There are trends every season and some of those trends should only last a season. However, there are some that I am so head over heels obsessed with that I never want them to go out of style. Last fall, capes were huge and luckily for me they’ve lasted the year and made the trendy list one more time. My favorite part about a cape is that it doesn’t have one definite style. There are capes that are boho, classic and rocker. They make lighter capes to wear indoor and outdoor on a warmer day and heavy duty capes to keep us warm on the cooler days. Whichever style you choose you're bound to look fabulous and chic.

That being said, it’s no wonder that this Fashionista caught my eye. It’s safe to say that I drooled over her camel colored cape and knew I needed to share this look with you. The color combination she selected could not have been any more beautiful. Camel paired with black is timeless and always looks effortlessly pulled together. Camel is also one of the hottest coat colors this season. Take a look at Refinery 29’s list of different camel coats for some ideas. Lastly, she polished off this look with gorgeous black leather boots, a black leather bracelet with gold accents and red nails to make everything pop. I dare you to copy this Fashionista’s ensemble and not feel like a million bucks.

To create this look you’ll need a cape of your choice, a long sleeve top, leggings, boots and jewelry of your choice. I personally went crazy over this cape at Nordstrom and this cape at Urban Outfitters. Pair with all black and accent jewelry and voila, you are stylish.


Some might find it taboo to wear white after Labor Day, but I say it’s a definite go during the winter. This Fashionista’s white coat looks crazy chic against the freshly fallen white snow. Pairing the ultimate opposites, white and black, really makes the whole ensemble pop. The trick to pulling off this color in the colder months is to find pieces that are heavier fabrics. You do not want to walk out of your room looking like it’s spring break and you’re ready to go to the beach in your sheer, flowing cover-up. One of my all-time favorite white, winter outfits includes white jeans with a sweater, faux fur vest and dark leather boots. The mixture of leather and faux fur helps balance out the lightness of the white jeans.

Take a tip from this Fashionista and throw in a patterned piece into the mix. I’m loving the infinity scarf trend. Anyone can wrap a scarf like a pro when it’s one gigantic circle. It can be worn loosely or tight to the neck. On a chillier day I always circle it around an extra time which ensures the wind steers clear. The Midwest is all about staying as warm as you possibly can and if you can do so fashionably, why wouldn’t you? The best part about the white and black ensemble is that you can find pieces everywhere. Start with a white puffer coat, add a black bag that’s roomy enough for all your daily essentials and add that patterned piece to top it all off.


December is here and it’s time to start dressing for the harsh weather ahead of us. Believe it or not, I actually get excited to layer and bundle. It makes me feel cozy and puts me in the Christmas spirit. My winter mornings consist of last minute scrambling to grab the essentials for a wicked cool day, because I know if I go out the door without them I will pay for it later. The essentials include a scarf, mittens and a winter hat or headband. When you think of winter essentials you might groan and think back to your snow suit days, but get that image out of your head because even during winter there’s a way to be sleek, fashionable and warm. This Fashionista proves my point. Her patterned coat falls near her knee, which acts as a shield on a windy day. However, I will admit that I immediately fell for her pom pom knit hat. The pompom adds a little extra to an otherwise ordinary knit hat and gives her a laid back, fun-loving look.

A stylish hat is something we all need to add to our winter wish list. I am a sucker for anything collegiate and fashionable, which is why I wanted to share my winter hat find at American Eagle Outfitters. While St. Thomas is not one of the selected schools, these hats would make for great gifts for friends. If college wear isn’t your thing check out this pink beanie at ASOS and this beret at Urban Outfitters. Select a hat that best suites you and adds a little sparkle to your day.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: W is for Winter and Wellies

I admit to owning a pair of UGGs for their practicality, but lately I’ve had a hard time convincing myself to slip them on. True, they are warm, but what they seriously lack is style and individuality.  We all know that the number one goal of fashion isn’t to design comfortable and practical products, but brands are catching onto the fact that girls have to choose their warmest boot when it’s negative 40 degrees. They realize the potential sales opportunity and have begun creating stylish winter footwear that any Fashionista would be more than pleased to purchase. Now there are more options to get creative and express yourself through your winter boots all while keeping those toes as warm as can be.

