In a picture perfect world, after college awaits the career you’ve been preparing for your entire life. You’d walk into the office doors, dressed in designer garments from hat to shoe taking a seat in your comfy office space that is surrounded by windows with a view that overlooks the most fantastical of cities. Anne Hathaway answers your phone calls, and delivers your morning Frappuccino with a smile. At last, you’re living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Pretty good right? —well, for myself and many other recent college graduates that didn’t necessarily happen. In fact, after college the reality of the horrible economic state of the nation hit us like a ton of Christian Louboutin’s. With employment rates down and job availability at an all-time low many of us found ourselves stuck with degrees and nothing to show for it.

In my personal journey, I had spent the past four years of college dedicated to amassing a resume that would put to shame any other entry level competitors in the field I pursued. Having landed an incredible six internships including CollegeFashionista prior to even stepping on the commencement stage, I felt I would be in a great position post-undergrad.

Like I had imagined, right out the gate I was interviewing in the offices of Conde` Nast, Hearst and Time Warner among other great companies as well. Still keeping up with my productive mindset—I also continued to intern throughout the interviewing process with two separate companies. Several months fly by, my internships are done, and I’m still without a job.

At this point, my confidence had shrunk faster than an H&M tank in heat. Nothing had worked out for me as I was hoping, and though I was trying beyond my hardest the pressure from my parents was unbearable.

What was I doing wrong? —Am I being racially profiled? — The conspiracy theories flooded my brain yet opened the doors for what I ultimately do best; Conceptualize and execute.

All of my internships had significantly prepared me to function as a total imagist. I did not need to be tied down to a corporate company to fulfill myself expressively and financially; with all the skills and lessons I learned from my mentors I could do it on my own. And so I set forth on this new journey towards the development of my own brand as the artist I am.

Just several months out of college and after CollegeFashionista; I can graciously say, now companies and celebrities are coming to me for what I could provide to them. This goes to show that if you are dedicated, and passionate about what you can offer the world, yet remaining true to your worthwhile never straying from your goals; all you ever dreamed of will eventually manifest.

Though I am still hoping for a career in glossies, I know I can do it all on my own and you can too. Maybe, I’ll start my own magazine?

TREND: Hobo Chic

There are certain trends that upon hearing of you may cringe. “Hobo chic” was that particular trend that I became baffled at the thought that anyone would want to be associated to the style of a hobo. I thought was just a phase with popular trendsetters like Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Hudson, who are clearly wealthy enough to pretend homelessness. It wasn’t until I saw the possibilities of this trend that I begin to understand why it is so cool.

Who would think those old boots you had when you were 15 would look great with layers of Rick Owens apparel? That is exactly what hobo chic is. Mixing and matching obviously destroyed and aged things with something brand new. It is sort of like recycling, if you get my drift.

Just as this wonderful Fashionista, her hobo chic attire is very trendy among the fellow artist of Penn State University. Why? It is because they get really messy when dealing with individual works. However, this doesn’t take away from the desire to look cool.

Just check out her brown, leather ankle boots, which have been destroyed with paints and other molding materials over time. Yet they possess a personality to them that you wouldn’t find in your every day department store. The way she pairs them with a beautiful, patterned, afghan scarf that picks up the colors in that have splattered all over her shoes is really special. Setting her outfit off with a basic denim top and pant makes it even more casually perfect.

Of course if you want to try out this look, you can wear this distressed sweater from Topshop with these knitted cropped pants from Yesstyle. For your footwear, I'd go with these suede boots I found over at '80s Purple! Good luck.

TREND: Ferocious Fur

Winter fashion at Penn State University is without a doubt, dreadful. Unlike most schools, we have very cold winters with blankets of snow that ultimately make us want to opt for warm Eskimo jackets and snow boots. However, if you are like me you choose to dress-up regardless of the conditions outside.

Probably not when it is snow up to our knees when walking to class but right before we dive into the terrible conditions there are moments where you can still look stylish, just as this Fashionista, who illustrates a perfect winter look located by the south of our campus, did.

She is undeniably fierce, as she takes sips of her hot chocolate in this brown and bronze look. Worn over black denim skinny jeans – her over the knee, leather and bronze metal studded boots are extraordinary. If they had them in my size I would totally consider buying them. She wears them with a faux fur, cheetah printed jacket, which I could spot from a block away. She accessorizes with a super-cute giraffe necklace, which she wears over a silky, solid bronze colored top.

Overall, this is a killer outfit that has much presence in the dullness of winter. With all things faux fur and real fur being a major fall 2010 trend in the collections of designers like Altuzarra, Chanel and Burberry Prorsum, you are sure to find plenty of places where you can find something furry to attribute to your wardrobe.

In case you need help – check out this incredible faux fur coat from Topshop that I’d recommend wearing with these trousers also from Topshop. Sport that look with these really cool hipster boots from Forever 21 and you are all set!



