October, although festive, still tends to get people in a dull mood. From midterms and paper gloomy weather, the combination can get pretty depressing sometimes. Many people find it harder and harder to wear bright colors and bold pieces to spice up their day because there is no time, and no motivation.

This Fashionista did not need to wear bright colors to lift up her spirits. Her black and white ensemble fit the mood perfectly while still being adorable and completely school appropriate. The black and white pearls she wears, in addition to the black rose earrings she has on, are particularly fashion forward- black jewelry is really great way to change your look around this month.

Juicy Couture has amazing black jewelry pieces that you will fall in love with. Buy any one of them and they will become a staple for every outfit of yours for the rest of the semester. This shield and key necklace has an old rustic look while still having that classic Juicy-flare. This ring is perfect for those looking to splurge a little- it's also a great gift idea. This black Onyx necklace, however, is a personal favorite. It can be worn with anything, every single day of the week, and it can match any style you choose for the day.

Enjoy the festivities, ladies and gentleman- and don't forget that you don't need color to look like a Fashionista (or Fashionisto)!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: That’s a Wrap, Summer

The weather in Atlanta has finally started to reflect the season. Of course, here, that still means beautiful, sunny days… but every single look on campus is either in fall-mode or in transition.

Shoes that wrap around your ankle provide the perfect transition accessory into autumn. This Fashionista is sporting a pair of adorable, gray flip-flops with a wrap. Covering her ankles, however, makes her footwear much less summery. Not only are these shoes practical and seemingly comfortable, but they look crazy cool and add a totally chic aspect to her outfit.

Because the weather has dropped even more this past week, you might be looking for shoes that cover even more skin. Joe's Jeans has sandals that are similar to what this Fashionista is wearing. If that's still a little too skimpy for what you're looking to purchase and you are no longer in that transition-mode, these suede flats still incorporate that fashionable wrap-effect, and they come in both black and grey.

Enjoy the pleasant weather before it actually gets cold, and remember to be thankful that it is no longer sweltering outside. Perhaps your new fall accessories will put you in a better mood for midterms! Good luck.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Old-School Sunglasses

School is now in full effect. We will no longer be seeing partial weeks, as a result of long weekends, until October at the earliest. Your class schedule that was once too easy to handle is now getting slightly hectic as you add on meetings and practices- all while trying to maintain your social life. You have decided that pressing snooze on your alarm clock one more time won't hurt, only to realize that it forces you to terribly compromise your morning routine.

Because you're sick of putting make-up over your tired eyes every morning, oversized sunglasses are perfect to slap on before school. Not only are sunglasses much faster to put on, but they automatically make your look more fashionable.

This Fashionista decided to go with her oversized, old-school Ray Bans on this beautiful, sunny day in Atlanta. You can never go wrong with Ray Bans, no matter what color, size or shape they are.

If you envy the risk that this Fashionista took in purchasing sunglasses that are not the traditional black, brown or gray, you can buy them on Ray Ban's website in just about any color or shade you can think of.

Hint: If the price tag on these shades is a a little too high and you can generally fit into kids-sized glasses, the junior versions work just as well and are close to half the price. If you're still looking for something less pricy, American Apparel has a fabulous collection of vintage sunglasses. These ones look just about as classic as those Ray Bans.


Alas, Homecoming is upon us. For some of you, that means that you will be participating in every event on campus this week, you will hunt down homecoming t-shirts like it is your job, and you will wear Emory t-shirts like they are the only thing in your closet. The rest of you are excited for homecoming, but don't really know what else you can do about it.

While she is certainly looking forward to the upcoming Homecoming celebration, this Fashionista is not exactly in favor of wearing cotton Emory T-shirts all week long. But as we all know, Emory's colors are blue and gold. This Fashionista found a way to represent her school while still looking wonderfully stylish. She wears a navy blue high wasted skirt over a white tank-top, accessorized by a creative string scarf for a look that is classy and very put-together.

This week, take this look to the extreme, and go preppy! Lacoste's blues and golds are perfect for this week if you'd like to show some Emory pride while still being fashionably refined. These shorts, this skirt, and this sweater are ideal if you'd rather stick to a more demure navy blue. If you want to take a chance with the yellow, this tunic shirt does just the trick, and is also very appropriate for the Fall.


Don't be fooled, people at Emory actually do pay attention to Fashion Week. Even though the college exists in a bubble that is not actually in the city of Atlanta, trends make it down here just as fast as they do at any other school! What's more, is that they're not at all hard to find. This Fashionista, for example, decided to take a casual stroll to the library as if she was walking some catwalk in New York City.

Her look is more than trendy- but a deeper look shows just how comfortable this outfit really is. The Fashionista wears a loose, cropped top, with cuffed denim leggings, a pair of rustic sandals, and she did not hold back with the accessories. The light wash "jeggings," however, seem to be what takes this look from trendy to high fashion. Cuffing them at the bottom was the perfect touch to make them wearable here in Atlanta, where the weather is showing no signs of autumn just yet.

