Searching for the new look for 2012? Search no farther Fashionistas/os. When in doubt, less is always more. The makeup trend on the rise for the rest of the year is referred to by some as the look of imperfection.

The “wakeup beautiful” mantra is a song sung by makeup experts all over. Rolling out of bed with a smudged look and messy hair is the chic way to look while over done makeup is out. The director of makeup artistry for MAC cosmetics was quoted by The New York Times stating, “The look is coming home from the party [and not] going out to the party.”

Denim-on-denim wasn’t the only fad this style queen was rocking this week, her minimalistic makeup tactic, was centered around her subtle eyeliner created by a red colored eye shadow. The combination of her high bun, double denim and platform boots with zip detail creates the perfectly imperfect look to match her light eyeliner.

These “wake up beautiful” look comes in all variations. Along side the subtle eyeliner, there is a term often used on the runway scene this season for a lip look called the “popsicle.” The popsicle is a look achieved by a gradation of dark to light starting in the center of the lips as it gradually gets lighter towards the outer corners.  This is just one of many ways to achieve the imperfect makeup look this fall. The options are endless Fashionistas, so find your imperfectly perfect look.


As we look forward to making our comeback appearances on campus this fall, we wonder what we can do to amp our look. Fall 2012 runways were filled with curls for the fall season at fashion week.

This Fashionista fearlessly flaunts her curls this week. Her casual cool style is emphasized by her flouncy locks, which effortlessly makes her look street-chic. Her white textured sweater goes great with the curly hair look.  With the addition of jeans, this fashionista accomplished a go-to look for the end of summer. The curly-cue hairdo is an effortless edition to any style.

Curls made their appearance on runways such as Rag and Bone, Nicole Miller, Ruffian, and Lacoste for fall. Coming in all silhouettes, this fall hairstyle suits any ensemble from and undone casual day style, to nighttime refined look. Waves are an easily attainable style with the help of any local drugstore product. My personal favorite is Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves spray — it’s a light-weight, non sticky, waving spray that fits a college budget and can be found at a CVS on campus.

Time to scrunch up those locks and welcome in the fall season with a free-spirited hairdo for the new school year.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: So Long Lame Lashes

Every Fashionista/o knows lame lashes can be a real bummer during the summer months. Lash lovers long for lengthy, stand up lashes all year 'round, struggling to achieve the perfect look.  

Light hair Fashionistas have no fear, the answer to lovely lashes is here.  Eyelash tinting is the new, easy, hassle-free way to accentuate one's eyelashes year 'round. This fast, salon dying technique will send lame lashes running for the hills, and provide a bold lash look indefinitely.

This Fashionista was spotted batting her lashes in the streets of Chicago this past summer week, embracing the beautiful weather and maintaining lush lashes.  Her bold print square-framed beige and cream mini dress was a knockout look on the city streets. What really made this Fashionista stand out was her bold summer makeup look.

Her simple fresh look was a knockout with the edition of her tinted lashes. With minimal makeup making a big impression for fall 2012, eyelash tinting is a subtle way to stand out, and make your eyes pop for the upcoming months.  Don't worry Fashionistas, eyelash tinting can be done on a dime at home as well, with a kit for the price of about $12 at a local drugstore.

So don't be caught with sub-par lashes this season, lush lashes and minimal makeup are the way to be this fall.


As we trudge our way through these last summer weeks, we may find it hard to keep our hair in line! The heat is no match for our grown out summer dos; but have no fear, its easy as pie to stay on top with the summer’s smooth new style: the top knot.

The top knot is a fast and effectively chic style that wards off bad hair days and welcomes humidity as a challenger. The top knot is easy to pull off and can easily go from casual workwear to wonderful nightlife.  Celebrities are falling in love with the top knot and many such as Ashley Tisdale, Cheryl Crow and Elizabeth Banks are walking billboards for the fad.

This fierce Fashionista pulls her hair up into a top knot for her day of work this week in NYC. Wearing a demolished gray T-shirt, cheetah skinnys and sporting a neon shoulder bag, she completes her look beautifully with the top knot, adding the perfect workday element to her look.

The top knot is for all hair types Fashionistas. Also known as the sock bun to college campuses, the top knot can add instant va-va-voom to flat hair. By adding some bulk behind the bun with the help of a sock, the top knot becomes red carpet ready, anytime. So don’t get caught without the number one sock bun look: the top knot.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Center In The City

With the summer's heat testing all our strength to endure fashion in the sun, we may find ourselves struggling to keep it chic in the heat. With minimalism seemingly spreading like wildfire, we look to even the subtlest of trends to ignite our fashion flames.

The center part makes its merry-go-round return, as always, to the runway. With the endless possibilities to revamp our dos, we can always rely on a simple part change to boost our trend status in a simple outfit. This fabulous Fashionista didn’t miss a beat with her mint green, mid-waist, cropped skinny jeans, floral button-down top and a symmetrical center part. Her white and pink brogues add the perfect classic touch to her almost '50s reverent look.

