This is What I Learned About Fashion During My Internship

The quintessential image of an intern portrayed in media is an over-prepared adolescent underwhelmed by her tasks, although a long list of coffee orders has the potential to be overwhelming. With all this being said, interning is, without a doubt, still the ideal combination of experience and networking.

While being welcomed into the professional world, it is key to note that nailing the presentation is half the battle, not only with your ongoing projects but with your outfits. A put-together, sophisticated outfit says, “I am organized, responsible, and ready to get to work.”

This Fashionista’s internship look is simple and mature so it can be transferred to work in various internship environments and situations. Starting from the bottom, the sleek black Oxfords give off an old-school vibe to match the years of experience her co-workers have endured. You don’t want to appear too inexperienced.

Next up are the pinstripe pants. The pattern might be cliché for the workplace, but these are updated with the slim fit and cropped cut. The top is a relaxed shirt that shows youth, projecting the feeling that she does not take herself too seriously. She polished off her ensemble with a simple bangle bracelet and shades.

An outfit similar to this Fashionista’s will show off your style to your supervisor without distracting from what internships are really about—learning. Specifically, the above Fashionista is an architect intern. Maybe one day she will design a building that will house future interns.

How do you style your internship outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

This Crisscross Design is the Perfect Way to Keep Cool This Summer

July has always been my favorite month. Between beach days, barbecues, and bonfires, it seems as though the entire world is at ease and enjoying each moment. With that being said, there’s one downside to July: the heat. With temperatures soaring, it can be difficult to keep cool, and even more, to keep your outfit cool. During heat waves, it’s hard enough to leave your air-conditioned house let alone pick out a trendy outfit.

This Fashionista does both when she combines simple silhouettes and comfortable pieces with fun, flirty details. If you refuse to give up your jeans while the sun sizzles (we all know that one person), opt for cropped distressed jeans. Those few centimeters of free skin truly make all the difference. Also, as a pro tip, it’s good to remember that light wash denim absorbs less heat than dark wash does. Science does work its way into fashion! If jeans aren’t your cup of iced tea in the summer, don’t forget you can always choose a comfy pair of distressed cut-offs.

As for a top, my Fashionista friend chose a lightweight, flowing tank top with thin straps. Whether it’s a tank top or any other top, an open back and thin material give way for a breeze that you desperately need in rising temperatures. Plus, the lace trim adds a delicate, girly touch. Under the tank, she chose to add a bralette. Bralettes are the perfect alternative to a standard bra in summer months.

The back of this outfit serves as the focal point, with the crisscross design forming an intricate, symmetrical pattern. Once again, not only are the details appealing to the eye, but they help keep this Fashionista cool. Another way to cop this style is to pair an open-back T-shirt with a bralette that offers lace paneling. For the final finishing touches, add a pair of pastel sunglasses to protect your eyes, a pair metallic sandals to add some shine, and a few dainty rings to tie the outfit all together.

What outfits keep you cool in the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rain, Rain, Go Away

We all know the old saying, “April showers bring may flowers,” so until those flowers bloom, it’s time for rain boot rotation. Rain doesn’t have to mean a sad and boring outfit. Your outfit could be the perfect way to add a little light on a stormy and humid day.

Try coordinating your outfit around a simple pair of rain boots, and you’ll totally forget about the downer weather. Rain boots don’t have to be clunky or overbearing. Invest in a black pair that go with your entire wardrobe. Try out a pair with a cute buckle, like these, and I promise you’ll look for excuses to wear them.

Above your boots, skip the jeans or leggings and opt for sheer tights and a T-shirt dress. Even on dreary days, it’s best to ditch pants for a flirty dress as a nod to the slightly warmer weather. Plus, you’ll be so much more at ease without your jeans sticking to your legs due to humidity. If it is a little chilly out, a fuzzy cardigan, borrowed from your winter wardrobe, solves all problems. No one ever went wrong wearing black and white during any season. If you choose to keep neutral colors like this Fashionista, you have the ability to play with accessories.

Throw a crossbody satchel over your shoulder, large enough to fit that just-in-case-umbrella among all your other springtime essentials. As a finishing touch, frost yourself with a statement necklace. Whether long and layered or short and chunky, it’s a simple yet effective way to add a focal point to any outfit.

Whatever you choose to wear, remember that a little rain doesn’t have to stop you from bringing your own piece of sunshine.


It’s that time again NYC: winter in the shade and summer in the sun. March is one of the busiest months of the school year. From midterms to spring break, there’s no doubt you’ll spend a good chunk of time running around town just trying to catch up on your life. On even your most hectic days, it’s important to adopt a uniform you feel comfortable and confident in. My biggest tip: keep it simple and chic.

