STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rollin’ Up & Keeping it Loose

“Hello, mates! How ya doing?" I am trying to recall how my British friend would greet me in the mornings of summer camp. Why British you ask? Well, today’s Fashionista currently works at a British inspired café in the city. I felt as though her outfit practically had Great Britain all over it. To me Britain fashion has tailored, pressed and sophisticated casual look to it. It is my belief that Britains look good all the time, especially when they are sipping their afternoon tea.

Today's Fashionista sports oxford easy suede shoes as well as a heavy pair of socks and rolled up jeans. These jeans look to be a heavy-weight pair and a short length version. By rolling up the jeans slightly one can have a peak at the socks. Following up her figure she is wearing a loose white blouse underneath a loose-fitting black sleeve shirt. Pairing the top of the outfit is a leather square-like purse offers some sharp lines in what is mostly a flowing outfit.

To the Fashionistas and Fashionistos looking mimic this look take inspiration from elite British magazines and try to wear clothing that it not as tight around the body. If you find yourself mainly wearing leggings, the switch it up and put on a pleated/pressed skirt. Remember dressing classy is always in style!

Hint: Now is the time to be loose and airy. Put on your British accent and try a new look today. And if you cannot find new clothes, try the accent!


Guess what? The sun is blazin' out!

So what to do Fashionista/os cover their eyes with? What types of shades do you wear?

When the sun is out it is time to turn to blazers and shades. First, blazers are the way to go because they are the stylish jackets that are good in any weather (from layering to being the go-to jacket). Ladies, take a hint from the men; blazers are perfect for the female figure. Turn to S.A.'s fashion police post that addresses issues in getting fitted for a blazer. Do not forget to wear spring colors, focus on details and do not shy away vibrant patterns. Today's Fashionisto is sporting sharp shades and a velvet blazer. The velvet blazer is a unique take on the blazer – check out other materials such as corduroy or lace material. has an enormous selection of blazers so be sure to check out their website here.

Also, one must remember to protect their eyes, even when it is cloudy out. Besides going into a speciality sunglass store the best way to find the perfect pair of sunglasses is to find yourself a face fit chart so you know what size to ask for. Just like if you were getting a haircut, you need to know what type of frames would fit your head. It seems to be that here at Temple most of the females are wearing the ever-popular oversized shades.

Whatever blazer you choose, whatever sunglasses you put on – be sure to always wear a smile!


Greetings all!

The sun is out and the skin is an accessory here at Temple University. We have finally hit the highs of the mid-seventy range and I could not be more excited!

Luckily I was not the only one baring my legs out on campus. I saw today’s Fashionista as if she were about to go out on a cruise. Her nautical inspired outfit caught my eye. I feel as though anyone can throw on a cute sundress and make it work but she had me believing she was actually headed out on a boat.
If you look at her jacket you can see the nautical inspired strips as well as the shiny buttons. The buttons remind me of buttons found on a sea captains jacket and how the thread used mimics the ropes on boats. Also a simple pair of flats makes for giving off an effortless wind-swept look.
As young Fashionistas and Fashionistos we should aspire to personalize our spring selves. Instead of turning to the usual outfits, we should be trying to creat an outfit that reaches for a palette of possibilities. We should look to inspire others and their creativity as well.

So as you are gathering your spring wardrobe keep a look out for pieces that can offer details that can spark conversation and keeps others intrigued. After all someone may pass you and think, “Wow, Miss Nautical, look at you go!”

Reminder: Sunscreen is essential for keeping you looking your best, do not forget!


Do you remember your youth? What were you wearing? Who dressed you?

We all can look back and see photographs of us dressed by our families and those that “loved us.” And, while some of the outfits that they dressed us in looked hideous, other outfits were actually pretty timeless. I know that my mother always used to dress me in leggings and colorful tees. Both leggings and colorful or graphic tees still have a place in today’s fashion world. Some of my favorite photos of myself I am in a bold green and white striped T-shirt. As for basics I encourage you to turn to American Apparel, H&M, Old Navy, Gap and Fred Flare.

