The dog days are officially over. This means that bikini season is coming to a close and the task of staying toned for the beach is not as crucial as it once seemed. Regardless of the season, it is important that you maintain your health and physique by exercising. Whether you are going for a run or headed to a Zumba class, any athletic activity that can give you an adrenaline rush will do. One work out essential that you should consider is clothing that gives you the flexibility and comfort to move to your heart’s content.

Sporty chic is a huge trend this year and there’s no reason why it cannot translate into actual exercise clothing. This Fashionista definitely got the look right. The elasticity of her tank top and capri tights allows her to enjoy a daytime jog at whatever pace works for her. Her sneakers are fun because of the splash of blue, but they also provide the comfort and support that her feet need to get through any type of work out. She’s keeping cool with the best athletic staples and looking great while doing so.

It’s great to exercise with friends but if you happen to be riding solo, let music accompany you like this Fashionista did. An armband for your phone or iPod is a cool accessory and provides you with a simple way to bring your tunes with you. Another thing that makes for an enjoyable work out is a no-fuss hairstyle. This Fashionista’s curly chignon looks chic and keeps her hair out of the way. Besides making sure that you are properly hydrated, you should not have many concerns when it comes to exercising. Taking cues from this Fashionista will ensure that your work out is enjoyable, stress free and rewarding.

One Simple Change: To get the most out of your athletic shoes, take them from the gym to treks around campus. Pair sleek, colorful sneakers with skinny trousers and a baseball T-shirt for a look that will turn heads on the quad.


WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

There is a famous adage that goes “Two stylish heads are better than one,” right? Well, even if that is not exactly how the saying goes, that is what I thought when I spotted this dynamic duo. With their matching caps and no less than 10 glistening accessories between the two of them, I found their outfits to have the right amount of fun for hanging out on the weekend.

For starters, this Fashionista took her pretty frock to the next level by adding a black vest and printed green scarf. These two additions make her outfit more likely to easily transition from day to night. Her layered necklaces look flawless with the neckline of her dress, but her sneakers add the right amount of simplicity to give this look some versatile edge. The embellished cap, similar to the one that the Fashionsto is wearing, also adds to the edginess. This look could take her just about anywhere.

This Fashionisto kept his outfit fairly simple with a cool T-shirt and shorts combination, but he definitely embraced the “more is more” philosophy with his accessories. An oversized necklace and ring go from pretty to pretty cool when paired with a baseball cap. Caps are super popular this year and this pair’s decorated hats take the trend up a notch. Also, this Fashionisto’s backpack makes for easy traveling during the day. Like his stylish counterpart, the mirrored sunglasses keep him looking cool and shielded from the UV rays.

One Simple Change: Emulate this Fashionista’s look in the fall by adding a cardigan and opting for ankle boots for a casual date night look. Borrowing from the boys by wearing a cap is optional, but when it looks this cool, it couldn’t hurt to try pairing one with a contrasting beauty look. A bright lip color and side braid should do the trick. This Fashionisto already looks prepared for class, but he could take this look from summer to fall by adding a jean jacket and trousers.


As an avid music listener, I’m always searching for concert fashion inspiration. There’s a look that corresponds to every type of music, be it edgy for a classic rock concert or bohemian chic for an indie folk show. Comfort, regardless of the look you’re going for, is a must so that you can enjoy yourself.

Another factor that plays into whether or not an outfit works for a particular concert is the venue. This Fashionista was sporting a look that I found to be perfect for an outdoor concert. When you’re rocking an awesome, laid back outfit like this one, the right atmosphere and tunes are the only other things you need to get the vibe just right.

The first thing that pulls my attention toward this look is the amazing paisley print maxi skirt that the featured Fashionista is wearing. Paisley, a timeless summer print, was featured on the runways for spring/summer 2013. Although designers like Etro were showcasing the print in a vibrant way, it looks just as nice in darker colors. The multiple hues in this Fashionista’s bohemian skirt contrast with the crisp white tank top, which works so well. She brings her look together with a cute pair of strappy brown sandals that would fit in at any concert.

Any time that is spent outside needs to be accompanied by the right eyewear. The trends for sunglasses this year have been super fun, but a pair of retro, oversized round glasses is a classic complement to any outfit that nods to the 1960s. The question of whether to bring a purse or not to a concert ultimately depends on if you are the type of person who likes to carry purses at all. If you are going to bring one, however, coordinating it with your footwear is the way to go, just like this Fashionista did.

One Simple Change: This playful skirt is a great piece to take with you on a weekend getaway. Wear a skirt of one print with a clashing crop top and simple sneakers for a look that’s trendy, casual and comfortable enough for exploring a new city.

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

As the end of summer approaches, many of us who are on vacation will begin to swap out our beach bags for backpacks. The amount of friends who are still at home will begin to dwindle and the opportunity to hang out before everyone returns to school for the fall semester will come as quickly as the summer did. Whether you and your friends are spending the day exploring the city or the night painting the town red, finding the perfect outfit for the occasion is essential.