Onlookers might wonder why this Fashionista is wearing rain boots on a day where there isn’t a cloud in sight. However, this Fashionista is right on trend with the hottest four season boot out there: Hunter wellies. The wellie has transformed itself from a rainy day necessity, to a winter and fall statement piece. You can purchase this must-have in every color and print imaginable from stores like Target, Nordstrom and J. Crew. Like this Fashionista, pair your boot with a contrasting sock during the fall and spring season. Need a little more warmth for winter? No problem, they make fleece sock inserts which is what really makes this a four season boot. The best part of a wellie during the winter months is the fact that you can get them as wet and dirty as you want and all you need to do is hose them off. The days of worrying about staining your beloved UGGs are over.


While the majority of people asking for my fashion advice are females, I do have a few boys who have made me their go-to consultant. I love shopping for men’s clothes just about as much as shopping for my own. I don’t set out to only play dress up, but I aim to teach them why they should purchase certain pieces and show a variety of ways to wear them.  It is not uncommon for me to receive a text message telling me how much they love a purchase they made with me or how many compliments they’ve received.

This Fashionisto sports two items that I stress to every guy I’ve helped — fitted jeans and unique sneakers. Guys, you need a pair of dark wash, fitted jeans in your wardrobe. There are no ifs, ands or buts about that statement. You should be able to wear them casually, but also feel comfortable wearing them out to a nice dinner or on a date. Baggy jeans will swallow you up and can often make you appear a lot shorter than you really are. This is an item you can justify splurging on, but if your budget doesn’t allow for that I guarantee you can find a pair for less than $50. I recommend Nordstrom, J.Crew and Gap for a slightly pricier pair and Forever 21 and H&M to those on a budget.

A stylish pair of sneakers is where you can really showcase your personality. This Fashionisto’s Ralph Lauren shoes definitely make a statement with their heather gray hue and colored laces. Whether it’s Nike Dunks or a pair of crazy Converse this should be a purchase you’re genuinely excited about. When you see them you should know that those are sneakers you have to have. Pair your sneakers with your fitted jeans and all you have to add is a plan white T-shirt and voila! Instant style.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Borrowed From the Boys

Do cable knit sweaters make you think of your grandpa’s wardrobe? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Cable knits are one of the many pieces I believed to only be a part of your wardrobe when you reached senior citizen status, but that feeling has definitely changed. I suggest we all take a step back and look into our grandparent’s closets. Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places and a true Fashionista/o would never turn her/his cheek too quickly.

This Fashionista rocks two pieces you might find; a cable knit sweater and a pair of leather boat shoes. She looked so effortlessly comfortable walking through the quad on a fall day. Who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves up in a big, cozy sweater for class? Cable knits have really taken the fashion scene by storm this season. Bloggers all over the web are claiming this sweater to be a part of their go-to wardrobe.

If a relaxed look best suits your style, simply recreate this Fashionista’s ensemble. Play with size and proportion to find the fit you like best. This Fashionista actually purchased her sweater in the GapKids boys section. My advice is to go into a store that offers apparel to men, women, boys and girls and try on a sweater from each. Who knows, an oversized men’s might be the perfect thing to pair with leggings and boots or flats. To dress this look up, simply swap out your jeans for a cropped pair of pants; take a look at the blog Le Fashion to get the idea.


Mid-terms are a lot like a marathon, not a sprint. In order to successfully make it through the finish line, you need to plan ahead, set time aside to train and come prepared. A portion of coming prepared is dressing the part. I am a huge advocate of dressing for success and believe it gives you that extra mental edge on an exam day. It’s simple, if you look awful you’re going to feel awful. If you look great, you will feel great. That is why I was more than pleased to see this Fashionista on her way to campus during midterms. She looks pulled together, comfortable, confident and not at all overdone. I love the mixture of masculinity and femininity throughout this ensemble. The femininity of her blouse, sweater and statement necklace is offset by her biker boots and slouchy brown tote. I love when a Fashionista isn’t afraid of throwing in a brown accessory with black pieces; the result can be so chic.

