Going to class or trying to find the perfect ensemble for a cook-out on a chilly summer evening with family and friends? Well, take some tips from this Fashionista! The romper trend has exploded, and is definitely a go-to piece for Fashionistas all over the country. This one-piece look can be achieved easily, and there are so many styles out there to choose from.

It was easy to notice this Fashionista apart from other students walking around campus because I was taken in by the unique pattern and coloring of her romper. Her look, which she finished off with a classic black cardigan, gave her outfit a relaxed and comfortable feel. I love how this romper compliments her frame with cinching all across the waist, and her chunky strapped sandals rather than closed-toe flats show that it is very much still summer. This Fashionista rocks this look and does it in an effortless fashion. Her choice of accessories, like her large-faced gold Betsey Johnson watch really pops and shines against all the black. I also love her black Oakley wayfarer sunglasses, which are perfect for an afternoon cook-out.

When searching for a romper to suit your needs, opt for a patterned look or a classic color that can be paired with additional colored pieces, like a black cardigan. If you feel like rompers are not your thing or think they don’t compliment your figure, try adding a belt around the waist in a neutral color to give your look a little something more!


Let’s face it, maxi dresses are the ultimate summer must-have. The maxi dress is the perfect piece that provides simplicity and comfort all while creating drama. What attracted me to this week’s Fashionista was how long and lean this black cotton maxi dress made her look. After stopping Kelly to find out more about her look, I learned that she picked up with staple piece in a small boutique in New York City. The great thing about owning a black maxi dress is that it can be transformed by simple accessories to be appropriate for any occasion; from an afternoon cook-out with family, a small wedding or a date night out with a significant other, this dress is sure to fulfill your every need.

Name: Kelly Coffindaffer

Year: Senior

Major: Fashion Merchandising

CollegeFashionista: I too enjoy shopping at small boutiques that carry different pieces; where else do you enjoy shopping?

Kelly Coffindaffer: I really Express and H&M. I also like Forever21, Betsey Johnson, and Guess.

CF: Would you say there was a celebrity whose style you admire?

KC: Definitely Nicole Richie. I like to think that my style sort of resembles hers. I like to be comfortable, yet trendy and I think she exuberates that.

CF: You said you spent the summer in NYC, did you or do you have a certain fashion magazine that you can’t get enough of?

KC: Harper’s Bazaar!

How To: Creating Kelly’s simple look is as easy as 1-2-3! All you need are a few basic pieces that can be found almost anywhere you look. Is black not your color? Or like to be brighter during the summer months? Don’t worry, bright and simple maxi dresses are just as easy to find. To make a statement and create drama, try this by Jessica Simpson or spice your look up with this by Revolve Clothing. Pair with accessories like these flats by Madewell or even make yourself appear even longer by adding a wedge by Steve Madden. Add some flare to your look by adding a fun headband or bangles like these from LuLu’s.


As summer comes to an end and fall semester peaks its head around the corner at WVU, Fashionistas all over campus begin to add pieces from fall to their wardrobes. One of the best things about summer and fall beginning to intertwine is the endless possibilities of looks when dressing for whatever your day may consist of. Combining summer and fall looks is easy to do and will have you standing out from the rest.

What I love about this Fashionista’s outfit are her chocolate brown leather Guess boots. Not only do they scream fall, which I love, but they also complement the country frill of her Guess dress perfectly. Wearing boots with dresses may seem like a risky combination, but it is a trend that has been sweeping the nation and is easy to do. I love how this Fashionista chose a very feminine dress rather than jeans or leggings. When it comes to wearing boots there are endless options when putting together an ensemble for the transitioning seasons. For a chic look that is still appropriate for warmer weather and going to class, opt for a romper with a feminine touch. To add a hint of layering to your ensemble, throw on a light jacket for those days that are a little milder. As for finding a great pair of boots like this Fashionista’s, try DSW for a never-ending assortment at prices that won’t empty your wallet!


Weather in Morgantown has been fairly mild this week and it definitely showed while walking around campus. However, no matter if it is hot or cold, plaid shirts are seen all over WVU on both guys and girls. Plaid is a great print because it comes in so many different styles and colors. From short to long sleeves, over-sized or fitted, plaid is definitely a print that can be worn no matter the season. But this Fashionisto’s navy plaid shirt wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye; as soon as I saw the small flying “WV” in the corner I knew I had to snap a picture!