When I spotted this Fashionista with her stylish friends, I knew that this was an outfit that could work for many occasions. It’s a great, casual ensemble for a day out with friends.  While hanging out in the city, her classic T-shirt and shorts look keeps her looking low key and ready to enjoy whatever the day sends her way.

Her graphic T-shirt with the wolf print is really amazing and picturesque. The shorts definitely work for any daytime activity, be it hanging out at the park or enjoying lunch on the patio at the local diner. This Fashionista’s trusty pair of Converse sneakers provide a pop of color and the durability that her feet will need to travel from place to place.

The accessories of this look are minimal but great nonetheless. Round sunglasses are an excellent option for those who want a break from the usual square ones and these look amazing on this Fashionista. The gold cross earrings look lovely with her hairstyle and add a cool contrast to the dark sunglasses. Hanging out with friends is a must for summer but this look is proof that this Fashionista made maintaining awesome style one of her summer priorities as well!

One Simple Change: In the fall, this Fashionista’s printed T-shirt will transition well from the summer with a cardigan, jeans and boots for a stylish study group outfit.


If you ever find yourself looking for something to do on a Sunday, put going to brunch at the top of your options list. Brunch is a common pastime for people all over the world. It is an opportunity to meet up with friends or spend quality time with your family. It is a time for indulging in delightful breakfast and lunch foods while enjoying a day out. Brunch is also a great opportunity to get dressed on a Sunday, even though this might be the farthest thing from your mind after a busy week.

This beautiful Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for Sunday brunch because of its understated subtlety. Her white chiffon blouse gives off sophistication and the lace accent is the perfect update to an essential closet staple. It pairs well with a black corduroy skirt, like the one that’s worn here. Minimalism works for any season and this look is proof of that. This Fashionista sure knows how to make neutrals look amazing!

The accessories that this Fashionista is wearing are worthy of a mention at the brunch table. Her brown cutout oxford flats are simply awesome — their color is the perfect complement to her black and white ensemble. It’s all in the details when it comes to this outfit. The black purse with its gold chain strap is classic — it’s the perfect bag to take this Fashionista from brunch to wherever else her travels may lead her.

One Simple Change: Chiffon blouses go just as well with pants as they do circle skirts. A fun, printed pair of jeans updates this outfit for a great concert look.


When the temperature reaches an unbearable 90 degrees, it might be easy to find yourself with a style dilemma. Sure, there are plenty of summer uniform options like maxi dresses, rompers or even the foolproof pairing of tank tops with shorts. The problem is that these options might seem too simple at times. In this week’s edition of WHAT TO WEAR, the featured Fashionista has the answer to your dilemma: take a simple outfit and add your personal flair.

This Fashionista opted for the third uniform: a tank top with shorts. Graphic T-shirts never go out of style and the one that she is wearing here with a palm tree instantly brings my mind to the beach. The pale blue hue also adds a pop of color to her neutral color palette. This Fashionista made her outfit more original by taking a graphic tee and making it into a tank top — this is an easy way to recycle a shirt from spring to make it appropriate for summer’s heat. DIY tank tops layer nicely with bandeau tops and look great with shorts, as well as skirts. Flip flops and heat are two reasons to show off a cute summer pedicure.

The motto for this look is “less is more.” With a stylish pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes and a cool watch for punctuality, this Fashionista kept her accessories to a minimum for a no-fuss day in the sun. Her other accessory, a backpack, holds all of her essentials so that she is ready for whatever the day sends her way.

One Simple Change: Black shorts are super versatile, which makes them great to wear all summer long. Switch the casual tank top out for a chiffon blouse and add a pair of platform sandals for an outing with friends. Substitute the backpack for a chic purse to have a look perfect for the occasion.

WHAT TO WEAR: Festival

Festivals are not limited to the summertime, but it is safe to say that summer is the season of music festivals. From Bonnaroo to Pitchfork, Glastonbury to Lollapalooza, the locales for these festivals are as diverse as the artists who play at them. Besides music, there’s another factor that relates them all — the style of festivalgoers. Every time one of these events comes and goes, I search for street style snaps of the Fashionistas who were in attendance. The styling varies widely, but these staples are evident in every slideshow I’ve come across: chambray shirts, cut-off shorts, maxi dresses, floral crowns and tie-dye.

For the most part, the festival look is bohemian chic with the occasional rocker vibe. I recently attended a local music festival where I got to hear some great musicians and observe summer style at its finest. Even though I saw some amazing trends that day, it was also nice to see how great the festival staples look when they are interpreted in different ways. These Fashionistas made their looks fun and noteworthy by staying true to the festival aesthetic.

