TREND: Show Off with Stripes

It doesn’t take a weatherman to let most of us know that this summer hasn’t started off ideally. In fact, the cold bitter storms, erratic winds, and dark gloomy skies is just about any Fashionista’s worst nightmare. How do you wear a skirt, a dress, or shorts in this type of weather?

I honestly don’t know. That is why I’ve spent the past week looking through the trends that I’d like to see more of, opposed to the ones I haven’t been able to see at all this year. This Fashionista highlights one of theses trends, stripes.

Big, thick, and chunky stripes that feature brilliant colors are one of the most popular trends this summer, and this Fashionista showed off her hot pink and cream striped shirt by pairing it with jeans, a crossover bag, and gold gladiators.

I personally love this striped shirt because it features two colors that aren’t often paired together. The hot pink and cream combination make this look standout, and it can be purchased at ShopStyle. To further emphasize the cream coloring in her shirt, this Fashionista paired her look with a traditional Coach crossover bag and an unforgettable pair of gold gladiators.

I love crossover bags like the one this Fashionista is wearing because they are the perfect size, and you never have to worry about losing it.  As long as you keep it draped over your body, it’ll remain safe.  This Fashionista made another safe choice by pairing her look with a go to pair of gold gladiators. They enhance just about any look, and i recommend purchasing a pair from Aldo.

TREND: Rocker Chic

School is almost over, and summer is about to begin.  Like most of the Fashionistas on campus, my brain is fried, and nothing sounds better then tucking away my heavy textbooks for a few months.  The ability to replace my time studying with some adventures sounds more than appealing right about now, and after seeing this Fashionista on campus yesterday, I have never been more ready to live life on the edge.

This Fashionista’s rocker chic look is captivating.  By pairing a black tiered ruffled skirt with a black blouse, an air force jacket, and leggings this Fashionista’s look was quickly made unforgettable.

My favorite element of this look is this Fashionista’s tiered ruffled skirt.  Skirts like these are always in style, and they are also always flattering.  I personally love the ones from Forever 21 since they have such a variety. I think the variety in these skirts is another reason I am such a fan of them. After all, they can be overwhelmingly feminine, or they can support a more rocker chic look like the one this Fashionista is wearing.  It is all a matter of what you decide to pair it with.

This Fashionista decided to match her look with a black shirt that flowed along with the ruffles, making her outfit look like a dress opposed to two separate pieces. Then, this Fashionista chose to pair the black blouse and tiered ruffled skirt with an unforgettable air force jacket.  This season is featuring a lot of military inspired outfits, and I think this jacket is a perfect example of how to add this look into your wardrobe.

In addition to all of these wonderful elements, I think this outfit could really soar to new heights with a great pair of heels. I perfonally recommend  the ones from

TREND: Simplicity in Spring

When I walk around campus, I often see trendy girls wearing extravagant outfits; however, a skirt with tights and a lace top, a sequin dress, and standout sandals with a matching cardigan doesn’t define fashion. In fact, a lot of times I believe that less is more, and you don’t have to have the most outrageous outfit in order to be considered fashionable. That is why I often find myself most excited about simplistic outfits.

This Fashionista is a perfect reminder of how you can make your outfit speak for itself by adding a couple unique accessories. She merely took a pair of capris, a white top, flats, a bangle and a bag and made an unforgettable outfit.

This white top is my favorite part of the outfit because of its simplicity. While it is a casual white top, it is unique because of its v-line cut, capped sleeves, and elastic band at the bottom. This embellishment allows this white shirt to stand out without the extreme stress of an elaborate outfit. In fact, it is the way the top is cut that truly makes this outfit one of a kind.

This Fashionista went on to pair her shirt with blue jean capris and flats. The simple combination allows the bangle around this Fashionista's wrist and the bag on her shoulder to standout.

Bangles are a key item to have this season. After all, they can add a lot to an outfit. I recommend purchasing them from the Forever 21 Accessories Store. I also love this Fashionistas' bag because the gold embellishment on this pocketed bag helps highlight this Fashionista's gold bangle.  You can find similar bold bags from the Buckle.

This look could be worn to class (without heels), to work, or even down town Iowa City. I personally think it is the perfect way to show up simply ready for finals.

