Even though trends come and go as a new season approaches, we are always left with the essentials that keep reappearing. Two things a Fashionista must never give away are a pair of short booties and a pair of lacey black tights. Whatever the season may be, these two items can be worn winter or summer, and as long as you can get creative with what to pair with them, your outfit is automatically runway ready. This week’s Fashionista, Vanessa Sandberg, isn't only a fan of the essentials, she is also sporting a '70s comeback: feather earings. Getting feathered has made a huge comeback and feather earings, or even getting a feather put into your hair, can be found virtually anywhere these days. Vanessa rocks the one earing look incredibly well and makes the white feather stand out against her fiery red, Rihanna-inspired hair. Aside from Vanessa’s awesome style, she brings one of the hottest hobbies a girl can have, being a DJ, to the table. She has become rather popular and plays at different club venues and events all over Southern California. Lucky for us, this DJ Ruby Sparks is dishing on her favorite summer style and where to shop.

Name: Vanessa Sandberg

Year: Junior

Major: Film and Digital Media

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your overall style and what are your go-to items?

Vanessa Sandberg: My overall style is simple but always adding in accessories. Some of my go-to items and must haves are earrings, colorful leggings with boots or long socks and shorts with a big shirt. I love this style because it's easy and you don't have to look too hard for clothes in the morning, while still looking and feeling put together.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop and what do you look for when you go shopping?

VS: The best places to shop are thrift shops, by far! A few days ago my cousin and I went to the 99 cent store and found some really cool shirts and bathing suits that were just as nice as any other place. Thrift shops in Los Angeles. like Crossroads or Wasteland have some quality and decently priced outfits. Every time I go in there I walk out with at least one new item. I really enjoy when items are vintage and have some history to them, and of course a comfy feel. Thrift shops are the greatest places to shop. As long as you are willing to hunt, you will find something fabulous!

CF: What advice do you have for other Fashionistas?

VS: One of my only tips of advice is to try crazy things on! You never know what things look like until you're actually wearing it. Sometimes you wouldn't believe what you can find and the things that you would never expect to fit you right can turn out fitting you the best. Be confident in what you think looks good on you and it will.

How To: To get Vanessa's rocker style just throw on a pair of black tights that can be purchased at American Apparal for $24 and a pair of booties found at Steve Madden for $129. Her Leotard can also be purchased from American Apparel at $26 and adorable denim short shorts found at Forever21 for $17.80.


As the heat starts to rise, many of us ponder whether dressing fashionably will start to fade. Many wonder how one can still look chic and glamorous while battling those evil sun-ways. Lucky enough this week’s Fashionista, Kelly Wigmore, is able to show us how to still look fresh and stylish while surviving the awful sun. Something I loved about Kelly’s sweet and feminine style, was her eagerness to still follow some of our most beloved summer trends, for example the studded skirts and short shorts we love to wear to vamp up our style. Basically anything studded is a must needed purchase for this humid summer time. Kelly is also spotted sporting one of our summer must haves, an adorable crop top that we can throw on with practically anything and wear anywhere! I found this Fashionista while boutique shopping on Melrose and lucky enough she is sharing her most kept secrets of where to shop in Los Angeles.

School: University of Arizona

Major: Family Studies and Human Development

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe you’re overall styles?

Kelly Wigmore: To be honest, I do not really have one specific style I stick too. It really depends how I wake up that day and what mood I am feeling. Most days however I really love the bohemian chic style with flowy dresses always matched with an oversized cardigan or sweater to go on over it. I absolutely love feminine looking outfits such as different skirts that can be paired with a cute crop top and an awesome pair of sandals to match. Some days even I dress preppy and put on one of my favorite Ralph Lauren Collared Button-ups that my dad has always bought my sisters and I to entice us to go golfing with him. When I go out at night I obviously always like to be in a little sexier and lean towards different dresses some with the cut outs on the side or always pairing a see-through top with my go-to bandage skirts. One thing I never forget to do is accessorize!

CF: If you had to pick you top favorite places to go shopping, where would you go?

Kelly Wigmore: This is so difficult because I can basically go into any store and still come out with at least one purchase. But my favorites would have to be Free People, Timeless Boutique, Intermix and Brandy and Melville. . I also love Bloomingdales and since I grew up right near Laguna Beach they’re are so many smaller boutiques around there that I love to shop in that always have such great stuff. I really love to mix and match all my different purchases because I love finding different ways to make everything go together. I also love vintage stores and have always found the most unique jewelry spur of the moment at the Flea Markets or vintage stores.

How To: Kelly’s lace crop top was purchased for $32 at a boutique on Melrose. Her studded skirt can be found at Intermix for $130 and her sandals can be bought at Steve Madden for $90. 


