BEAUTY BAR: Spring Flowers

Spring is here, and so is our desire for warmth, sunshine, and bright colors. This Fashionista brought all of that together in one outfit. Once the spring months hit, whether the day is gloomy or not, we want to dress up!

Her makeup is perfect for the day and the season. She kept it very light with the basics: foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. A little blush eyeshadow is a great accent to help contrast the jacket she draped over for the mildly windy day. Keeping your makeup light and natural is the perfect go-to look for any busy Fashionista.

Although we want to enjoy the sunshine, it’s not yet the time to put away your jackets. This Fashionista rocked the loose fitting blush jacket to keep warm. The neutral tank top she chose fit well with the color of her jacket. She couldn’t miss the trend that has been taking over everyone’s look—a black choker with gold accents was a great touch for this spring fit. As I mentioned before, we’re excited for color! This Fashionista brought color to her look with a small clutch that’s functional and an eye catcher. Also, who doesn’t love floral print? Dark wash denim is a good way to contrast her lighter top colors. Her sandals are a great way to tie the whole outfit together. The nude color is coordinating to the color scheme of her top, and the red accents align well with her clutch.

Spring is the time to evolve your style, and try new trends. Step out of your comfort zone and see what new colors and patterns you can welcome into your wardrobe. Keep your makeup light, and allow your face to become sun-kissed. Enjoy the season!

WHAT TO WEAR: Look Good, Feel Good

Everyone needs a day for themselves, whether it is spent reading, lying in bed, shopping, or whatever it may be—you deserve it. This Fashionista spent her day off going on a shopping spree, and her outfit is the perfect one to do that in.

More often than not, we grab too many hangers, run to the dressing room, get excited, twirl in front of the tall mirrors and then let our faces fall when the dress, blouse, jeans don’t fit just right. Although shopping is supposed to be fun and relaxing, it can often get really stressful and mood ruining.

A good first step to setting your day and mood off to a positive start is a good outfit. Although, yes, you are going hunting for new trends and deals, don’t hesitate to show what you already have and love.

Some statement pieces that this Fashionista loves to show off are perfect for a girl’s day spent shopping! First, the basics: denim her light-wash jeans are perfect for this sunny day, especially with the fun rips throughout. Her shirt is a vibrant off-the-shoulder loose fitting blouse that is a closet must have with spring coming upon us. Over her blouse she draped a cute leather jacket, an addition that is easy to mix and match among any outfit. Shoes are so important, not only to contrast your outfit, but also to keep you comfortable while you shop until you drop. Booties are the perfect shoe for the occasion as well as the transition period, when the weather is not sure yet what it is doing and we are not sure how to handle it. She also added a few details through her accessories, one of them being a leather handbag with a long strap as well as short ones for convenience.

So, next time you’re getting ready to treat yourself, make sure you feel your best first and take on the adventure with a positive attitude—even if it something as little as trying on a couple new styles. Remember that you look great!

STYLE ADVICE: Plaid is Back

As we are still battling through the winter months, it is getting difficult to pull out new stops to take on street style. I think it’s interesting to pay attention to the looks the guys are able to bring out to the streets. More often than not, you can find this athletic Fashionisto rocking gray sweats, Nikes, and a basketball hoodie of any sort. Comfort often wins the battle. But for today, he sorted through his closet for this winter classic look.

Plaid has been so in and out, but he managed to make it work, although I doubt it did a good job keeping him warm. Underneath, you can see a plain white T-shirt, which I think is awesome as an add-on layer during the winter months, as well as completing the look by contrasting with the buttons on his button up, and making it look sharp. He paired up his Tommy Hilfiger button up with The North Face black vestwhich is a good piece to keep in your closet whether you are looking to dress up or down. Since I am a huge denim fan, I was very pleased to see this Fashionisto rocking jeans, and making them look great! The dark wash goes well with the other darker tones throughout his fit. As for the Timberland bootsI think we have seen a lot of them out on the streets, but what’s great is that everyone can wear them differently and do so to match their style. In this case, they are not the star of the outfit, but a piece that completes the puzzle.

