Sneakers, gym shoes, runners- whatever you call them these shoes have grown to encompass a whole niche in the fashion world. As the owner of some great custom designed Nikes, I find it hard to rock these shoes with the right outfit and still feel feminine and chic. This Fashionista knocks it out the park; I love her bright blue sneakers. The bold blue with light blue accents makes the shoes vibrant and fun and prefect for spring time or summer. She keeps the rest of her outfit simple with her neutral military inspired jacket and black Balenciaga purse and the awesome little touch of neon pink nail polish. By not wearing anything too baggy or over-decorated she keeps the outfit balanced and keeps the focus on the shoes.

Sneakers may scare away some Fashionistas who prefer stilettos or ballet flats but these shoes are not just for the gym or running errands anymore. With artist who solely decorate the footwear there are so many decorations and colors for any Fashionista or Fashionisto. It also is one of the most inexpensive ways to get custom made fashion with stores dedicated entirely to these shoes with in-house artist, it’s like sneakers couture.

Not to mention they look awesome and are a great break for your feet. For newbies to sneakers that definitely don’t have the same sexy feminine feel of some pumps it’s important to remember to keep the look chic; this Fashionista nailed it, with pants too skinny the shoes would look too big and goofy with jeans too big the look could lose the feminine touch.


I have a certain theory about fashion and trends that is especially inclined to the slightly less bold Fashionistas and Fashionistos, like myself. Often when bold trends come out I shy away and just admire it from afar on the Fashionistas who are daring enough to try the looks for themselves. When the maxi length hit the style scene I loved it but didn’t think I could pull it off, leaving a great maxi dress and maxi skirt sitting unworn in my closet. But, as time goes on and more and more Fashionistas experiment with new trends they become less out there and more accessible for those who shy away from fashion risks. With this in mind, I donned a maxi skirt for the first time last weekend and look forward to a spring and summer full of the floor length style.

This Fashionista shows exactly why this look has become a warm weather staple- the simple blue dress is flowy and loose but looks so good. Without looking like a sac this Fashionista looks so comfortable and chic. Because of the long length I think maxi dresses and skirts are best donned in plain colors or simple patterns. Their simplicity makes them the perfect base to a summer ensemble with turquoise accented bracelets or chunky necklaces. It’s so easy and simple to throw on for a casual day or dress up for night.

With its popularity in seasons past it seems the maxi will remain a mainstay in Fashionista’s closets this spring and summer.


With just a few color variations and the perfect amount of mixing and matching textures, this Fashionista achieved the perfect combination to make for an awesome and eclectic spring time look. It’s hard to say what caught my eye first because pretty much every aspect of this outfit is awesome, but that turban/wrap definitely stood out and gave her look some real character. The rest of her ensemble is such a great collaboration of tones and textures. The lacy white blouse is a feminine twist on a men’s classic just like the pale pink blazer she pairs on top of it. The loose lacy element with the structured jacket is a perfect balance and the light colors keep it girly and fun. Like any good master of layering and mixing, this Fashionista balances out the oversized blazer and blouse with a short and tight skirt, if she opted for a loose or bulky bottom she would end up losing shape and definition, instead she perfectly balances the top and bottom. I love her white tights. If she paired those with a dress that was too baggy or a much brighter color, the tights might be reminiscent of the ones we donned as little girls. But, because all the elements she uses are chic yet fun the tights continue that playful take on sophisticated pieces. She stays in the color family with her beige boots perfect for those mid 60 degree days we’ve been having. By staying in the same color range and focusing on varying textures and shapes, this Fashionista achieves a perfectly put together yet exciting spring look.