So, as today’s Fashionisto shows, guys can wear the striped shirt just as well as the ladies can. Fred Flare is a recent discovery of mine. Fred Flare offers a gorgeous feminine version of the striped tee. Flare’s version offers a beautiful cropped tee alternative, as well. Other companies such as American Apparel's version and H&M's take offer a basic version of the bold striped shirt. Classic. You can pair anything with a striped  T-shirt, wearing it both “up” by adding dark leggings and heels or “down” by wearing it with some additional summer accessories. You can also wear solids under the tee for a layering look or pile on chunky jewelry on top.

Hint: if you are in the market for buying a T-shirt, I would go with the striped tee and go with what works! After all, it may keep you young.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Jeans Versus Leggings

It is that time of the year – Spring Break! I am addressing this post to those of us that are not in tropical climates – yet. The weather here in Philly has remained around fifty degrees. Most of the Fashionistas/os I have seen still roaming campus have found themselves caught in the ever-lasting skinny jeans versus leggings battle. Tough call!

Today's Fashionista has paired an weather appropriate skinny jeans with top layers, finished off with a crisp, clean and cropped jacket. Around the Philly area it seems that leggings are winning the battle, but on Temple's campus the ladies are choosing skinny jeans over leggings. The way I personally make my choice is based on the weather. My choice comes down to how strong the wind will be that day. If it is going to be fairly windy all day I will pair tights under my jeans. If the wind is not that strong then I will opt for just jeans. Finally, if there is little to no wind then I will choose leggings.

As always, remember bright colors will allude to spring! If you check out today's zoomed-in Fashonista picture, you can she has ripped skinny jeans on. She could easily pair bright colored tights underneath those jeans. When shopping for jeans I have had the most luck at H&M. Oddly enough it seems that ripped skinny jeans are more expensive then regular jeans, when in all actuality, you're getting less material. Click here to find out more information on making your own pair of ripped jeans.

So, just keep in mind the weather when deciding whether to go team jeans or team leggings!


One, two – Buckle my belt. Three, four – Is it felt? Five, six – Pick a belt. Seven, eight – Don’t pick felt.

I hope you enjoyed my little attempt at a fashion rhyme/song; not that you would ever choose a belt made of felt, well maybe you would. My advice for this week is to get the right belt. The right belt does not necessarily have to fit exactly with an outfit, but rather work with the outfit. See today’s Fashionista and how she looped around her belt to make it work with the outfit. Superb thinking! I love it. I think it looks as though that belt was actually meant to be worn that way with the outfit.

I have to admit, I do not know much about belts. But, after some brief research, I found out a useful tip: when replacing an older belt you must remember that while measuring to not include the actual buckle. Many sites have suggested getting someone else to measure your waist for a fitting of belt (just as you get measured for a bra). So where do you shop for a belt?

If you head over to you will find many different custom order options that can be made – everything from school colors and exquisite types of patterns. Being the artist I am, I am attracted to belts that are themselves statement pieces. I say, take a hint from dog collars. Good thing Jon Wye makes belts!

Best of belt luck!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Leather in Crazy Weather

The weather here at Temple is anything but normal. This past week we have seen snowy days and sixty-five degree sunny days, as well. By the time this blog goes live we may find ourselves in a torrential downpour that could last a while; anything is game. And, while we struggle to swap our sundresses with shawls, there is one thing that has remained reliable – leather. Leather is basically weather-proof.

Today’s Fashionisto was spotted with a wonderful leather backpack. When I inquired about his purchase he told me that he actually got it from eBay. Nicely done, sir! While I am personally a fan of eBay for computer parts, I know other friends that have had success while shopping for clothing and accessories. If you are looking for leather bags I recommend checking out some eBay specialty stores such as, Togethermania and HorseandBuggyCountry. As for leather backpacks, I would head over to because of their reasonable price range. From a quick search it seems like most of the eBay bags can get a bit pricey, especially after the shipping rates are calculated. seems to have better prices overall.