I dare you to recreate an outfit like this on your next exam day. Play with your color palette and really express yourself. This Fashionista stuck with cool tones, but her dusty rose blouse added a subtle twist to an otherwise neutral ensemble. Begin your outfit with a blouse like this one at Zara. Throw a chunky knit over to keep you warm (especially if your classroom tends to be chilly). Pick a statement necklace to add a little pizzazz and sparkle. You can find these for a real steal at Forever 21 and H&M. Don’t worry too much about costume jewelry looking cheap. Trust yourself and go with your gut, because I receive the most compliments on my most inexpensive necklace. Then slip into a pair of sleep biker boots, calf or knee high. Lastly, gather your test taking essentials, place them into your unstructured bag and go show that exam who's boss.


A preppy, east coast look will never be out of style. I spotted this Fashionista outside the student center and felt like I was looking at a J.Crew catalogue. The yellow, gray and navy added a nautical touch to a beautiful, fall day. I loved her chunky knit scarf against her wool peacoat. She left me wishing that I had chosen my similar jacket that morning. They are the most versatile fall and winter coats you can own. That being said, invest in a coat that keeps you warm during the infamous, harsh Midwest winters. It will last you from year to year, so try to choose a neutral color. A trendy coat color may seem like a good purchase at the moment, but it will doubtfully be next year’s “it” color. Plenty of stores offer trendy options at a fraction of the price so you won’t feel too bad if you only wear it for one or two seasons. Achieving this Fashionista’s look is fairly effortless, which is why it’s so great for college students. It wouldn’t surprise me if you had most of these pieces scattered throughout your closet already. Begin with a button-up shirt and denim jeans for your first layer. I love the way the yellow contrasts against the rich navy, so I sought out a similar shirt and found an option at Old Navy. Next, is the cardigan which also adds warmth on a cool day around campus. Finally, add a peacoat, a pair of sherpa lined moccasins and wrap up in your knit scarf. The look is complete in as easy as 1-2-3.


I spent last fall abroad in London and absolutely fell in love with British style. Women appeared to have no fear and wore whatever they pleased, whether it was trendy or not. By the end of the semester I had compiled a list of a few basic pieces that every young, fashionable girl in London needed. This list consisted of brogues, a faux fur vest or coat, poncho, converse, leather leggings, denim shorts and tights in every color imaginable. By adding items like these to your closet and applying the art of layering, you’re able to create an endless amount of chic ensembles. This Fashionista gave me a nostalgic feeling with shorts flawlessly layered over tights and lace-up boots. Midwestern girls have begun to explore this look and I hope it continues to grow. Her boots looked like something straight out of Camden Market and I just had to ask where she bought them. Unfortunately for us, she scored this pair while in Florence, Italy, which only makes them that much cooler.

When layering shorts and tights, it’s important that your shorts are not too snug and the fabric should be a little heavier. You want them to be loose, but still show your figure. Check out this pair of leather shorts at H&M (only $24.95!) and this tweed pair at Express. Try channeling your inner London girl and pick your outfit’s other items from my list above. What’s my favorite combination? Denim shorts, a faux fur vest layered over a long sleeve sweater or T-shirt, black tights and brogues. What’s yours?


Just as soon as you think it’s safe to pack up your summer wear, Mother Nature decides to throw a few 80 degree weather days at you. I pouted a little when I had to put my leather jacket back in the closet and pick my outfit from my summer collection. However, this Fashionista reminded me that you can transform your summer pieces into fall pieces while still keeping cool. I imagine that if had been July, she would’ve paired her flirty, summer dress with a pair of sandals and accessorized with subtle jewelry. Instead she stayed true to the season and threw on a jean jacket and rugged boots. The rich brown color of the boots alone would have been enough to make me think fall, but the jacket completed the ensemble and gave it a western vibe. If it had been a cooler day, tights and a scarf would have easily kept her warm and fashionable. Dresses can really go from season to season; it’s all a matter of layering.

Celebrities like Nicky Hilton, Kate Bosworth and Miley Cyrus have been embracing the western trend. These bold prints look especially great when paired with boots like this week’s Fashionista’s. Frye makes incredibly luxurious, yet rugged, boots. Check out this pair here. Western pieces can range from chunky knits all the way down to the smallest accessories. My personal favorite is the fringe bag. A fringe bag is a versatile piece and plays many roles throughout your closet, whether western, rocker or boho. Remember that a bag like this a statement piece or outfit maker, if you will, and the rest of your ensemble should remain simple to truly make it stand out.