STYLE GURU STYLE: Embroidery, Leather, and Velvet

It’s the final month of the school year and you’re either beyond excited for summer break or to finally graduate. I am definitely of the latter, but I have to admit that I am devastated that after three years, my time with CollegeFashionista is coming to an end. Many of us seniors have big plans for after graduation, like moving to a new city, but students everywhere will have plans that include traveling for the summer.

Summer means exploring new places and adventure, and I kept this in mind when I styled today’s outfit. Lately, I’ve been really into embracing my Japanese side (I lived in Japan for 20 years), and I fell in love with this white T-shirt. Embroidery has been a major trend, and since we’re used to mainly seeing embroidered florals or words, I liked the uniqueness of the cranes. They give a very clean, mature vibe to the simple T-shirt. I tied the top and wore it as a crop top which is one of my favorite types of clothing to wear during the warmer months. The crop top transformation makes the outfit more casual and adds an effortless touch.

I channeled my inner #girlboss with a black leather skirt. This gives some edge to the look and is a great piece to have in your closet because it’s so versatile. The skirt is also a really good length for many different occasions and is comfortable enough to wear all day. I know I walk around a lot when I travel, so I paired it all with my Fenty x Puma creepers that I am still obsessing over. These are the ultimate street style shoe if you ask me, and the velvet adds another texture while the deep red adds a splash of bold color. For accessories, I’ve been really liking this mini backpack. It holds everything I need and is perfect for traveling because you’ll have both your arms free! Mini bags in general are also another trend. I used this backpack recently and it really made a difference, especially at the airport.

Style a T-shirt and skirt with a pair of killer shoes (flat of course!), ditch the oversize handbag for a trendy mini bag, and you’re set for a day’s worth of exploring a new city. Mix and match different textures to make things interesting and make your look unique while keeping the foundation of your outfit really simple.

Slay in your outfits, take lots of pictures, and have an amazing summer!


The future is female. Nasty women unite. Girls bite back. This spring is all about standing up for what you believe in and making a statement. Not all of us may have been able to attend the Women’s March, but there are other ways we can still express our passion for #girlpower and wanting to empower others; fashion being my favorite.

Today’s Fashionista wears a printed top in what is arguably the most “in” color this season: light pink. It adds a soft, feminine vibe and contrasts with the bold message in the black text. She tucks the shirt into a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. If you’re not a fan of tucking your shirt into your jeans, try tying the shirt into a knot in the center or off to side for an effortlessly instant transformation into a crop top. Lighter denim is perfect for daytime looks and anything high-waisted will accentuate your curves.

Keeping the outfit super simple, she wears some black booties, which are another trend this spring despite the shift in warmer weather. She also lays off the accessories, creating a clean look that really puts the focus on the shirt. When you have a specific piece you want all eyes on, avoid any unnecessary jewelry or accessories that might be distracting.

This spring, get loud and proud about causes you’re passionate about. Make any bold shirt chic by incorporating it into a killer outfit and wearing it with confidence. You never know who you’ll inspire by simply wearing a top that shows your support for feminism. After all, we should all be feminists.

STYLE ADVICE: Girl on the Go

College students are now more career obsessed than ever. This is especially true for those of us who are wanting to get a foot in the door in the fashion industry. Running around campus for class and the city for internships, even during our free time we’re busy looking for locations to shoot outfit pictures. With her hair up in a high bun, I spotted today’s Fashionista wearing an outfit perfect for the girl on the go.

This Fashionista wears a mixed media waterfall coat as the main focus of her look. The gray and olive tones make a great alternative to the usual black that most people own. The leather sleeves add some edge and the oversize draped collar gives the coat character. Waterfall coats can look flirty when worn open in the front or more sophisticated when tied with the belt.

