Sadly, this is my last post for being a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista. Thank you for all my supporters and especially Amy Levin for accompanying me through each weekly style submission — you are all truly great.

As the summer approaches faster than ever, I found myself packing lots of boxes and bags to move out of my beloved college dorm. With two closets, I realized the amount of clothes I had brought to school was beyond immense. So, with my mother yelling at me that I always have too much “stuff” (considering all of it couldn’t fit in the car), let’s just say that I have learned my lesson.

This summer I’ll be living and interning in New York City. Surprisingly enough, even with a new life chapter approaching, I’m most terrified about what to pack and wear. (eeek!) I know the humid weather and walks down thousands of blocks will really get to me, so this matter needs to be approached with care.

This Fashionista truly helped me realize the staple (comfy) necessities are key. I found her on one of my last days at Wheaton College and her laid back but completely cute style caught my eye.

A true '90s baby, she wears white Converse, cuffed jeans and a stripped rainbow tank. Converse All-Stars are the perfect shoe to strut around campus in, providing both comfort and a classic style. This sneaker is featured in a bunch of funky colors and styles. The Chuck Taylor All-Star that has a retro high-top vibe and are my favorite. I know that even though I’ll love sporting my wedges and strappy sandals this summer, comfort is key.

The second fashionable yet functional piece is the cross-body bag. This bag is the perfect size for your college ID, credit cards, cash, phone and so on. Not only are cross-body bags functional for the essentials, they can easily transform an everyday outfit into a chic ensemble. My advice is to look into the two categories that every Fashionista must cover: the neutral and then the bold, loud bag. I know that many Fashionistas love to play around with prints and colors, yet it is often difficult to find a bag that doesn’t match up with the attention. Two designers that tend to always feature beautiful cross-body pouches are Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors, so be sure to take a peak for this season!

So, I say farewell to all, have a wonderful summer and once again thank you CollegeFashionista for an amazing semester. I know our paths will cross again, and hopefully some time soon! Stay classy and sassy.


What's hot and in right now? Tumblr fashion seems to be a hit and crowded with pictures of girls in high-waisted shorts and long locks that go on for miles. Stars have also been spotted in them from Drew Barrymore, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. These cut-offs are too good to be true!

They’re like skirts, but way better. High-waisted shorts are an amazing way to add variety to your wardrobe. They look absolutely adorable with flowy and cropped shirts, and they’re way trendier (and comfortable) than regular shorts.

This Fashionista wore her white toned shorts with a tribal print sweetheart top. She then complemented her outfit with a pair of higher rise socks and bold red wedges. Her look is perfect and has a beautiful glow to it.

It’s an easy find to grab Levi Brand Jean shorts like the one this Fashionista is sporting at local thrift stores. But if you’re unlucky, you can cut a pair of high-waisted jeans and take a try with some D.I.Y instructions. Spicing it up with designs with fabric paint, or studs and jewels to the back pockets seems to be all the rage lately. Secondhand clothes, not your thing?  There are plenty of variations of shorts in different colors and washes at places like NASTY GAL and Free People.

If you’re going to sport the high-waisted short, try following this Fashionista’s lead and add either some chunky jewelry or a funky hat. For more of a formal occasion, try silk or rayon shorts and feel free to experiment with polka-dot or stripe patterns. And on colder days, I would recommend sweater tights or pairing then with boots. Layering the outfit allows for different color combinations and plenty of innovative ways to wear it!

So Wheaton Fashionistas, my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK is to wear high huggers and style them your own way!


One of the best items in a wardrobe has to be the blazer. In the past, this article was strictly worn as a business garment that professionals were required to sport in the workplace. Luckily, this killer item has transformed into something one can wear with a flair.

Although many of us are scared to admit, the years are passing and focusing more on our future careers is a priority. Alongside comes the demand to learn the basic of business casual. “Business casual” would be considered slacks or a skirt accompanied with a silk blouse, sweater or casual blazer. Fortunately enough, this doesn’t have to be completely scary as one can still be fashionable with a hint of fun and youthfulness in their style.

