Are you having trouble finding that perfect denim button down or jacket? If you're in a denim dilemma, try faking it with some chambray! Chambray is a fantastic alternative to denim, and with its lightweight demeanor, it's easier to wear in the upcoming warmer weather. Skirts, jackets, shorts and even shoes can be found in this versatile material and all work as great neutrals to pair with your favorite summer frocks. This week's Fashionista showcased this by pairing an Urban Outfitters studded chambray jacket with her favorite teal romper from Nordstrom.

Name: Olivia Rizzuto

Major: Business

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What do you love most about chambray?

Olivia Rizzuto: I love how comfortable and flexible the material is. I also like how well this jacket pairs with all of my other clothes.

CF: How would you describe your everyday style?

OR: I like to keep my style casual and comfortable. I try to pair simple pieces together to make an easy, everyday look that can be used for all different types of occasions.

CF: Where is your favorite store to shop?

OR: I love Urban Outfitters!

How To: If you are looking for a new spring blazer, skip the khaki and cream and try one in a chambray like this Aryn K jacket. Chambray can also be utilized in your footwear like these Converse slip-ons.


After a week of beautiful weather bliss, the dark clouds had their way and came back to Penn State to rain on our recent graduates! As many times as I would love to belt out "rain, rain go away", it seems the best thing to do is to adapt to these schizophrenic weather patterns. This week's Fashionista not only did that, but also makes me want to break out in a rain dance. Sporting a Cole Haan rain coat and a flowy chiffon dress, this Fashionista flawlessly found the balance between hot spring fashion and functionality.

Name: Robin Orosz

Major: Education

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What drew you to this Cole Haan rain coat?

Robin Orosz: Well I saw it at Nordstrom last winter and absolutely fell in love! It has a drawstring bow in the back and has many intricate details that really make it stand out. I also love how it covers the majority of my leg so it really keeps me dry.

CF: What are you most excited to add to your post-graduate closet?

RO: Well I have been really trying to find versatile pieces that I can wear at work and eventually transition to nighttime.

CF: How would you describe your everyday style?

RO: I love simple, classic pieces. I like to keep my style pretty casual.

How To: A long rain coat is a great investment, especially for this crazy spring weather. Try this Michael Kors double-breasted trench or this ASOS cape trench to fight off those rain clouds. Drenched bystanders will surely admire your stylish ways of battling the elements.


Neon tends to gets a bad rep.. raves, 1986 workout videos, et cetera. This bright and lively color range has taken on a personality of its own, and you can easily find ways to incorporate it into your everyday attire. Crop tops, sneakers and even shorts have adopted these attention-grabbing colors and are a great alternative to a neutral. These bold colors are fantastic to wear, both night and day, and this week's Fashionista did so effortlessly. Her J. Crew neon yellow shorts definitely made her stand out from the crowd, and I never knew neon could look so put together!

Name: Dana Yurchak

Major: Biobehavioral Health

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look today?

Dana Yurchak: Well I was so happy to see the weather today so I wanted to wear something bright and cheery! I love these shorts, and I bought the necklace to match.

CF: Do you have any other neon items that you save for days like this?

DY: Yeah, I actually have the same pair of shorts in neon pink as well. I couldn't pass them up!

CF: What matters to you most when it comes to fashion?

DY: I just try to look as put together as I can.

How To: I'm loving this week's Fashionista, so I wanted to find some neon items that keep it casual. Try pairing this Forever 21 pullover in neon yellow with boyfriend jeans or patterned shorts. If you are looking for something a little more subdued, check out these American Apparel corduroy shorts in deep pink.


Cheery pastels, vibrants brights and gleaming whites. These are only some of the colors that come to mind when thinking about spring. Although I would love to add a robin's egg blue trench coat to my closet, your spring wardrobe doesn't always have to be rainbows and butterflies. Wearing darker, more subdued colors in this fabulous weather will have you standing out from the crowd in a good way. This week's Fashionista did just that, and I was green with envy of her ensemble. She looked effortlessly chic in an intricate navy blue trench from ModCloth and black mary-jane flats. She paired the coat with a pair of sheer black tights that featured a runner in the back. My absolute favorite part of this look is the way the dotted design collected at both the bottom and cuffs of the coat.

