As the semester comes to end it is often hard to keep our lives in order. Endless nights in the library, professor’s office hours and, of course, holiday shopping but the last thing we need is bad weather! Try and make it through finals and this winter weather by dressing in warm layers and waterproof attire. Despite the dirty traffic slush, slippery sidewalks and heavy book bags, this Fashionista is cool, calm and collected.

It is easy to let yourself go when your life revolves around studying, sleeping and test taking. And it is even easier to do so when the weather is frightening. This Fashionista looks like she could take on a blizzard and still look great! Her boots are winter weather appropriate and her jacket is stunning. Fir trimmed waterproof jackets are a great subtle way of staying trendy staying comfortable. The firm trimmed collar is not only adorable but it also covers your face from the cold harsh D.C. winds. The Fashionista opted for leggings to make this outfit library and test taking appropriate.

For a more festive look try layering with a bright red sweater and throw in a patterned pair of over the knee wool socks too. 

Remember: A true Fashionista can look good anytime and in any weather! 


In D.C., one of the many things that occupy student’s time are internships. There are numerous NGO’s, law firms and of course federal government offices that are dying to hire free labor. Many Fashionistas and Fashionistos at GWU working part-time in addition to their classes and studying. But, of course, working in these offices does not just require sharp brainpower but also a sharp fashion sense! Don’t resort to your oversized wrinkled suit jacket in the back of your closet. Instead, create a fusion of street and office style.

This Fashionisto is dressed up in a casual work suit but has also accessorized with trendy street style clothing. This look screams young D.C. professional. His dark maroon leather jacket works well with his gray pants and plaid scarf. His gray knit beanie ties everything together because it matches with his gray work plants. Once you arrive to your little cubicle in the office, your can strip off your stylish attire and keep your office friendly clothes. Try mixing and matching your everyday wardrobe with your boring work clothes.

Fashionistos: Use this week’s Fashionisto as a working example and add a nice scarf, a leather jacket and hat to your look.

Be creative with your internship attire this semester. Don’t try to imitate your 40-year-old boss and co-workers style! Embrace your ability to dress in youthful style while you can. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cozy and Cute Finale

During these cold days there is nothing I love more than warm autumn hues to contrast the bitter winter weather. Wrap yourself up in warm colors to fight the cold and ace your finals. It is tempting run out the door in sweats and bed head but this semester try to finish up in style.

Amongst the bare trees, gray clouds and stressed faces, this Fashionista caught my eye in her cozy camel colored jacket. She looks effortlessly chic in this wool jacket and black basics. Simple black pieces are not only comfortable and library appropriate but they also draw more attention to the rich color of her timeless winter coat. Ask your mother or grandmother their thoughts on the jacket and they will tell you they were a 70s favorite. Look in your mother’s closet and I guarantee you will find a coat just like this! So before it is too late, I suggest you pull out your wallet and invest in one of these! Check out various vintage stores around DC for one of these 70s memorabilia or buy a modern 2010 version in stores such as Intermix or Urban Outfitters. This Fashionista completes these outfits with another timeless piece—Ray-Ban Aviators. These sunglasses are perfect for grandmother or granddaughter, summer or winter. Compliment one timeless piece with another! If you are a fan of the cozy warm look, get even more inspired with Vince’s new 2010 line. This season they were obviously stirred by gorgeous changing colors of autumn seen along the east coast. They offer an array of delicate yet comfortable knits that can work for any occasion or weather.

Sport this look to the library, dinner or even a night out  and no doubt you will be spotted as our next Fashionista!


Often, bright colors are not associated with winter attire. When we think of winter, we think of dark hues to conceal our sadness about the freezing cold and to hide our insecurities that arise from too much hot cocoa. Today's Fashionisto looks great in his green khakis and a white oxford button-down. He shows how versatile his trousers are by wearing such a vibrant color in the middle of fall weather. 

Instead of mopping around in you blacks and grays, try taking advice from this fashion-forward fella and incorporate color into your wardrobe. 

Hint: Don't want to go as green as this Fashionisto did…try these moss green pants for a bit of color but not too extreme.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Menswear for Dinner

For Thanksgiving this year make a statement at dinner with bold menswear. The menswear trend has been around for a while now and is still here to stay. You can either wear men’s attire subtly or extravagantly as these two Fashionistas did. They have successfully combined street and runway style and created an edgy look. This Fashionista on the right, wore a large bow that went perfectly with her striped cardigan and oxford button down shirt. If this look is a bit too daring for you, stick to an oxford button down with trousers or tan khakis and oversized sweaters for a subtler look. Menswear attire is classic and trendy – a perfect combination for Thanksgiving dinner. If you are going to a flashier Thanksgiving dinner dress up these looks with a pair of fur ankle boots or a sheer oxford shirt for Thanksgiving dinner.

Don’t go to another holiday dinner wearing a cliché dress and flats. Spice things up and make a statement. 



