TREND: Haute Couture Houndstooth

Finals are upon us and that stress causes students to undress, that is, not to dress up as they’d normally would. UGGs, North Faces jackets and sweats are the norm around the holiday season of college. Thus, when I notice an individual still making an effort, well, that is the definition of a true Fashionista. Regardless of tests, they still manage to look their best!

One of the easiest ways to still show off your style in this crazy time of the year is to throw on a chic overcoat! Though traditional plaid has been heralded as the pattern for fall, we’re seeing more and more houndstooth! I’m crazy about this trend, for there’s something modern and classic about it. It takes a certain girl to dare to wear the bold print without being majorly overwhelmed. Thus, I love how this Fashionista managed to keep the rest of the outfit clean and neutral. The bright lavender scarf adds a touch of color to the otherwise black and white outfit.

Houndstooth’s characteristic broken check pattern can be adorned with diamonds, red lips and pumps or relaxed with skinny jeans and your favorite boots. It’s a versatile jacket that always leaves you feeling put together in an elegant, fashionable way. Not only can it be worn many different ways, it also keeps you Vogue-worthy warm!

Hint: Houndstooth is a bold choice in an oversized print but it’s demurely classic when the pattern is on a smaller scale. If you’re not ready to rock out an entire jacket of this pattern, throw on a scarf or headband.

TREND: The Glamorous Ginger

Some of us are drawn to the color red like a bull in Spain. For it’s a statement color, whether it’s on your lips or the sole of your Louboutin, it portrays confidence. But, this Fashionista portrays red in a totally different way – her tresses! Dressing for your hair color can be tricky and sometimes difficult: you want fashion and beauty to complement each other not clash. So, I was instantly attracted to how this Fashionista managed to show off her brilliant hair color and still dress red hot.

Her color palette flows perfectly. The grays and blacks allow her crimson locks to be a statement-making accessory. Thus, her wardrobe pieces are relatively simple and chic. The old-Hollywood glamour that fur implies flatters nicely with her classic, everlasting Chanel quilted bag. I know I am perpetually in pursuit of those adaptable pieces that can be worn a million different ways and will add a dash of instant style to any outfit.

Greens and purples look amazing on any ginger. Reds and pinks tribute any blonde. And if you’re dark, the rainbow is endless; basically any color brings out the vibrancy and thus makes your hair a feature and flaunt it! Work around the hair when finding an outfit. Keep in mind that simplicity in dress will make your hair hue more noticeable.

There’s always something to learn from the way trendsetters dress themselves. Sometimes they show us how to wear a dramatic trend, such as the vest, in a practical way. Other times, an outfit might spark some sort of do-it-ourselves idea, such as her layering. And of course, there are those moments when we see someone trying a fashion-forward look and we realize we’re seeing the next big trend. Inspiration is all around and comes from many different sources, including the hue of your locks. So, don’t get tangled up in the fads, curl around a look that’s right for you.

Hint: Old Navy and American Apparel will your one stop shop for any complimenting hue!

TREND: Brilliant Black

While black can be boring and basic, this Fashionista managed to make it beaming and brilliant. As the most versatile color, fit, quality and style are vital in making a normal outfit into a chic outfit. Since the palette is stark, I suggest following in the trendsetter's footsteps and use details as a punctuation.

Every season there’s a piece that drives fashion fanatics into a shopping frenzy. Right now, the must-have item is the terribly chic schoolboy blazer. It can be paired with just about anything and is worn all thru the seasons. This is a trend worth the investment for there’s something incredibly sharp about menswear-inspired clothing. While many try to shy away from the horizontal stripes, I personally think this piece looks great on any body. Her black and white striped top is casual, easy to wear and very versatile. The unique detail on her shoulders adds a touch of glam and flair. It takes the basic top up a notch.

Her bag also takes the entire outfit up another notch, for join the fabulous fringe festival. While figuring out how to incorporate it in your wardrobe without looking costumey can be quite a daunting task, take a cue from this Fashionista. Embrace this look on a boot, necklace or bag. It adds a boho chic feel and movement to any outfit.

Hint: Locate schoolboy blazers at J.Crew and striped tees at Nasty Gal. The fringe trend can be found at Urban Outfitters and Etsy.

TREND: A Fashionable Fly Fellow

I’m always charmed by fashionable fellow's ability to pull off bold style choices with ease. This Fashionisto created a stellar clothing combo of successfully mixing dressier and funky pieces so naturally. The contrasting prints work perfectly here to create a hip and smart fashion sense.

