wisely and match them together perfectly.

I’m convinced that all European closets are put together by quality, not quantity. They tend to splurge on the more useful garments from higher priced designers and buy other special pieces when they come in and out of style. This is definitely something that I will try and bring back to my closet at the University of Denver.

When buying basics, its better to go with more neutral tones. It makes it easier to match with other basic items in your closet. This Fashionista invested in the perfect pair of shoes to match her light green toned jacket and heather gray toned cardigan. Her shoes are similar to these Anna Baiguera ‘Annabeeatle’ ankle boot. Their simplicity and neutral tone bring her outfit flawlessly together on this chilly Paris day. This is a great faux fur lined parka jacket to add to any outfit. Its great to throw over any outfit to go out for the day.

If you’re ever conflicted on what to wear, you can never go wrong with neutral toned basics!


The temperatures have dropped and it’s time to bundle up more than ever. I’ve seen many coats being worn on the streets of Paris, such as peacoats, puffer coats, long coats and trench coats. The most popular type of coat I’ve seen being worn out are definitely fur coats. Fur is a trend that will never go out of style. I believe that there is nothing more fashionable than having a little bit of fur in your outfit.

This Fashionista picked an adorable fur coat with a few pea coat features. She took a bold move and paired it with a pair of black patterned pants, cheetah print sneakers and a leather side bag. There are a lot of prints being mixed, but the entire outfit works together because of her careful choice of color scheme. The off white coloring of her fur coat brings out the coloring in her cheetah print shoes and her black pants bring out the accents in her coat and shoes.

It’s also easy to incorporate fur into your outfit without having to buy a new fur coat. Here are some of my favorite fur accents to add into your daily wardrobe to stay warm during the winter. I love this boxy fur gilet from Topshop because black is very easy to add to any outfit. You’ll be able to keep your ears warm in the chilly weather with this faux fur headband from ASOS. Feet feeling a little chilly? Slip your feet into these Jeffrey Campbell Berle shearling boot from NASTY GAL.

With so many options, it’s easy to add fur into your outfit! Don’t be afraid to be warm!


Parisian fashion is unlike anything I have seen before. Almost everyone I see walking on the streets, in the Luxembourg Gardens, to and from school and in the Marais is dressed up. Not the fancy dress and stilettos kind of dressed up, but a clean, sleek outfit that is all in dark tones with a pair of nice, heeled boots.

It took me for a bit of a tail spin when I saw this Fashionista walking across campus in an oversized cardigan sweater with a chunky scarf, cuffed jeans and bright blue Keds. She definitely has her layering skills down with her red sweater covering her polka-dotted blue top. She has multiple colors in one outfit but it comes together seamlessly. The black chunky scarf brings out the black accents in her cardigan and the blue undershirt makes her Keds pop even more.

This outfit is perfect for a long day out in Paris. When touring the city, it’s essential to have a good pair of walking shoes. If you want to follow this Fashionista’s Keds trend, then check out these kate spade new york Champion Keds. They will add the right amount of color pop to any of your outfits while providing a sufficient amount of comfort if you don’t want to be trucking around in high heels all day. Add a comfortable scarf like this Free People knitted Meena scarf and you will be cozy all day!

Don’t feel the pressure to have to dress up in your fanciest clothing everyday. Take a day or two and relax in some oversized accessories and a comfortable pair of shoes!


Staple items are very important in everyone’s wardrobe. A simple black dress, a fitted white cardigan and a good pair of dark jeans are just a few examples. Shoes are also a very important staple item. If there is one thing that I have learned abroad, it is that a good pair of shoes can go a long way. When you are out on the other side of Europe traveling or walking from one side of Paris to the other, a good pair of shoes can make all the difference. That is why I think shoes, and especially boots, are one of the best investments one can make in their array of shoes.

This Fashionista picked the perfect pair of Steve Madden rocket boots to accompany the other brown neutral tones in her purse and jewelry. I also love the contrast between the deep hunter green color of her sweater and the different tones of brown. Her boots are great to put with any type of outfit, whether it be a relaxed preppy look like she was wearing that day, or with a black plaid skirt and black tights with brown accents and a black top. It’s really up to you!

If you are looking for some staple boots for your own closet, check out some of these keepers. These Harness 12G boots by The Frye Company offer your ensemble an little bit of a western kick, where as Christy riding boots by Tory Burch offer a sleeker and more sophisticated finish. Switch up the typical brown boot style by trying these Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ booties. Booties are another growing trend that I have noticed sweeping the streets of Paris, so catch them while they’re hot!

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little more on this staple item. Having a comfortable pair of boots can make all the difference in a long day of walking around campus or even a big city!


Everyone has a favorite color, but I have two. Pink has been and always will be my favorite color. It brings out the girly girl in me and I absolutely love it. My other favorite color? Black. I know its on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, but it is for sure one of my favorites. Why? One word: versatility.