Name: Caroline Shaffer

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your everyday style?

Caroline Shaffer: I love vintage pieces.

CF: Tell me a little but more about your coat.

CS: I got it from Modcloth. It was surprisingly on sale so I was so excited to buy it!

How To: This Fashionista's coat was definitely a steal and I am extremely jealous I didn't find the deal myself!  I found a similar type of look with this "Against the Storm" coat on Modcloth. Urban Outfitters always has a great selection of tights, so try a pair like this sheer heart band tight or this side floral tight.


If you couldn't already tell by the swarm of bathing-suit clad students soaking up the rays on HUB lawn, I am happy to announce that spring is officially here! In addition to the beautiful weather it brings, spring also has a tendency to drag the Fashionistas of Penn State out of hibernation and onto campus sidewalks. While I was zigzagging through the swimsuits and cut-offs, I found this week's Fashionista standing out from the crowd. She decided that it was too soon to part with her over-the-knee boots, so she instead rocked them out with denim shorts and an adorable white Urban Outfitters top. This week's Fashionista demonstrates that just because the sun is out, it doesn't mean you have to store your beloved boots in the closet of winter has-beens.

Name: Lindsay Burdette

Year: Sophomore

Major: Art

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your everyday style on beautiful days like today?

Lindsay Burdette: Nothing really actually. Probably just the weather.. and whatever I feel like putting on.

CF: What is your favorite store to shop at?

LB: Definitely Urban Outfitters!

How To: I am a boot fanatic and love finding ways to pair them with almost everything! Taupe colors are great to pair with vibrant florals and other bright spring patterns so try finding a color like the Frye Jane boot in the slate. A shorter boot like the Steve Madden Blazzee boot is also a fantastic, neutral colored boot to try pairing with all of your favorite spring frocks. For a light, airy spring top, this Kimchi Blue lace cami will definitely put you in the warm weather mindset.


Read 'em and weep, ladies! There ARE indeed well-dressed men on the Penn State campus, you just need to take a closer look– although this particular gentleman wasn't too hard to spot. With his attention-grabbing pants and searsucker blazer, this week's Fashionisto looks like he walked straight out of a Lacoste catalogue. When asked about the color of his trousers, this Fashionista demonstrated his extensive knowledge of the color wheel by nonchalantly replying, "a lighter shade of nantucket red". If you haven't quite yet been swept off your feet, read on to the Q&A.. I'm sure he'll have you sold on this look.

Name: Tom Fitzpatrick

Major: Energy Business and Finance

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite part of your outfit today?

Tom Fitzpatrick: My favorite part of my outfit today was definitely my searsucker sport coat. Wearing anything searsucker is the closest thing to a chick magnet. You couldn't see in the picture, but 12 girls were waiting to talk to me.

CF: How would you describe your everyday style?

TF: My everyday style is to look good. I have a motto "Wake up fresh, go to bed fresh."

CF: What is your favorite clothing brand to wear around campus?

TF: My favorite clothing brand is probably Vineyard Vines.

How To: This week's Fashionisto inspired me to think prep– I instantly logged onto the Vineyard Vines site and found these casual Rhubarb pants. If you're looking for something a little more subdued, they also come in a "blue heron" color that is a fantastic alternative to khaki.


In a world full of crop tops and micro mini's, it's always refreshing to see a chic spin on a more modest look. Yes, we are far past the days of pilgrim skirts and bonnets (thank goodness), but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to rock your shortest daisy dukes to class. This week's Fashionista shows that sometimes less skin is more! With her wine red maxi skirt and woven skinny belt, this week's Fashionista beautifully illustrated what the phrase bohemian chic really means. She opted to pair the skirt with a black tank top, ruffled cardigan and lastly, but certainly not least, a stunning Mulberry leather bag.

Name: Natalie Hewes

Major: Energy and Business Finance

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your everyday style?

Natalie Hewes: I like to combine conservative classics with a bit of punk and street styles. Something about the juxtaposition of a preppy striped Breton top with a leather jacket or Dr. Martens really does it for me.

CF: What drew you to this maxi skirt?

NH: I bought the maxi skirt because I don't have anything else like it in my closet. I'm really sick of blue jeans, so I try to look for alternative pieces that are just as versatile but more interesting. Plus, its a great transition item for the spring.