Another great source for leather bags galore is Ebags sells Derek Alexander Leather and Etienne Aigner. Etienne Aigner has been a staple in my family and my mom currently owns a similar Etienne shoulder bag that can be found on here at

Best of luck in your search for the perfect all-weather leather bag! Remember you can always invest in a pleather bag as well.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Trendy Thinking Caps

You know when you were younger and your teacher would tell you to put on your thinking cap? Well, here in college I suggest that Fashionistas/os put on trendy thinking caps. A quick Google search will tell you that anywhere from twenty to ninety percent of heat escapes from your head. Take your mother's advice and wear a hat or cap!

With the remaining days of winter ticking down, I recommend keeping your body warmer and your thoughts and look sharp by wearing hair knits, of sorts. Fashionistos can wear compact knitted hats or cloche hats. Fashionistas can keep up a nice wind-swept look by leaving a few hair strands down to frame the face. Fashionistos/as can make their own hats if they are knit savvy with these hat patterns. The Fashionista pictured in this blog had her hat knitted by her mother. If you do not know how to knit, do not be shy! Philadelphia is blessed not only with fabric row (which is 4th street around South) but also there are many places that have knitting classes for beginner to advanced. I would recommend trying out Loop Knits ( located at 1914 South Street. They have many knitting classes at reasonable prices, not only in hat making but sock making as well. I just learned to knit this past summer and with a fair amount of practice I can now knit without constantly looking at my stitch. If you would rather not take a class check out the YouTube channel called "knittinghelp." Remember, you can finish a project faster if you choose a loose stitch, large needles and bulky yarn.

My suggestion? Learn to knit by May and then present your mother with a gift on Mother's Day.


The weather up here at Temple U. has been slowly warming up and the snow is finally starting to melt. It is my hope that we do not get any more snow because I have had enough! I am pretty sure I am not alone when I say “I want to wear a spring dress” or “I just want to wear shorts.” I have spotted a few Fashionistas sporting bare skin that agree with me. Most are pairing their bare legs with like skin-colored skirts and a high pair of boots. The Fashionista I ran into was wearing a bright pink jacket, complemented nicely with some stylish boots. For help in choosing the right bright jacket or boots please click to see my older blog post. When choosing the right skirt to wear, remember that colors that match your skin tone will elongate your figure. Appropriate to the season, I would keep skirts between the lower thigh and below the knee cap. Thus, I recommend checking out Polyvore’s line of skirts for inspiration, such as this light colored skirt. Since it is still winter (we have about a month left) you may want to look into getting skirts that are fully lined. Wool skirts have delightful patterns that allude to spring and are warm enough to wear with bare legs. Check in your mom’s closet, she just may have a few hanging around.

Hint: Be kind to the public and remember not to have bear legs, just bare legs! Go on, dare to go bare!


TREND: Spring Flare

Here in the 19122 of Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, Temple Fashionistas/os have been feeling the chill. By chill, I mean, we are trying to stay warm and fashionable in weather with wind-chills down to the single digits. We are facing snowstorms and cloudy days, while other Fashionista/os face the sun, like down at the University of Miami. Last week UM TREND Style Guru, Claire Arritola, spoke of plaid being a winter staple of the Northeast. At the time of this writing, I have yet to see any plaid here at Temple this semester and maybe a few times last fall. This winter season seems to be just getting underway here in the Northeast and I am hoping the spring comes soon. I spotted this lovely winter jacket on this Fashionista and it really prompted this idea of spring flare. As soon as I had the mindset of "spring flare," I began to see more and more of subtle hints around campus, especially looking at jackets. Her jacket has delightful pleating details and color that allures to spring. Spring up your fashion flare and take inspiration from Anotonio Berardi and his feminie jacket. Jackets that hold a dress-like shape have become a great way for Fashionistas/os to hint at spring. I suggest checking out Chadwicks to look for some great winter coats that have interesting cuts. Chadwicks feature petite, tall and women's coats, so it has a grand selection at reasonable prices. You can find this bright flare peacoat currently on the site for $75!

So, encourage spring to come to you by thinking of coats as dresses!