FASHION NEWS: “Fly, Fierce, Flawless: The December Issue”

Penn State’s Fly Magazine put on a fashion show for their December Issue last night in the HUB Auditorium. Coordinated by students Jasmine Thomas, Alexandria Davis, and Stephanie Pappas, the show was promoted to be an event full of glamour and high fashion. So you know I had to be there to be the judge of that!

The show followed a theme that flowed around popular magazines, such as Vogue and Rolling Stone. The styling for each scene (there were 9 in total) was dedicated to what I felt to be the general audience for each publication. For instance, the Cosmopolitan scene was full of vivid, and sweet clothing versus the GQ scene that had a sensual and sophisticated approach.

Unlike most fashion shows at Penn State University, this show actually put an emphasis on the clothing. From head to toe the models were styled consistently—and even the shoes were hot!

It was a fun show that the packed audience seemed to enjoy. With only a few low lights such as some technical issues, ill fitted clothing, non-usage of spanx and a host who clearly should have taken a seat in the audience. Aside from this, I personally enjoyed myself.

“After all the stress and all the hard work. It was everything we hoped for. I couldn’t ask for a better group of models. If I had to do it again tomorrow I would” stated coordinator, Jasmine Thomas.

Good job ladies, and I hope to see more events like this in the future.

TREND: Back to Black

There is something fascinating about the color black that allows it to stand strong in the world of fashion. It is intimidating, sleek and powerful. You assume authority in fashion when wearing this color and, did I mention, it makes you thinner?

It is a timeless color for the fall and winter to sport when you want to have a stern presence. Just as this Fashionisto whose all monochromatic attire from head to toe leads a trail of on lookers towards his way!

His beautiful, cashmere, double-breasted, military inspired trench coat is one of my favorite parts about his entire look. It falls just slightly below his waist, which makes it wearable for both fall and winter. Underneath are layers that consist of a black jersey shirt and knit scarf that is comfortably draped along his neck. His trousers are slim-fitted yet loose enough to create the baggy effect when stuffed inside his black leather Givenchy boots.

This is a look that can be worn from day to night and to class or to a fashionable function. You can never go wrong with something similar, as it is basic enough yet possesses enough “pow!” that it will be received well.

From little black dresses, to traditional black leather jackets, this is one color that is essential to your wardrobe. Ladies if your looking for a fashionably fierce look that is all black everything try these show stopper Vero Modo harem pants from ASOS that can be worn with this really cool Black Mongolian sheepskin jacket found on Topshop . Of course you are going to need a killer pair of heels to rock with this look and I suggest these super fabulous strap-up heels from Primrose also found at Topshop.

TREND: Saddle Up

Hold your horses—one of my favorite footwear trends for this fall are the equestrian riding boots. The equestrian style boot has been a force among fashion houses such as Prada, and Bottega Veneta, but most frequently Ralph Lauren. It has also become a major trend among many Penn State University female students. Why? —Well, they are classic, functional, and comfortable from what I hear.

Even if you are not preparing to saddle up to a pony, these boots can be worn from day to night with both skirts and skinny jeans.

Just as this Fashionista, (who happens to be one of my favorites around campus) who stylishly spots an amazing pair of brown leather, tall, knee- high boots. Worn with a casual pair of blue, skinny jeans—she then adds a fall flare to her black sheer top, by rocking a colorful printed scarf. She accessorized perfectly with her choice of color complimentary brown leather bag, gold bracelet, and royal blue ring.

What she is wearing is perfect for a fall day here at Penn State University, or anywhere across the world! Stylish, and comfortable enough for the weather or a really long day of course work!

If you would like to give this trend a try for a night look—check out these incredible riding boots from Steve Madden, that you can pair with this dress from ASOS. Accessorize with gold and black leather items like a jacket, and purse—and you are set for a night on the town in a perfect pair of riding boots.

TREND: Biker Chic

Bring on the biker brigades of leather, studs, and zippers. This is a trend that showcases how a woman can look soft and stern, while clutching her luxury bag.

Tough and chic describes this Fashionista's street-style look. Color coordinated in black and silver from head to toe, she sports accessories that complement her entire outfit. Her black hairpiece is embellished with silver crystals to match her black and silver bracelets. Her studded suede boots are reminiscent of motorcycle wear.

Her ensemble features a knitted, houndstooth, mini skirt that is readied for fall weather with a pair of black sheer tights. The print on the skirt stands out amongst her overall dark wardrobe palette. She keeps warm in a black, circle scarf, which is one of my favorite winter accessories, as well as a cropped wool blazer. My favorite part of course is her classic quilted Chanel handbag, which she so carefully evolved her entire look around.

Quite often the girls of Penn State University will pull out a luxury designer bag and wear it with the likes of UGGs and sweat pants. Not only are they disrespecting my eyes, but they are also disrespecting the fashion house behind the bag. It’s unfortunate to see a young lady who can afford the label but not the exquisite taste behind it.