J Brand has an amazing pair of jean leggings. The wash is a little darker than the pair this Fashionista is wearing, but it still gives that high fashion flair, all while being wearable to the library. If you're interested in buying a wallet-friendly pair of denim leggings, Guess has a good selection. These in particular are of a much lighter wash, and these have intricate detailing on the pockets that make the pants resemble actual jeans even more. And don't forget the final touch- make a large cuff at the bottom to show some skin!


Wearing printed shirts or dresses are easy ways to make bold statements, and are not for the shy or timid. Outfits like the one pictured here can often only be worn casually, or formally, and to nothing in between. Additionally, little to no accessories are required with prints like these, because that would over complicate the entire look.

This Fashionista chose to hold back on accessories, but not colors. She wears an oversized white shirt-dress, heavily accented with bold, tropically colored flowers. She partnered the dress with plain white heart earrings and bold blue sandals. This Fashionista appropriately wore this look on her way to a Labor Day barbecue, but could just as easily have worn it out on the town by pairing the dress with different jewelry and shoes.

Urban Outfitters has a great variation of printed dresses. This dress, and this one, are both single-strapped, which adds to the bold look without making it too busy. This dress is a personal favorite because wearing it casually is a perfect way to change up your look for class, which can often be difficult.

Although I know the weather is cooling down a bit, and dresses are not first on that priority list, I also know that you're still going out on the weekends… so go shopping and treat yourself to a new party dress! Have a fabulous week.


It is pretty difficult to master that cool, cultured, laid-back, Middle Eastern look. Either you end up going overboard with a cotton shirt, harem pants and sandals, or you don't do enough by only wearing a light scarf around your neck. Once it is accomplished, however, a well-balanced Bohemian outfit can be amazing.

This Fashionista did just that. Her lightweight button-down dress and gold sandals are wonderfully cultured, without being over the top. Her silver pendants, however, epitomize the Bohemian look, and they put a great accent on the entire ensemble. The round disk is an Egyptian coin, and the other pendant is a religious inscription.

Express has some beautiful fall jewelry in, like this disc pendant necklace, which adds its own touch with some glamorous rhinestones. If you're really looking for that old, rustic look, these textured earrings really work. These intricate medallion earrings also give that Bohemian vibe.

Hint: If you're looking for something with a little more sentimental value, like what this Fashionista is pictured wearing, you can even take a coin into your local jewelry store. Most jewelry shops will customize your coin, drill a hole through it or add something to hook a chain through for around $40. A coin that you kept with you after visiting abroad this past summer would be ideal for such a necklace.


School has started, and so far it's great! Classes have begun, but they haven't become too serious yet, you're meeting up with your college friends, going to parties, getting yourself reoriented – sometimes it doesn't really even feel like you're at school, but just another place you call home. It seems like it will be really hard to get your head back in the game – not only in terms of studying, but in terms of personal style.

We all know that an easy way to dress up an outfit is to slap a jacket on, but sometimes that still feels a little too formal for class. This Fashionista found an excellent jacket to pair with her laid-back summer outfit on her way back home from school. As opposed to the effect a black or grey jacket would have, this royal blue blazer makes this outfit class-appropriate, while still being funky and cool. Exchanging your summer flip-flops for flats will also help you feel like you're ready to go to class, and not the mall.

As usual, Forever 21 has just what you need to re-vamp your wardrobe at a low price. If you still want to play it safe, this classic jacket does the trick. It has a regular fit, but with a beautiful, bold, red color. This blazer, and this one, are two personal favorites. Both the colors and the buttons are totally crazy, but still a really nice fit for school.

So get back to work, and have an amazing week!


School might be starting in just a few days, but the weather is just as bright and sunny as it ever was. Usually it seems like adjusting back to your school schedule is torture, especially while sitting in class and looking out the window to a beautifully pleasant day. These days, along with all your back-to-school supplies, you're buying darker and less revealing looks for the fall. This shopping spree is bittersweet, because although you are in fact shopping, you'll soon be back to hitting the books.

So even though it's the perfect day out, you're just sitting inside the whole time, so why still wear your cute, summer clothes, right? Wrong. This is your small window of opportunity to display your summer looks to all of your classmates. Show off your great tan along with those summer purchases.

This Fashionista is heading back to school, but not without getting a good wear out of her adorable floral miniskirt. This skirt, from Charlotte Russe is light, flowy and inexpensive. This one, from A'Gaci, is particularly nice because it has darker florals, which make it easier to wear the skirt later in the fall as well.

Savor the summer weather while it lasts- it will be gone before you know it. Have a good one!

Style Guru Bio: Sonali Rupani

I am Sonali, and I'm Emory's Style Advice of the Week Guru. At Emory, I spend my time concentrating on Operations Management and Accounting in the business school, and taking part in a competitive dance team on campus. My favorite part about the fashion world is styling. I love waking up every morning and putting together an outfit, even if I'm just going to my yoga class. Rather than looking through magazines and watching the television for ideas on what to wear, I talk to my classmates and friends to find inspiration. And just like every other girl out there, I love a good shopping spree, but I thoroughly enjoy bargain hunting as well.

Every Monday I will start your week with a Fashionista whose outfit I know has a particularly exciting aspect to it. I hope to encourage you to find creative and new ways to wear your own clothes, and to provide you with fresh ideas for buying your new clothes. I hope your fall semester is like none other- don't work too hard!