TREND: Menswear Chic

Flexibility in fashion is a beautiful thing. The art of changing clothing’s original meaning can create some inspiring combinations. Initially retailed as men’s khakis, this Fashionista managed to compose them in a wickedly cool menswear inspired ensemble. She took the basic and managed to metamorphic them into a sophisticated, mature outfit.

Her Balenciaga style blazer instantly caught my eye. The rich navy style guarantees you to find some seriously chic ways to incorporate velvet into your wardrobe. Velvet-focused looks shouldn’t be wildly dramatic; rather they should feature simple silhouettes to allow the material to shine. I like how this Fashionista balanced it with neutral colors. And, nonetheless, she chose a beloved basic: the white oxford button-up. A piece so simple, yet so timeless, the versatility it allows is endless. Whether it be worn over a bathing suit, tucked into a pencil skirt, or sported with leggings, it’s a statement piece that instantly screams chic. Moving down to her menswear khakis, once relegated as business-casual trousers, they are now being regarded as a necessity of utilitarian hue. I particularly like how this Fashionista rolled up the bottoms, not in an attempt to guard against the dirt, but instead add more originality into the outfit. The little changes you can make like tucking in, rolling up, and buttoning can make all the difference. The hue matching accessories are my favorite. A camel colored belt and camel colored shoes add harmony. They complement each other perfectly to really bring the entire look together. Sporting menswear fashion is tough, you have to experiment and get a little dirty to create the winner. But once you do you will realize the flexibility you have. Start looking through your dad and brothers closets pronto! 

Hint: When dressing menswear inspired wear something feminine whether it be red lips, stilettos, or a chic chiffon.

TREND: Slick and Stylish on a Rainy Day

At the first sign of rain, we normally hide under a big umbrella or run to the nearest shelter. But even when the weather is dreary and the skies are gray, a true Fashionista never misses an opportunity to show off fresh fashion. Instead they embrace this occasion to show off some weather appropriate clothing. It can definitely be tough to dress for a rainy day for there are so many things to consider such as what kind of material to wear to how to stay dry without sacrificing style.

This Fashionista proves rainy days can be slick and stylish. She manages to combat the weather blues with an updated rain-jacket – a military inspired field jacket. The gray color allows her more versatility than the usual army green. Her simple bundled up scarf is functional for it keeps her warm but still looks chic, whereas her oversized silver watch and sizeable cocktail ring keep the look glamorous but still appropriate. Moving down to the black boots, as motorcycle-meets-equestrian hybrids, they seamlessly transform to accommodate many different looks. These traffic-stopping boots are so aggressively chic that they make all other cold-weather options look passé. While many opt for the traditional paisley patterned boots, this Fashionista stands strong in black. So while her gray ensemble may compete with the gray skies, her fashion makes for a sunny day.

Hint: For dressing in the rain suede is off-limits and leather that hasn’t been treated with a protectent can be easily damaged. Trench coats are another stylist option instead of simple rain jackets. And make sure to carry a chic pokadot umbrella for when it’s raining cats and dogs!

TREND: The Homecoming Queen

While Homecoming might be the welcoming back of former alumni, this Fashionista proves it’s also the welcoming back of some of the most adored trends. Her ensemble includes the classics, while still portraying school pride by sporting the Fordham color – maroon!

Since coming to college you’ve been ‘saved by the bell’ of the required school uniforms, but that doesn’t mean school-inspired wear is out of date. Her backpack reminds us of the simple, youthful days of carrying around our life (i.e. a notebook and a superhero lunchbox) on our back. But, to be cool in school, exhibit your utilitarian flair with a chic leather backpack. The tough aesthetic of this accessory juxtaposes perfectly with her large-and-in-charge scarf. Printed super-sized scarves can be worn in lieu of fancy tops. Just throw on a normal tee, particularly a school spirited color, and add the bit of attention getting neck flair. While the Homecoming Spirit Day may or may not be “'70s attire,” this Fashionista tastefully welcomed back the denim vest trend. I have a vested (no pun intended) attraction in this piece of apparel: you can virtually throw one on with almost anything. Investing in one is a wise buy for they can accentuate or conceal your figure. Providing a new focal point, vests easily refresh any outfit. The Fashionista’s unfussy dressing is elevated with expert accessorizing: bangles, layered necklaces, and oversized rings. Staying true to a tomboy aesthetic this fashionable Ram wins Homecoming Queen.

Hint: Stumble upon denim vests at Topshop, invest in some classic patterned Begg scarves, and discover great vintage-looking leather backpacks at Saddleback Leather Company.

TREND: A Chic and Unusual Juxtaposition

September serves as the official host month for fashion because all over the world Fashion Week is taking place in major cities from London to Montreal to (most importantly for Fordham) New York! This implies Fashionistas are beaming all around trying to look their ultimate best. During fashion week, anything and everything goes.

