How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into the School Year

With summer’s end being just around the corner, everyone is starting to think about how they want to strut their stuff this school year. Picking a style to rock around campus all year is something that’s on the forefront of every Fashionisto’s mind. Luckily, you always have neutrals to fall back on. Black, khaki, white, gray, and denim are all great neutrals to incorporate into your transitional wardrobe. Plus, it’s so easy to add pops of color to outfits instead of trying to tone down the bright colors of summer.

One of my favorite summer to fall looks for guys is a pair of khaki pants. They are light enough for the end of the warm season, and the pants allow for a smooth transition into the cooler weather. Not only are the pants themselves great, but the khaki color is a great fall tone that can be paired with almost anything! This Fashionisto is rocking the khaki pants look. Keeping with the summer trend, he continues to wear his boat shoes, but keeps the tone neutral and not overstated. As he’s transitioning into fall, he brings out that white and denim layering look we all love for the cooler months.

You can bring this Fashionisto’s style into your wardrobe by layering a button-down shirt with a white T-shirt underneath. Finish off the look with khaki pants and boat shoes for a great back to school look.

How do you plan on transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall? We want to see! Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

How to Bring Color to Your Office Wardrobe this Summer

My favorite part about summer clothing is the pops of color that I am forced to wear instead of automatically reverting to my all black wardrobe. I love adding colorful statement necklaces, bright watches, colorful sandals, and bright handbags to my outfits. But this summer, there seems to be a bigger call for color. Embroidered everything is super trendy this summer season. Whether it is embroidered flowers on jeans, jackets, tops, or even shoes, you can find it almost anywhere! Some of my favorite embroidered styles have come from Zara, but I also love these heeled mules from ASOS.

My personal go-to for embroidered fashion is classier tops that can be worn in and out of the office. For all of you Fashionistas who have snagged summer internship gigs, I am sure you all have felt the pain of feeling like you have to wear all black in the office to be considered professional and serious about your career. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can bring some color to your cubicle by wearing an embroidered top with your nicest pair of jeans, black slacks, or a pair of bright yellow pants! One of my personal favorites that I added to my internship wardrobe is this top from Zara.

Need some more ideas on what might be acceptable for your business casual office? Try out these loafers with your black dress pants, this super cute skirt with a pair of tights and a black blazer, or this collared blouse with a pair of navy blue slacks! These pieces will keep things professional, while also allowing your creative side to shine through when you’re kicking butt at your summer job!

How do you bring current trends into the office while staying sleek and professional? We want to see! Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag us @cfashionista!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cuffs and Embroidery

Finals are finally coming to an end and that means that summer is right around the corner! With it being May, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. The rain could be completely ruining your visibility (and your hair) one minute and then the suns could be kissing your skin the next minute. One of the best ways to prepare for this questionable weather is to wear cropped clothing. Roll up your jeans for a cute cuffed look or wear three-quarter length sleeves and some cute bracelets or your favorite watch. Now that I am back from Madrid, I am dealing with the bipolar temperatures and weather of Minnesota. But I want to get out and enjoy the lakes, the iced coffee, the sunsets, and the ice cream, so all of us Fashionistas out here need to prepare for the best (and for the worst).

This Fashionista knows exactly how to dress for the unpredictable spring weather! Cuffed jeans, cute sneakers, and a lightweight black shirt. What better things to wear for walks by the Minnesota lakes and trips to Excelsior to indulge in coffee ice cream at Lick’s Ice Cream Shop? The sneakers allow you to walk all day and enjoy the weather while allowing constant comfort while the jeans with the patterned belt add some cute details and a summer flare.  
You can get this Fashionistas great look by getting yourself a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a lightweight black top, a cute embroidered belt, and some stylish sneakers. Enjoy your summers, Fashionistas, and I’ll see you next semester!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Sunshine, Shoulders, & Sangria

While it may be snowing like crazy in parts of the United States, temperatures are on the rise here in Madrid and the fashion trends are starting to show it. Jean jackets and cardigans are slowly replacing winter coats, flats, and booties are replacing riding boots, and the monochrome look is gradually starting to be paired with pops of spring colors.

This is one of my favorite times of year for fashion. I love that I can still rock my all-black everything wardrobe but also add in pops of those spring colors I’ve been missing all winter. While Madrileños are not too quick to shed their winter coats (it was 68 degrees fahrenheit yesterday and there were people walking their dogs in their puffy winter coats) I decided it was time to ditch mine as soon as the temperature started to reach the 40s.

One trend that is extremely popular in Madrid this season are off-the-shoulder blouses. While they have been considered “in fashion” for a few seasons now, they are starting to have a very strong appearance this spring. Spanish brands such as Zara, Mango, Sfera, and Desigual are all rocking the off-the-shoulder look in their spring collections. I personally love this trend. It is a great way to get some sun without having to break out the summer tank tops in March.

