As the various Fashion Week shows around the world slowly come to an end, Fashionistas and Fashionistos on campus are taking note and implementing styles seen on the runway into their daily wear. Based on the runway, we can see that all neon colors are back and here to stay! There is no better way to welcome spring than by flaunting neon hues. Designers presented neon colors in a versatile way this season, making it oh so easy to incorporate neon into any wardrobe. Models wore neon pants, shoes, bras, skirts and even bracelets! Welcome this spring season with a splash of neon.

This Fashionisto looks fabulous in his army cargo pants and bright yellow cardigan. He cleverly makes the tailored cardigan a statement piece by contrasting it with his earth green cargo pants. Bring the runway to the campus by adding neon touches to your wardrobe! Brighten up a black trousers and a white button blouse with a neon clutch for a sophisticated dinner or add neon Afrikaans inspired necklace with a maxi pink floral dress for a cute spring look. If you want to be a true spring Fashionista, buy a pair of bright blue heels and pair them with an earth toned smock dress. Neon color palette is fun and refreshing, so be creative and mix and match to see what bright idea you can come up with.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Neutral Perspective

Neutral colors have been fall and winter staples this fashion season. Fashionistas on the runway wore this color palette along with bright neon, black, white and gray. Neutral tones can serve as a base color for any outfit. As the weather gets warmer, you can wear tan khakis with a bright yellow or pink top or while the weather is slightly chilly, wear a fur vest with tan harem pants. I found this Fashionista covered in head to toe with an amazing assortment of neutral hues. From head to toe, this Fashionsta's look not only works for the street, but it is also runway worthy. Even though spring is not here yet, her linen harem pants work perfectly with the warmer D.C. weather. She makes these linen pants appropriate for February by balancing the look with her faded combat boots, a black, winter-friendly, long sleeve top and a fur vest. Lulu’s has a great selection of tan harem pants. The John Lennon sunglasses add to the trendy vibe of this outfit.

Check out Ralph Laruen’s round sunglasses for a similar pair. Inspired by this Fashionista’s outfit? Try mixing and matching various neutral tones with winter accessories! When the weather starts to warm up, add in bright sorbet colors for a fresh spring look. 


Before the fresh new start of spring forces you to unload your spring/summer wardrobe, get some last minute use out of your winter fur. Whether your interest lies in faux or real fur, don’t be shy to flaunt fur on campus. There is a very fine line between fur for a night or day look. Depending on how it is worn, fur can be a flashy accessory for night or part of a daytime chic look. I found this Fashionista running errands in a clean-cut faux fur jacket with black leggings and UGG boots. Instead of wearing a sporty jacket to complete this look, this Fashionista replaced the ordinary for an extraordinary, furry look. This simple replacement makes her everyday school outfit look fashionable. Imitate this Fashionista’s look by adding fur to your simple everyday look. While this Fashionista chose an ebony fur, don’t be afraid to rock various colors. Check out this cream-colored faux fur jacket by Motel or this goat hair jacket by Elise Overland for a retro look. Statement fur jackets like these can transform an everyday look into high-end street fashion. If you are a fan of the UGGs and legging look, add a fur jacket to make this overrated look instantly fashionable. Besides fur’s amazing ability to warm our bodies, it also has the innate ability to turn the dullest outfits into fashion noteworthy ensembles. Right now is a great time to pick up any type of fur while the winter sales continue, because fur will never go out of fashion. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pointed, Pumped and Proper

We often like to separate the downtown edgy style from classic prep school chic, but during this transition season, you should try to mix the two! I found this Fashionista bright and early right outside the school coffee shop enjoying trying to wake up for class. Despite the early hour, this Fashionista put together an eclectic mixture of items that makes other students on campus stop and stare. I think this Fashionista was inspired by Gossip Girl and the '90s grungy Kurt Cobain because she was able to make ripped stockings work with a timeless red plaid skirt. These two completely opposite features complement one another and make for the best street style outfit. Don’t be afraid to invest in timeless pieces! You can never go wrong with a nice plaid skirt. Check out Annie Cream Cheese in Georgetown if you are interested in a vintage feel, or be a bit daring and buy this American Apparel maxi plaid skirt you can pair with combat boots, so you will be set for this spring season and even next fall. But the key features of this Fashionsta’s outfit are her pointy toe pumps. Instead of pairing this outfit with combat boots or over the knee boots, this Fashionista decided to take a trendier route and wore the newly popular '90s pointy pump. This trend is brand new and just fresh off the runway!

Celebrity Fashionistas like Mary-Kate Olsen and Elle MacPherson have been spotted wearing pointy toe pumps with floor length maxi skirts and slim fitted Capri pants. These pumps are versatile and oh so trendy! They can pull a grungy outfit together to make it class appropriate or make the most mundane outfit classic and chic. Pointy toe pumps are already sold out at many stores so buy a pair now! I predict these shoes will be your go-to shoe for spring and chances are they too will be a timeless piece.

Check out these Nine West red pumps at Nordstrom or these nude suede pumps By Kate Spade. If you don’t feel like dropping cash on another trend, just check out your mother’s closet. I am sure she had a pair in the '90s. You cannot go wrong with this shoe. Pair them with just about any outfit and you are guaranteed success.