While everyone wants to look like a lady, getting in touch with your rebellious side is always a little more thrilling. This Fashionista managed to pull a hybrid of rocker Blondie and graceful Coco Chanel: two distinctively different mindsets producing one harmony of glam. How do you achieve this yin and yang? First start out with a simple palette of dark jeggings and an uncomplicated striped tee. You can spot (ironically) the stripes trend all over Forever 21. Next, add to your attire a leather jacket, a wardrobe staple for countless seasons. The perfect counterpoint to leather is feminine accessories similar to the ones that this Fashionista has adorned. She looks flirty and feminine, and there’s not even pink involved! A Chanel staple – ropes of pearls – is an easy way to add instant glam. Then pulling the Gwen Stefani signature crimson lips, she manages to create a day and night look. Red lips were seen all over Fashion week at the Proenza Schouler and Givenchy shows, and this Fashionista knows what’s in. Everyone is always a little receptive to any type of glistening objects, thus her razzle dazzle pumps grab our instant affection. Sequins will always add a flirtatious and eccentric vibe to any outfit. To finish out her ensemble, she renders one of the biggest accessories trends of the season: a cross-body bag. This snakeskin metallic, fold-over flap version adds a dramatic touch. Style is all about unusual juxtapositions and imperfect mixes like this Fashionista managed to do. Predictable is boring, whereas unpredictable is far more exciting!

Hint: How to mix it up: Look fierce and feminine

  • Combine some cheaper pieces from department stores, prized finds from vintage stores, and anything borrowed from mom’s closet to create a disparity of accessories
  • Perfection is overrated, nothing has to be matchy-matchy
  • Spend more on the classic clothes and less on the trendy accessories
  • You can never go wrong with a leather jacket and a string of pearls

TREND: The Fashionable Balancing Act

Balance is the key to dressing: manipulating our outfits to strike the perfect current-meets-timeless note. The art of putting together chic ensembles can be difficult because you want to get the balance correct and not look sloppy. But this Fashionista happens to meet the perfect equilibrium by wearing a tight bottom and a flowing top.

Although a mix of relatively simple pieces, when paired together they create something unique. The bright loose fitting tee is a terrific staple. It’s friendly to the dress-for-comfort types and it’s also seen on every young Hollywood scarlet. Adorned and adored by all, this basic top leaves opportunity for many outfit options: dressed up with skinny jeans and heels, tucked into a high-waist skirt, or worn with your silk pajama bottoms and leopard print slippers. But on a warm September day, this Fashionista is the perfect outfit matchmaker for choosing a tight, short black skirt. Even though many of us leave the LBS (little black skirt) for the weekend nights out, pairing it with a loose top looks totally daytime appropriate. And to continue the argument as to why she looks refined as opposed to inappropriate, is her decision to sport the oh-so-classic Keds. These simple, yet timeless sneakers aren’t just worn by the pediatric-ridden folks, they have grown in fashion to collaborate with some huge designer names including Gap and Jeffrey. To really top off the outfit entirely she has a little sun protection via her pale fedora. The felt hat is stylist while still being one of the most practical trends. And whereas her casual day style is a testament to ease, the key to balance is comfort. She can sport the LBS because of crucial comfort pieces, such as her shoes, skirt and hat. So, while I try to help you add balance to your outfits, adding balance to your crazy college life is a whole another wardrobe!

TREND: Sporting a Perfect Transition

The second you start to get comfortable with the current season’s trends, it’s time to move on to the next. But thankfully the switch from summer to full-blown winter doesn’t happen overnight. For fashion is all about metamorphosis, allowing you a transition period: fall.

Styling with school spirit, this Fashionita’s look is the perfect season shift. She is still sporting one of the biggest summer staples: the jean short. The versatility of them is endless. I like how she chose lighter denim, a big trend popping up again from the acid-washed jeans. American Eagle has a great array of denim. Transition even occurs on her once lackluster Fordham Ram’s tee to a trendy off the shoulder top. This creative touch shows school spirit can be fashionable. As the weather cools down, the need for that essential pedicure is no more, thus debuting the adored boot season. Her short moccasin boots aren’t just seen on Davy Crockett wannabes, they’re a bohemian shoe staple that will continue to be relevant for seasons to come. Find similar styles on Zappos and Steve Madden. Crossover bags aren’t just for the messengers anymore. Her camel masculine-shaped satchel is the perfect go to bag, it’s stylish, practical, and goes with nearly everything. With the ability to be slung across one's torso, this functional accessory can be found on Shopbop. Looking forward, fall is the best season because you have the most options for outfits: you can continue to wear your summer wardrobe, you can unpack your winter clothes, and you can get a great deal of inspiration from Vogue’s September issue!

TREND: Hobo Chic

Fact: there is way more style reporting for women versus men. This fact allows me to give extra appreciation for the well-assembled ensembles of the fashionable fellows out there. But what exactly sparks these visionary outfits? It seems as though a majority of the inspiration emerges from trendy but abstruse musicians. Sources such as MGMT, Of Montreal, The Stokes, and David Bowie have all contributed great influence on to how this Fashionisto is adorned. Although a great paradox of a traditional rock 'n’ roller’s wardrobe is that the clothes appear to be slept in (maybe they actually were), but they still look put together, characterized by the term “hobo chic.” This style of dressing rhythmically flows music into fashion. Bold style choices and his ability to pull them off with ease portray a strong sense of confidence in this Fashionisto, which is crucial for any musician.

