TREND: New Year’s Fashion for Day and Night

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Not so fast, Fashionistas, it’s not that time quite yet even though New Year's Eve is right around the corner. The night leading up to 2011 is one of the most anticipated of the year, so it is imperative to look your best when the calendar changes. While you may already have your outfit for the evening’s festivities picked out, chances are you haven’t thought about what you’re going to wear that day. So, why not dress for day and night?

I spotted this Fashionista on my way to my last lecture of the semester (thank goodness!) and couldn’t help but stop her. New Year's Eve is all about standing out, usually in something shiny and sparkly. So, why not keep this mentality going all day long? For instance, her shimmery silver tank looks party-ready but when paired with this beautiful gray cardigan, it effortlessly transitions from day-to-night. To try this look out for yourself, try pairing this shimmery silk tank from Urban Outfitters with this fitted, gray cardigan from J.Crew. I also love this Fashionista’s bold necklace, which dresses up the outfit. Add this long, chunky beaded necklace from Forever 21 to bring your day time shimmer to a full on nighttime sparkle! During the day, pair this look with a medium wash jean and boots for a practical and cute yet casual feel. Then switch out your jeans for a darker, slimmer fitting pair and heels to bring your look to the “dark” side.

Hint: Another way to transition your New Year's look from day to night? Add a shimmery clutch such as this one from Forever 21!

TREND: Everything is Better in a Sweater

I don’t know about you, Fashionistas but the holidays are my favorite time of the year! The thought of family gathered together, sipping hot cocoa and having no school for a month just warms my heart! But, nothing beats the warmth of a thick knit sweater wrapped around your shoulders, enveloping you like a cashmere hug. If you ask me, everything, including the holidays, is better in a sweater.

This Fashionista clearly shares my sentiment! Her full zip, navy sweater caught my eye when I passed her on the way to class. The thick material, banded bottom and fun print of her sweater make it perfect for keeping warm in chilly classrooms or looking cute and casual for those holiday family get-togethers. Try this lovely zip-up from Urban Outfitters! I love how this Fashionista has layered her look with a monochromatic with a gray thermal and skinnies, giving it an extra modern edge. Gray jeans are very in right now, check out this pair from Gap. Thermals are an easy and affordable option for layering in the cold winter months and often times you can buy them in multi-packs such as these from American Apparel. Last but certainly not least, this Fashionista’s black, leather motoboots add a tough edge to her sweet sweater ensemble. So, this holiday season, when you are struggling to decide what to wear to the family party, think of this Fashionista and remember, everything is better in a sweater!

Hint: Check out this ultra-affordable, knit beanie from Forever 21 to keep your ears warm in style.

TREND: The French Connection

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Yes, Fashionistas, it is finally that time of year again where the temperatures have officially dropped below freezing and the falling of snow is imminent. While dressing in puffy parkas and furry boots may seem like the best idea, I am here to ask you not to take the easy way out. Instead, this winter look toward the fashionable French for your inspiration when bundling up to bear the cold.

I understand you may be wondering what I mean when I say “look toward the French for your inspiration," but it’s really quite simple, allow me to explain. Berets. Yes, it is as simple a one-word hat. Looking around campus I have noticed more and more Fashionistas opting for cute, yet warm, woven berets to keep their ears warm instead of the typical ski hats and fur-lined ear muffs. I am not discrediting the value and warmth of ear muffs but I really love this new beret trend. The best thing about this trend is that berets come in many different materials and colors, making it fun and easy to find one that fits your style! Try this gray wool beret from Target if you are looking for something warm and in a neutral. Want something more colorful? It also comes in pink and blue! You can also find knit and faux fur berets!

Obviously, you need more than just a hat to fight the freeze of winter. When sporting the beret trend, try going for a fitted wool peacoat to go with it instead of that puffy parka to stream line your sophisticated French look! Stay warm, mes belles Fashionistas!

Hint: You can stay warm when going out on the town, too! Try this sequined beret and you’ll sparkle and shine in the cold winter night! 

TREND: Looking Luxe in Leather

This week, I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself! Why, you ask? Because we are talking about leather! Above all things, I love a great leather jacket and the perfect leather boots. Lucky for us, we have had quite a mild-fall here in Wisconsin, allowing for Fashionistas, like this one, to keep looking luxe in leather longer.

This Fashionista immediately caught my eye when she walked past me. Believe it or not, it was her brightly colored scarf that first grabbed my attention but it was her jacket and boots that reeled me in. Her jacket, which is a loose boyfriend-fit, adds structure to her outfit with the seeming down the sleeves and around the waist-line. This is a great feature to look out for when finding a jacket. Obviously, leather-wear is a trend that will never go out of style, so splurging on a real one, like any of these from Shopbop could be worth it in the long run. However, you can look just as luxe on a college budget in a faux bomber such as this one from Urban Outfitters. I also love how this Fashionista chose to go with a camel coat that plays off her skin tone and brunette hair, rather than the standard black motojacket.