Another popular way that Madrileños are dressing this spring is they are adding festive spring colors into their wardrobe by sticking to their all-black everything mindset and using their tote bag to promote their spring enthusiasm. I have definitely caught on to this trend. I purchased the Pepe Moll bag, shown above last week, and have been unable to separate myself from it ever since. It is a great piece that is not only stylish, but also very practical for class!

Overall, springtime is right around the corner along with some exciting trends. My style advice? Get yourself an off-the-shoulder top and a great bag to accent it and you’ll be set for this upcoming season!

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Monotones in Madrid

I have been in Madrid, Spain for about a month now and I have learned a lot about Madrileño fashion. You walk onto the Metro and are surrounded by amazing jackets, scarves, bags, and boots galore! Not to mention, you sit there and drool over the Zara coats and the Mango totes that every girl seems to be wearing.

One of the things I have noticed is that everyone struts around in Madrid in earth tones. It is very rare to catch someone wearing something other than black, gray, and the occasional pop of maroon or army green. I have found that my wardrobe has fit in perfectly here, but that doesn’t stop me from constantly window shopping. Being a student in Madrid has made me more accustomed to what students are wearing over here in central Spain. Most college-aged girls are walking around with totes instead of backpacks and the chilly morning commute always calls for a blanket scarf to be wrapped around your neck or thrown over your shoulders. A super cute jacket almost always accompanies these items.

This Fashionista embodies typical Madrileño fashion! All black everything with pops of color is exactly what you should wear if you want to fit in with the locals. I love the sophisticated grunge look she has going on. The leather sleeves of the jacket really vibe with the leather booties and then the ripped black jeans really top off the look. The pop of pinstripes underneath her layers gives her a studious feel without looking too preppy. Finally, she has the black scarf to make sure she looks like a true Madrid native!

STYLE ADVICE: Chop, Chop, Timber

Being in the Midwest for the winter always causes for us Fashionistas/os to be searching for stylish ways to layer up and stay warm. The one thing I hate most is having cold fingers and cold toes. There’s nothing worse than being able to feel Jack Frost slowly taking over your little phalanges!

Because staying warm is a must during these cold winter months, we are often faced with the decision to wear cute boots and have our toes freeze or to wear bulky winter boots and look like Big Foot. Thankfully, this Fashionista showed me how to stay warm and stay trendy. While her scarf and jacket might keep her warm, she has the added touch of Timberland boots. These boots can be dressed up or dressed down and they are very practical for walking across campus on a subzero temperature day. Pair them with your favorite wool socks and your toes are good to go! Wear them with jeans or wear them with leggings, the choice is up to you!

Personally, wearing Timberland-style boots is one of my favorite ways to stay practical and trendy during the winter months. They are warm and never fail to give me a pop of color in my predominantly black wardrobe! Some of my other favorite feet fashion items are combat boots and these cute snow boots.

Want to get this Fashionista’s look? Pick out your favorite long-sleeved crop top and wear it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans! Throw on a cute floral scarf like this one here and a pair of delicate gold earrings, which will pop from the tan color of the boots! Don’t forget one of my favorites: a Calvin Klein jacket. Finally, throw on your boots and you’ll be on your way to being trendy and toasty!

STYLE GURU BIO: Savannah Riese

Hello there, Fashionistas! My name is Savannah but I’m known as Sav around campus! This is my second semester with CollegeFashionista and I am thrilled to be back after a semester off! Currently, I am in the midst of my junior year at Bradley University as an advertising and Spanish double major. I am a Minnesotan at heart but am currently calling Peoria, IL my home. I will be spending this spring semester in Madrid, Spain so you may see some posts regarding some Spaniard fashion coming your way!

A little bit about me: I am obsessed with coffee, I love Twenty-One Pilots, The 1975, Pink Floyd, and shoes. My guilty pleasure is jamming out to Jason Derulo (usually “If It Ain’t Love” or “Kiss The Sky”) in my red Honda Accord named Rhonda. Some of my favorite brands include Calvin Klein, Puma, Nine West, and NYX. My newest obsession is the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick. Most of the time, if someone sees me on campus, I’ve got an iced Caramel Macchiato in one hand, my phone in the other, and I probably look like I am running to meet some sort of deadline.

Since this winter has seemingly crept up on us, winter fashion staples have started to appear all over campus. Pea coats, knee-high boots, blanket scarves, and beanies galore! My favorite time of year for fashion is winter because layers, layers, and more layers. The possibilities are endless! I don’t think I could put an exact title on my fashion taste. Some days you’ll find me wearing some super trendy pants with a trench coat and riding boots. But some days I cave and wear leggings, a Twenty One Pilots T-shirt, and a jean jacket with a chunky scarf and combat boots. Basically, I usually take what is trending and put my own little twist on it by adding chunky pieces I find at the thrift store or in my mom’s closet. I am slightly obsessed with professional wear and love incorporating blazers and blouses into my everyday style choices. My collection of black flats, boots, and sneakers is my closet staple.