The art of layering is a great trend, it allows for more creativity and a little eccentricity. By simply adding another piece you can create an entirely different outfit. I like how this Fashionisto chose to wear a marbled pale gray V-neck underneath a loose neck aqua T-shirt. The light colors can be kept in your wardrobe all year long, regardless of any Labor Day rules. Groundwork for layering can begin at American Apparel, a shop with endless potential. The top layer, a vest, has been a part of masculine style for hundreds of years. While the basic design has remained fairly constant, the versatility has expanded to an endless array of possibilities. It can be worn as part of three-piece suit (obviously), dressy with trousers and a button down, casual with jeans and an open-collar shirt, or simply chic as this Fashionisto did with colored pants and distinguished tees. Classic vests can be found at Macy's and Men’s Warehouse. Shifting down, an Urban Outfitter’s staple, bright skinny jeans aren’t just worn by the hipsters in Williamsburg anymore, they are everywhere. I like how this Fashionisto selected a dark eggplant color because while although it’s vivid and interesting, it has a low-key coolness factor that can go with many things. This dynamic transcends into his old-school, but reinvented high-top Converse. Seen on many musicians, the popular shoe greatly portrays the influence music can have on fashion. As the everyman shoe, Chucks inspire originality, along with the Ray-Ban Wayfarers. A design that hasn’t changed in nearly 60 years, these plastic sunglasses are iconic. They are trendy, but not flashy, and they are new, but they are old. Although affected by music, this Fashionisto created his own unique creation to rock out in.

Music is one of the most influential sources of inspiration. Whether your muse is Madonna, Beyonce, or Michael Jackson, create your own unique creation to rock out in!


Back to school shopping has always been a time of change for most Fashionistas. As the summer comes to an end, the weather starts to cool down, thus creating the need for a new wardrobe! As we go through college though, this change is really about investing in standout pieces. We don’t have the time or money to completely overhaul everything we own, but instead to improve and tweak our own personal style. Back to school is reintroducing the “you, but new” version.

This Fashionista’s outfit flows from good girl gone bad. It is demure on top, while her wedges accentuate a flirtatious side. This blouse is chic and easy. The color is a muted pink, allowing the bright colors of the summer to easily flow into the subdued colors of fall. Ruffles add a relaxed elegance to the outfit. The deeply feminine embellishment is one of the most effortless ways to add dramatic interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Because ruffles create volume, be sure to counter the effect with something tailored like slim-fit jeans, a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Thus the choices of shoes are endless. She chose to accentuate her tall figure with wedges, easily argued the most comfortable heel, especially good for all that campus walking. This earthly brown style adds an organic offbeat touch that goes with nearly everything. Transition them into the cooler months by adding knit socks, a definite fall trend! To polish off this outfit, she added a canvas bag. It’s a great option for school because it’s sturdy for your everyday, miscellaneous items but not at all bulky. This Fashionista knows how to be a standout: looking stylish and mature for her first day, while many around her sport the traditional college-wear of hoodies and sweatpants!

Back to school Shopping Tips:
– Versatility: Whatever you buy make sure you can create at least 3 different looks.
– Personality: You’re young so express yourself!
– Economical: Inexpensive pieces are key because living in the city does a ware and tear quite easily.

Find great wedges at Piperlime. Look for ladylike blouses at Urban Outfitters and Banana Republic. And for the true classics go to Levis for a pair of great fitting jeans with their new custom fit guide called “Levi Curve ID.”

Style Guru Bio: Sara Kalwarski

Hello all, my name is Sara. By way of Virginia, I have made it en route to the fashion capital of the world: New York City. As a Marketing major I hope to break into the fashion PR industry. My experience spans from interning at Marie Claire alongside the incredible Nina Garcia to working at Panthere PR, a smaller company representing up and coming designers.
My inspiration comes from all sorts of places and things: I’m addicted to magazines, window-shopping, and pearls. I admire Grace Kelly and aspire to be the next Diane Von Furstenberg. Fall is my favorite season; it’s a time of major and sudden change, just like my own personal style. I like to experiment while also always relying on the classics. My favorite designers are Valentino and Vera Wang and I love to shop at Forever 21 and Nordstrom.

Picasso once said, “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” I realized this quote is perfect for CollegeFashionista, because while it’s easy to simply replicate an outfit, it’s undoubtedly better to use that ensemble as the starting point for your own creation. That’s why I am excited to be a Style Guru this year, to present ideas and suggestions to help you stumble upon your own unique style. My only requirement is whatever style you do stumble upon as your own, own it with grace and self-belief. Because there is no better accessory than a feeling of confidence in what you’re wearing!