This Fashionista knows how to wear it right. Though blazers are seen all the time, this one particularly stands out due to the fun creativity in bringing a pop of color. I love the idea of a bold blazer instead of the basic navy, black and gray that has been used over and over again. Also, wearing a blazer open like this and rolling up the sleeves a bit keeps the look casual and fun.

How does one look classy, profession and stylish all in one? With the summer quickly approaching, I know we all want to make a strong impression in all of our various internships, so dressing professionally chic is a must. As you can see, this Fashionista is on point with a perfect outfit for a business environment yet still keeping her personal style.

I know many of us may be concerned about being sophisticated in the workplace during the warm summer months, but the secret is to buying a three-quarter sleeve linen blazer to wear with a skirt or even over a casual dress, making it more work-friendly. Adding accessories or wearing a fun colored top under the blazer proves that this item never has to be boring.

Be bright, be bold and be beautiful!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Free, Functional and Flowy

As the summer months come ahead and all plan to spend most of the day outside, function usually comes before fashion, but I believe you can have both. Lately, everything has been oversized, whether it be T-shirts, dresses, boyfriend jeans, button-ups or boots. One definite year-round, especially summer, essential would have to be a loose fitting shirt. While the light and airy fabric keeps it perfectly functional and cool on a hot day, it is also perfect for a yummy dinner date. They’re everywhere and it seems to be that this hippie chic look is coming back to stay.

This Fashionista keeps it simple with her J Brand skinny jeans and Jimmy Choo star studded flats, but what truly caught my eye was her fire bright red sheer alice + olivia top. Not only is it a great addition to any wardrobe, but these shirts are free flowing and work for any figure as well. 

All designers seem to be featuring these shirts, and they will for sure amp up any closet and provide endless possibilities for all types of outfits. Match it with a pair of jeans like this Fashionista, or shorts and even a skirt. Put on a sheer polka-dot blouse with a lacy bra and platform heels for a night on the town. Not only do a perfect long necklace or some hoop earrings look great, but one can also dress this big statement look up or down for the absolute wear. 

For now, ditch the fitted tops and go with the flow.


As the summer days rapidly approach, hemlines begin to rise. Alongside, higher waisted bottoms are what’s in and are commonly paired with a tucked in T-shirt. However, this trendy Fashionista made a bold statement and ventured for the hot crop top and mixed it with another summer trend, tie-dye, to achieve this outstanding outfit. The outcome: a comfortable and cool yet completely chic look on a beautiful day.

As this top becomes more and more popular around Wheaton College's campus, I have absolutely come to adore it. It can go with everything from shorts, skirts, jeans to even leggings. Additionally, it can be paired with any type of shoe as well.

While walking to lunch, I came across this week’s Fashionista. Her black crop top and rounded shades show off her fun side while her high-waisted, wide leg printed pants give off her personal style. Simplicity goes a long way in an outfit, and this doll highlights her details just the perfect way.

Since more retailers such as American Apparel are carrying shirts like this Fashionista’s, many are able to find one that fits their true style and taste. This item works in any color, style and with any type of accessory. For those on a budget, go to the local consignment store and grab a larger t-shirt and cut the body for the shorter cropped look. A vintage-inspired concert T-shirt, such as this one from Urban Outfitters, works perfectly and gives a touch of punk.

If you want to dress this look up, try something a little more fancy like this crochet top from Free People. This top is a triple threat with its mix of delicacy, edge and glamour. But don’t forget that in the end you truly make the outfit. Crop tops are just like us, as they come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Have the confidence and anyone can work this gem. So, like this daring Fashionista, try taking your look to a shorter level!


Neon is once again a hot trend, showing up on dazzling ways more than ever. Going back to the '80s is a constant reminder of the workout video phase with neon scrunchies and leg warmers. Luckily, designers have been reinterpreting neons in an entirely contemporary way. 

Injecting neon into your closet is all about turning the “conventional into the unconventional.” Humans have the ability to see over 7,000,000 different colors, and neon colors especially attract the eye because of their incredible bold popping quality. rag & bone's spring 2012 runway consisted of bright blue ponchos and orange clutches. For this reason, colors like neon orange, yellow and pink match perfect with the spring vibe.