CF: What time period would you say is your favorite for fashion?

NH: 1970s .. high-waisted pants, crop tops, big statement jewelry, platform shoes and the dawn of the British punk look from icons like Vivienne Westwood and the Sex Pistols.

How To: If you are newcomer to the maxi skirt trend, try something like this Splendid convertable skirt/dress. If your looking for something with a bit more texture, a layered look like this Free People maxi skirt can be paired with almost anything, especially denim.


Most of us were taught how to "match" at a very young age. I remember being 5 years old and wanting to wear my pink socks with a pink dress and a pink headband. This pepto bismol look may have worked in the wonder years, but these age-old  "matching" rules have been basically tossed out the window. Intentional mismatching is a seemingly effortless way to make a statement, and its not only fashionable, but exciting! Try mixing bright prints with polka dots, horizontal lines with vertical lines and, like this week's Fashionista, houndstooth with plaid.

Name: Kristin Richards

Major: Marketing and Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your look today?

Kristin Richards: Well it finally looked a little warmer than the usual 30 degress so I wanted to wear removable layers.

CF: What is your take on mixing different patterns to make a look?

KR: I love mixing patterns. I wear this houndstooth scarf with practically everything!

CF: What inspires your wardrobe most?

KR: I would definitely have to say streetwear. If I'm in the city and see something different that looks cute on someone passing by, I will usually try to remember it and replicate it with my own clothes!

How To: A houndstooth scarf isn't too hard to find nowadays, but if you want something with a little spin on it, take a look at this Juicy Couture "snood". Spice it up with this bright pink multicolored plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters, or you can even rock a plaid skirt like this one from J.Crew.


Just when we thought the worst of the winter blues was behind us, the clouds darken up and a cold front chills the air. I reluctantly had to drag out the coats and sweaters that I prematurely packed up and stored underneath my bed to brave the monotonous winds. I'm not sure why, but I believe there is a direct positive correlation between how dreary the weather is and how dark your clothes are. Then I saw this Fashionista. Vibrant as can be, the weather didn't affect this week's Fashionista from rocking her brightest of brights. Her teal coat was the first thing that caught my eye, and its shearling trim really added an interesting touch. Not only was her coat adorable, but she decided to pair it with canary yellow opaque tights and finished the look off with two-toned knee high boots.

Name: Bernadette Paller

Year: Senior

Major: Human Development and Family Studies

How To: I personally LOVE tights. All shapes, styles and–most of all–colors! I've been eyeing up these Modcloth tights for some time now and this week's Fashionista may make me finally purchase them. Tights are a great thing to throw on during this drabby March weather and can really add a layer of excitement to any outfit. If you really want to think out of the box, check out the thousands of hosiery options on a website called MyTights. For a colored coat, try an exciting color like this yellow French Connection coat. For a lightweight option to wear into warmer weather, a cotton double-breasted coat like this one from Zac Posen will be sure to turn some heads.


I'm not one for Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I am awfully ready to rock some florals. I was so excited when I saw an array of tiny flower buds popping up from the drabby ground and even more so when I spotted this floral frock passing by me. Judging by her adorable cream oxford flats and floral printed dress, it seems that spring has sprung for this week's Fashionista. To keep in accordance with the weather, she paired the dress with dark tights and a cardigan which makes for a perfect limbo look.

Name: Rachel Yurchak

Major: Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Rachel Yurchak: I can never seem to summarize my style. You can find an array of items in my closet, but if I had to put it plainly .. I'd say simple, classic.

CF: What is a common fashion faux pas you see around campus?

RY: There seems to be a common misconception at Penn State that sweats and Uggs are the required dress .. this is false. I also dislike ill fitting clothes. Know your size!

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

RY: My favorite place to shop is definitely Madewell. It has the perfect selections for my lifestyle, plus it's affordable!

How To: After this Fashionista mentioned Madewell, I decided to do some online browsing myself. I came across this cheery printed dress that would look fantastic both with or without a belt. Pairing it with these two-toned oxfords and a pair of opaque tights is a perfect transition into the spring weather. You can also work a look like this at night by throwing on a pair of awesome Jeffrey Campbell platforms and a statement knuckle ring.