The Fashionista on the left shows that wearing a printed maxi dress is a simple way to keep cool and look fashionable at an outdoor event. Her retro, round sunglasses and brown sandals finish this look perfectly. The Fashionista on the right looks just as prepared for the occasion with her casual yet stylish pairing of a floral blouse with cut-offs and sneakers. From the floral prints to the colors in their outfits, this duo complemented each other perfectly, just like fashion complements music.

One Simple Change: Add a wide brim hat to the look on the left for an outfit that will turn heads at the beach. The look on the right can go from a festival to a casual date by switching out the shorts for a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and accessorizing with a statement necklace and clutch.

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

The average college student’s night is anything but typical. Some nights are spent cramming for tests and others might be spent relaxing with Netflix and popcorn. Yet, the possibilities are endless. Now that summertime is here, however, many nights can be devoted to going out and having a good time. A girl’s night out lets you celebrate all of the hard work that you did during the school year and spend quality time with friends. This Fashionista shows that a girl’s night out is the perfect opportunity to go out in style.

This look made me take a second look. The first thing that I noticed was her lovely mint green blouse with its eyelet collar. Mint may not be the Pantone color of the year (that would be emerald) but it is a trend that happens to be all over the blogosphere and in the stores. It’s a color that is here to stay! The featured Fashionista’s look emphasizes how versatile mint green can be. It pairs well with neutrals, like the black polka-dot maxi skirt worn here, as well as the colors that make up the rest of the look. Also, her blouse and skirt are made of light, airy fabrics that are comfortable and great for the nighttime air.

In the most unexpected way, this Fashionista complemented the soft pastel color of her shirt with a pair of two-toned neon flats. I found this aspect of her outfit to be inspiring and trendsetting. To top it all off, she added a forest green satchel that can hold all of the essentials for going out without being burdensome.

One Simple Change: Once classes resume, take the top and flats from going out to class by adding a pair of skinny jeans. Carry all of your books and supplies in a fashionable backpack. Here’s to being stylish and studious!

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

Shopping, whether it’s online or in store, gives us Fashionistas/os the opportunity to buy items that represent our individual style. Whether it’s a sundress that was splurged on or a pair of studded flats that were saved for, almost everyone has something in their closet that means something to them. Fashion is something that is always evolving and it’s nice to update one’s closet by making new purchases. If spending is not an option, window shopping can also do the trick. This activity allows consumers to get to know their own tastes and preferences. Even if online browsing is your main source for fulfilling your fashion needs, getting out and visiting local stores is an awesome way to figure out if you truly want something or not. You can also get inspiration from the style choices of fellow shoppers. As I was doing some summer shopping, I noticed a look that was way too cool not to photograph.

The first thing that I noticed about this Fashionista’s outfit was her amazing tie-dye shirt. The vibrant colors, white accents and fringe look great together. Her look is cool because she paired a multi-hued shirt with black cut-off shorts and looked totally prepared for the summer heat. I also love the sandals that she was wearing and those aviator shades are perfect for rounding out the whole look. This outfit is ideal for shopping — even though it is the details that make this an awesome look, the outfit as a whole is nowhere near fussy. This Fashionista looks stylish and as if she’s ready to take on anything the stores or the weather sends her way.

One Simple Change: To take this look from a day spent shopping to one enjoying a summer festival, opt for a pair of comfortable sneakers. Complement a cool, summery hairstyle with a wide-brim hat (or a trendy baseball cap) that looks stylish and keeps you protected from the sun.


Summer could be considered a highly anticipated season for many reasons. For college students, this season usually represents a time to relax, spend time with friends or even attend classes. Many students would not dream of being on campus in the summer, but others see it as a great time to continue their academics. Regardless of the semester, studying can be stressful and everyone needs to take a break at some point. A study break is a great time to run some errands, which is what this Fashionista was doing.

I know that when most people get dressed for running errands, they probably throw on sweats with a T-shirt and they are good to go. That was not the case for this Fashionista. I was immediately inspired by the way that she updated a classic look with pops of color. Striped shirts are staples for any Fashionista’s closet. So are circle skirts and I love the fact that she wore one in a standout color like bright green.

When running around, it is always nice to carry a cardigan or light jacket just in case the wind randomly picks up (in Atlanta, it is more common that this happens at night rather than in the humid daytime, but it does happen). Adding a simple gray cardigan is a nice way to bring a look with color together like this Fashionista did here. Also, I found it amazing how she coordinated her cardigan with a pair of matching low-top sneakers and her skirt with socks in a similar color.

Of course, no look is complete without accessories. Here, she opted for a pretty sweet pair of flip-up sunglasses and a lovely brown purse. This Fashionista truly made the activity of running errands seem more like leisure than work with her fun outfit.

One Simple Change: To take this look from day to night, switch the cardigan for a blazer and the sneakers for a cute pair of platform wedges. Now you’ve got yourself a great look for a dinner date or girl’s night out!