In the lyrics of Noddy Holder, the holidays are finally here! Sadly, this also means that it is my last post for CollegeFashionista. I have loved writing and capturing the summer and winter trends throughout my student life. But before I become all emotional, let’s check out this week’s final Fashionsta.

I caught this Fashionista on the last day of campus before the holidays. Throughout campus the themed seemed to be ‘casual and comfy’ and the mood was definitely, ‘let’s get this work done ASAP’. No one wants to be in university the last day of term so this Fashionista definitely cheered me up in her lovely cable knit cardigan. Whether you’ve found one in a charity shop or your Nan has knitted you one, it’s a staple for any winter wardrobe. You can buy a soft and cuddly cardigan like this one from Topshop. Or if you want a proper vintage find try ASOS Marketplace where the price starts at just £5, perfect for students!

I love how big and warm this Fashionista’s scarf is. Jack Wills does chunky winter accessories like no other; although it may be slightly over budget it’s completely worth it to feel warm and stylish. Check out their ‘The Chisbury Scarf’ or you could try H&M for a lower price and go for this season’s biggest trend, tartan. Teamed with some dark jeans and classic vans the look is warm and comfortable for finals.

Writing for Collegefashionista has been a great experience, from awkwardly asking Fashionista’s on the street or trying to find the perfect weather to get a great shot, it’s been so much fun! Thank you for reading!

One Simple Change: I think this outfit speaks for itself that it would be a great option for an early class look. I would change the jeans for some fake ones from River Island. They are so much more comfortable and I love the acid wash effect.

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

Christmas shopping has well and truly begun. The hoards of people pushing past to get the last pair of gloves or the forever knocking something over just to turn a corner. The shops are packed so you need to be prepared.

I spotted this Fashionista on Oxford Street, in the midst of shopping chaos. Festive jumpers are the way forward. No longer are they considered to be ‘cringe’ or something your great aunt made you wear. The fashion council have truly accepted it into fashion. From the likes of Burberry, Paul Smith and Anya Hindmarch all supporting last Friday’s ‘Save the Children’ campaign, where you had to wear a Christmas jumper. It is definitely in fashion.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford designer, how many students can? The high street has it covered. New Look have added an extra festive treat with a flashing light on their jumpers. Or on the other hand, you could keep it simple with this Christmas tree knit from ASOS. This Fashionista has gone for a cute polar bear one! Anything goes with Christmas jumpers!

Finally, this Fashionista has finished her look off with a pair of biker boots with a twist. These ones have fluffy fur inside, perfect for winter weather. Both River Island and Office have boots that are very similar and you could also try Timberlands. Happy shopping!

One Simple Change: This look is also great for weekend wear, something that you can wear around the house or out. Although, you could swap the jeans for something more comfortable like these patterned leggings from Forever 21.

WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

Working in groups can be fun but also a complete nightmare! What with arranging to meet up with everyone, organising work to do and of course organising your social life. Sometimes it doesn’t always go accordingly to plan but at least you can rock the preppy look.

This Fashionista has got the look just right. A big trend this season is the collar. Thanks to Alexa Chung, now everyone is doing it. Whether, it is a simple shirt combination like Diane Kruger goes for or an Emma Watson peter-pan collar dress, both can work for the winter. It can make you feel smart, especially if you don’t feel in the mood to study. This shirt from Urban Outfitters would look so cute underneath a plain sweater. Or this Topshop short sleeved shirt adds a new twist to the trendy heart print shirts with a monochrome effect.

To carry on the preppy look, you need a simply sensible sweater. A round-neck works best as you don’t have any gaping. My favourite shop to go to is Crew Clothing, they have the loveliest of cable sweaters. Although, they are a little pricey you can also try ASOS for a cheat to this look as they combine both the jumper and the collar!

To finish the look like this Fashionista, just add some simple jeans, jacket and of course a pair of ankle boots. These spice the outfit up a little and give you the confidence boost you might need to keep studying.

One Simple Change: This look could easily work for an internship idea. Just swap the jeans for a tartan skirt like this one from ASOS and wear some thick tights and you’re good to go!

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Break

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! It’s nearly time to get into the festive spirit and wrap up warm for the winter weather. Whether you’re spending Christmas at home this year or are off abroad with the family it’s time to stock up on all the essentials for your winter break.

This season we’ve seen the ’90s come back with a bang, including all things cute and fluffy. This is perfect for your winter wardrobe. This Fashionista is rocking her fluffy jumper with a warm winter coat and scarf. You can grab fluffy jumpers in nearly every high street store but the best value has to be H&M.

