WEEKEND FORECAST: Academically Stylish

As the end of term slowly approaches and exam fever hits most of us, Fashionistas are determined not to let appearance get left behind. I spotted this Fashionista going over last minute revision notes before heading into an exam and couldn’t help but notice her super cute outfit, despite being caught up in study mode.

This Fashionista combines a mix of ultra trendy high street items to compose her laid-back yet ever so chic look. She wears a faux leather jacket and stone wash top, both from H&M, with a pair of purple flats from Zara and adds a splash of colour with this funky bright patterned scarf from Primark.

The outfit shows a great balance between dark and bright colours and is a super comfy and easy to put on look — just what you need in the rush of exam season. Knowing how to look your best even at your most hectic moments is key and finding a comfortable yet stylish look is exactly what the Fashionista pictured here has done.

Hint: If your outfit looks too dark or too light accessorizes with different colours to mix it up, just as the Fashionista has done with her flats and scarf.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Boho-Chic with a Clog Twist

This weekend, glam it up in the summer sunshine with shorts and platform clogs. Today’s Fashionista wears this perfectly combined ensemble, which consists of the hottest items this spring/summer. The outfit embodies style, comfort and weather appropriate traits altogether!

Today's Fashionista pairs these wooden leather platform clogs from ASOS with a pair of denim shorts and chic frilly coat from bargain-loving heaven, Primark. She adds some pattern with this tie-dye white and yellow shirt from H&M. The Fashionista accessorizes with vintage accessories, adding a touch of authenticity to her outfit. She also wears a bright red lipstick, making her boho-chic look ever so effective and cool.

The Fashionista is living proof that wearing more affordable brands can create a great look just as much as a more expensive designer label would. The key to success is an eye for combination, and of course, trends! In this case, the platform clogs really steal the spotlight. Nonetheless, all other items are just as successful in the style department, making her impossible to go unnoticed as she struts down the street.

Hint: Platform clogs look really cute when worn with shorts, but don’t forget to throw on a trendy coat on top to avoid windy chills.


Today’s Fashionista sports a look we’ve all seen and loved before — the jumpsuit. This is the perfect time for jumpsuits, as the weather hasn’t quite reached unbearable heat yet just right for lighter weather.

The Fashionista wears this great patterned H&M jumpsuit, making H&M one of the most popular brands for jumpsuits this season. They have loads of different colours and patterns to choose from. She adds this amazing authentic vintage belt, which she picked up from Camden market and cute black short boots from Topshop.

The colour combination of the entire outfit complements her blonde curly locks, giving her attitude a quirky edge. She accessorizes with a trendy pair of sunglasses, further adding onto her cool demeanour.

Jumpsuits are an all-round win this time of the season. They fit most body types flawlessly and are ever so easy to be worn. The free feeling jumpsuits give your body leave you feeling relaxed and light hearted and we all know how great it is to pair comfort with style!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Let the Sun Shine On

As the sun continues to shine over London, Fashionistas and Fashionistos across the city are taking a break from hectic schedules to enjoy the weather and kick back for a change. I spotted today’s Fashionisto relaxing with his trendy friends at a park. And, I couldn’t help but notice his cool and stylish demeanour.

The Fashionisto sports a laid-back look, combining these green Uniqlo trousers with a trendy cut tank from Primark. He tops it off with white sneaks, which he picked up at a shop in Cornwall, and a trendy pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The combination of items is ever so simple yet creates a hot, sun friendly look – perfect for a day of chilling at the park.

When dressing down for summer, it’s always important to keep in mind colour choice. Swapping your dark jeans in for a pair of green or brighter coloured trousers is a great way to lighten up. Additionally, paying attention to accessories is always vital in setting the tone of your outfit. In this case, the sunglasses bring out a whole different attitude to the ensemble, making it stand out even more. Sunglasses are generally a great way to spice up an outfit and with the summer finally rolling up, we’ve got loads of types to choose from.

Hint: Summer is the season for dressing down and wearing fewer items, so be sure to make them memorable and stand out!



Goldsmiths University is famously known for its groundbreaking fashion individuals, as most art colleges across the city are. With so much creativity and imagination flowing through, we can only expect to see the most authentic and unusual styles flaunted around. Today’s Fashionista flashes her own unique look in true Goldsmiths manner.\

This Fashionista wears a very individualistic outfit composed of a funky patterned pair of shorts picked up at a market, her grandma’s old vest and an American Apparel top which she cropped herself. Talk about a D.I.Y trendsetter! She also adds a denim vest jacket and white Converse sneaks to give the ensemble a casual comfy edge. The Fashionista accessorizes with a pair of black tights and denim headband making the outfit ever so flattering and chic.

