STYLE ADVICE: Spring Pastels

Pink is one of the biggest project colors of the spring/summer fashion season and it is for everyone (not just girls!). I was super excited to see how this Fashionisto boldly mixed these two bright colors on his way to class and I especially love his pink shirt. This Fashionisto told me that pink has always been his favorite color, but that a faded pink is really the way to go. He has always dressed differently that others, even in middle school, and he still does to this day.

I have been looking for a new backpack and I might have to steal this one! The pop of color draws the right kind of attention and it matches well with most outfits. I also love that he rolled the leg of his jeans. They may be a simple piece but he makes them his own. Mixing black shoes with white socks and vice versa are one of this Fashionisto’s staples. He gets a lot of his inspiration from Instagram bloggers and models.

The school year is coming to a close faster than we can even imagine. It is so easy to lose our sense of fashion and slip into the boring everyday look that many of our peers have been wearing all semester. I personally believe that continuing to dress fashionably even during the lowest points in the semester makes it easier to be successful academically. This Fashionisto said about this outfit, “If the outfit makes you happy, if it brings you joy, if it brings you comfort, then you should wear it.” Dress well, test well!

WHAT TO WEAR: April Showers Bring May Flowers

I know you are probably thinking, “florals for spring, how original!” However, with all the rain we have been experiencing recently, it’s nice to have a reminder of the beautiful flowers that are on their way. Surviving the April showers becomes a lot easier when you have the essentials that this Fashionista does. I love how she was able to bring some color into the gray “permacloud” that has taken root in South Bend. She is showing us how to get to class during the rainy season while still looking great.

Something I love to do when it’s cold outside is to layer multiple fashionable jackets on top of each other like a rain coat over a denim one. It gives the look more depth and gives the opportunity to wear one of my more fashion-forward coats. A coat is the first part of an outfit that people see so it’s important to invest in good ones. I am loving the combination of a rain jacket with a denim one underneath it. When stepping into a classroom and removing the extra layers, a whole new outfit emerges with completely different vibes.

My rain boots happened to break during the worst time of the year for them to break so my feet are not in a good place right now. I’m looking for a pair like the ones from this look. I love the shorter style because it makes it easier to get around and the outfit becomes less of a rainy day outfit. This lesson on how to dress for a rainy class day is important when walking across a campus to get to class.

STYLE ADVICE: Standing Out in a Camel Coat

In the winter months, maintaining good style on a college campus is difficult. The long walks to class in the frigid cold make it hard to keep warm while looking stylish. At Notre Dame, the stereotypical outfit is leggings, bean boots, and a puffy coat. This Fashionista defies the norm in skinny jeans and a camel-colored fur coat. Standing out and having a unique look is the goal of every fashion girl and this outfit accomplishes it.

This shade of brown is one of the hottest colors right now and it is flattering on everyone. It gained popularity after Kanye West featured it in multiple Yeezy fashion shows. It’s been given names such as “the band-aid trend” and “the camel trend.” I remember first seeing it on celebrities like Kim Kardashian and immediately after, everyone was wearing it. I love how this Fashionista wears the color twice; monochrome is everything! The layering done in this look really elevates the entire outfit.

Wearing a fur coat is a genius hack to making anything you are wearing look fashionable. They make a big statement while keeping you extremely warm. Another great thing about a fur coat is that most people on campus won’t be wearing one so you will be sure to stand out. I like how this Fashionista paired this looser bomber jacket with a pair of tight jeans because it flatters her figure. A good style tip is to mix loose/statement pieces like this fur coat with tight basics like a sweater and jeans.


Welcome to winter break the CollegeFashionista way! Florida is the perfect place to escape for most college students, but for this Fashionista; it’s home. Growing up here she is an expert on dressing for warm weather all year round. It has been great to take a break from the frigid winter of South Bend, Indiana and enjoy the sunny 80 degree weather that Florida has to offer.

Her printed tank top is the perfect piece for winter resort season. People are still chanting the ridiculous rule of “no white after labor day”, but winter whites are happening anyway! Her white jeans are the perfect addition to this look. Another must have part of this outfit are the strappy gladiator sandals. They are a must have for surviving beach weather and it’s always nice to give your feet the opportunity to see the sun. This is an outfit that anybody could rock on a warm winter vacation and could work for many different types of weather.

She made her casual outfit look even more amazing by adding in some amazing jewelry pieces. Her watch and rings elevate her outfit and show off her attention to detail when it comes to her wardrobe. The simplicity of the watch that she wears combined with the intricate rings makes her outfit look more luxurious. Ring stacking is something that major designers like Gucci and Valentino did in their most recent runway collections. Major fashion bloggers and influencers are also stacking them up so this is a trend to get on board with.


STYLE GURU BIO: Sierra Mayhew

Hi, Fashionistas! My name is Sierra Mayhew and I am a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. I am majoring in American Studies and minoring in journalism with an interest in pursuing a career in fashion. My hobbies include rollerblading, playing guitar, and singing. I am also obsessed with binge-watching YouTube videos and binge-reading memes.

After interning at ELLE magazine and starting my own blog I learned that the fashion industry is where I see myself working for the rest of my life. I love writing, styling outfits and meeting new people and the opportunity to work in fashion would let me do all of those things. I was originally discouraged by the lack of fashion related organizations and clubs at Notre Dame. I was able to work on creating a fashion club with a friend and we are hoping to launch it this upcoming semester.

My personal style uniform is as simple as a miniskirt paired with a T-shirt or sweater. I challenge everyone to find a uniform like this because once I did it made getting dressed so easy! I wear this skirt so often, I get called out on it. It goes with virtually anything and makes any outfit looks very stylish. I also really like vintage shopping and I bought this vintage Gianni Versace sweater. I also am guilty of always wearing a scrunchie on my wrist. I know the ’90s are over, but you never know when you’re going to need to put your hair up. The little things about my sense of style that never change are important to my self-identity as a fashion blogger.

I’m looking forward to a great 2017 with CollegeFashionista!