Underneath she wears a simple olive green T-shirt with solid black leggings. On her feet she sports her favorite pair of Everlane slip-ons. Black slip-ons are another great alternative to the classic ballet flat and are super comfortable for every day. The pointed toe gives a trendier look while the white foam soles create a subtle athleisure vibe. For accessories, this Fashionista keeps it simple with a black choker and oversize glasses.

The next time you have a busy day ahead of you, throw on a statement coat and a chic pair of shoes to stay comfortable and still look put together. Leather slip-ons will allow you to walk for hours and a gorgeous coat will make sure you look great doing anything. Throw your hair up, put a pair of glasses on, and get work done!

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

February is arguably the coldest month out of the year. With being late to class or work because you were scraping ice off your car to having to drive slower due to the snow, cold weather is not in our favor. This is especially true when it comes to a night out. That super cute satin slip dress you have that you wanted to wear tonight? Not going to happen. Fashion in the colder months is about wearing the right pieces that are going to offer warmth while maintaining a level of chicness. Find a look with this combo and you’re golden!

Today’s Fashionista shows off her going out look in a black and white printed dress. The floral design is feminine and makes the dress sophisticated. Smaller prints tend to give a vintage feel, and this dress almost has a retro glam vibe. The circular sleeves add an extra element and a subtly romantic detail.

She pairs the dress with some black over-the-knee boots. The combination of the bodycon dress with slimming boots creates a sleek silhouette and shows off her figure. Since the dress is such a statement piece by itself, wearing boots in a solid color balances the busy print. This Fashionista didn’t bother with accessories; her look is bold and confident enough without the need for anything extra. To finish the outfit she wears a plum colored lipstick. Darker lip shades are always appropriate for night looks!

For your next night out with your girl gang, throw on a body-hugging dress and some killer boots. Stay warm in tall boots and high necklines; showing skin isn’t the only way to look sexy! You can be covered head to toe and still look incredible. Dress up for your girls’ night out and encourage the other girls to do the same. Everyone will look at you like #squadgoals.

STYLE GURU BIO: Sofina Bassett

Hi everyone! I’m Sofina, back at it again for my sixth semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. It’s crazy to think I started when I was in my freshman year of college and now I’m a senior. I’m also a member of the Social Media Society so keep your eyes open for some of my pictures on the website!

Okay so a little about me. I’m from Osaka, Japan, I’m a journalism major and I take all my classes online through University of Massachusetts Amherst. I went to San Diego State University for my freshman year and then transferred to UMass because it gives me the freedom to move around and travel without having to give up school. Online classes aren’t for everyone, but it works for my lifestyle and I love it.

I modeled for 11 years in Japan and that’s how my interest in fashion really started developing. Since I was little I’ve always loved putting together outfits and looking through fashion magazines, but getting a glimpse into the world of fashion and modeling in Japan was what jump-started it all. Fashion in Japan and fashion in the U.S. are really different, and growing up between the two cultures, I was able to see the differences and hone in on my own personal style.

Style wise, I like looks that are both feminine and edgy. I generally stick to neutral shades and own way, way, way too much black. Beige and burgundy are my other two favorite colors to wear. This winter I’ve been really into gray, which is a color I’ve never worn too much of before. In this post, I’m wearing a sweater cardigan that can be zipped up and worn as a top, or unzipped and worn as a light cardigan. My favorite winter jacket is this shearling moto jacket that I can’t stop obsessing over! I love the leather look paired with the winter-glam shearling. I live in my black skinny jeans by Joe’s Jeans; they are easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made (everyone needs a great pair of black skinnies!). For shoes, I’ve been really into these over-the-knee boots and I wear them all the time. Like I said, lots of black in my closet.

Joining the CollegeFashionista community has easily been one of the best decisions of my life. From participating in brand collaborations to representing CF at the first ever Victoria’s Secret Camp PINK, being a Style Guru has been nothing but #RAD. I can’t wait to style more looks and write about the Fashionistas around me for the spring semester!

WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Getting dressed up for date night is definitely not just for us girls! The fun and excitement in choosing your outfit is also shared by our fellow Fashionistos. What do you wear if your plans are to go ice skating? Dinner at a fancier place? Maybe you’re just going to that local burger joint you heard is supposed to be incredible! Whether you’re a guy who is looking to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend, deciding on what to wear for a night out can be a challenge. Let’s not forget the nerves you might also have!

Today’s Fashionisto shows us how he dresses for date night by taking advantage of the winter season and the colors that come along with it. He wears a pair of burgundy chino pants and keeps everything else all black. Burgundy is perfect for this season and still gives that holiday vibe without screaming Christmas like a bright red might (not to mention burgundy is a romantic shade). The slimmer fit creates a smart, trendy look to contrast the more classic leather jacket he wears. Black leather is a great way to play with textures when you’re wearing an outfit that consists of a lot of this same color. The black tinted zippers on this Fashionisto’s jacket actually help tone down the edginess of the piece and make it more appropriate for everyday wear; hard silver metal would make it more biker-esque. For shoes, he keeps it classy with a pair of oxfords in a slightly pointier toe. Pointed or almond toed shoes are a way to show off some personality and give a fresh take on a classic silhouette.

While you definitely want to dress to impress your date, don’t feel pressured to wear anything if you feel uncomfortable in it. At the end of the day, you really want to wear what is going to make you feel confident. When you look good, you feel good, and you’ll have an amazing night with your special someone.


Fall equals cute boots, leaves changing color and pumpkin everything, right? As beautiful as the season is, we often forget that it also comes with gradually freezing weather for most of us. Fall fashion can be awkward because one day it’s chunky sweater weather and the next day you find yourself wearing a T-shirt. As we (sadly) near the end of the fall season and transition into winter, keeping warm begins to take priority when it comes to styling outfits.

An oversized poncho is the perfect way to stay warm and look chic at the same time. This single, giant blanket is enough to style by itself because it is already such a statement piece. Today’s Fashionista really makes her poncho the center of attention by wearing it over an all-black outfit. Having a monochromatic base in a neutral color makes creating outfits super easy and the options are endless. To balance the heavy black, she opted for a striped poncho in different shades of light gray. A colorblock or printed poncho, as opposed to a solid color, adds dimension and structure while also making it more eye-catching. Look for ponchos in heavy, high quality materials like wool. These types of materials will keep you the warmest and are worth investing in.

Skinny jeans are always a warmer option than tights and will still create that same streamlined effect for your legs. Black skinny jeans are a street style staple and add an instant cool girl vibe. For shoes, this Fashionista wears her favorite black booties with gold zipper detailing. The heel gives extra height to the look as a whole and makes her legs look even longer. Wearing the same color for your shoes and bottoms is a great trick to make you appear taller!

Stay warm without having to sacrifice style in an oversized poncho. They’re super comfortable and easy to move in, making them ideal for outdoor activities or for just cozying up by the fire. You don’t have to think too hard or worry about styling the rest of your outfit because the poncho takes care of all that; no need to pile on accessories. Throw on some boots and you’re ready to take on the cold!

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Menswear Loafer

When it comes to shoes, we all own a pair of black flats. They’re the ultimate staple in every Fashionista’s shoe collection. And as of this year, I’m sure we all own a pair of white sneakers; they’ve also become a new classic. But this fall and winter season the menswear look has become a major trend, making menswear-inspired shoes an absolute essential.

I am living for these black suede loafers. As someone who owns and wears a lot of black, I try to look for the color in different materials and textures to add dimension to my all-black pieces. Suede is refreshing and a great alternative to the usual leather you might see when it comes to shoes. It’s also another huge trend this season! The pointed toe gives a more sophisticated look and I love the super subtle hint of gold detailing in the heel. The slip-on style of shoe makes the loafers comfortable and easy to wear.

