WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

Guess what Fashionistas/os! It is almost officially fall!

Temperatures are dropping and New York is being divided into two style sections. Those Fashionistas/os that want to hold onto the last drop of summer sporting shorts and light dresses, and those that are dying to begin layering and dressing up in sassy scarves.

This Fashionista in particular took a 66-degree weather announcement to decide that fall is officially in the air.

Dressing stylishly for an early morning class can sometimes be a struggle, especially at university. We can barely wake up in general. Layering is so important in the fall; however, if done incorrectly, layering can easily go awry.

This Fashionista had the right idea. She pairs a champagne-colored sweater with amazing maroon jeggings and equestrian-style brown boots. She added a black infinity scarf and cleverly used it in place of a statement necklace. That’s a great choice if you don’t think a giant necklace is appropriate for the classroom or if you’re too lazy to look for one (which would be me).

This outfit is perfect for an early class setting because it is stylish, yet simple. It is a great way to introduce the new fall colors into your everyday wardrobe. Never forget the comfort factor! Comfort is key when sitting through those long, tiring morning classes.

To complete the outfit, this Fashionista shows off her gold watch and delicate gold bow ring. These two items are stylish and appropriate enough for a classroom, plus watches are supposed to keep us on time, right?!

Beauty looks can take almost as long as finding an outfit. This Fashionista opts for a red lip and neutral eyes with gorgeous loosely curls. When asked how she had time to wake up and curl her hair, she told me that she curls it the night before and sleeps on it in a ponytail giving her curls a more natural look. Genius!

One Simple Change: Add a black blazer to this look and you are ready for a cute fall casual date!

WHAT TO WEAR: Game Night

So Fashionistas, summer is almost over! With about two weeks of this glorious time left, it’s time to wear as many crop tops and shorts as you possibly can. Soon it is going to be layers city! Seeing this Fashionista taking full advantage of the current weather situation was the ultimate plus.

Game night is a great time to relax with friends, get a bit competitive and have a few laughs. Just because you are in a relaxed environment, doesn’t mean you should let your stylish quirks go to waste (tempting, I know). This Fashionista paired one of this summer’s biggest trends: distressed denim jeans (and from the picture we can see just how distressed these jeans are, wow)! She also sported a really cute orange crop top with the word “TRUTH” plastered on the front with black thong sandals. This is a great outfit for a game night because it is a relaxed look with some edge courtesy of the distressed jeans.

This Fashionista added some funk to this outfit with accessories, like her gorgeous black, square glasses and her colorful array of bracelets. If you look closely you can even spot her vintage gold Casio watch, which I personally think is pretty cool (cue Miley Cyrus voice).

Another important part of any outfit is the proper makeup! Sure, winged eyeliner and red lipstick are great; however, oftentimes, a minimally made up look is all that’s needed to save the day! This holds true if you are attending something as laid-back and relaxing as a game night. A good makeup tip is to save your dramatic makeup looks for those really special nights so that others can see different sides of you!

One Simple Change: Switch out the crop top for a shirt that represents your favorite team or college. Then, add a pair of Converse and you are ready for your close-up at any sporting event.


It’s August! Summer is winding down and the fall semester will soon be here. But that doesn’t stop the sun from giving us the lot of its scorching rays just to remind us he isn’t going without a fight!

For the past week, Barbados has been going through a serious heat wave! But we can’t let that stop us from enjoying our summer life now, can we? The answer is NO!

This Fashionista surely agrees. She sported a leopard print romper, minimal accessories besides her wrap bracelet watch, black flats and a black cross-body bag. Not to mention her oversized sunglasses! A summer look is never complete without the perfect frames; they somehow add an element of glamour to any outfit.

The key to dressing for a heat wave is not to have all your skin exposed but to wear lightweight fabrics. Lightweight fabrics allow for more air circulation and won’t cling to your body as much when you start to get sweaty. This Fashionista’s romper was made out of a cotton material. She said she was able to go about her daily activities without the worry of toppling over from heat stroke! A romper is great for running errands or going to the beach because it’s comfortable. It’s basically a stylish onesie; who wouldn’t love that? Also, the pattern of the romper is important. Patterns add flavor to everything! The bolder the pattern, the more confident and fun-loving you appear.

Accessories are great, but in a heat wave they could become very irritating, so take a page from this Fashionista’s book and keep the accessories to a minimum. This Fashionista wears a bejeweled wrap bracelet that doubles as a watch. This piece is perfect for a heat wave because it won’t constrict your wrist like a normal watch might. It allows for space to breathe. Her black bag and flats pull the outfit together by dressing up the romper.

Her all black accessories are great but NEVER wear all black in a heat wave. Black conducts heat and you surely don’t want to be conducting 90 degree heat. Also, it’s best to keep hair away from the face. This Fashionista kept her hair braided down her back. All the excess hair will make you hot and humidity and hair never mix well!

One Simple Change: Lose the sunnies, bag and flats. Add a crisp black blazer, sky high red pumps, a chunky necklace and a black clutch! Strut your stuff for a great night out on the town.

WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

We all know that themes are an important part of fashion. Certain patterns remind us of certain events or locations. Florals reminds us of spring and dark colors remind us of fall; a lot of social associations are made through patterns and colors.

This Fashionisto is coolly sporting a pale blue and white striped button-down shirt paired with tan chinos and navy blue and tan boat shoes. This outfit is perfect for holiday parties. It shows sophistication because of the structure of the shirt and pants but the shoes add a casual flair that’s perfect for any party on land or sea.

Speaking of sea, this summer especially, there have been tons of boat parties in Barbados. Not everyone loves a rocking nautical adventure but this Fashionisto proves you can wear nautical prints without the fear of sinking.

Pale blue and white are great colors for summer because they are cooling. The button-down shirt makes for a crisp and put-together appearance, not to mention that vertical stripes always give the illusion of a longer and slimmer body. Who doesn’t like a flattering illusion?

The outfit is all tied together by a healthy dose of tan brought to us by the skinny cut chinos and boat shoes, both great unisex trends. Boat shoes especially have been a top trend for at least a year with no visible sign of dropping off the fashion radar. These shoes are classic, comfortable and great to wear with almost any outfit. A great everyday shoe for vacation!

One Simple Change: Heat wave? Keep the shoes but switch the button-down for a graphic print vest and the tan trousers for tan shorts!


Going to the library at the height of summer might seem like an awful idea but sadly time is flying! Getting a jump-start on your course work is never a bad idea.

I spotted this Fashionista outside the library building digging through her DIY LeSportsac tote bag. I asked her about the designs on her bag. She said she enjoys doodling so she bought this particular style of bag to draw on. She even accessorized it with three of the cutest charms I’ve ever seen, which she scored from Teen Vogue.

But the pièce de résistance was this Fashionista’s gorgeous jacket! It perfectly embodies the spring and summer seasons. Jackets are essential for library visits because you never know if the room you are in will end up being a freezer. Comfort, after all, is conducive to proper studying. This Fashionista took advantage of her crazy printed jacket by adding it to an otherwise simple outfit. She managed to stay on-trend and be comfortable all at the same time.

She paired her jacket with a bright blue slouchy blouse and her favorite jean capris. Don’t forget that whether you are going to the library or to a cocktail party, jewelry is essential,  critical even! I’m not saying to wear a huge statement necklace or huge hoops in your ear but in most cases, your accessories will finish your outfits.

This Fashionista sported a simple two-strand necklace and a couple of mismatched bangles to complete her look. Also she wore a pair of rubber sandals from Payless that in my opinion are the most comfortable and cutest shoes ever!

The overall tip for library fashion is to stay comfortable! You need to be able to relax and study, so wear clothes that will help accomplish this goal. You can, like this Fashionista, make a comfortable outfit fashionable by adding pops of color or cool accessories.

One Simple Change: Keep the jacket and add a statement necklace. Swap the shirt for a charcoal boyfriend shirt with a pair of burgundy pencil jeans and a pair of sparkly heels and you are ready for date night!


I’ve learned from my many years of watching television shows like The Hills and Sex and the City that brunch is a must-do. And so is a cute outfit!

This Fashionista epitomizes summer with her gorgeous teal skater dress. This dress is perfect for a brunch date because of how low-maintenance it is. The dress flatters every figure and gives the wearer a sense of fun. The color of the dress is on-trend for the summer. Earlier in the year, teal was said to be the standout color of the year and for good reason. Teal looks great on every skin tone and wearing it is a great way to incorporate color into a look without getting crazy.

Teal is also a great color for color-blocking just because it complements every other color. This Fashionista kept it very simple by matching the teal dress with gold accessories like her dainty gold rose belt and her baroque-style golden court shoes. This Fashionista’s shoes are particularly eye-catching because of the giant emblem on the front of each one. They reminded me a lot of Tory Burch loafers.

This Fashionista also managed to incorporate a color-blocked bag into the outfit without overwhelming its simplicity. Her bag features colors like orange, blue, white and red and they all seamlessly complement the teal dress and give the outfit a bit more attitude and punch.

One Simple Change: Going for an interview? Add a black blazer and black opaque tights. Switch the flats for black pumps. It’s important to show your personality in interviews and that doesn’t always come from conversation. Appearance is very important and wearing bright colors shows your confidence and personality.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

Nothing is scarier than meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents for the first time. There is always a thirst to prove yourself worthy and that voice in the back of your head telling you everything will go wrong. The one thing you have absolute control over is your outfit and first impressions are very important, so you better work it!

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for the big meet-and-greet. The gorgeous pattern on the dress shows that she’s fun and ready for summertime while the length and A-line style of the dress create the right balance of respectful and stylish.

There’s been a recent love for A-line styles in fashion lately. The style includes the skater dress and the skater skirt. These styles are flattering for every body type since the cinch at the waist create the illusion of a smaller waistline. The flare of the skirt can be used to create volume on smaller, thinner bodies and camouflage volume on hippier ladies.

