The weather here in D.C. can’t seem to make up its mind; within a mere two days it drastically flips from spring back to a harsh winter chill, playing with our emotions. The odd weather patterns make it difficult to dress appropriately for the weather and still look chic and put together. The art of layering becomes a crucial aspect of every Fashionista’s ensemble as well as the desire to bring a burst of color to the drab weather. I saw this Fashionista on her way back from a quick afternoon trip to Georgetown. Her cropped, black David Szeto Paris jacket, layered above a glamorous vintage fur vest, was paired with a pleated fuchsia Rory Beca silk blouse. The feminine pink frill was balanced with edgy spiked loafers and studded bracelets, creating a look that is glamorous and polished (even down to her socks, a funky and functional addition). Her keen eye for balance and the incorporation of different trends brought a whole new meaning to mixing and matching.

Name: Angie Kang

Major: Interior Design

Year: Freshmen

CollegeFashionista: Where do you find your style inspiration?

Angie Kang: I love reading fashion magazines and blogs to keep up with trends but there are style icons I always keep in mind. Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss can do no wrong.

CF: What is your go-to outfit?
AK: I wouldn't really say I have a go-to outfit. I usually dress for whatever mood I am in. It makes things more fun.

CF: What’s your favorite trend for the spring?
AK: I'm really excited to wear lots of prints!

How To: To get a look like this Fashionista, try to incorporate some electric color into your outfit or something with pleats, or both! If you want to add a bright, bold color like this Fashionista, keep the rest of your colors simple. Find an alternative way to layer, like pairing a vest under a structured jacket to add style and practicality. Adding an unexpected, and subtle, touch of edginess is a great way to balance an outfit and be unique. Do this through your accessories, try adding studded shoes or pile on some studded bangles. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different trends!


Spring fever is in the air, but despite some of the flowers starting to bloom, spring has not fully sprung just yet. While it might still officially be winter that doesn’t mean that you can’t start to incorporate touches of color into your outfit and prep for the warm days ahead. I saw this Fashionista rocking the neon trend on her way back from class. The bright yellow stripes on her gray, layered sweater adds a pop of color in an unexpected way that brings a unique element to her otherwise simple outfit. While she kept her accessories simple, with an evil eye necklace and tortoise Michael Kors watch, her Tom Ford glasses and leather pieces add a chic statement to her ensemble. This Fashionista made dressing for the dreary transition months an opportunity to incorporate a bold trend in a subtle way. Neon may not be the new black, but it is the perfect remedy for spring fever!

Name: Paige Arfman

Major: Marketing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Paige Arfman: I would describe my style as laidback and on-trend but edgy.

CF: What is your favorite trend for the spring?

PA: My favorite trend is pops of color, but I love wearing button-downs with shorts.

CF: What is your best advice for dressing in the transition months?

PA: To pair a cute dress with edgy stockings or choosing stylish but functional pieces like a leather jacket.

How To: To add something bright and fun to your outfit like this Fashionista, try incorporating subtle hints of color into your winter wardrobe. Adding accent pieces like bright shoes or bags is a great starting place, or you can choose funky tops with touches of color like this Fashionista did. Make sure to choose basic colors so that your outfit doesn’t get too busy and the colors can really pop. Try rocking your glasses instead of contacts and choose a leather jacket to top the outfit off. You’ll feel ready to tackle class and cure your spring fever at the same time!


Every “It” girl knows that there will never truly be a new black when it comes to a new “it” color. It is the most basic and chic color to center an outfit around and creates an instant backdrop to add pops of color or cool accessories. Most people think that Cali girls are all about bright colors and fun prints and East Coast girls are all about simplicity and black, but I saw this Fashionista, an L.A. native, heading to pick up a package in an almost entirely all black ensemble. While black is the most basic route an outfit can go, her outfit was anything but simple. Although almost every piece of the outfit was black, except for her cuffed gray jeans (which are great for any season) and brown bag, each item had a distinct feature that made it unique (check out her leather jacket with the quilted sleeves and jeans with the intricate seaming!). She showed us why it’s always cool to go back to black.

Name: Cassandra Jolton

Major: Communication, Minor: Business

Year: Freshmen

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Cassandra Jolton: All Saints Spitalfields leather jacket, James Perse shirt, Current Elliot jeans, Tory Burch flats, Minnie Rose scarf, Ray-Ban glasses, Sydney Evan “love” ring.

CF: What is a staple in your wardrobe?

CJ: I love great jackets and my leather jacket is definitely one of my go-to items. I can use jackets to either dress an outfit up or down, but either way it adds a little something to jeans or a black dress. My favorite place to shop for leather jackets is definitely All Saints Spitalfields because they have a great variety with unique details that make a regular leather jacket somewhat edgy.

CF: How has your style transitioned from West to East Coast?