Sticking to the menswear trend, I opted for this military style blazer in a nude shade. While owning every type of clothing in black is a must, I believe you should own everything in nude as well! The gold buttons add a chic vibe and the beige color helps make the blazer more feminine.

To balance the smart, tailored look of the blazer and loafers, I chose to wear a pair of distressed skinny jeans. Though they’re not overly distressed, they make the outfit more casual and give a street style vibe. If you ever feel like a part of your look is too formal, throw on something distressed and you’re good to go. For accessories, I kept it simple with a satin choker to add a little ’90s in the mix and a pair of rose gold aviators for when I’m outside.

Whether they’re oxfords, loafers, or brogues, menswear-inspired footwear can still look feminine. They are simple in shape and style, making them perfect for your everyday go-to shoe. Rock the menswear trend this fall by pairing it with casual pieces in soft, pretty colors and fabrics. Oxfords and chiffon? Go for it.

STYLE GURU BIO: Sofina Bassett

Nice to meet you, I’m Sofina. This is my fifth semester as a Style Guru and my second semester as a Social Media Intern. I’m a senior journalism major at University of Massachusetts Amherst, and I am fortunate enough to be a college student at this point in time because I am able to take all my classes completely online (shout out to technology and the Internet). This means I can be anywhere and still continue my education, which is perfect for me because I love to travel.

I’m from Osaka, Japan, by the way. I grew up exposed to both Japanese fashion and American fashion, and I’ve always found comparing the two to be so interesting. Living in Japan taught me to appreciate those who are well dressed, and as a result I find myself usually being the overdressed one. But hey, it’s absolutely always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Social media is my obsession, especially Instagram and Snapchat. Brunch is the best time of any day and I’m all about #babeswhobrunch. Nothing makes me happier than hopping on airplanes and going to new places. My adidas Superstars are my official travel shoe of choice and I adore them (I may or may not have had to purchase my pair in the men’s version because all the women’s sizes were, and continue to be, sold out).

I own and wear too much black, but contrary to what fashion icon Anna Wintour says, I love an all-black outfit. It’s definitely my go-to look for days I don’t have time to plan my clothes. If not black, then beige. I own everything in those two colors! Although lately I’ve been really feeling light pink, especially when it comes in satin. For my outfit here, I am wearing a silky top, my favorite skinny jeans, block heel sandals and a foldover clutch. Oh, and my very oversized ring I wear everyday.

CollegeFashionista has given me so many incredible opportunities (Camp PINK, need I say more?) and I cannot wait to begin another RAD semester as a Style Guru for my favorite website and community!

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend consists of those two sweet days when you get to relax and take a break from school and work. This, ladies, should not involve sweat pants and a guy’s hoodie you stole from that frat party you went to. As tempting as it might be to wear baggy loungewear and be carefree, there is always a way to look put together no matter the situation.

Today’s Fashionista wears a soft and simple T-shirt. Anything slouchy and oversized is perfect for that lazy-weekend vibe. For bottoms, she wears a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans in a slim fit, giving them a more feminine look. Boyfriend jeans are the ultimate casual staple and can even be dressed up if worn with the right pieces. Distressed denim gives a subtle edge to an outfit and adds extra details and texture to an otherwise standard pair of jeans.

This summer’s trends have been all about bringing the ’90s back and this Fashionista is no exception. She keeps the accessories light by rocking a tattoo choker (remember these?). When you’re going for comfort but don’t want to wear sneakers or flats, wedges are your best friend. These strappy wedges are in a soft canvas material and are also lower on the heel height, making them a breeze to walk around in.

This Fashionista’s outfit can be worn for almost any weekend plans you may have or decide to make. Brunch with the girls? Check. Visiting family? Check. Back to school shopping? Check. Spontaneous day trip? Check. Looking cute for the weekend couldn’t be easier.

One Simple Change: Swap out the top for a black sleeveless/cami bodysuit, add some sleek heels and you’re set for a girl’s night out!