This outfit really reflects what I would consider to be a typical Savannah outfit. I am wearing my favorite pair of black jeans, a black and white pinstripe blouse, my classic jean jacket, one of my many pairs of black flats, with a scarf to top it all off!

I will leave you Fashionistas with one of my favorite quotes: “With coffee and a little bit of mascara, you can conquer anything.” Let’s conquer the world this semester, Fashionistas!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cute, Cool and Cropped

We’ve all been there. We sit in the store and think to ourselves “Do I really need another black shirt?” You’ve got the classic black V-neck, the black tank top, the black tunic, the black boyfriend T-shirt and black sweaters galore; why would you need another black top?

This Fashionista proves to us that the black crop is indeed something you should have in your closet and can even be used in the warm summer months. Crop tops can be styled in a plethora of ways. Whether you pair it with a maxi skirt like this Fashionista, with a mini skirt, some high-waisted jeans and a blazer or your favorite pair of overalls, you will be the girl that people look at and say “Wow! I want her outfit!”

Because the black crop top is so versatile, this Fashionista is able to dress it down or dress it up like she did for this outfit! She paired the black crop with a comfy-yet-classy maxi skirt and used gold accessories to accent her gold strappy sandals. She curled her hair for an added look of class while also putting on her favorite pair of aviators to add a little more mystery to her look. The cutouts in the back add a hint of curiosity and mysteriousness to the look that makes it #RAD!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Black is both complex and the most simple thing to wear. You can make it look casual, elegant, mysterious, whatever you’re feeling. And the simple front with the back details, gives dimension to an otherwise straightforward pairing.”


On April 21st, 2016, the world lost a musical legend, a style icon, and a mediator for cultural change. Prince passed away in his Minnesota home in Chanhassen, MN at the age of 57. I feel that because Prince was such a style icon I wanted to share my love for him with all of you Fashionistas out there.

Because I am from Chanhassen, MN and I got to see the direct impact Prince had on the world. Prince was much more than a local celebrity. He was someone who contributed to the community, he was our neighbor and he shared our love for the great state of Minnesota. It was very common for him to host impromptu concerts over the summer at Paisley Park, to see him biking around Chanhassen, and almost every Chanhassen resident has a “Prince story” of how they saw him at Caribou Coffee or at the grocery store. The best part was that nobody treated him any differently because he was our neighbor before he was a well-known celebrity and music sensation.

Recently, Mr. G Hoete, an Australian artist, came to Minnesota to paint a 40-foot mural of Prince on the outside wall of the Chanhassen Cinema. I figured there was no better place to talk about some scarf inspiration for CollegeFashionista.

One trend we saw a lot of during New York Fashion Week was the use of scarves as a spring/summer accessory versus a fall/winter one. I am a huge fan of this idea considering I am always looking for a way to incorporate my extensive scarf collection into my outfit choices year round. Anthony Vaccerello, Jonathan Saunders and Gucci all exhibited this fashion choice but it can be seen exquisitely in Gucci’s pre-fall 2016 collection. The scarf look completely ties the outfit together and allows some of your winter accessories to be included in your summer look!

I chose to style my outfit in a variety of ways using the scarf inspiration from Gucci’s pre-fall 2016 collection. You can see me wearing it as a scarf around my neck, a bracelet, an anklet and as a pop of color on my purse. The addition of the purple scarf allows for a pop of color in my monochromatic look. The purple also allows for a subtle tribute to Prince and his song “Purple Rain.”

Get My Look: 1. Black shorts. 2. Black V-neck. 3. Chunky cross-body purse. 4. Patterned scarf.


Now that summer is upon us, it is very common to find us Fashionistas running around from our stereotypical college jobs to our internships to various social events and friendly outings. Amidst all of this running from place to place, it can be a relief to have some comfortable shoes to get around in. But just because you need a comfortable, reliable shoe to get around in doesn’t mean you want to be missing out on the opportunity to strut your stuff. Who wants to walk around wearing an old pair of tennis shoes when you could go for a much more stylish route?

This Fashionista can frequently be seen sporting the striped shirt and skinny jeans combo. But what is her secret to making this outfit great for a day full of activities? Two words: Men’s. Shoes. Not only do men’s shoes give your feet more room to move and breathe, they can also bring a more athletic, yet stylish, twist to your outfit.

Personally, I love to sport the men’s shoes look. Two of my favorite pairs of shoes are my Converse and my Puma Suede Classics. These shoes are constantly my go-to shoes during the summer months when I know I need to get around comfortably or if I will be having a more relaxed day. They are also great to have in my closet at school for easy errand-running or for those days where you sleep past your alarm and need to get to class a little bit quicker than usual!

How To: Want to get this Fashionista’s look? Pick out your favorite striped tee and pair it with your favorite skinny jeans. Throw on some diamond studs, a watch with some bangles (to add a bit of bling), and your favorite cross-body bag. Finally, slip on your favorite pair of sneakers…only found in the men’s aisle! Then head out the door and hit the ground running!