TREND: The Power of Pants, Cargo Style

When it comes to shopping, I am instantly drawn to shirts. After all, every shirt varies in color, pattern and shape, and when you pick the perfect top to wear, no one ever forgets your outfit. However, this Fashionista reminds those of us who sprint to the shirt racks at the mall a little to easily, that pants are just as influential in creating an unforgettable look. In fact, when it comes to pants, it is as easy as choosing a pair with extraordinary detail. Whether it’s the stitching, the rips, or the amazing pair of cargo pockets like this Fashionista is wearing, pants have the power to turn heads just as easily as a fashionable top.

Because cargo pants are in style this season, finding an unforgettable pair of pants is even easier. After all, they are showcased in almost every store. My favorite are the ones from Nordstrom. I am also a particular fan of the ones this Fashionista is wearing because they are skinny. Often cargo pants are loose fitting and beige. However, this bold green tighter fitting pair of pants highlights this Fashionista’s curves, making them look more feminine.

To add to the cargo look, this Fashionista paired her pants with a simple white shirt and sandals. I think this was a brilliant decision because the cargo pants are so bold you don’t want to draw too much attention away from them. Adding a simplistic sandal like the ones this Fashionista is wearing or ones from Steve Madden is ideal. This isn’t to say you can’t have some fun with your accessory choices. This purple, blue, and green scarf adds a lot to this outfit, and many people chose to pair their cargos with scarves. In fact, this scarf helps pull out the green in the cargo pant drawing your attention back to them.

TREND:: Send a Message

Women have made great strides throughout history. A woman can now vote, go to college, fight in the army, and get a career doing anything she desires. But one of the best ways to show the formerly male dominated world that women will keep bending society’s rules is through a bold fashion statement.

This Fashionista decided to send that message through her boys meet girl outfit consisting of a sweater, which she paired with a collared shirt, skinny jeans, hiker boots, and a messenger bag. The layered blue collared shirt and gray sweater is a popular trend amongst the Fashionistos around campus; however, this Fashionista chose to pair it with skinny jeans. This was a wise decision because while the upper portion of this Fashionista’s outfit was a male inspired fashion decision, she also chose emphasize her curves by wearing a pair of hip hugging skinny jeans.

This Fashionista went on to emphasize her bold look by adding a few key accessories, brown leather hiker boots and a matching messenger bag. These leather boots are a great addition to any look and I recommend getting a pair from DSW.  I have also been seeing a lot of Fashionista’s wearing messenger backpacks around campus, and I recommend getting this oversized purse which can hold all of your books from Zappos.

Overall, this look is daring, but it is a female fashion step in the right direction. In case, you're brave enough to try this look on a sunnier day, simply pair the layered collared shirt and sweater with shorts, these hiker boots, and the unforgettable messenger bag.

TREND: Sun Dance in a Sundress

When it comes to the weather, I feel like everyone has what some may refer to as the “Goldy Locks Syndrome.” It always seems to be too hot or too cold, and no temperature is ever just right. However, this past week has had some of the hottest days so far this spring. With the sun shining and a light breeze brushing past all the Fashionistas on campus as they walk to class, there isn’t a more opportune time to take some of your favorite sundresses off the hanging racks of your closets and show them off around campus.

I love sundresses because of the various shapes and patterns they come in and this Fashionistas’s dress caught my attention outside of Currier Residence Hall because of its beautiful floral pattern. Floral straight-fitting dresses like this one are very popular this spring and I recommend purchasing one from ModCloth. Her look is one that captures the complete essence of spring. Flowers themselves are often associated with the season, and when they’re combined with the color palette of this Fashionista’s dress they stand out even more. The lilac, pink, orange, and green coloring are captivating but not overpowering.

This seems to be a trend throughout this Fashionista’s outfit. Because she is wearing such a bold dress, she made the wise decision to pair this with nude flats. Ballerina slippers like these are very in style this spring and I recommend purchasing similar ones from Steve Madden. My only additional suggestion would be to pair this look with a complimenting cardigan so you can stay warm as the spring breeze rushes by.

TREND: Embrace Lace this Spring

As the seasons change so does fashion. At least, this is what usually happens. However, some trends manage to blossom throughout all four seasons. The dark bold lacey patterned tops that were introduced in the fall, have survived the harsh winter, and are now blooming with feminity this spring. Feminity is the perfect word to describe this season’s lace trend, and this Fashionista exemplified the delicate lace look effortlessly by pairing an ivory lace dress with a skinny brown belt and gladiator shoes.