CJ: The most significant difference in my outfits now, having moved from L.A. to D.C., is layering. My biggest accessory obsession for this season is scarves! I love adding a little something extra to my relatively all black closet with a printed or colorful scarf. It's a great way to top off the layering while also giving the outfit a chic, more put-together look.

How To: To get a look like this Fashionista, start with black! It’s the perfect foundation for any outfit and you can totally make it your own. Find a pair of jeans within the same color scheme (like gray) that have an interesting and different touch to them. Top it off with an awesome leather jacket and pile on delicate jewelry to make it more edgy and funky, sunglasses and a scarf.


Every job might not be as glamorous as The Devil Wears Prada, but every true Fashionisa knows that that is not an excuse not to rock an awesome outfit to work everyday! I saw this Fashionista heading to class after attending a meeting at City Hall. Her outfit only contained a few basic colors, but her eye for color created a sophisticated outfit, one that demonstrated her keen sense of what it means to dress for both the work and school environments. Her outfit was effortless, and her classic jacket, with on-trend camel accents, matched her Chloé bag, instantly adding subtle (and appropriate!) hints of trendiness, while her over-the-knee boots and Ray Ban wayfarers added a touch of glamour that every Fashionista knows how to bring to the table.

Name: Katherine Kremer

Major: Journalism Mass Communications

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Do you get dressed based on the weather or fashion?

Katherine Kremer: I usually try to dress according to the weather, but I'm also the kind of person who loves throwing scarves with anything (even when it's 70 degrees out).

CF: What inspires your sense of style?

KK: There isn't one particular inspiration for my style. I generally wear what I like and try to make it my own as best I can.

CF: What’s your advice for creating an outfit that is good for the office and class?

KK: Create a balance. On one end you're looking to be professional, but on the other end you have to remember you're still in school, which means you should be experimenting with your wardrobe.

How To: To create a classy ensemble for both your professional and academic selves, stick to a neutral palette that will create a cohesive theme within your outfit. Start with a pair of dark jeans, then choose a simple and plain chiffon blouse. Layer on a structured jacket or blazer. Add a great, yet functional, bag that will easily convert from boardroom to classroom.


Plaid is one of those trends that is never really going to completely leave. Fitted flannel tops or loose, boyfriend styled ones can add instant comfort and style to any outfit, whether you’re out running errands or just getting ready to go to class. Although you can wear a flannel top in your own unique way, this Fashionista found a totally new and awesome way to incorporate plaid into her ensemble! She added a cool jacket, which pulled together her simple, laid-back look and it is also the perfect transition piece as the weather turns. Her Ray Bans and a dainty gold necklace were great accessories to complete a simple look, while her boots and zippered pants added a touch of edge.

Name: Margeaux Abrams

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Margeaux Abrams: I'm wearing a 600 West coat, shirt from Urban Outfitters, black jeans from Madewell, Enzo Angiolini boots, Ray Ban sunglasses and a Jennifer Zeuner necklace.

CF: What is your favorite trend?

MA: My favorite trend (which I'm not wearing) is animal prints. It's a way to wear all neutrals (I’m allergic to color), but still adding something cool and unexpected. I have this awesome cheetah print scarf I wear all the time.

How To: To get a look like this Fashionista, start with a neutral base palette, like she did with black. This way you can incorporate cool trends like zippers and pops of color to make it your own. Add a plaid accessory to incorporate another classic trend in a cool, new way. Top it off with some delicate jewelry and you’ve created an effortless look!


As the winter drags on, I find myself dressing as if I can personally will the weather to turn warmer. It’s only after I neglect my winter accessories and am underdressed, that a frigid chill snaps me back to reality. It’s winter, and it will be for a few more long weeks. However, I saw this Fashionista heading to class wearing an outfit composed of layers and topped off with great winter accessories that create a practical, yet chic ensemble. Her fringed poncho is right on trend and the neutral colors create a great flow with her David Lerner cargo-inspired leggings and Steve Madden combat boots. Her Free People earmuffs have a cute wintery design on the headband and are the perfect accessory to keep your ears warm in the harsh chill!

Name: Sarah Friedman

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing, with a minor in Psychology

CollegeFashionista: What’s your favorite season to dress for?

Sarah Friedman: My favorite season to dress for is spring because it’s the perfect temperature. You don’t need to wear a heavy coat and you can mix and match any thing in your closet and still be comfortable with the weather.

CF: What’s your favorite and least favorite part of dressing for the winter?

SF: My favorite part of dressing for the winter is definitely wearing comfy sweaters! I get really annoyed wearing gloves though, because it’s so cold but I have an iPhone, so if I wear them I can’t type.

CF: What’s your best advice for dressing for the winter and still looking cute?

SF: Accessorize with soft, fuzzy things because then it’s cute, comfy and warm! You can find fun scarves and hats that will look good and keep you warm too.