Black is a color that is welcomed in almost every outfit because it complements many other colors. I think black looks great with other colors but I’m a fan of it the most when it’s paired with other dark and neutral colors. For example, add these Frye Veroncia combat boots to your all-black ensemble to break up the single color, but also add to the neutral color trend. This Fashionista got it spot on with her addition of black tights to her outfit that features a black leather jacket, flowy black skirt and black combat boots. She pulls it together flawlessly with the zebra print sweater she is wearing underneath her jacket.

If you’re looking for some black pieces to add to your wardrobe, gives these suggestions a try. These toothpick jean in pitch black wash from J.Crew will go perfectly with some black heeled booties and a black leather jacket. Break it up in the middle of your all black ensemble with a brightly colored scarf, like this chunky knit basic scarf from Zara. If you have a black skirt that you’re looking to wear into the colder season, these sweater pointelle tights from Urban Outfitters should do the trick!

Never underestimate the power of a single color. When in doubt, choose black!


What I love most about living and studying in Paris is the versatility in outfits I see on a daily basis. On the metro, walking to class or grabbing a coffee at a cafe, there is so much to see! I love seeing how creative people are in their daily wardrobe. I can always be sure that I’ll never be bored here with the fashion that the streets of Paris gives me.

I was rummaging through some thrift shops in a tiny neighborhood in Paris when I spotted this Fashionista walking in. Not only did I love her look, I also loved how different it was from the typical Parisian attire. One thing that stood out to me were her plaid pants. Plaid is definitely in style right now, but it also has never really gone out of style. Her decision to put plaid pants with an all black ensemble and a bright red bandana really made this Fashionista stand out on the streets of Paris.

This Fashionista was bold with her decision to sport plaid pants. The straight black coat, white blouse and red bandana pull the entire outfit together perfectly. When wearing plaid, it’s just as important to focus on what you’re putting with it in addition to the plaid piece itself. Copy this Fashionista’s example and check out these monochrome denim check leggings at Topshop. Add anything from a chunky black sweater to a silk white blouse and short black boots to white Converse and you’ve got yourself a full look! Follow this Fashionista’s lead and take a chance with plaid!


The leaves are turning, heavy coats are being brought out from storage and boots are wandering the streets instead of sandals. Ladies and gentlemen, fall is here! The weather in Paris has turned from mid-70s to mid-50s and shows no sign of going back anytime soon. It’s time to keep those boots and coats out of storage for good.

Without jumping into cold weather all the way, it’s nice to mix and match different pieces from every season. This Fashionista does the trick by pairing her heather gray tights and cardigan and crème scarf with a pastel pink dress and Keds. It’s definitely keeping her warm but also holding onto that last bit of warm weather clothing before having to dive all the way into bundling up. Her addition of Keds and tights are everywhere here in Paris, so stay tuned for future posts!

I also love the way she tied in the gray cutouts on her shift dress by bringing it out with her tights and cardigan. The crème scarf and her bright orange Michael Kors jet set Macbook travel tote make for the perfect pop of color!

If you’re excited to bring out your winter clothes but the weather hasn’t quite turned yet, try out this Forever 21 mod days sweater dress with a pair of tights and some simple shoes. Also, add this Topshop cable knit V-neck cardigan to some of your warm summer oriented outfits to get the most use out of them as you venture into fall.

Don’t let this turn of the leaves stop you from wearing your favorite outfits. Just follow this Fashionista’s example and add some layers!


There is still a touch of warm weather in the air in Paris and people are definitely taking advantage of it. I’ve seen a lot of skinny straps, maxi dresses and skater skirts on girls wandering the small streets. I have especially seen skater skirts recently growing in popularity on the streets more than ever.

I have a few of these skirts myself and love the versatility of them. They can easily be put with a chunky sweater, a tight top tucked in or a crop top. I also love how these skirts tend to be a little high-waisted to carry on the trend.

This Fashionista was spotted right before walking into her friends apartment on a sunny afternoon. She stuck with neutrals, pairing her black button-down top with her white patterned skater skirt. I especially love the skinny black belt she used to bring some of the black color from the top into the skirt. Her brown Mary Jane flats finish her neutral themed ensemble perfectly along with her brown satchel purse.

If you want to buy a black skater skirt that is promised to match shirts already hanging in your closet, then swing by Topshop and check out this high-waisted denim skater skirt. It’s the perfect essential piece to add to any wardrobe. Step out of your comfort zone and look at this printed skater skirt by Lily White. The bright colors will definitely stand out and the different colors incorporated into the pattern will make it easy to put with almost any color shirt.

Take advantage of these last few weeks of lovely weather and pull out those skater skirts from your closet!