As this Fashionista demonstrates, less is more when it comes to “Meet the Parents” makeup! Opt for a more natural look with warm colored blushes and nude colored lip tints or lipsticks. You want to present the best version of yourself.

By this point we have figured out that minimal is best with this particular “What to Wear” but if you traded out wearing a necklace for wearing a statement ring and a couple of bracelets, that would be perfectly fine. Jewelry is a great way to bring an outfit together; accessories are very important in finishing a look. This Fashionista finishes off her look with a cute brown cross-body bag with a gold chain strap and brown bejeweled thong sandals.

Quick tip for meeting the parents: always make eye contact when speaking and remember to keep smiling!

One Simple Change: Add a warm jacket and tights, swap the sandals out for boots and you have a great outfit for the slightly chilly days coming up for fall!


Summertime is honestly the best time of the year. We get to lounge by pools sipping on lemonades, party till dawn, give up most of our responsibilities and most importantly, sleep in! But sadly we can’t throw every responsibility away. I spotted this Fashionista around a local mall trying to finish off her errands for the day.

Her gorgeous blouse is made of jersey fabric, which is super comfortable and great for all-day wear. Also, the pop of coral is a great way to liven up the outfit and give it a great summer theme. Coral also complements every skin tone and is a great way to follow the trend of bright summer colors without going too crazy!

This Fashionista understands the balance between comfort and style, which I think is one of the hardest things to do. She pairs the flowing blouse with dark-wash denim leggings, which are practical and super comfortable. But the problem with jeggings is that they aren’t always flattering.

So remember this important tip! The location of the jeggings’ waistband fits determines the length of your blouse. With low-waist jeggings, opt for a longer blouse; high-waisted jeggings are great when worn with bustiers and crop tops. High-low blouses work great for both types of jeggings and are great for giving the outfit some flavor!

The show-stopper of this Fashionista’s outfit is her supremely adorable pair of pale pink ballet flats with dainty pink fabric bows. The right shoe can change an outfit — and a life. These flats give the outfit preppy flair and complement the laid-back vibe of this outfit perfectly. This Fashionista topped it all off with an oversized bag and a gorgeous pair of Calvin Klein shades!

One Simple Change: Looking for an outfit to wear for a casual date night? Look no further! Swap out the oversized bag for a chain-link cross-body bag and add cute accessories to pull the entire look together. Swap the Calvin Klein shades out for cat-eye makeup.

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

I happened to spot this Fashionista as I was driving to my “scouting” spot. Her gorgeous cobalt blue body-con midi dress  from Topshop with strategically placed shoulder cut-outs is perfect for any fashion intern or fashion lover.

This gorgeous Fashionista favored a natural face with a bright pink lip color and minimal jewelry and revealed she opts for bags as her statement accessory rather than jewelry. Her black oversized bag is from WERA Stockholm. Her Urban Outfitters boots are sand-colored suede with eyelet hole and lace details. She pairs them with thrifted fluffy striped socks to complete her eclectic look.

This Fashionista described her style as eclectic and evolving. When I asked her what influenced her outfit she said she was going for a minimalistic punk/boho look. Turns out she’s a hairstylist, which explains her completely rocking Afro faux-hawk!

It was fun to find out that this Fashionista and I had more than our love of fashion in common. We also share a love of specks! I gushed over how much I admired her see-through frames and lamented on the emptiness that fills me whenever my glasses are absent from my face. We agreed that the glasses serve as our version of jewelry!

One Simple Change: Need festival wear? Switch out the black oversized bag for a smaller neutral colored cross-body bag. Add a fringe vest and of course it’s not a festival unless there’s a flower crown!

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

As the ever-changing Miley Cyrus sang, “Let’s go, GNO. Let’s go!” I feel the need to express how important a girl’s night out is! Especially if you are like me and all your girls have gone off to schools overseas or just in other states, a good girl’s night out is everything. And it starts with the perfect outfit.

This Fashionista embodies the vibe of a girl’s night out. Her extremely flattering black bustier top and gorgeous high-waist patterned harem pants create an outfit somewhere in the middle of a rocker chick look and a laid-back vibe. Speaking of the middle, one word that should be in every Fashionista’s summer vocabulary is “midriff”.  Leave the bundling up and layering for fall and winter. It’s time to show some skin!  She accessorizes the outfit with drool-worthy quilted patent leather pumps and a tribal-inspired statement necklace, minimal ear jewelry, a low ponytail and every girl’s best friend, a red lip.

What I love about this outfit is its simplicity. The patterned trousers and the necklace give this minimal look edge. A bold lip adds a pop of color to a black and white affair. One important rule of girl code is to make everything effortless; never let your outfit wear you. Also, always wear something that makes you feel and look confident. Work your outfit like only you can and have fun doing it!

One more very important rule: always, ALWAYS wear comfortable heels! Girl’s nights out tend to turn into girl’s early mornings out. At least mine always do.

One Simple Change: Take this party vixen look and turn it into a fancy date night look. Just swap out the patterned trousers for a high-waisted pencil skirt in a contrasting color. Add a large envelope clutch bag as a statement accessory.