Even though we may have already said farewell to the Fourth of July festivities, the festive clothing we purchased before our celebrations began can stay put in our closet for now. This week’s Fashionista, Lauren Phillips, has found a way to incorporate her very patriotic clothing items into everyday wear. As you may have already known, colored denim pants are very in this season, ranging from a variety colors in magenta, forest green, poppy red, electric blue (as seen above) and blush pink. These types of denims can be worn all year long and can even be cuffed in the spring and summer time for a more relaxed feel. Even though you may have thought that a $160 pair of Fourth of July Jeffrey Campbells could only be worn once a year, this is so not true. Just learn how to match this very patterned shoe with overall solid color attire. Lauren Phillips dishes on her favorite fashion secrets below!

Name: Lauren Phillips

Major: Buying and Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Has working at LF had any influence on your overall style or even changed what you like to see in your wardrobe?

Lauren Phillips: Since I work at LF it has really opened my eyes to fashion and really being able to express oneself through fashion. I am able to mix and match clothes all the time and really figure out what works or what is just outrageous.  It has totally changed how I dress because it makes me want to dress crazy and different because that’s what fashion is all about. It’s all about setting your self apart from the next and making you stand out and LF has really taught me how to do that.Your outfit can say so much about who you are and how you are feeling that day.

CF: What are your favorite places to shop and what do you look for when you go shopping?

LP: Well obviously my favorite place to shop is LF! But, besides that, I really love going to Wasteland. I could spend hours rummaging through all the racks in there. That’s really where I find most of my one of a kind pieces. When I go shopping I really just look for things that just wont sit in my closet but that I will actually wear. I love having a favorite go to big, oversized sweater that I can throw on over any dress or skirt and still look cute while being comfortable. I absolutely adore maxi skirts and dresses and think that they are just magical and the most comfortable attire ever.

CF: How would you describe your overall style and what is your advice to other Fashionistas?

LP: I don’t really think I can describe my style in just one word because I am really just all over the place when it comes to clothes. In just one outfit I can be preppy, bohemian and still be edgy. I love mixing and matching different styles and constantly pushing my outfits over the edge to give them more spunk. My only advice to other Fashionistas out there is that as long as you feel good in an outfit you look good and when you know you look good so does everyone else!

How to: Lauren’s whole outfit can be purchases at LF. Her jeans are $138, her fringe top is $128, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes are priced at $163.


This Fashionista is bringing East Coast style to Southern California. Gabrielle embodies New York City street fashion and adds flavors of her recent new home of Los Angeles. While still being able to keep her edge, Gabrielle happily welcomes the sunshine and time to get away from the humid weather back in New York. She tells us about her favorite go-to outfit for the windy summer days she is now enjoying. 

Name: Gabrielle Maio

Year: Junior

Major: English

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your overall style and is there something specific that you think about when choosing an outfit?

Gabrielle Maio: When it comes to getting dressed each morning, I always veer towards what is most comfortable. There is nothing worse than walking out the door and fidgeting here, and fidgeting there. Your outfit should enhance who you are, effortlessly, throughout the day. I would describe my style as minimalist, eclectic and simple, with an edge of chic. I don't venture out with color that much. I stick to black, grays, white and neutral colors. I like my wardrobe to be easy. I have a few go-to pants that look good with any flowy top over. Places I like to shop would be AllSaints, Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, TopShop, Brandy Melville, Bloomingdales, J.Crew, and thrift stores. When I shop, I always make sure that I can wear a piece of clothing with at least two other things that I own. I make sure the fit is right for my body, and I feel good in it. If I don't feel good in it, I won't buy it, no matter how cute it is. I spend more money on basics, and then buy the trendy styles of the season for cheap. I always look for something that is a bit different, that will take an outfit over the edge, in a minimalist way. Clean-cut, sophisticated, and fashion-forward are things I look for in each piece of clothing I buy.

CF: Even though you are only out here for the summer taking classes, how do you think that New York Style differs from Los Angeles fashion?

GM: New York is different than LA for many reasons. For one, you see a lot more black. You don't have the beach in NY, which surprisingly influences and dictates a lot of Southern California's style. The seasons also give New Yorkers four wardrobes. While you can wear coats in LA, you really have to get winter chic in New York. There is also a bit less of "trendy" and a bit more of refinery in New York style. A lot more "street" style. And a lot more of individual style.

CF: What is about fashion that catches your eye and is there anything you cannot live without in your closet?

GM: I like to express myself through my clothes and writing. Specifically with fashion, I think that what you wear can influence your day and your confidence level. I like my outfit to match my mood, or change my mood, or even enhance it. You can tell a lot about a person through their individual style. Style doesn't just pertain to fashion, but it is the easiest place to find it. Things I can't live without are a nice, gray sweater. Splurge on one; you won't regret it!. I throw it on all the time to look comfy-chic. I also can't live without a good bag. A good, cute bag can make or break an outfit. Sunglasses, as well. And, one more thing: my eyelash curler.

CF: Do you have any advice or style tips for other Fashionistas?

GM: My advice to people would be to have fun! Wear things because you like them. Play around with things. Take fashion to the fairytale side of life! Also, spend money on classics and basics. Go cheaper on trendy things of the season!

