So OK, I know I said spring was here but with the Richmond weather you can never to prepared. One day it's blistering heat, the next you are reaching for a sweater. But actually, it should be no problem for you fashion enthusiast because that is part of the job, always being prepared.

When switching your wardrobe over form season to season, it is important to keep a few pieces at all times. Scarfs are one of those items that, depending on the material, can be worn all year around. Oversized sweatshirts are also get items to keep. When it's to cold you can pair then with that scarf you have at hand and some jeans, or when it is warmer just throw on some shorts and some accessories and there you have it. It's all about being able to adapt. Thrift stores tend to have everything you need because some of them don't even change inventory when the seasons change, they just keep accepting everything people bring in. 

Check out Rumors for great fashion and seasonal appropriate looks. 

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With the Royal Wedding has finally passed and the attention put on this grand event has been insane. Every detail of Kate Middleton's outfit and wardrobe has been picked apart for weeks now and it has me looking at what students at VCU are wearing inspired by the very lovely Kate. 

Today's Fashionista showcased her royal side with vibrant red tights. Red typically stands as a regal color as worn by Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton. Leave it to VCU's Fashionistas to show their own royal side this week around campus. 

Looking for red tights? Try We Love Colors for a variety of different color tight options. 

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Summer is just around the corner and with the turn of the season comes new fashion styles. As retail stores adjust their inventory, you should adjust your closet to make sure you are keeping in line with summers best trends.

It's a no brainer shorts are a summer staple. The length, style depend on you and your personality but keeping cool is always in style.

A good blouse is key for summer, as seen on today's Fashionista. This staple can take you from the office environment into an evening out with friends. Aim for white to keep things airy while beating the summer heat that is bound to come.

And flats. Choose either a sandal (these are pretty wild) or a close toe flat that is comfortable and easy to jet around in. 

Looking forward to summer, are you?

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Fashion, expression, creativity: all these are essential parts of life. We all are influenced by them and interpret them in different ways. But no one way is specifically better than the other, because it is a personal thing. You just have to be connected to what inspires and motivates you, honor that gift, and grow it into something. Hair, as I've mentioned before, is a great tool to take your expression and fashion statements to the next level. Whether you get a new cut, or you just grow it to the ground, hair is a statement and extension of who you are. One of the more bold and blatant forms of hair expression is dying your hair, like this student on campus. The color combination is all her own and really adds something unique and personal to her look.

One of the best hair dyes, in terms of crazy cool colors and just fun, is Manic Panic. It's cheap, easy, and comes in a variety of colors. Also, if you don't want to order it, because you need it right away, they also sell it at places like Sally's Beauty. This week, do something new. Welcome in the warm weather with a new you. It's so easy to get complacent and bored with the same old same old; don't let that be your issue. Try a new hair color, and if you don't like it, it'll wash out; it's no big deal!

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Richmond Fashion Week

With Richmond Fashion Week quickly approaching, the style in the air is almost palpable. People are deciding what outfits to wear and are planning when to wear them. The mood is festive and just pure fun, for the sake of fashion. Fashion weeks are great because you get to see what people are inspired by and how different trends translate through them. Fashion is a transforming art and it involves the whole body, and this is really manifested when you see perfectly decorated models and fashion week attendees. One style that never grows old is a good black ensemble. As you can see in this lovely lady, with black, or any solid colored outfit, you can focus on the details and accessories to bring attention to your look. Then add a pop of color with basically another portion of your ensemble. And notice the ripped stockings, yess. Vintage clothes are always a plus to wear to fashion events because usually you are trying to give an appropriate representation of your style and be unique. 

I mean, it's Fashion Week; now is the time.

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When you think of spring you naturally associate florals with this season. You don't need to even open a magazine or tune into WGSN to find out that this is a hot trend. But to keep this look fresh it takes planning, innovation and sometimes clashing to make florals not so basic and ordinary.

Today's Fashionista intepretated florals through the use of dark hues like black and brown. Rather then swimming in pastels like most students do who wear florals she went for a darker side. Our favorites such as Topshop, Mod Cloth and Urban Outfitters stock some dark floral patterns this season as do local vintage stores. 