The lavish royal purple of his plaid shirt stands out amongst his gray suite. And whether you associate the plaid work shirt with '90s grunge or ranch hands, it’s a staple that is deeply rooted in American style. While ladies have pranced around town in this trend, it’s his variation that makes plaid so rad. Combining with the trend with his underneath striped shirt, he rebels against the age-old rule of not wearing print on print. But in this case, rebelling crafts radical coolness. The sports coat adds a dimension of classic chic to the otherwise trendy ensemble. It has a great modern fit including a little bit of flair without being over the top. Gray is definitely the new black this season and it looks good on any man. Scanning the outfit, his footwear is the definition of “bam!" Revealing a loud sense of color confidence the bright turquoise adds youth and light to the outfit. It adds hipster edge that identifies coolness. Contemporary and classic pieces create an ensemble for this Fashionisto that any Fashionista would be proud of.

Hint: For trendy male attire check out Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. Even digging through your local thrift store is sure to find you some rad blazers or basic layering tees.

TREND: Transcending Floral Flocks

Inspired from runway looks of Thakoon and Diane von Furstenberg, fabulous fall frocks are a great transition between seasons. While most think this is the most difficult time to put together outfits, I choose to view this period as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle. Integrating winter’s dark tones with spring’s floral prints creates a sensational seasonal segueing! This Fashionista provides you with enough outfit inspiration to satisfy all of your fall sartorial cravings!

The juxtaposition of her gray slate chunky-knit sweater and delicate posey dress appears feminine but not fussy. It produces a unique cohesive silhouette that captivates the freshness of spring and coziness of winter. It’s thrilling to see how some Fashionistas experiment with the season’s ample offerings of wardrobe essentials. It proves to show clothing can transcend from season to season while looking totally appropriate but also completely out of the ordinary. The thick black tights create a simple base to build upon. They are an essential, important, and versatile accessory when the weather starts to cool for any fashion crazed individual. Her neutral chocolate colored laced shoes add a bit of tomboy chic to her flower power garb.

One day it’s hot, one day it’s cold, thus these conflicting temperatures allow clothing difficulties for most, but empowering choices for the ingenious Fashionistas. The ability to put on a weather appropriate outfit regardless of what it says on the thermostat portrays an enduring elan. It’s refreshing, warm, and cool, combining the best of all seasons!

Hint: Hunt out floral flocks at the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. Rummage through your mothers closet or the shelves of Gap for classic clunky knit sweaters. And log onto Zappos to find essential season footwear similar to her Lucky Brand kicks.

TREND: Simply Ladylike

Goodbye to racy and androgynous dressing and hello to the era of ladylike fashion. When dressing ladylike associations such as white gloves, confining undergarments, and pointy shoes immediately come to mind. While although this look seems to be the antithesis of effortlessness, there is a way to channel this beauty without so much fuss. Take a point or two from this Fashionista who offers a stuble and modern way to wear this ladylike style. It isn’t too girly but has the right amount of sophistication and elegance and is reminiscent of ‘50s feminine style.

I greatly appreciate a garment that instantly makes a look appear effortlessly polished, i.e. the blazer. It’s one of the new articles of clothing that can refine almost any ensemble. A blazer can upgrade jeans and tee, add structure to a flirty dress, and sophisticate a pair of trousers. Thus I couldn’t resist noting this Fashionista’s pearl colored tweed jacket. The timeless fabric of tweed is perfect for transitioning into seasons. It gives a sort of Coco Chanel or Grace Kelly allure. The ruffles add a simple yet striking detail, almost resembling flowers. The blush pink blouse underneath adheres to the girly-ness of ladylike. The off-white and pastel colors are refreshing for the longer darker hours of fall.

To complete the ladylike look, remember to mind your manners and social graces, or else everything else will look like mockery for once a lady, always a lady.

Hint: Investing in a detail oriented blazer can add excitement to any outfit. It’s versatile and necessary. It’s a simple way to add a touch of grace to your look.

TREND: Fabulous Fur and Scandalous Snakeskin

Layering is a practical necessity this time of the year and is a very valued, required skill for any fashionable person. Yet many could still use a little inspiration from this department because it’s essential that these climate-required coverings resemble chic opposed to utilitarian drag. This Fashionista appears to wear oversized layers in fabulous ways, for her ensemble seems decidedly of-the-moment, but it also appears quite classic too.

Yielding an interesting bundle, multi-toned neutrals allow more diversity and creativity. The browns, blacks, whites, and even a touch of navy create a perfectly colorful look without much actual rainbow color. The contrasting fabrics add greater depth and style to the ensemble. Leading to the fuzzy fur, although a controversial trend of the season, has been transformed into a more youthful shape – the vest. This is defiantly a piece to invest in, preferably faux! Another texture, snakeskin is contributing to the outfit. This fashion-forward bag adds an edgy coolness. The gray color complement’s her subdued palate perfectly without being too matchy

The riding boot was destined to become a hit ever since Toby Maguire starred in Seabiscuit. These semi-rugged shoes make all other boot options look passé. It’s a powerful shoe that screams aggressively chic. Pairing this vigorous footwear option with layers creates an overall effortless beauty. The look is straightforward and cozy, yet portrays a great sense of personal style.