A coat is a big purchase, more like an investment piece for your wardrobe. This means that you have to really browse and think about what you want before buying. It is always great to find a coat that not many students will have! This Fashionista’s coat is smart yet stylish. It nips in at the waist to create a great silhouette and is long enough to keep you warm. You can buy this one from Dorothy Perkins. Another favourite style is this one from Miss Selfridge which plays on the tartan trend; it will make you feel like you belong in Clueless!

To finish the look off you need a suitable pair of winter boots. I have mentioned ankle boots in previous posts. However, these are cozy and comfortable without the expensive price tag. Try Topshop for a pair of woolly boots.

One Simple Change: This winter break outfit could easily look great on a winter night out. A fluffy jumper just needs a statement necklace to add some sparkle. I would also swap a pair of jeans for this Mango mini skirt and you could add some chunky heels.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines. It’s probably time to have a meeting with your professor. This usually means that you spend more of your life at the library rather than watching pointless TV. Although, it can be terrifying you can come out with some helpful information. To help you build your confidence a great outfit is the place to start.

If you need a professional print for a meeting with your professor then tartan is for you. This timeless print is back in its prime this season. Plastered across many Pinterest boards, this pattern oozes ‘sensible’ but teamed with a pop of colour can make heads turn. Designers such as Céline and Stella McCartney splashed the Scottish print across the catwalk. This Fashionista has made her tartan modern. A short skirt proves that it can still be professional especially teamed with a shirt. Topshop have some lovely tartan A-line skirts in at the moment, especially this woolly pink one. Another trend is the skort. This is a clever way to wear what looks to be a skirt but are shorts underneath, this one from Missguided is sure to sell out.

This Fashionista has teamed her skirt with a slightly sheer shirt. This trend has been on the catwalks for a few seasons now and is still as great as ever. It can make you feel confident whilst looking professional. This shirt from ASOS is awesome. However, I would strongly advice wearing a strappy top underneath or a cute sweater over the top. On the other hand, you could try this casual shirt from Forever 21.

To finish this outfit off this Fashionista has added some classic Chelsea boots available from H&M.

One Simple Change: To adapt this outfit into a great interview look is really, quite simple. I would swap the cardigan for a chic blazer like this one from Oasis. You should always make sure you’re feeling comfortable. It means one less thing to worry about!

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It is officially winter. The dark nights are overlapping into our once warm afternoons while we have to add layer upon layer just to make it outside. Fortunately, with Bournemouth being one of the sunniest places in the UK, we very rarely get snow. This means more style and less chunky bomber jackets!

My first Fashionisto was spotted coming out of class on a sunny but cold morning. I really like that a good winter jumper can make an outfit look great. The colour of the jumper really suits this Fashionisto and makes his outfit stand out from the crowd. My favourite places to grab similar jumpers are Hollister Co. or Superdry. This one from Superdry is especially fun for the festive season with the classic fairisle print. It will soon put you in the Christmassy mood!

This Fashionisto is rocking the accessories which are needed for a simple, relaxed outfit. A good pair of boots is a must for the winter season. River Island have some stylish, military boots in at the moment and at a good price. On the other hand, when in doubt go for the classic Chelsea boots from Office, with student discount. These will last you through to next year and are guaranteed not to go out of fashion.

Finally, to finish this look off a great bag will make you look like the dotting university student everyone wishes they were. This one from ASOS will bring the old school back into fashion and still make you look smart.

One Simple Change: To turn this cold weather look into an outfit suitable for an internship it is easy. I would add a plain white or black shirt underneath the jumper. This will make you look professional when wearing jeans and if it gets a little hot for a jumper you’ll be able to take it off.

WHAT TO WEAR: Sporting Event

Fashion and sports don’t tend to go hand in hand with each other. That is until we saw the likes of Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs combining the two on the catwalks a few years back. It could just be Olympic fever carrying on but the sport luxe trend is still in full swing.

This Fashionista is rocking her sports jersey top. Inspired by a mixture of American sports and the 90s, these jerseys are back. They can come in a variety of colours so pick yours to suit your team. If you happen to be a Yankees fan ASOS have it covered. On the other hand Forever 21 have added a metallic effect to their sports tee and at a much smaller price.

Carrying on the 90s trend, this Fashionista has added a denim rucksack to her look. This is a trend that I fully support for university life. No longer will you struggle to fit an A4 book into your shoulder bag and end up breaking your elbow (and a dead hand). The high street has got this trend covered. From the likes of Topshop and America Apparel you get buy a backpack in any colour and any material. I would definitely go for a denim or leather-look one for a more stylish finish.