Additionally, this Fashionista’s fun outfit envisions the common theme at Coachella this past weekend to emphasize “blast from the past.” The diverse music spread the California land for three days and the best part about the great festival was the fashion that mimicked this decade trend. To avoid looking like a walking '80s costume party, make your neon accessory the highlight and main emphasis of your look while still keeping the other elements neutral. Neon bags are a great way to go and The Cambridge Satchel Company makes funky satchels in great colors. 

Today’s gorgeous Fashionista was radiant in a crochet rainbow top and neon shorts. This outfit is perfect for a laid back day or for hanging out over the weekend. If you’re not ready to wear too much neon, you can still sneak some color by wearing one neon piece like a Juicy Couture charm bracelet or even a polished coat; the options are endless. Bringing bright colors to your wardrobe will not only add an instant summertime feel, it will also add a youthful element to your outfit. 

It’s time to put away all those neutral winter clothes and bust out the vibrant ones!


All you need are a few staple pieces to get you through the warmer months ahead. This being said, there’s one transitional piece that you can dress up for date night, throw on for a casual day of classes or lounge around in on a chilly beach day or a rainy Sunday afternoon (and still look cute!). This Fashionista knows it all and that her options are maxi-mized with this trendy skirt.

Now, this lengthy look is being perfected by Fashionistas of all styles, and I’m super happy the maxi skirt/dress trend has stayed in style. Its options are truly endless. This Fashionista, who is also my former (favorite) roommate, caught my eye sporting a nude, striped maxi paired with a black top and ruby red jewelry. She styled her maxi simply and added detailed touches to her fabulous look with accessories.

There are many variations of this skirt. The newest sightings have been pleated, sheer, slit and high-low maxis, and they are all completely ingenious. For a simpler look, a jersey maxi skirt definitely gives a stylish touch with great comfort. Achieving the look of this Fashionista is simple and can be adapted into every style. Invest in a maxi (or a few) that is interesting yet is transitional, even with funky prints. For colder days, layer a chunky sweater over the skirt, or when it's sunnier, match it with a tube top or a loose tank.

Not to forget, an essential element to this outfit is a girl’s best friends: shoes. This Fashionista was edgy and sported a pair of Dr. Martens. If you are feeling casual, a pair of strappy sandals or Converse could finish the ensemble off. Yet, if you are a bit on the shorter side, don't be shy and grab wedges or Jeffrey Campbell “Lita” booties.

To try this trend, check Free People’s beautiful crochet maxi, which is great for a vintage vibe. If you’re on a budget and want a simpler option, Forever 21’s black asymmetrical skirt is great to not only help create a slim, elongated silhouette, but for a fun night out.

As for last minute touches, grab a pair of cat eye sunglasses, put on some layered necklaces and your go-to hobo bag — you’ll be set for your day. So, go ahead, find your inner bohemian side and try a maxi skirt on now!


This Fashionista is one that always seems to be smiling across campus amongst the gloomiest of days. I ran up to her and immediately asked her to back away and shouted “Fashionista alert” repeatedly until she agreed for a photo (I secretly, knew she couldn’t deny me).

From afar, her mint blouse totally blew me away. Its unique pussycat bow (untied, of course), really caught my eye. It truly adds an Oscar Wilde element to the outfit. Absolutely perfect! Though she completely pulls it off, many struggle with this detail. When we were younger, bows were always a part of our wardrobes, whether they were in our hair, on our shoes, our purses or elsewhere. While we may not wear them in the ways we did back then, bows are still a favorite among women of all ages.

Yves Saint Laurent and Jason Wu featured a set of silk and sheer blouses with bold bows, which was completely brilliant. The key to wearing a bow blouse is to keep away from chunky necklaces and to focus on little details such as rings, bracelelets and headbands that add an extra pizzazz to an outfit. 

This Fashionista paired her bow with just the right attire: her pants, which are to die for! Cobalt blue is a color that will never go out of style because of its rich tone and versatile use. So, make sure to sneak it into as many outfits as you can! She also mixes neutrals in the trend with a pair of comfy suede moccasins and a lightweight khaki jacket. Last but not least, my favorite element of her outfit is the nostalgic touch of her two-toned teal Danish backpack that she purchased during her study abroad.