For keeping it simple, it’s all about the basics. Jeans, a belt, and a long sleeve top are all items found in every closet. Jeans are about as comfortable as you can get, while still looking put together. Grab a pair of light wash, cropped distressed jeans as a nod to the upcoming warmer weather, and belt them with a classic brown leather belt. Plus, the belt is completely practical. If you’re in a rush trying to catch the subway, you don’t want to be worrying about constantly tugging at your pants. Now, tuck in any plain neutral long sleeve T-shirt you have—literally, any you have. It can even be the henley style top you sleep in. Keeping it super basic will save you time on busy March mornings.

For keeping it chic, it’s still pretty simple. A slightly oversize brown leather or bomber jacket is all you need to stay toasty on an early spring day. While it can still get a little chilly here in NYC, anything thicker will mean sweating while you sprint from your last minute study session to your class. As for the shoes, suede screams chic. Gray booties hit perfectly below your cropped jeans, and are effortless to slide on and off.

Mirror this outfit while on the run and you’ll kill it even after midterms and spring break.

WHAT TO WEAR: Career Fair

Career fair season is in full swing, which means it’s time to put your best foot forward and score that dream internship. While it’s essential to look professional, no one wants to look stuffy. Here are a few tips to help you create a look you feel confident and capable in:

First off, invest in a pair of black dress pants and a fitted black blazer. Also, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a matching suit. Mix and match pants and jackets to find a style you feel most killer in. I personally like to go for pants that are looser at the waist, fitted through the leg, and tapered at the ankle. The button-down blouse you wear makes all the difference. You could go with old reliable white, or you can go for an off-white or cream. The warmer tone of a beige is more flattering as well. Don’t forget to pick a blouse with some added details. Why have one pocket when you can have two, like the blouse above? You can also pick one with pleating or a tassel.

Go simple with accessories. You want the attention on your résumé, not a patterned scarf or embellished handbag. A delicate necklace and bracelet will be all the bling you need to sparkle. When it comes to shoes, no one has ever messed up with black flats. Here is where you can show some more personality with a few studs or decals. Wear something that makes you feel like your best self. The career fair is an opportunity to show possible employers your strengths. Be calm, cool, and collected and don’t stress too much on your appearance. Your passion and drive will show through your personality and the way you carry yourself.

You’re all ready to rock the world Fashionistas; get it on!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter Staples

Hey again Fashionistas! While it is the start of the spring semester, there is nothing spring-like about the NYC weather. It is peak hat and scarf season so might as well make the most of it!

Confession: I put a lot of thought into everything I do, including the style staples I invest in. I recommend investing in pieces that never go out of style that you can return to year after year. Having a go-to and high quality coat, hat, and scarf means I can spend more time under the cozy covers and less time fretting over my outfit. You will thank yourself when it is below freezing on the NYC streets.

These staples, in particular, give off a very sophisticated vibe. Nothing says, “I’ve got it together” like a Burberry scarf and black wool coat. On the other hand, the studding on the belt of the coat gives a touch of edginess and the shape of the floppy hat is fresh and girly. As you can tell, I was so happy wearing it and wouldn’t quit playing around with the brim.

If you take my advice and invest in winter go-tos, take this advice too: make sure you actually like your investments! Wear pieces that make you feel comfortable in your own skin and excited to get out of bed and face the day. Maybe your favorite hat is furry, or your go-to scarf is ruffled, or your classic coat is patterned! Whatever you choose to rock it should fit your definition of classic. Stay warm!


What’s up Fashionistas? My name is Siera Nezaj and I’m stoked to be a Style Guru for spring 2017. I’m a freshman at Fordham University planning to major in journalism with a minor in Spanish. While writing is my chosen form of expression, I also adore fashion, photography, traveling, and food. I’m so hyped I get to explore all of these passions while going to school in the city that never sleeps (the greatest city in the world) and hope you will stick along for the ride.

I’m a native New Yorker which explains my Type A personality and nonstop drive in all of my pursuits. Growing up surrounded by various perspectives, cultures, and sources of inspiration has kept me open minded and eager to explore all that I don’t know. My main goal in life is to learn everything and go everywhere. If there is knowledge to be learned and places to be seen, why shouldn’t we all reach out with two hopeful hands? There’s no doubt I plan to do all of this while being impeccably dressed, obviously.

Fashion photographer Bill Cunningham has said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Here’s the thing: I think we should choose armor that we don’t just survive in, but thrive in. Personally, I thrive in armor of classic shape and punchy colors and patterns. That’s why I tucked this black and white buttoned shirt into medium wash jeans; It’s a classic silhouette. Why throw on a plain coat when you can throw on a mustard-yellow one with a ruffly collar? Exactly, have fun with fashion! By the end of the semester, I’m confident that we will all find some armor that we thrive in. See you soon my fellow Fashionistas!