TREND: Crisp and Clean

Its been a little over a week since Labor Day, but who says that whites should be locked up in the closet till the spring? Certainly not this Fashionista. By pairing a crisp and clean cut button up with a blue floral skirt she sports a new age prep design. In order to celebrate the last bit of warm weather and make a statement against the labor day cliché why not wear something bright and eye catching? 

Describing herself as "always on the go" this Fashionista's sense of style is centered around comfort. “I'm always running from class to meetings and so I like to wear outfits that I can dress up with a pair of heel.” It is a combination of west coast ease meeting east coast prep that draws attention to this look. To call her look “in charge with a smile” is simply an understatement. It not only encompasses structure and pays attention to detail but it works perfectly for these last days of summer. Making note of pattern size and body type this in charge fashionista use the floral pattern to work with her body type and not loosing herself in floral abundance as many seem to do. 

So to re-create this end of summer outfit this Fashionista recommends checking out Old Navy for a loose button up, pair it with a blue floral skirt and touch it up with some nude Steve Madden pumps. Lastly, try and stay away from the uniform look by adding a bright red floral tote to keep this outfit edgy.

TREND: The Best of Both Seasons

The time between summer minis and fall sweaters can often render one unsure of what outfit to sport during those breezy days. Luckily I found this Fashionista lounging around with some advice. To her there are no such things as designated summer or fall wear. Fashion, in her eyes, tells a story of who you are, what your doing and where your going.

So, if you are a bright person who happens to be caught between seasons heed some advice from this Fashionista and add color with a loose, high-waisted skirt. For this look, skip the belt that would make this outfit bulky. Instead, use a light fall sweater to focus attention on the skirt and to naturally highlight a waistline. Finish off with dark black tights to keep the attention on the item you desire. Lastly don't be afraird to mix seasons. Socks and sandals are going to be a huge trend this fall and are already making their way to the runway. Seize the opportunity and start subtly with some medium healed gladiator sandals to fit in and if you feel more adventurous add different color shoes.

Fall is right around the corner, but that doesn't mean summer styles have got to go.  

TREND: Modern Chic

There is nothing that says new, modern, and New York as much as the black and whites of today’s fashion scene. To display these colors for an evening out I spotted this Fashionista who describes her style as new age with a girly touch. Since being in New York means constantly keeping up with the trends and changing times, versatile clothing is always a necessity. So to make any outfit versatile you can dress it up or down with accessories, scarves and jackets.

For a casual evening, this Fashionista chooses to add something simple like her metallic ballet flats but if you are looking to go all out try to give your ensemble a burst of color with the addition of red flats such as these at To finish off the look add a faux fur jacket or turn heads by adding a great pair of heels.


TREND: Home on the Prairie

As the summer time begins to wane and autumn breeze begins to blow, Fashionistas know that these are the times when mixing of seasons begins to show in each ensemble. Today's Fashionista in particular doesn't let that get in her way. In order to block out the sun (and add an extra fashion bonus) this Fashionista sported a straw summer floppy hat, that would look perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon hanging with friends in the quad. 

To give a subtle pop to her denim shorts this Fashionista paired a small floral print blouse that gives off just enough contrast to the stark blue denim, but still is toned down with autumn hues. To replicate this outfit try this blouse at  Forever 21, shorts at J.Crew, and string lace ups at bebe.

Hint: If you just aren't a hat person, use accessories like a necklace to add an extra element of fun to your outfit. 

Style Guru Bio: Sandie Habib

My name is Sandie. I am a junior at Fordham University studying Psychology and Business Administration. As a native New Yorker I have grown up watching all different types of people express themselves in all different types of clothing. This expression of personality through fashion is what has turned me into a fashion fanatic. I love watching people incorporate pieces of themselves in the way they look, and so Fashionistas, that means you.

To draw inspiration from the greats such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O would make me sound like every other girl, but they are the greats for a reason aren't they? I am big fan of the simplicity and elegance exhibited by these women in their clothing, with a modern business edge. I like to use my style to tell a story about myself. Since I'm always busy and on the go I love adding a structured piece to a girly outfit, especially anything floral. It shows both business and fun, something every girl should have. I believe that any outfit can be made with the addition of a beautiful scarf, sweater and headband to accentuate all looks. While I can go on and on about all the clothing designers I worship and lines, I have to say that without BCBG and Forever 21 I don't think I would be able to functionally style.