Center parts were spotted parting the runways during spring/summer fashion week, hitting shows like Dolce and Gabbana and Carmen Marc Valvo. Center parting can make a simple ensemble more dramatic in a flash, and falls into the “hassle-free” category for hair trends.  It can be a great put-together daytime look for the office, and allows hair to transform to nighttime styles in a sinch.

So don’t let your hair get carried away this summer, and set it straight down the middle with a center part!

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Calling All Coral

If you’ve been itching with that summer fever, you know all too well that “get up and go” feeling of summer makeup must-haves. Well don’t pout if you’re far from the surf this summer season because the reef can be brought to any look this season with a touch of coral colored lips.

With the red lip always evolving with the seasons, it has revolutionized itself into a peachy red-orange for summer. As most of our daytime outfits are stretched into nighttime get-ups, the coral lip is the perfect day-to-night look for the lip.

This street style sweeping beauty was caught pounding the pavement of New York City this week wearing a chic coral lip that was perfect for daytime.  This Fashionista pulled off the look perfectly by wearing just a hint of eye makeup, making a big bang with her lip statement. Complementing her pink Brandy Melville embellished top, the coral fancied up her jeans and wedges to make for a perfect “work attire” look that is sure to brighten up any day in the office.

This pretty pout look was found on the Karen Walker runway, as the models were clad in a coral Clinique color. So turn those beach-blues mopes upside down and pretty up your pout with a coral color this summer.


Don't find yourself in a hair pickle this summer Fashionistas/os, for the constant humidity changes shall not be the end of your chicness when it comes to hair. The city may throw us curve balls this summer by cranking up the heat not only during our daylight hours but night time too. Messy dos and loose braids are trending this summer and even into fall, and are a great way to harness the trendy pent up energy this weather may be inspiring.

This Fashionista encompasses the messy do seen on many runways such as Tibi for New York Fashion Week, as she displays her lovely red locks tied up in a messy side braid with effortless face-framing peices. Her cotton T-shirt and American Apparel hoodie adds another element of effortless edge to the almost '90s grunge look this messy hair style goes so well with. With the addition of combat boots to “tough it all up,” her daytime hair can easily be transitioned into the night — an essential to all the “on the go” plans summer tends to bring.

Let your hair go natural this summer and take the messy hair for a spin; you'll find yourself fully equipt for any summer occasion. With minimal effort, any Fashionista/o can achieve maximum style with these loose locks.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Boldest Of The Blondest

Get ready Fashionistas/os, summer beauty looks have heads turning this year. What could be better than to bare your blonde bombshell looks this hot summer? This sandy golden blonde look is explosive on the runways, and many celebrities have also begun to follow suit.

This Fashionista illuminated the Ohio State University campus’s pavement this week with her radiant blonde 'do. With a bold, shoulder-length cut, Tory Burch flats, liquid-finish leggings and a gray cut-off sweatshirt, this fashion style icon lit up her look with this season's boldest hair shade.

As the ombré style remains in season and evolves into a more sun-kissed, less drastic contrast, the experiment with blonde continues. Peter Som’s spring 2012 show sported models with beachy blonde hair with a dash of color. This trend, as well as the evolving ombré, plays with the endless possibilities that blonde hair has to offer.

Style Guru Bio: Samantha Zola

My name is Samantha Zola and I am a proud Style Guru reporting from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I was born and raised in Cincinnati and have been a slave to multiple fashion interests all my life. I am a Fashion Merchandising major at OSU and this is my second term serving as a Style Guru for Ohio State.

I recently studied fashion abroad in London, where I attended the London College of Fashion for four months. While studying in there, I was also an International Public Relations intern at the headquarters. ASOS is a highly noted fashion retail website in Europe and America. Working for ASOS changed my life, as well as the course of my career in fashion.

I am extremely interested in fashion journalism and take pride in my social capabilities. While abroad, I developed a great interest in fashion public relations. This coming summer, I will be reporting from New York City, where I am interning at Starworks PR, a company who does public relations work for ASOS, Rachel Zoe, Marios Schwab and more.

I consider my personal style diverse and intuitively eclectic. I am inspired by uncommon pieces that are unique and portray fashion-forward trends. Fashion is forever changing and challenging, which is what makes the fashion world so admirable.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Haute Headgear

With the summer heat turning up the heat on our summer style, we thank our luck we are no longer faced with unruly dry winter hair and can embrace our summer locks. Occasionally we may face the humidity down with little tricks of the trade, such as sleeping on silk pillows to soften hair or buying into the de-humidifying products of the year. However, one rule-of-thumb that never fails us is the trusty headband.

With experimental hair length taking over this spring, the headband is the best hair-wear for your last minute uncooperative hair. This Fashionista added a patterned headband to her linen button-down and accent-colored shorts. This casual spring look is effortless, yet chic, and her accessorized hair tops off the ensemble.

Hair bedazzlement has been a trending accessory lately, showing up on 2012 runways, such as Oscar de la Renta, and even adding a glam factor to our favorite celebrities like Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams.

Headbands are an easy go-to when you want to spruce up a spring day, and are a sure bullseye when it comes to trends.