So, I applaud this young lady for yet again braving the systematic approach to fashion at Penn State University. Coco and Karl would be just as proud of you as I am.

For my other Fashionistas who are having a difficult time building a look around your bag, here is how to do it: Start with this beautiful Cholé handbag, tappered trousers from Topshop, super cute oxfords from Forever 21, and this incredible blouse from ASOS. There you have it! An entire outfit that complements your handbag.

TREND: True Colors

The eighties—an era of fashion that has infiltrated the closets of many of it’s proceeding periods. Known for its vibrancies, exaggerated shoulders, and big hair; it was the party that didn’t stop. Having been born in 1989, I didn’t get to experience the fashion as it developed—but now that it has made yet another come back, how fun is it to dig up clothing our parents wore during that time and hit the streets?

Many of our favorite designers of today have re-invented the trends of the eighties, and have made them accessible to the public once again. Designers such as Marc Jacobs gave us a reason to turn up the lights with his neon-bright collection in the a/w of 2009 and the house of Balmain recently brought back the shoulder pad craze.

This Fashionista has taken inspiration from the likes of Rihanna, and the hit '80s television show Dynasty with this marvelously put together look. Her neon-purple, shoulder padded, over-sized blazer is to die for. It ties in well with her purple lace stockings that have a really cool print to them and killer lace up boots. And her light-washed, short cut denim…so eighties!

I got to give it to this Fashionista, she totally represented for a decade she probably was not even born in. I’d completely advise the rest of Fashionista/Fashionistos to be influenced by past style periods with their clothing. It is a great way to stand out during modern times. Especially if you can make it look good!

Just in case you need some help looking distinctively eighties with your look, here is mini dress from ASOS, and a killer pair of pumps also that will give you a modern eighties flare for a night on the town.

TREND: Urban Cool

The gentlemen of Penn State University rarely grasp the importance of style. However there are a select few that encompass just that–style. Many of the male students seek wardrobe inspiration through what is clean or clean enough (call me guilty). Yet, if the likes of Kanye West, and Kid Cudi inspire your daily wardrobe you are taking part in the fashion subcategory known as “Street Wear”.

Students who partake in this style wear cool sneakers such as Supras versus Givenchy boots and use the iPhone instead of the Blackberry. Okay, maybe I’m reaching with that last statement but they are the total opposite of what I enjoy in the high-end fashion world cultural wise, but just as cool.

The street wear revolution is represented perfectly with this Fashionisto. He mixes and matches prints, and solids; as well as vintage with modern all effectively. Who knew you could rock a vintage Beatles (yes, the music group) jacket, with some high top Jordan sneakers and make it look good?!

Unfortunately, I have to commit social suicide and use the term “swag” to define his persona, but it is definitely worth it in this case. Sort of like Austin Power’s “mojo” without “swag," his look would be an epic fail. This is what makes the street wear culture pop in my eyes. They send off great style vibes, while illuminating a great personality. Not as stern as Anna Wintour in Chanel, but as cool as Pharrell Williams in Billionaire Boys Club.

So ,to my male Penn State students who want to look as cool as this Fashionisto, try rockin’ this Miska jacket , French Connection shirt , Men21 cords, with a pair of smokin' hot Android Homme sneakers and you're all set!

TREND: Androgyny Statement

Isn’t he lovely? This CollegeFashionisto is crossing boundaries, and blurring the traditional gender based aesthetics of fashion, which is the new revolution. It is androgynous style; the mixing and matching of masculine and feminine pieces to create an indefinable stand out look.

Unquestionably, very hard to pull off in general for a male, but on a college campus it can be considered much more daring. However, this Fashionisto chooses to be himself and he expresses just that whether you accept it or not. There was no second thought in posing for my camera, he went for it in multiple frames serving “downtown girl” with his poise.

Clutching his binder, he stands tall in a pair of 6-inch platform; pointed, black pump. His over-sized T-Shirt is cinched at his waist with a belt that has a unique zipper embroidered along it. His slightly oversized, slim cut, blazer gives his look a masculine edge. The skintight latex, ankle cut legging serves its purpose as a basic essential to an extremely put together look.

Certainly, this is as unique as it gets for fashion at Penn State University. As for our campus, when it becomes a risk to wear something as simple as a jean jacket around campus without receiving stares – Houston we have a problem!

Unfortunately, individuality suffers when the majority chooses to follow the same route when it comes to fashion, and life in general. What we see here is an example, of working against the formalities of society in a fashion context. Some of our favorite designers such as John Galliano, and Dolce & Gabbana have put out collections that exhibit the removal of the sexual category from fashion.

Fashion should be fearless, fun, and most notably about “doing you!” So ladies and gentlemen why not add a few unisex pieces to your wardrobe? For guys, check out this belted skirt for men from YesStyle, and see what you can do with it to make your style androgynous. And as this Fashionisto would chime in, make sure you look fierce!