Name: Jake Springer

Year: Fith Year

Major: International Studies

CollegeFashionista: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Jake Springer: I like to shop pretty much anywhere, but I really like Banana Republic and J. Crew.

CF: What would you say your everyday style consists of?

JS: I like to look clean and put together. I also like to wear different patterns like the shirt I am wearing now; this isn’t the only plaid shirt that I own.

CF: I love how you are supporting WVU while still looking stylish, do you often where things that represent the university?

JS: I do, especially during the school year. Today I was at work and I have to wear something that has the school’s logo or name on it so I chose this shirt because of that and because the weather has been a bit cooler this week.

How To: Let’s face it, guys like simple and comfortable especially when it comes to clothing and Jake exemplifies just that. His look is simple, yet stylish and he still manages to look appropriate for work by the logo in the corner of his shirt. His khaki shorts go perfectly with the navy of his shirt, and his Sperry’s give the look a bit of classy sophistication. Guys, not only is this look easy to pull off but plaid is a definite wardrobe must-have. As summer comes to an end and cooler weather starts to peak its way into Morgantown, try a classic button down and jeans for a casual look. Also, if you have a day jam packed with classes, opt for comfortable sneakers to get you through the day. Follow Jake and his choice of accessories and finish off your look with an oversize watch!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don’t Be Afraid of the Crop

There are so many different and popular summer trends that come back around every year and the classic, flowing cropped top is definitely one of the them. Cropped tops come in all different styles, lengths and colors and are a great piece that can go with a multitude of bottoms. I love how this Fashionista made her trendy look appropriate for going to class and walking around campus by choosing a longer length Forever 21 top that hangs slightly off the shoulder. The idea of having different lengths to choose from are great for those who might be uneasy about showing off too much skin.

The crop top isn’t the only piece of this Fashionista’s outfit that caught my eye. Denim cut-off shorts are a popular choice during the hot summer months. But when wearing a cropped top don’t feel like you have to stop at shorts like this Fashionista’s. Try pairing a crop top with colored shorts like these from J. Crew or even skinny jeans to show off this fabulous summer trend! Remember that the cropped top isn’t exactly appropriate at all times. Even if you feel comfortable in a shorter crop top, balance it out with a high-waisted short or skirt. If you are having trouble accepting the cropped top into your wardrobe, remember that you can always layer a sleek tank underneath to avoid showing too much skin.

Summer is quickly coming to an end, so come on Fashionistas and tryout a trend that is fun, chic and most of all versatile!


When it comes to summer style, it usually consists of bright colors and a look that will keep you cool and comfortable all day long. It was easy to spot this Fashionista in her bright pink and orange Lilly Pulitzer sundress heading back from class, because not only did her outfit emanate fun and spunk but her personality did too. I was excited when I was able to stop this spunky Fashionista and ask her a few questions.

Name: Ariana Sattaripour

Year: Senior

Major: Industrial Engineering

CollegeFashionista: I love your Lilly Pulitzer dress, what other places do you like to shop?

Ariana Sattaripour: I try when I can to wear different names and brands, but while I am at school it's hard. I really love Lilly Pulitzer, Guess, Forever21 and Nordstrom.

CF: If you could spend a day shopping with anyone who would it be?

AS: Definitely Kim Kardashian!

CF: Do you have a favorite fashion magazine?

AS: I don’t read any particular magazine really but when I do like to read Vogue and Marie Claire. I also enjoy Glamour too.

How To: Whether you are on vacation at the beach or running around town on a hot summer day, this look is sure to keep you cool and looking put together at the same time. The sweetheart neckline of this strapless mini gives this dress a little something extra and can look flattering on almost every person. To achieve Ariana’s fun summer look, try a dress like this from Nordstrom. Don’t be afraid to accessorize like Ariana either. Try pulling your hair back with a chic headband, or adding a light cross-body bag — perfect for those busy summer days!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Little Black Dress

Everyone knows that the Little Black Dress has been around since the 1920s and is a must-have piece for every Fashionista's wardrobe. So it was no question that when I saw this Fashionista in her professional, classy version of a little black dress, that I had to stop her for a picture. A classic black dress will always be considered not only a timeless piece, but also one that is versatile and can be reinvented no matter what occasion you may be going to. This Fashionista was on her way home from class but she could easily turn this dress into a night out to dinner or cocktails with friends.