It wasn’t hard finding this Fashionista on the cold streets of DC! Her bright colors caught my attention amongst the sea of black outfits on campus. She took the initiative to break the mold and wear bright colors in the dead of winter. Start to break the out of your winter blues by adding in some spring color to your outfits. This Fashionista did a fabulous job of adding color by layering and using accessories. Who would have thought to use an orange vest under a fur trimmed black pea coat? She softens the look with her the faded grey jeans and keeps the look edgy with her slouched combat boots.

To finish this spring ready look she added a cheetah print scarf and a tie-dye bag. Start to welcome spring by brightening up your wardrobe with a few colorful pieces. If you like this Fashionista’s look, mimic by wearing a button down oxford with a colorful vest or cardigan. Try picking a color that works specifically with your skin and hair color. The orange vest complements this Fashionista’s blonde locks perfectly. Also, make sure to mix and match your colors accordingly.

This Fashionista’s theme is orange and can be seen throughout her outfit starting her scarf all the way down to her purse. Incorporate some color into your beauty regimen by sporting turquoise nails or bright orange lips. These bright hues are not only refreshing but also a popular spring 2011 trend. 


During the dead of winter it is often hard to wear the same winter jacket over and over again. It is important to invest in at least two different winter coats. One should be your go-to jacket for a day look, while the other one should be for more fashionable occasions. Your day jacket should be warm, comfortable and obviously chic. The jacket is something you throw on to run errands, catch a yoga class or on your way to the library. But when choosing a day jacket, make sure it makes a statement like this Fashionista’s black wool wrap jacket. This Fashionista looks amazing! Remember, when you invest in a piece that makes a strong statement you don’t have to accessorize as much! This jacket meets all of the requirements of a comfortable day yet still has a high fashion feel. The brown rugged combat boots add color and make her outfit downtown chic. If you like this look, check out this BB and Daktoa jacket. Try and pick a jacket that complements your body and personal style. If a majority of your wardrobe is earth tone colors, then stick to a brown or black winter jacket. If you have a more classic look check out this cool cape jacket from ASOS. It is normal to get tired of your jacket so be a College Fashionista and try a new statement jacket that will re-vamp your look. 


This winter season many Fashionistas on campus have been staying warm in their winter tweed because tweed can come in many different shapes and forms! This season we saw tweed jackets and skirts pared for a modern twist coming down the runway. This reoccurring trend with tweed just proves that tweed apparel is here to stay. Often considered a older lady fabric, tweed is now reaching out to Fashionistas on campus!

I found this Fashionista running to class in a lovely tweed skirt, an oversized sweater and lace-up heeled boots. Tweed is a great winter essential because it can be worn as a classic for more professional settings but it can also work as a downtown edgy look. And of course, tweed is a collectable and keeps you super warm! Wear tweed jackets with black skinny jeans and flats for a classic look or opt for a grungy look by wearing a tweed skirt with stockings, combat boots, and a army green cargo jacket for the ultimate downtown chic look.

Dig through your mom's closet to see if she has any tweed apparel and if not check out vintage stores in the DC area. If neither of those options suits your style check out tweed skirts at BCBG or Milly. In order to be a real Fashionista you must learn how work a classic look with your own personal style.


Students in DC come from all around the world and from both coasts of the USA. Adjusting to the cold weather is hard but transitioning your wardrobe is even harder. Don’t let the dead of winter scare you! Take note from today's Fashionisto and pull out your classic spring and summer tees. Mix and match these pieces with your winter essentials for a casual campus look. I found this Fashionisto taking a study break outside the library. He is wearing a white vintage tee shirt with corduroy jeans and sneakers. Students coming from warmer regions like the west coast might find layering to be a challenge or even a burden. It is easier for these laid back Fashionistos to opt for thick winter classics pieces such as corduroy jeans and pair them with things that are familiar like short-sleeved vintage tees and casual sneakers. 

Hint: Check out the array of corduroy jeans at J. Crew. Corduroy jeans are not only warm but will also never go out of style. 


During transitional seasons it is often hard to pick the right trendy items to make a statement. Until the weather warms up, try and utilize your trendy fall apparel by mixing and matching it with other fall 2010 trends.

This Fashionisto looks fabulous in this cheetah print sweater and military green cargo jacket. These two nature inspired essentials work surprisingly well together. Paired with fitted black jeans and worn- in boots, his outfit is super edgy. Cheetah print clothing items are not only hard to wear but also hard to continue wearing even as new trends arise. This Fashionisto took one of the harder 2010 fall trends to pull off and made it an everyday look. Dont store away your trendy 2010 fall items, instead mix and match them with your other favorite winter items. This Fashionisto paired his trendy sweater with a more classic millitary jacket to create a downtown edgy look. 

If you were never really into the cheetah print clothing and prefer to mix and match a more classic look try fall 2010 trend–velvet. We saw different forms of velvet on the runway for this past fall season. If you bought a velvet skirt pair it with over the knee boots and a chunky knit sweater. if you stocked up on plaid during the fall, throw a classic sweater on top and finish the look off with your favorite winter boots.

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