A great thing about this outfit is that it is so multi-purposed. He can go from running around town and doing errands to spending the night with the guys without having to change a thing! Although I personally am the queen of three (at minimum) outfits a day, I don’t think others share my love for the hassle quite as much.

With winter months still in full force, keep doing your best at staying with the style while keeping warm!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Wonderblues

During the cold Wisconsin winter, we often think of big puffy coats, mittens and hats, but there is a lot more than that to play with. Sometimes it is hard to stay on top of the details, but this Fashionista never lets her style slide.

One of the biggest fashion staples, and everyone’s favorite, no matter what continent you are battling your winter on, is scarves. This Fashionista decided to bundle up as well as contrast her outfit with the beautiful Louis Vuitton scarf. Underneath, she’s rocking a comfy white turtleneck sweater to keep warm and cute at the same time. These have been so popular, and are especially great for the winter months. Jackets are a must to help us stay warm, and they can be fashionable. She is rocking a draping leather jacket. It’s not puffy or waterproof as you would think a winter jacket should be, but it is to die for! She wears simple skinny jeans, as jeans are always a good go-to. She finishes her outfit with OTK boots that contrast the other pieces of her outfit.

Accessories are every Fashionista’s best friend, and complete any outfit. This Fashionista picked out the best ones! Her silver Michael Kors watch is subtle, yet essential to tie the whole look together. She has paired it up with a couple rings, some with accents of blue that go well with the LV scarf.

So if you have given in to the cold, and are wearing a coat 24/7, think again! Even if you must bundle up, don’t forget to add a couple accessories and some color to your outfit on any given gloomy day.

STYLE GURU BIO: Sasha Mashchenko

Hey, my name is Sasha. I am currently in my sophomore year of school at Madison College, and my first semester as a Style Guru with College Fashionista! I am beyond excited to start this journey and see where it takes me. Madison, Wisconsin has been home ever since I moved to the states from Kiev, Ukraine when I was 10 years old.

Beside my love for fashion, my love for dogs is enormous; especially my little teddy-bear puppy Khloe. In my free time I enjoy browsing the Internet for online only sales, and overall fun pieces that are up for snags for an incredible price. There is nothing better than looking elegant and high end while knowing that you stole the look for a winner price. Another passion of mine is reading and writing. It is the best escape from any stress that you might be dealing with—and being a college student, we know there is a lot.

I have traveled back to Ukraine since my move to the states. The difference in fashion, and street style is very apparent. I feel very blessed that I not only have a place I can still call home that is across the world, but also have the opportunity to explore my style through multiple cultures.

My go to look is denim, denim, denim. It is so fun to dress up or down, and fit your personality as you wish. Another key to my everyday look is simplicity; you can never go wrong with a simple, sharp look. I am a total accessories fanatic, therefore it is easy to add flare and contrast to a simple black T-shirt I might be wearing on any given day.

As I walk through the mall, I can’t pass by Gap, Banana Republic, or Michael Kors without stopping in and browsing through the racks. They always have my go-tos, and new inspiration at great quality with affordable prices.

Today is the perfect representation of me: Simple, yet high end. First the basics: My black skinny jeans are from Gap and are a must have staple in my closet, paired with a black tank top on top to keep things simple. To stay warm during the chilly December weather, I am wearing a tan Banana Republic cashmere cardigan—soft and irreplaceable! As for the shoes, my personal favorites are the black suede Michael Kors booties with gold accents. The accessories are a must, as any Fashionista knows. The ones I chose for my look include a gold Michael Kors watch, the large Dillon Saffiano Michael Kors Satchel, and my two every day essential bracelets: Tiffany & Co. and Pandora—a girl’s best friends.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity, and am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and style with you. Tune in!