Style hunters in London love the endless opportunities the city has to offer when it comes to making your own original combination outfits. As we can see here, some of the most unique items can be found at markets or even in your very own family tree. When it comes to fashion, the world is our oyster, so we should never stop searching high and low for what may define our own personal styles.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Here Comes the Sun

There is only one reasonable thing to do in the fabulous weather in London this weekend – get outside! The sun is as hot as ever and so are all the stylish Fashionistas and Fashionistos across the city.

Today’s Fashionista shows us how to flaunt the ever-so-popular denim shorts, which she pairs with a very authentic crop top and pointy red flats. The outfit is perfect for a casual day in the sun while flawlessly complementing her unique style. The shorts, which she got from Amethyst Jeans, are combined with a YSL print crop top which she designed herself. She accessorizes with statement bold red flats from Bershka and a pair of trendy shades from H&M.

The combination of colour and denim create a very laid-back summery feel to the ensemble, not to mention the trend alert each piece of item evokes. While denim shorts have always been a classic summer must-have, the crop top is making a comeback this summer with all sorts and types to choose from in high street stores.

Hint: Wear your crop tops with a pair of skinny jeans or long flow skirt for a different take on the trend!


This weekend, it’s all about lovin’ the rocker look. Today’s Fashionista sports this look fabulously, as she mixes an outfit of high street and second hand items. At institutions such as Goldsmiths, art, music and lifestyle are a complete reflection of the trends that students adapt to their wardrobes.

The Fashionista wears a net-detail jersey from Topshop, which she combines with a casual black dress and black chunky shoes both from the second hand charity store, Salvation Army. The look is unique while exhibiting a pair of shoes that are one of a kind and complement the remaining items, which give off a cool rocker chick demeanor.

The look, however, is perfectly fractioned to the Fashionista’s style and doesn’t look too over crowded. One thing to keep in mind when dressing grunge-chic is not overdoing it, as too many rock 'n' roll-inspired items can pile up and look a bit tacky. The Fashionista pictured here has captured the perfect balance and looks great casually walking down the street. She carries in hand a suede and fur trim detail coat which balances out the black in the remaining outfit, making it even more authentic and eye catching!

Hint: Net-detail jerseys are great, but always make sure to wear something underneath to avoid embarrassing exposure!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Sunglasses and Jumpsuits

Today’s Fashionista lets loose with this super cute H&M flower patterned jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the ultimate spring item – not only are they the super comfy but are also a great trend that is completely adapted to this kind of weather. The Fashionista enjoys chilling in the college greenery while feeling ever so laid back in her jumpsuit, which she pairs with a casual grey H&M cardigan and classic Converse sneaks.

She tops the outfit off with a classic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, making the ensemble perfect for a day in the sun. Sunglasses are at the height of trend at the moment, and everyone’s taking the opportunity to crack out their hottest pair!

 Hint: Put on your trendiest shades, comfiest summer gear and get in on the sun action while it lasts!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Charms and Suspender Shorts

 Today’s Fashionista adds spice to her outfit by sporting this tan pair of Zara suspender shorts. Suspenders are a rare trend that when worn properly can add individuality to a casual everyday look.

The Fashionista wears her shorts with a light grey stud-detail shirt, also Zara, black shawl cardigan from All Saints and boot shoes from Shoreditch Market. The subtleness of tones worn in the outfit further adds on to that everyday university feel, without being boring. The Fashionista, who I spotted in between lectures at the Media Building, looks student chic with her eyeglasses, and adds a hint of stylish sentiment, wearing her charm necklace, a personal gem holding charms collect from all around.

The combination of items in her outfit show a personalized sense of casual chic, and the suspender shorts define the Fashionista’s individual style even further. This is a great look for busy everyday college life, especially at midterm deadlines. It’s a great feel-good look which doesn’t require hours of planning, and it looks great!

Hint: Adding a piece of jewelry can do wonders to your outfit, especially when it has sentimental value. Don’t ever underestimate the power of accessorizing!


Sometimes the best way to spice up your outfit can be as simple as wrapping a gorgeous scarf around your neck, which is exactly what today’s Fashionista has done. The Fashionista wears this colorful oriental scarf she got from Turkey, which is perfectly in tone with the sunshine we’ve been having in London this past week.

When the weather gets good, the only reasonable thing to do is wear bright colors. The streets are filled with bright yellows, greens, pinks and everybody is loving the chance to unwind and finally ditch thick garments. This Fashionista pairs her beautiful scarf with a cute summery dress, khaki trench coat and black tights – all from her home country of South Korea. She wears this super comfy looking pair of white Converse sneaks, making the outfit a perfect ensemble for hectic college days. The outfit as a whole spells out cute, quirky and comfy – the perfect combination for a spring loving CollegeFashionista!

 Hint: Swap dark trousers for light, colorful dresses – it’s finally hit that time of the year!