Finally to finish your off your sporting look go for a simple hoody, converse and maybe a team banner. Even if you don’t know what is happening on the field at least you will look the part!

One Simple Change: This outfit will also look great on game night. It doesn’t happen much in the UK but in the US it’s a big thing. So to make this outfit look great on the night, swap the jeans for a skort. They are everywhere this season and so practical!


As university students, I’m pretty sure that everyone has brunch regularly. When there isn’t any milk left for breakfast and lunch seems too far away, it’s the perfect excuse. Although, not many students go out purposely to have brunch as it may seem a little posh for us. Well basically it really isn’t. Whether you go for a fry up after a night out or just for some waffles, I truly love brunch.

Anyway, I could write about food for hours but fashion is much more fun and exciting. This Fashionista stood out because of her graphic sweatshirt. It reminded me of a men’s sweat but the floral sleeves added that feminine touch. I also love how famous cities are printed on everything nowadays. You get to wear your favourite place in the world on your jumper whilst being stylish. American Apparel has this awesome ‘Malibu’ sweatshirt. Although it may be a little pricey it’ll be great for a cold summer’s evening. On the other hand you could go for a crop top like this one from Urban Outfitters which is a less expensive option but goes with high-waisted jeans.

As I have mentioned in my previous post chains are this seasons must-have necklaces. This Fashionista has teamed her fairly laid-back sweatshirt with a chunky chain to give the outfit some edge. This one from Miss Selfridge is a great price for students and looks amazing on!

Remember, it is only brunch but every Fashionista/o likes to impress her/his friends with a stylish bag. I have seen many of these shoulder bags around campus, so keep an eye out. A great bargain is this one from H&M. This completes the outfit and makes sure that you look super stylish for brunch with your friends!

One Simple Change: This look may be great for a mid-morning brunch session but can also work for a stylish casual date night option. I would swap the converses for some ankle boots and throw on a tweed jacket and you’ll look the part!


I love it when the leaves begin to drop and you hear the crunching sound beneath your feet with every step you take. Fall fashion is about experimenting with reds, oranges and mixing with browns and blacks. With the dark nights drawing in, it’s time to escape your cosy fires and see your favourite act in concert.

This Fashionista has chosen the perfect sunny crisp weather to wear rolled up boyfriend jeans. It could be your last chance to show a little bare skin before the wintery winds arrive, so take the chance. Boyfriend jeans are great to tone down a smart shirt or blouse. Teamed with a leather jacket creates the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle you can pretend to lead for a night seeing your band. These look like vintage style jeans but fear not you can grab some from H&M for half the price of Levi’s!

As I mentioned earlier a smart shirt with boyfriend jeans create a relaxed combination. It’s almost like this Fashionista didn’t plan her outfit! This map print shirt from Topshop oozes colour and print like no other shirt I’ve seen. On the other hand this shirt from Urban Outfitters keeps it fairly plain with a simple spot print. Both shirts would look amazing tucked into some boyfriend jeans.

One thing I must mention is this Fashionista’s crazy platforms. I would have to say this is an ingenious idea for a gig. You know when there is abnormally tall person standing in front of you and we all know heels aren’t the best idea for dancing in a crowd. Check out Office for some platform inspiration.

One Simple Change: To turn this outfit from the perfect concert look into something more suitable for weekend wear is simple. I would swap the platforms for some chilled out Converses. You could also change the leather jacket for a plain sweater and make it preppy. Just make sure your collar is tucked out!


Fashion is always about making it fun. Whether you’re dressing up in the perfect princess gown for homecoming or meeting the parents for the first time in your best tea dress make it fun. It is guaranteed to make your day much better!

This Fashionista made her trip to the library a little more exciting with this cute ensemble. The flowery top brings some much needed sunshine to this miserable fall weather. A cami top is long enough to wear with leggings and adds some colour to the outfit. This one from Forever 21 is amazing. It has all the flower power you could possibly need whilst featuring a pretty little cutout detail at the back.

To keep it comfortable in the library (who knows how long you could be in there) this Fashionista teamed her cami with a snug cardigan. This fall a major trend is anything fluffy. The high street is overloaded with fluffy jumpers, hats and cardigans. You can grab a lovely nude cardigan from Topshop or for a slightly cheaper version visit Boohoo for some fluffiness and student discount!

Finally, this Fashionista teams her outfit with some cool Nike free runs 5.0. This makes for comfortable footwear and great if you want to dash back home!

One Simple Change: To turn this casual library outfit into some awesome work out wear it’s easy to do. All you need is a sports tank top from Jack Wills. This will keep it stylish but still be practical. I would swap the shoulder bag for a tote bag.