Spring is here! Keep things updated and new by switching from the classic floral prints and diving into the unknown. While the weather might be sunny and cherry outside, it's fine to show off your darker side through your floral palette. 

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Finally, winter is ending and warmer weather is near. As much as I adore layering, scarves, sweaters and other similarly fun things, I love warm weather. One thing that is always tricky, as you move from winter to spring, or from any difference in temperature, is adjusting your closet and having to say "no" to certain things. Or, if you're like me, just still wear them anyway and pass out from heat stroke, but at least you'll be fierce.

Scarves, in my eyes, are items that are all purpose, all weather, any time, any day. You just have to know how to wear them and which scarves to wear.

Today's Fashionista had a nice bold patterend circle scarf that corresponds flawlessly with her socks.

As spring approaches, don't fear it and fear change, just embrace it. Look at it as just a new way to reinvent yourself. Maybe you've been thinking about trying a different style; now is the time to do it. Start plotting and planning your warm weather wardrobe now

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Style and fashion come and go; they are like time travelers. One day, people say this is in, the next they say it's out. I mean, honestly, all of that is just too much to keep up with. One week you can where this, the next you supposedly will be shot if you even step out the house in it; it's insane. To seemingly try and avoid this, the "industry" has adopted the idea of "classics" which are just items that never, ever go out of style, like denim and little black dresses. But, time is irrelevant and things should really be worn because you like them and no attention should be paid to those who are so concerned with what's in and what's not, because truly that's not fashion.

One item, or maybe even style, that will never go away, not as long as I have anything to do with it at least, is just a nice pair of boots. In this case, cowboy style boots. Now, cowboy boots are a funny thing; some of them are just a mess, not even worth a second stare, but every now and then you will find an amazing pair that you just can't not get, because they are just "classic". Together with a pair of leggings, a T-shirt tucked into a dress or skirt and a cardigan or detailed jacket, well at least in this case, is a win. And notice how the horizontal stripes of the T-shirt go against the vertical stripes of the leggings. One thing that this is missing though is some nice accessories; you can't forget them, but it still came together.

One website that basically carries anything you need is ModCloth; from shirts to brooches and keychains, you can get it all. It's a great website with lots of amazing finds. Do yourself a favor and check it out. The most important thing that I hoped you took from this article, and all my other ones, is to just embrace yourself and your own personal style. Where what speaks to you, regardless of who says what's in and what's out; stop constantly looking outward for inspiration and fashion ideas, and just look inward. Just do you.

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bridge Over Troubled Water

To be able to effectively and effortlessly blend clothes of higher price and possibly quality, with those of less expensive make is at the fore of being this thing we like to call "fashionable." I mean, let's face it, who really, especially college students, have the money to consistently stock their closets with haute couture and top of the line name brands. We wish we could, but chances are you can't so making fashion work within your budget is a must. 

Mixing items from H&M or Nasty Gal with your local thrift store goods is something plenty of VCU students dabble in.

Today's Fashionista turned towards our campus thrift stores for a unique wolf-inpisred top. She carelessly looked pulled together with elements from all different retailers. Ashley Olsen showed us just how cool animal logo shirts are and this CollegeFashionista, while not wearing a Prada one, also nailed the animal inspired concept. 

This week make your campus the runway. Don't think the only way to fashion success is solely through designer goods. 

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I know sticking to one central color theme, such as black or gray, or even brown, is comfortable, but really, everyone should reach out and experiment with color.  You'll be quite surprised at how happy it will make you feel; the correlation with color and a person's mood is quite real. Color blocking is a style that is at it's core, is probably the most basic and literal form of incorporating color into your wardrobe.

This Fashionista combined a pair of leggings with a color block pattern tunic. Tunics and shawls are great items for the colder months because they are quick and easy, allowing you to just throw them on and go about your way. Rumors, a store in Richmond, has great pieces. Their inventory is always changing, so this week try and stop in and see what new items they have, that is, if you live in Richmond. But, they also have an online page. This week is all about color.

There is no better way to offset the depressing outside temperature of winter with an inspired outfit. Either color block, mix and match, clash colors, do patterns, but whatever way you try and ease color into your looks this week, go for it. It will be worth it. 

(Picture thanks to DirtyRichmond)