How To: To create a stylish and warm outfit like this Fashionista, start with neutral colors so that you can add lots of layers. Try a stylish poncho that you can throw on over a long-sleeved T-shirt. If you’re feeling bold play into another trend like this Fashionista did with fringes. Combat boots are great to wear because you can wear warm, thick socks under them and even let a little bit of the top peek out from over the boots. Add some earmuffs and you’re ready for the cold!


It’s the first day back for the spring semester, and an unusually warm day at that. Most students take a while to phase back into school mode and when it comes to their fashion choices that is no exception. However, every true Fashionista knows that every day is a chance to make a statement and truly express herself. Plus, who doesn’t love to show off her new holiday gifts? I saw this Fashionista on the way to pick up some school supplies for the first day of classes. Her balance of comfy and chic was perfection as she paired a loose, graphic tee with edgy leggings with a leather kneecap and leather boots. Her on-point shearling jacket and navy snakeskin bag demonstrated her keen sense of trends.

Name: Erica Tafuro

Major: Sociology, with a Statistics Minor

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What’s your favorite thing to wear in the winter?

Erica Tafuro: My favorite thing to wear in the winter is boots! They keep your legs warm and you can always make your outfit trendy.

CF: How would you define your style?

ET: My style is definitely more comfortable, but I like to be stylish at the same time. I’ll pair a baggy t-shirt with nice jeans and a jacket, and always a fun scarf! That’s my favorite accessory for the cold weather. I always love to accessorize too.

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop in D.C.?

ET: I like Urban Outfitters for sweaters and scarves and CUSP for jeans. I also like to go to Wink because they have really cute accessory choices!

How To: To get a look like this Fashionista, find a way to incorporate different trends in a subtle way. Pair a loose t-shirt with leather leggings, which is a great way to incorporate the leather trend in a way other than the traditional jacket (if you’re feeling extra bold, try them in a red!). Top the look off with a cozy jacket and an animal printed bag to hold all your school supplies in a stylish way.


Most of us let the relaxation of vacation transcend into our outfit choices. We choose easy and simple over true style. I saw this Fashionisto on vacation creating the perfect balance between beachy and formal. His button down, watch and dog tag made the outfit more proper, while his white shorts, sneakers and rolled-up sleeves created a complimentary laid-back feel, which is the pinnacle of the islands. Since shorts and a T-shirt can easily be seen as too casual, an open button-down maintains that informal, vacation look while making it a little more proper than something you would just throw on to go down to the beach. The neutral pattern allows the shirt to go from beachy to formal depending upon how you wear it.

Name: Benny Elzweig

Major: Advertising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where is each of the pieces in your outfit from?

Benny Elzweig: My T-shirt and button down are from Armani Exchange, my shorts are from Express, my sneakers are from adidas, my watch is from Kenneth Cole and my dog tag was a gift. 

CF: What is a staple item in your closet?

BE: Button downs are definitely a staple item. There is always a reason to wear something on the formal side and you can find a button down in any store where you don’t have to wear the same ones all the time. A button down always makes whatever you’re wearing nicer.

CF: How do you determine where to start an outfit?

BE: I always go by the weather. If it’s hot out, I start based on my shorts, but if it’s cold out I start with my shirts because I know that I’ll be wearing jeans no matter what.

How To: The best way to create a relaxed but well thought out look, like this Fashionisto, is to follow his lead in choosing a button down from Armani Exchange to center the look, but remember to roll-up the sleeves. Keep the look casual by pairing it with white shorts, but maintain the formality through accent pieces like a nice, black watch.

Style Guru Bio: Sarah Allen

My name is Sarah Allen, and I am a sophomore majoring in Journalism at The George Washington University. While CollegeFashionista is my first real fashion internship, I have always had a love affair with fashion and beauty, as well as writing, and one day hope to write for a magazine!

I have lived just outside of Manhattan my whole life and for years I have had a fascination with the fashion industry. Even when I couldn’t pinpoint a certain aspect of it that was so alluring, I knew I wanted to be part of such a world. I love to immerse myself in the latest magazines and don’t waver at ripping out pages with trends that I want to try or styles that I might want to incorporate into my wardrobe. I also scroll through numerous blogs, but can’t resist the feel of a magazine’s glossy pages.


My style has gone through an evolution. Although I have always been conscious of upcoming trends and am not afraid to try out a new look, I like to keep my style grounded in the philosophy that less is more. I am half European which has definitely influenced my style. I gravitate toward classic looking pieces that are infused with a touch of edginess. I tend to stick with basic colors like black and let accents be the pop of individuality! I also love the fine art of layering, whether it be sweaters and scarves in the winter or a great set of bangles and I never hesitate to mix gold and silver.

I have always idolized Chanel for it’s sophistication, effortlessness and glamour, and am often inspired but such qualities in an outfit. I have an online shopping addiction, and I can’t resist anything leopard, Parisian-inspired, studs or rose gold.

I am so excited to be a part of CollegeFashionista!