Even though this Fashionista was just going to class I love how she chose to dress up her look with a small kitten heel. This look makes it easy for her to walk around without worrying about being uncomfortable in a sky-high heel. This Fashionista makes pulling off a little black dress effortless. Whether you have a day filled with classes, a cookout with family or dinner with a close friend, be sure to make a classic little black dress like this one from French Connection your go-to piece! Don’t forget to adorn your black dress with a fun shoe or a piece of jewelry that makes a statement!


If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you that I am obsessed with Michael Kors and everything that he does. So, of course the first thing that I noticed when I saw Tara leaving her grad class was her bright orange Michael Kors tote! But that wasn’t the only thing I noticed about her. Her navy button up from Old Navy really popped against her white capri linen pants that are also from Old Navy. This Fashionista looked so stylish from head-to-toe, I just had to stop her to find out more about her style.

Name: Tara Paoloemilio

Year: Graduate Student

Major: Human Resources and Industrial Relations

CollegeFashionista: I know where your top and shoes are from, where else do you like to shop?

Tara Paoloemilio: I love to shop at Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap and White House Black Market.

CF: Do you have a celebrity whose style you admire?

TP: I love everything about Jennifer Aniston!

CF: What is your favorite summer look or thing to wear?

TP: I like to wear linen pants like the cropped ones I have on and tanks because they are the easiest, most comfortable and versatile in the summer heat. And of course sun dresses!

How To: It’s no question that I love everything about this Fashionista’s look. I appreciate how even though it is summer time she opted for a closed toe flat, giving her a very professional look. What makes achieving Tara’s look so simple is the fact that she made it all about the basics. A simple button up and sleek pants are staple pieces that can be found just about anywhere. Try a button up like this from Banana Republic and linen pants from Victoria's Secret that can take you from looking professional while going to class to dinner with friends. Finish off your look with closed toed flats like Tara’s or try a small heel to add a little height to this look. And of course don’t forget a sleek and sophisticated tote to hold all of your daily necessities!


One of the biggest trends that I have been seeing a lot around Morgantown is one of my all time favorites for the summer — the maxi dress! As the rain let up and the sun started to peak out from behind the clouds, students across campus finally stepped outside and this Fashionista was first to catch my eye. I spotted this Fashionista wearing a blue, almost periwinkle maxi dress from New York and Company. Maxi dresses are perfect for running around town to going out with friends. One of the biggest reasons I love the maxi dress so much is they are easy to put on when you are in a crunch and it comes in a variety of styles!

Maxi dresses are great for a long day of classes not just because they are super comfortable, but they keep you cool as well without showing too much skin. One of my favorite things about this Fashionista’s maxi dress is the detail across the top. Maxi dresses don’t have to be plain and dull, they can easily be taken to another level just by adding a ruffle or flower print. I love this maxi dress available at Shopbop because it is simple yet elegant and can be dressed up or dressed down. When wearing a maxi dress, don’t be afraid of adding a little height to elongate your figure even more, try these by Aldo and take your look from day to night. To complete your look when sporting a maxi dress, try adding a belt across the waist or a lengthy necklace!


It’s no secret that a massive heat wave has hit the city of Morgantown which is why I was surprised to see this Fashionista in dark denim on one of the hottest days this summer. Once I caught up to Deanna I quickly learned that she had franticly been running around town applying for jobs at local restaurants and she was doing it in style. This Fashionista's choice of a bright cobalt button down from Express and black peep-toe wedges were the perfect complement to her dark jeans from American Eagle. I love how Deanna decided to pull her hair back for a day of job hunting, something that you wouldn’t normally see. This Fashionista never made job hunting look so classy!

Name: Deanna Wiesenmayer

Year: Senior

Major: Health Promotions

College Fashionista: I love your look! Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Deanna Wiesenmayer: Well, my top is from Express I really love that store. I also love to shop at American Eagle, Gap, The Limited and Forever 21.

CF: What would you say your look is on a day to day basis?

DW: I like to dress comfortably and always seem to lean towards a classier, sporty look. “Simple class” is what I like to feel and look like when I walk out the door.

CF: Do you have a favorite celebrity whose style you really like?

DW: I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head. But if I had to choose someone it would Jennifer Aniston, she always looks classy and chic.

How To: In a money rut, and in need of a summer job? Take some tips from this Fashionista when heading out to apply. Her choice of colors and accessories show that she is classic and professional without pulling out your blazer and dress slacks. On a budget, try New York and Company for a sleek button down with a touch of frill at a price that won’t hurt your bank account. Finish off your job hunting look with a must have watch and large tote bag by Jessica Simpson!