Hint: Layering is not only meant to keep you warmer, but to also keep your look original and display contrasting items. The art of layering can be achieved through picking distinctive colors, fabrics, and patterns to create the right look, not the lumpy look. And when in doubt, add that scarf!

TREND: Feeling Fashionably Fall

Although we are in the big and bold of autumn, global warming (unfortunately) allows for those uncharacteristically humid days. So, instead of sticking to your fall clothes, bring back a little summer sunshine. Break out your brights and channel the colors of fall in a warmer way. This Fashionista proves red and yellow aren’t just left to the leaves.

Although her top may seem to be a summer staple, taking clothing from different seasons allows for glowing versatility. The vivid hues emulate the fall trees of Central Park: both surprisingly beautiful yet still totally expected. Corresponding the yellows allows for a collective creation. Her stoplight stopping legs prove this Fashionista can most definitely compete with the dramatic and colorful season of fall. Tights are back this season in a bold, big way, for it is the time to buy bright tights. While the “safe” approach is pairing your shocking stockings with all-black outfits, this Fashionista is a little more daring. For a truly audacious look, wear a pair with either a pattern or graphic print like she did. The unexpected pop of color is perfectly refreshing as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Tights also allow for the possibility of the short ‘n’ swingy full skirt seen all over the BCBGMaxAzria and DKNY runways. Swinging into fall in a graceful yet gallant way, the addition of a think chocolate belt adds richness to the ensemble. For its time to get waisted: a super cincher middle makes a major statement. Resembling the beauty of fall is difficult to do, but this Fashionista manages to outshine.

Hint: You can get fashion inspiration from anyone and anything. The beauty of nature allows for a newer, natural, and more abstract insight to incorporate into your ensembles.

TREND: An Untraceable Cool Look

I’m wholly enamored with all things vintage. An old find can elevate an otherwise modern look to create a dash of untraceable cool. Incorporating fashion pieces from the past with fashion pieces from the present is a sure way to create a unique, one of a kind ensemble. This Fashionista manages to do just that. As a cherished tastemaker she incorporates the new and old to discover the beauty of timeless pieces aka vintage.

Why not be an early bloomer and show off floral power in the middle of fall? This '60s inspired trend is portrayed by the tiny flower print seen on her pants. It’s unexpected yet totally appropriate. The subdued colors allow this dainty floral print to flow perfectly into fall. I like how this Fashionista decided to toughen up the sophisticated blossoms using black accents in her ensemble. It’s a flowery flourish on a neutral, simple outfit. The timeless black flats and the ever so popular side-body bag incorporate simple yet necessary pieces. They bring modern, popular conveniences to the classic old-fashioned world of vintage clothing. Lastly the sequins on her long black sweater add a hit of glamour and sparkle, that is usually lacking in most vintage finds.

Hint: For vintage shopping go to local thrift stores: they are plentiful in the city. Or shop for vintage finds in the comfort of your own room, by going on Nasty Gal or Archive—amazing web-only stores that presents great vintage finds in an aesthetically pleasing way.

TREND: Prowling the Catwalk with Monochromatic

Every autumn there are a handful of prints on the prowl, but this trendsetter pounced on one of my favorites: leopard. While this animal-influenced pattern might not be anything new, I’m quite enamored with the way this Fashionista managed to work it into her wardrobe. She portrays sleek sophistication: it’s very adult (in a good way) and chic.

Her simple slim silhouette is the perfect canvas to begin the ensemble because leopard is bold. Thus, I like the way this fashion frontrunner decided to only wear a single accent piece. By sticking to neutrals everywhere else, she both spotlights and tones down the leopard and modernizes it. Animal-print accents are the ideal way to freshen up timeless stapes and make them feel current again.

Falls call for leather is always exciting and thrilling. Her corresponding toned belt and boots flow perfectly together. The belt is unexpected and assertive, the perfect way to wake up any outfit. Meanwhile her boots are experiencing a serious fashion moment, they are seen everywhere on everyone, yet still as fashionable as ever.

While some may say monochromatic looks are dull and dreary, I say they are quite the opposite. Dressing in a single color palette is very difficult, thus when it’s done correctly, the effect is stimulating. This Fashionista’s inspiring and eclectic taste should be meowed about on the catwalk!

Hint: Brown hued clothing can be boring. But, if it fits right and is styled correctly, chocolate, bronze, and hazel browns can add depth and continuity to any outfit. Just be sure to add warmer and cooler shades to add a contrast.