How To: Gaby's perfect travel companion her Alexander Wang purse was purchases on sale for $300 but is originally priced $800. Her whiite maxi skirt is from the gap and was bought for 40 dollars on sale but was orginally priced at 60 dollars and is perfect to throw on for thoise casual outings out around the city.Her lack crop top is from American apparel priced at 25 dollars and shoes are black haviana sandals at 20 dollars.
Making the outfit are her favorite ray ban sunglasses priced at 150 dollars. To get Gabrielle’s chic city style you could find your perfect travel bag at Alexander Wang paired with the summer essential a crop top found at American Apparel.


Los Angeles in the summer is usually known as the place to be, whether it's due to the trendy places or how hot it can get here on a summer day. But for some reason, this summer the weather has been lacking in this fast-paced city,  so I have found just the right Fashionista to explain how to keep warm while still making it feel like summer and feeling good.

Name: Stephanie Shannon

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style and make it stand out from the crowd in a city where fashion is everywhere and everyone?

Stephanie Shannon: I wear a little of everything, my own style. I've always liked to be sort of a surprise, just waking up and throwing something fun and electric together. Whenever I'm out on the town, I definitely like to be very put together. I never just settle on outfits. Dressing myself and shopping is a hobby and art to me. When I get home from work, I find myself sitting on the computer for hours just looking up new styles, trends and clothing websites. I would say I have a lot of different styles. I can go from the new bohemian look, to classic American. I always like to be color popping. I’m definitely not afraid of what people will think while putting on an outfit. I kind of like to stand out.

CF: Do you have a favorite place to shop or any secret places you have found while living in LA?

SS: My top favorite places to shop are probably LF, Free People and the website, Nasty Gal. Don't get me wrong, I like to bargain shop, too. I'll just walk into random stores and find something cool that no one else would have. A good secret hiding place for cute clothes would be a surf shop surprisingly. Check it out, lots of cute stuff for cheap! My dress is from Abercrombie on sale. I hadn't been in that store for probably five years, walked in randomly and came out with this for $30.

CF: Do you have any advice or tips to any other fashionista out there on dressing cool In LA?

SS: The key to dressing in LA is to not be afraid. Whatever your style may be, don't be afraid to switch it up because everything goes in this city. Especially in cold weather like this, just throw on your favorite pair of summer shorts with a big sweater and boots. A comfortable yet fashionable outfit is always easy to acquire and never forget, accessorize always!

How To: Stephanie got her purse from Pangaea for about $30 and it is the perfect accesory for traveling this summer. The combat boots are from Steve Madden and are $140, which goes with everything from leggings to short shorts. And just like most Fashionistas, her must haves are Doc Martens. You can find a variety of combat boots at places such as Steve Madden. Pair those shoes with a flirty summer dress from Free People and you're ready!

Style Guru Bio: Sarah Abelsohn

Hello Friends! My name is Sarah Abelsohn and I am from San Diego, California. I am a junior at the University of Arizona studying Communications with a double minor in Fashion and Business. Fashion has always been a big part of my life. Whether I was creating photo shoots by styling and photographing my friends for my AP Art Studio Class, or learning all the different ways to work Photoshop and other computer skills in my high school graphic design class, my focus has always been on fashion. I am spending my summer in Los Angeles interning for the designer Michael Stars for his Public Relations and Marketing Department. I want to grow and flourish in the fashion industry and hopefully be apart of it one day. I enjoy meeting new people and being challenged by a new environment, all the while maintaining my true style and genuine passion for fashion. My future goals would be to someday own my very own Fashion Public Relations Firm that focuses on mainly fashion but I would love to incorporate music and art as well. Aside from my true passion for fashion, I love hanging out with friends and going out with them. I love spending hours on a rainy days watching films or even any reality TV show such as the Real Housewives of New Jersey or Mob Wives with a big bowl of popcorn right beside me. Music has always been an interest of mine and I could spend hours looking for new music or searching for more music blogs. For summer days I will always be out and about by the beach or shopping at some of my favorite boutiques. I could get lost for hours searching for new vintage stores or even boutiques that I have yet to find. I am extremely close with my family and love hanging out with them and traveling with them.

Traveling has always been a big aspect of my life and I truly believe one can only really grow through traveling to different places. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel all over Europe and the Middle East and have loved every second of experiencing a new culture. I very much enjoy being meeting different people from all over their world and being introduced with new traditions and cultures. I still have not been to South Africa, which is where my family is from, and I am dying to visit! I love going down to the pier and grabbing brunch on the weekends, mainly because I could eat breakfast for breakfast lunch and dinner! I could spend hours on end blogging on my very own blog at as well as looking at some of my favorite blogs such as Good Morning and Good night and Fashion Toast.

I plan on spending next spring studying abroad In Paris flourishing my interest in fashion even more as well as obtaining an internship there with one of the international fashion public relations firms! When I am older I wish to live in a big city like New York or Los Angeles and get my shoe in the door at as many fashion public relations firm as I can!