This ivory lace dress embodies femininity in both its pattern and shape. The elaborate flowery patterned lace is so subtle that it forces you to take a second look. This dress is also cut so that it highlights this Fashionista’s hourglass shape, which she decided to emphasize with a skinny brown belt. I personally think that this is a brilliant decision because skinny belts are so in style this spring. By wearing them around your mid-section, they provide a little bit more shape to every shirt or dress you pair it with.  Plus, they can add a little bit more color and detail to a simplistic outfit like this Fashionista's.  Belts like the one this Fashionista is wearing are sold at just about every store, and I recommend the ones from J. Crew. Not only did this Fashionista add a little more color to her outfit with her brown belt, but she did this by wearing intricate brown sandals as well. Sandals can add a lot to an outfit, and I recommend buying some from Urban Outfitters.  After all, this Fashionista's sandals helped make her look memorable from head to toe!  

TREND: Try Tie Dye

For many of us Fashionistas and Fashionistos, spring is a time for new beginnings. That is why so many of us participate in spring cleaning. In essence, it is the time of year that we tuck away all of the clothing that reminds us of the bitter winter we just endured and rejuvenate our closets for the lighter airier weather which is soon to come. In that process we re-evaluate old trends, and throw away things that are simply out of style.

However, there are certain trends that can never get old, and this Fashionista is a reminder that tie-dye clothing is here to stay. Yes, it is a look that came out when our parents were young and life was simply groovy, but it is also a look that blends together many patterns, fabrics, and colors resulting in unforgettable combinations. In fact, this Fashionista demonstrates how tie-dye has been made modern by incorporating it onto her flowy cardigan-style vest. Vests like these are a huge part of this spring’s fashion. They are easy to wear, lightweight, and they make a statement. This flowy vest is particularly unique because of the tie-dye swirls of navy, black, and white.

This Fashionista also went on to incorporate these colors throughout the remainder of her outfit pulling it all together with a black V-neck T-shirt, blue jeans, and Sperrys. Sperrys are some of the most comfortable shoes to wear this season, and their neutrality allows them to be paired with anything. For the sake of being comfortable while walking to class, I recommend everyone get a pair.

TREND: Unforgettable in Floral

April is on the horizon, and so are all of the storms. In fact, this past week has only been a preview of the downpours to come. Luckily, the rainy season allows all of the Fashionistas and Fashionistos around campus to wear a few of my favorite things: umbrellas, boots and unforgettable jackets.

This Fashionista reminds all of us why the rain is worthwhile by wearing a beautiful navy blue floral patterned rain jacket. It isn’t often you see florals on such a large canvas like a jacket, but this Fashionista made the look work. In fact, in the few seconds I stopped to snap pictures of her, three people told her how much they loved her jacket.

I like this jacket not only because of the pattern but because of the material as well. The lightweight nylon material is perfect for the spring season. After all, it serves merely as a protective layer between you and the tears dripping down from the sky. In addition, with rain comes mud, and this jacket is very easy to clean off. I recommend purchasing a jacket similar to this from Shopstyle.

This jacket can also be paired with rain boots as well. By pairing it with bright green or pink rain boots, the colors throughout this rain jacket would pop. These boots would also prevent this Fashionista from getting her UGG boots dirty. I recommend getting some rain boots from Zappos. In fact, I suggest everyone goes out and gets some proper rain attire. This way we can better weather the storm. After all, April showers are almost here!

TREND: The Shortcut to Shorts

Mother nature can’t make up her mind, but we have all made up ours: We want spring. We’re tired of the wind, the cold, and the snow, but our desire for spring stretches far beyond the lousy weather. We want spring fashion. We want to feel the wind in our hair and the sun on our back as we frolic across the Pentacrest wearing sundresses, skirts, or shorts.

However, we can’t always get what we want, and this Fashionista is a perfect reminder of how to make the best of what we have.

She did this with a relaxed but edgy look featuring an oversized blue button up, rich denim shorts, tights, and hiker boots. Yes, Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I said shorts, but I also said tights too.

Wearing shorts and tights together seems to be an emerging trend around campus, and it is a powerful one. It allows all of us anxious spring shoppers to take the tags off of our new pairs of shorts and do something different with them.

This Fashionista's look is laid back and ready for class. She achieved it by simply wearing a baby blue button up half way tucked in allowing her to show off her shorts while drawing some attention to her classic blue button up as well. She then finished her look with a kick by adding bold hiker boots.  

The shorts and tights combination can also be dressed up for downtown Iowa City. I recommend doing this with black dress shorts, tights, a one-of-a-kind top, and pumps.  

But, no matter how you chose to pair your shorts and tights together, the look is easy to achieve, memorable, and fun. I personally feel that there is nothing better than this shortcut to shorts!