Hint: If you want to layer textures like this stay away from mixing too many colors or patterns, the whole reason this look is interesting is because of the subtlety of variation of fabric and material, too many colors or patterns would just be deter from that.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bring Out the Bold Make Up

The detailing in this Fashionista’s ensemble is so subtle at first it was hard to pin point what made her stand out on the street. Her gray ruffled sleeveless blouse with polka dots is cute but that was not what gave her look that wow factor. Looking more closely, you can see this Fashionista matched her coral orange polka dots to almost the exact same shade of coral orange bold lipstick. It really added some extra pizzazz. Do not think this means your should start matching your make up to your clothing color for color; a red dress paired with a bright red lip is definitely too much and wearing a royal blue top with that blue shade we used to all try on form our moms’ make up bags-not a good look. The reason this Fashionista nails the art of mixing and matching clothing to make up is she uses contrast; she’s not matching that bright ready for summer lip color with a top of all the same shade, instead she chooses an accent, just the polka dots which contrasts the lipstick with the overall gray of the top. I’m no make up artist or expert but it seems to me, like I think of most things in fashion, to be a game of contrast and balance. Whenever I wear a black dress or top I’m more tempted to do a bold eye shadow shade or a bright red lip. If I’m wearing a top with crazy graphics I try to tone it down- a cool lipstick could be cool but be cautious. Also it is important to note, lipstick is not one size fits all. This Fashionista’s shade of an orangey coral is great with her skin but wouldn’t be on everyone. Whether you’re matching your outfit or not make sure whatever shades of make up you use match you!


This Fashionista did the most low-key yet on point outfit coordination I’ve seen in a long time. While nothing about her outfit is bold or loud I immediately noticed her choice of textures, material and color. On top of her simple black tank and matching black leggings she wears a taupe sweater that looks so comfortable it makes me almost sad to see winter go. The kicker(pun intended) is her taupe socks, peeking out of her combat boots, that almost perfectly match her sweater and look just as cozy and comfy. While I hate that in late April these wintery pieces can still be worn I can’t help but love the way she does it, it is so simple but the pairing of these two pieces over her plain base made for an eye catching outfit.

The brown boots make break the look up, while black ones would have been too monotonous and her classic trench coat is, unfortunately, perfect for some of these spring showers we’ve been experiencing of late. While I hope we can soon put our fuzzy sweaters and wool socks away into hibernation soon the approach this Fashionista takes can be applied to all seasons. If you want to layer simple neutral colors start with a plain base and match certain elements, a sweater and shoes, a necklace and a skirt; same goes for bright or bold colors.

Remember, if you wear all black and red you can still look pretty boring, don’t be afraid to add a touch of another color like this Fashionista did.


At first, the open-toed bootie trend hit me completely the wrong way, some takes on this style just looked like torn up boots but the more I see the more I like it. This Fashionsita’s suede lace-up booties are the perfect example. Her Rag & Bone pair nails the trend perfectly without looking like an old beaten up pair of shoes. Everything about these shoes is great; the wedge, the soft suede and the nude color makes this the ideal shoe for spring. The lace up oxford style is trendy but the soft material and color keeps them feminine. Because the shoes are bold without being too over the top they can be paired with almost any spring outfit. They are great with dark jeans like this Fashionista opts for, but their oxford touches would also perfectly balance out a girly floral dress.

When it comes to shoes, more than any other fashion pieces, everything has to be just right. Shoes are some of the most expensive fashion accessories and need to be able to match with enough outfits to make them worth it. This doesn’t mean Fashionistas and Fashionstos should fill their closets with boring dreary shoes, everyone can use a bold pump or high-top. But, it’s important to strike a balance and find great shoes you’ll actually get wear out of. This Fashionsta found a trendy shoe that isn’t so particular it will stay stuck in her closet.


The first thing I noticed about this Fashionisto’s ensemble was his very cool acid wash jeans. I’m not overtly pro-acid wash, when done wrong the retro look can be taken in a really bad direction. But, this Fashionisto pulls them off with just the right amount of confidence and doesn’t take himself too seriously with them. The 80’s style jeans may be the most stand out aspect of his outfit but this Fashionisto mastered putting together pieces for a look that is effortlessly cool. His plaid flannel is a staple I know every NYU girl and guy has stashed in the closet (or being worn right now). He pairs his brown leather jacket with his almost perfectly matched shoes without being too matchy matchy. The final touch is his tortoise shell wayfarers nonchalantly hanging from his button down. Whether this guy meant to or not, he put together all the elements to look effortlessly chic. The look is perfect for Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike (acid wash optional).