Though this outfit is meant for colder days, you can transform it for the warmer weather as well. Many are trying white bows, a necessity for coming summer months, because of its undeniable versatility. For those of you that might be interning in an office, the bow adds a touch of classy fun with professionalism to any work outfit. You can also pair it with dashing velvet peg leg pants. For days when the hot sun keeps you from wearing pants, try tucking it into a pencil or leather skirt.

So please, whatever you do, don’t forget to bow.


I spotted this beautiful Fashionista on the first day of spring glowing on our campus’ main green. I mean, she was nearly impossible to miss with her bold statement hair, overly feminine champagne top and her exerting confidence.

I immediately started to hum The Sound of Music’s song, “My Favorite Things” as I spotted her frilly ruffles and metallic shoes. Unfortunately, ruffles have at times had a bad rep and have been associated with being super girly or found in a grandma’s closet. The truth is that though they’ve never been super trendy, ruffles are not leaving the world of fashion anytime soon. At times they are tricky as they can look unflattering by bringing about notions of body parts looking larger from the extra fabric. A tip is to keep the ruffles away from body parts you don’t want to highlight and try to place them on parts you do. But when done right, ruffles can add a cute, sophisticated touch. If you aren’t daring enough to wear loud ruffles, try a more modest twist with a short ruffled sock for a subtle look.

This week’s CollegeFashionista redefines ruffles, breaking them out of their traditional, frilly ways with a fresh spin on the classic. The tighter ruffle is a great way to add some variation to a clothing item while still keeping in line with its main elements and creating a pulled together look. With this added touch, her outfit looks both unique and effortless. Ruffle tops embrace a celebratory and joyful attitude. It easily fancies up the norm of a simple outfit and creates a completely clean and elegant look.

As a huge ruffles advocate myself, I cannot reinforce this element enough. A “need” on my list is this powder blue summer dress from BCBGeneration. It’s simple, but its pastel color and back detail really makes it into the perfect sundress. Additionally, though I’m happy that summer is approaching, it means I need to put away the cashmeres except for one of my obsessed items. Of course, Magaschoni’s cashmere collections are my favorite, so on cold summer nights by the beach I always sport this super soft ruffle wrap that is available in every imaginable color.

Additionally, this Fashionista of the year as she sports my oh-so-favorite glittered TOMS Shoes. I mean, what better way to shop when you know that your money is going to a good cause? TOMS Shoes is a company whose objective is to match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. The amazing part is that they come in a multitude of fabrics and prints. How can one go wrong?

If you are ever in a rut when putting together a simple sunny outfit, grab a pair of white or dark wash jeans or clean-lined shorts and find a simple ruffled top to bring the outfit to a homerun. Keep it classy and your festive outfit will surely be complimented.


Hmm, Leather? What to think of it? For me, it sparks a strong image of none other than a young John Travolta as Danny Zuko, the quintessential '50s bad boy in the classic movie Grease. This “bad boy” image has been in the media for decades, but now it's making moves with a female hit. Leather takes feminine and chic to new heights as it shows up in the form of pieces traditionally found in denim and corduroy. As this Fashionista proves, the material is being revived with full force.

Having a hard time pulling off that bad boy look without looking like a boy? The tough girl has been spotted all around campus with Dr. Martens, velvet tights and metallic buckles. Now, this post is not to convince you to go out and buy a motorcycle or get a bunch of tattoos, but it is to inform you on how to get that bad girl style of your own.

Take a note from this Fashionista: her leather jacket and ankle boots really make a firm statement as she adds an intense coral and teal touch. To get this look, I would start with a staple jacket. Any leather will do, but for a tougher look, definitely sport a metallic shine, zipper detail or a studded collar. This metallic snakeskin jacket or a sleeveless jean vest from Topshop perfectly fit this outfit. Another “borrowed from the boys” look is this suede lace-up boot from DV by Dolce Vita. Additionally, it’s also great to keep some part of your look girly. This can be done in a few ways with a floral top, bold jewelry or a colorful head wrap. Just test the waters!

This look is all about being inspired. Go through your closet and pull out those James Dean-inspired pieces, such as, Ray-Ban sunglasses or some graphic band T-shirts and don’t be afraid to act tough!