5 Favorite Music Festival Makeup Looks

Once music festival season is underway during the summer, it is always fun to push past boundaries and create new looks that can be fun, glam, and totally different than your everyday look. Here are just a few favorites that made an appearance this summer.

1—Bold Lips. Forget the nudes and subtle naturals! Bold, colorful lipsticks are the perfect addition to any makeup look. Adding glitter can amp them up even more!

2—Glitter. Instead of a highlight, use glitter. Whether it’s a cream or powder that is applied with glue, this iridescent look is sure to turn heads.

3—Paint lines. War face paint? Not quite. Festival face paint? Yes. Using a white or brightly colored and pigmented liner, it’s easy to create lines and designs on the nose, lips, and forehead.

4—Gems. With a little eyelash glue, applying gems to the face has never been easier! Use them above the eyebrows or on the cheeks to create symmetrical and asymmetrical designs that are bound to be unique.

5—Colorful combos. Color mixing and matching has never been better! Warm and cool toned colors can create a beautiful contrast and look great on any skin tone.


As the festival season comes around every year, it is always fun to see what styles have changed and what have remained. Although a majority of festivals take place during summer, these five makeup looks can be found at raves and festivals no matter what time of year.

What’s your favorite festival makeup look? Tell us in the comments below!

5 Must-Have Accessories That Don’t Have an Expiration Date

When it comes to fashion, styles are constantly changing. It can be hard to know what to pair with your outfits to make them trendy and complete. Whether you are going to brunch in a nice dress, or running errands in a t-shirt and jeans, here are 5 must-have accessories that will fit your everyday wardrobe and not go out of style!

1—Versatile Earrings. Everyone has a go-to pair of earrings. These are a must have! Whether they are simple studs, or larger colorful ones, simple earrings make it easy to effortlessly dress up and tie together an outfit!

2—Trendy Necklaces. Different styles of necklaces can come and go, but having a currently hot one on hand is always a life saver! Chokers and chains—don’t be afraid to layer them!

3—Metallic Rings. Don’t have your nails done? No problem! Throw on a couple of rings to dress up your hands. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals—silver and gold go hand in hand.

4—Classic Handbag. Everyone loves a good, classic purse. Opt for a neutral color that looks nice against patterns, bright colors and other neutrals!

5—Statement Sunglasses. If you have cool glasses, you’re ready to take on anything. With so many different styles, metals, and colors to choose from, you’re destined to find the perfect statement pair.

With these five accessories, you’ll be set for whatever your day entails! They’ll always be in style, no matter how long you have them for.

What are your favorite go-to accessories? Let us know in the comments below!