For girls opt for a longer plaid with leggings or skinny jeans and flats. For both guys and girls it is finally time to put away the down coat and bring out a nice leather jacket in classic black or a warm brown like this Fashionisto shows off. It’s also time to show off your shades, anything tortoise shell is automatically classy and even with the plethora of styles popping up recently you can never go wrong with classic aviators. These elements thrown together are the equation for a perfectly casual spring outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Grandma Sweaters and Boyfriend Blazers

Over the past few years words like “grandma” and “boyfriend” have slipped into our sartorial vernacular and slowly became more and more commonplace. These words used to make me wary of the pieces they described thinking of things that are manly or oversized or just plain ugly. But we Fashionistas have done a great job of commandeering those pieces and making them something of our own; now I don’t know what I would do with my boyfriend blazers, which have their own section in my typically tiny NYC closet. In that tradition, this Fashionista did an excellent job of mixing and matching both boyfriend and grandma inspired pieces to come out with a great layered look.

She pairs her beige textured sweater with a simple black blazer, a move that if paired with something too bulky underneath might become unflattering. Instead she opts for a nude chiffon skirt with black tights and sleek knee high leather boots, balancing out the look with a feminine touch. The ensemble is simple but little touches make it great. I wrote recently about how mixing textures and shapes can make for an interesting outfit even without bold accessories or colors.

This Fashionista did just that, the subtle mixing of nude and beige and very different textures is an awesome touch that I plan to use especially with warmer weather on the way. The other touch I loved was the simple act of keeping her sweater sleeves long allowing them to peek out of her rolled up blazer sleeves, so simple but adds such a touch of edginess to an otherwise classic look.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Give Rainy Days the Boot

We’re a week into spring, and in typical early spring fashion, warm, sunny days are not quite the standard yet with rain and dreariness still very much present. Personally, I grew up steering clear from rain gear, I avoided rain boots and raincoats and didn’t own an umbrella until I was about 19. Since then, I have done a complete 180 trying to fit a life time of cute rain gear into the last few years. While I dislike the wet, lackluster days of rain as much as anyone (unless it involves staying in bed with a stack of movies), I love some good rain accessories if they brighten up damp days. A pair of bright yellow rain boots or a classic beige trench coat are among some of the best accessories a Fashionista can have around. This Fashionista opts for a pair of unconventional rain boots I absolutely love. What look like simple black boots actual feature hardcore rubber studs giving her classic boots a cool edge. She keeps the rest of the outfit simple, making her gritty boots extra special and noticeable. Whether studs are your sartorial weapons of choice or not, this Fashionista shows how interesting touches can keep your rainy day apparel chic and unique. Burberry’s twist on the classic trench with leather sleeves is an amazing take on classic rain wear I am dying for, but if that’s not in the budget, any time you can bring some extra color to your umbrella or boots is a chance to perk up a rainy day.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black and White and Chic All Over

For most of us spring and summer are all about colors, florals and more colors, but it is also time for all those summer internships where we have to try to stay comfortable while looking chic. This Fashionista nails a perfect summer internship outfit without a single piece of pastel or floral while simultaneously maintaining that perfectly stylish yet comfy ensemble we can all use. Even without the standard burst of bright colors or prints for spring this Fashionista put together an understatedly classic and interesting look. Instead of mixing and matching colors or patterns she uses different textures and structures. Her soft tunic style white cotton shirt and simple black leggings are like a blank canvas to take the outfit any which way. She pairs it with a structured black blazer to give it a classic chic touch and a pair of amazing suede buckled heels for a little edge. She keeps colors minimal with a single turquoise stone necklace and a gray cross body bag- just the right amount of color, a black or white bag would have made the outfit too monotone but just the touch of gray stays in the same color family while making the outfit more interesting. The mix of loose and structured pieces makes for a simple and chic outfit.

Hint: Start with leggings and a simple top adding pieces and accessories to make an outfit uniquely yours. For a night out add a bold necklace or a splash of color.