This fall and winter season, designers have been getting in touch with their native origins. The Pendleton-inspired trend has been catching on like wild fire. This ethnic look is now popping up on the streets in the form of ponchos, cloaks and oversized bags. Designers have either found inspiration from traditional Mexican rugs, infamous Turkish rugs or Aztec artwork. Who knew that is funky gypsy folklore look would become a hot new trend? A Pendleton-inspired poncho with dark jeans and black leather high-heeled boots or leather sneakers to class is perfect for almost any occasion. Try to balance this rugged look by wearing good quality leather.This Fashionista is sporting a Turkish Oriental rug inspire tote for class. The neutral green cargo jacket tones down the bright colors and makes the outfit fall appropriate. Pendleton and Turkish carpet inspired wardrobe pieces are not only fashion forward but they are also easy to maintain. These materials are made of tough durable materials such as wool or water resistant rayon. Even if you drag these pieces around until they reek, they will still look fresh and ready to wear.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Product of the ’80s

Recent runways trends have been inspired by the infamous '80s school kid style. Students on campus have taken note of this daring style and have created their own version of it. This Fashionista looks superb in her acid washed jeans, hair and boots. Even though this outfit has elements that scream '80s wild child, this Fashionista has combined her own 21st century style. This fall and winter season, try incorporating '80s fashion with your own look. Mix trendy fur trimmed jackets with acid washed jeans or a bright scarf for a refreshingly new look. Fashion designers are inspired by the combination of different decades. 

Bring out your own inner fashion designer and experiment with mixing distinct '80s fads with your current wardrobe. If you tend to go for a more polished look but are looking to reinvent your look, try a more subtle look. For class test out an oversized sweater, Converse sneakers and a distinct scarf. I suggest you save money and find an oversized sweater at any thrift store and instead invest money in a cashmere scarf. The Pashmina Store has an excellent selection of scarves. Their scarves will not only keep you warm but also last for a lifetime. Try one of their animal print design scarves will keep you warm and still make a statement.

Remember: in order to be a true Fashionista you must create their own style not just follow the trends.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Neutral Color Scheme

Since the recent explosion of the neutral trend, Fashionistas have been mixing and matching neutral hues. Don’t worry about your cream colored scarf not matching your tan blazer or shoes—mix and match them all! Not only are neutrals great statement pieces but they are also perfect autumn colors. Try out a pair of tan straight leg pants, inspired by the 2011 Fall Gucci Runway, with a nude flat by Delman. If you are feeling daring, try these white Shepra Boots with a tan and cream color schemed outfit. This Fashionista perfectly combined different shades of pink and tan to create a girly yet downtown chic look for class. If you have any tan attire in your closet, its time to take it out and wear it!

When the cold winter weather rolls around, it will be hard to flaunt neutral hues. Even though the dark denim is a great contrast to the tan colors, white jeans or a white cardigans can also complete your look. As for accessories, get creative and with darker tones or even throw in a splash of blue or grey. Add a pastel blue nail polish with a nude outfit for a more eclectic look.

Remember: Neutrals can be worn as either a day or night look!


One of the best times here is in D.C. is Halloween. Regardless of where you plan on spending Halloween, start your celebration early here on campus. Halloween is no longer a one night event. Instead, students celebrate it throughout the week. Start getting in the sprit by sporting an all black look or festive accessories. This is the season where anyone can get away with just about anything. I saw this Fashionista hanging out in front of Starbucks taking advantage of this festive time of year. It’s hard to pull off a pair of sunglasses well but this Fashionista does it effortlessly.

Dare to wear a wild accessory to class instead of your full on costume or pull out the dark side of your wardrobe. Use celebrities like Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson and Rhianna for this pre-Halloween fashion week. Try a pair of black ripped jeans or sparkly leggings with a black lace top. Or a paint on a smoky cat eye with black leather over the knee boots. For a scarier look try a black and white striped shirt with a black vest, skull & bone accesories, and wedged booties. If you are stuck in Gelman and don’t have time to get Halloween ready try a gold glittery nail polish with an all black outfit.

Remember: whatever costume your choose this Halloween season, CollegeFashionista will be watching.


In college, it is easy to forget how big of a difference the smallest things can make. We all have deadlines to meet, places to be and of course people to see but, in this rush we can often forget to maintain our hair. Hair has been apart of fashion since the beginning of time. Hair not only reflects the state of our physical health but also our mental health and more importantly, it can either make or break a college Fashionista's or Fashionisto's look. This Fashionista's braided pigtails look super elegant with her fall friendly cardigan and vintage tote. She has created a side part and placed her pigtails toward the front to make her ensemble appear even more fashionable.

Even if you are in a rush to head out for class try this cute yet comfortable look. Regardless of your hair textures or length, this look can work for just about any girl. Or, check out different head wraps and bands. Instead of opting for the conventional way to wear a headband, get creative and wear them in a variety of styles. If you are into a straight looks, invest in a Chi flat iron. Not only are they just as good as the British GHD’s but they also turn hair into silk. If you are having a bad hair day, a slouchy hat that instantly makes any look super trendy. Fashionistos—hair applies to you as well! Even though you might not have as much hair to deal with, a bad head of hair will make head turn regardless. Try Redken’s hair wax to quickly get a fashion forward look. Remember—the simplest things can make the biggest difference.