Let’s not forget the rest of this Fashionista’s outfit. Her bright, salmon colored scarf spices up her otherwise casual, oversized striped tee and leggings, which is a perfect yet comfortable ensemble for a full day of classes! And finally, last but not least, her brown boots are chic and weather-ready – the perfect Wisconsin combo. 

Hint: Looking for a pair of boots you can wear all year round? Try something like these from Famous Footwear. Also, my Madisonian Fashionistas, don’t forget to stop by Bop at 222 West Gorham on Thursday, December 9th from 5-7 for the in-store event hosted by CollegeFashionista and Bop! RSVP to the Facebook event here

TREND: Color Study

Ok Fashionistas, I know it is midterm season but don’t panic at the sight of the word “study” in this week’s trend. I give you permission to put all the homework and exams you have coming up out of your mind for a few minutes and focus on something that is fun and worth studying: color mixing!

This Fashionista immediately caught my eye when I saw her walking through library mall! Her bright blue scarf and cool pink tights were the first things to grab my attention. If you ask me, that means these colorful accessories did their job. I love how the blue and pink work together to create a bright, and playful fall color scheme. This is a great example of how you can have fun with a vibrant palate, no matter the season. Looking for a way to make your favorite fall ensemble more colorful but, not ready to dive into tights? Try a pair of these Urban Outfitters ankle socks and wear them with your open toed, T-strap heels to transition into this trend.

I love how this Fashionista paired her vibrant accessories with an otherwise neutral outfit. This way, her sweater dress, hobo bag, and flats do not compete for the attention that is intended for her great scarf and tights. Not only is her ensemble perfect for the unpredictable fall weather we have been experiencing, it is guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention, as it did mine!

Hint: A sweater dress like the one this Fashionista is wearing can be invaluable to your fall wardrobe. Check out this simple, yet fabulous sweater dress from Express

Happy studying!

TREND: Bringing Velvet Back

It is time to give thanks, my lovely Fashionistas. Time to gather around the table and share in delicious provisions with friends and family as football plays on T.V.. Of course, I am talking about Thanksgiving, every food fanatic’s favorite holiday. But, it can be a Fashionista’s favorite too!

Not only do I love Thanksgiving because it is always within a few days of my birthday but I love the fashion that comes along with it! To me, Thanksgiving is all about thick, luxurious fabrics, and dressing up a little more than usual. However, what should one wear the days surrounding the holiday? Take this Fashionista, who I ran into on the way to class one morning, as a shining example! Her fabulous velvet sweater is the clear centerpiece of her outfit. The softness and sheen of the material give it a luxurious feel that is perfect for the increasingly cool weather and the special occasion. Not only is velvet elegant, it gives any outfit a hint of retro glam and is on trend this fall! For a play on this trend, try this Madwell velvet paneled tank from Shopbop. For a fancier option, look for something similar to this Alice + Olivia sleeveless velvet dress, also from ShopBop. This brilliant beauty made her velvet sweater appropriate for class by pairing it with black skinny jeans and cool spotted oxfords. Now, not only is she ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in style but she can translate her look to work for everyday!

Hint: Are you looking for a trendy pair of oxfords to spice up your look this season? Check out Urban Outfitters great selection!

TREND: Wrap it Up

Fashion is all about dressing for your body type and Fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes. This means that what works for one Fashionista is different than what works for another. Most of the time. I will let you in on a little secret, there is an exception to the rule!

As any expert will tell you, wrap tops and dresses flatter every body! Why, you ask? The wrap emphasizes the smallest part of every girl’s waist, her rib cage, and creates an hour glass silhouette. Let’s take this Fashionista as an example! Her looser, faux wrap sweater gives extra shape to her petite frame. Check out this faux wrap sweater by Forever 21 for a similar look! Perhaps you are more of a dress person, Shop Bop has a great selection of wrap dresses for every occasion!

It looks like this Fashionista has taken to the monochromatic trend I talked about last week! Her sweater, jeans, and navy drop earrings compliment each other perfectly! My favorite part of her look is her fabulous leopard print flats! If you ask me, animal print (in small doses of course) go with any outfit! This Fashionista is cool, casual and ready to take on the jungle that is Madison!

Hint: Are you looking for some leopard print accessories of your own? Try these flats from, or this scarf from The Limited!

TREND: Marvelous in Monochromatic

If there is one thing I love, Fashionistas, it is color. Very rarely will you find me wearing black, especially all black. Whether it is bright pinks, oranges and yellows in the summer or deep purples, reds, and blues in the fall, colorful clothing, in my mind, brings life to every outfit! However, I know you well, Fashionistas, and you want a new and different way to do color. Lucky for you, I have just the solution: monochromatic.

Before you panic at the thought of wearing all one color, just hear me out. Wearing a monochromatic ensemble could be just the dramatic, eye-catching look you have been waiting for! Take these Fashionistas for instance. They are perfect examples of how you can wear all one color without looking like you are being swallowed alive by said color. First, let's consider the Fashionista on the right. Her cerulean and navy striped top work together flawlessly to draw your eyes in and keep you interested, almost like an optical illusion. Not to mention, the cerulean makes her beautiful baby blues pop! Once you are drawn in, her jacket acts as the perfect, structured compliment, tying the outfit together. Another way to break up the color? A great pair of black jeans! The dark, neutral bottoms work to break up the color in the rest of the outfit without drawing attention.

The Fashionista on the left has taken a similar approach. Her beautifully patterned sweater is genius, combining three shades of blue that are different enough to trick the eye into thinking they are not , in fact, all blue. This is a great way to change up your monochromatic look! Like her friend, this Fashionista has broken up her outfit with a neutral bottom, choosing to go with a black skirt and thick grey tights in place of black jeans. Her argyle socks layered over the grey tights add another dimension of interest to the outfit, perfect for when you are feeling both cold and bold!

I love how these Fashionistas have decided to layer their looks! As we all know, the weather in Madison can be cold and windy one second and then warm and sunny the next, so layers, like this jacket are a great way to be prepared for any temperature!

Hint: Looking for more monochromatic inspiration? Check out this entry from’s daily blog “Street Chic”.

TREND: Play with Print

There is something that has been on my mind lately, Fashionistas, and I feel the need to share it with you. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious, I’m talking about prints! I don’t know about you but, I am a huge fan of the show Project Runway and on a recent episode, the designers had the chance to create their own printed fabric for the challenge. This got me thinking, what makes a great print? How can one play with print without looking like you’re trying too hard to stand out? Well, I have found the answers in this Fashionista!

Let me start off by saying that the first thing that caught my eye was the classic silhouette of this Fashionista’s shirt dress. Button down, collared, cap-sleeve dresses, like this one, were fantastic in the '1950s and they are just as fantastic now! As I got closer, I noticed the beautiful print of the dress. Upon first thought, the idea of a bicycle print for a shirt dress may seem a little out there but this Fashionista proves otherwise. This print has a certain charm and whimsy to it, perfect for standing out and making a statement, yet it is subtle enough to make this look effortlessly cool. I found out after talking to her that she got her dress at Anthropologie. I know Anthropologie can be on the expensive side of things but, they do have some great printed dresses! Also, Shopbop has a whole page dedicated to dresses with great prints! I love that this Fashionista doesn’t just let her dress do the talking by pairing it with bright red flats, which add a little extra interest to the outfit.

So, my lovelies, next time you are in your closet feeling bold and in the mood to wear a print, pair your favorite pattern with a bright pair of flats and you will have heads turning!

Hint: While it may be hard to see, this Fashionista is wearing a simple white and cognac leather belt that works to break up the busy print and accentuate her waist. A simple, yet classic belt can be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

TREND: Mix it up with Accessories

Okay Fashionistas, this week it’s all about the accessories! From earrings, necklaces, and handbags, to a great hairpiece and the perfect pair of shoes, accessories can take any outfit from zero to hero! The key? Finding the right pieces and the perfect balance for your look!

If you ask me, one of the hardest parts of accessorizing is finding a way to incorporate statement pieces into your everyday look without them feeling out of place. Many people associate pieces such as large bejeweled necklaces and feather earrings with costume jewelry, fit only for a night out on the town, but you, my darlings, know better than that!

This Fashionista is a perfect example! While her high-waisted shorts and white tee say simple, her earrings scream, “Look at me, I am fabulous!” I love the idea of feather earrings for day, especially peacock feathers!. The emerald green, sapphire and navy blue in the feathers are the perfect complement to her navy shorts. I love how the combination of her shorts and earrings juxtaposes two different trends to create a unique look of her own! Another great part of her outfit? Her fantastic leather hobo bag! This bag says that she is chic yet casual. If you ask me, a great bag (like this one) is just as important of an accessory as any jewelry!

Hint: Are you looking for some affordable statement jewelry of your own? Check out Forever 21’s accessory line, ForLove 21!