A backyard barbecue is the cornerstone of any summertime agenda, and since I know most of you will partake in at least one this summer, here is an example of a great casual outfit. This Fashionisto is laid-back cool in jeans and a short sleeve shirt. But this is not just any short sleeve shirt. The fitted silhouette and crisp collar are a far cry from an old college T-shirt. I particularly like the rolled-up sleeves á la the late Patrick Swayze in the 1983 classic film The Outsiders. In fact, this Fashionisto is channeling Swayze in more ways than one. The tight straight leg jeans and ankle boots would not be out of place in 1965, the year in which this film takes place. I'd say this Fashionisto has done an excellent job of taking an old trend and making it cool again. Bravo.

What to recreate this look? Urban Outfitters is your one stop shop for skinny jeans, ankle boots, and fitted shirts. And just in case you were wondering, the answer should be a resounding "yes." What was once considered Greaser attire, is now hipster chic.


Some men look like they just rolled out of bed because, well, they just did. Others have to try a little harder to achieve that lived in, rough around the edges look. One designer who has mastered the art of dressing down is the late Alexander McQueen. His Spring 2010 Men’s Collection featured distressed, weathered, and destroyed everything, from shirts to shoes. And as I look at this week’s featured Fashionisto, I have to wonder how much of an influence street fashion was to McQueen’s designs. The worn-in cuffed cotton trouser was a major player for spring/summer, and this Fashionisto hit the nail on the head. In fact, cuffed trousers, no socks, and a pair of slip on shoes is by far one of my favorite men’s wear combinations.

Oddly enough, my favorite men’s wear combination also translates well into women’s wear. For the ladies, I recommend cuffing a boyfriend fit jean–this look works best with a slightly loose fit. Right now, Gap is featuring a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans on sale for $17.99! Try slipping into a pair of heels to counteract all the masculinity.


In case you aren’t aware, the Fourth of July is nearly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with an American classic: DENIM! And while I’m well aware of the sudden comeback of the Canadian tux, this is just simply not the time. I did say, "American classic," after all. So, take a lesson from this Fashionista and strut your stuff in the very American, denim cut-off short. How short is too short? I’ll let you decide. And for those on a budget, consider this the easiest DIY project you’ll ever encounter. In fact, a vintage pair of jeans from a local thrift store adds that coveted distressed look, without the added cost of wet-processing. Want to take American pride to the next level? Consider adding a pair of cowboy boots to your look. Again, take a look in your local thrift store. The best leather products are often vintage—the more worn in, the softer they will be. Now, for those of you with extreme American spirit, go back in time. Think pre-colonial. That’s right. I’m talking American Indians. Often praised for their unique cultural aesthetic, Native Americans introduced turquoise jewelry to American settlers. This Fashionista is on track to win my award for the most American spirit with a turquoise necklace, bracelet, and earrings. So, whether you decided to make a statement this Fourth of July, or simply sample the offerings, always remember to be yourself and wear what you like!


Summer is the season of adventure, so get out there and do something fun! Try a concert, festival, or other local event. Personally, I plan to attend Bloomington ArtsWeek and the weekly Farmers’ Market. Of course, you will need something to wear while you are out and about, and my advice is to go for something light and airy—something you can feel a cool breeze in, if you are lucky enough to find one!

This Fashionista's got the right idea! Her blue high-waisted skirt looks like denim but is actually made from a light weight cotton. Because every shirt in your wardrobe goes well with denim, this is an ideal addition to any summer wardrobe.

Another important feature to consider when getting dressed for your adventure is your shoes. This Fashionista is sporting a pair of metallic leather sandals with jewel embellishments. This combination would be great on its own, but the cut of these sandals makes them nearly perfect. I imagine I could wear them all day and be blister free! American Eagle’s Metalic Strappy Sandals are a great buy at $29.50 and should keep your feet happy throughout the summer.

Before I go, I would also like to point out this Fashionista's hair style. By pulling back her shoulder length hair into a loose french braid, she is able to keep her hair off her back without having to go the old ponytail route!


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Seasonless Dress

On a recent daytrip to a local vineyard, I spotted my idea of effortless style– the T-shirt dress! This no-fuss cotton number is ideal for accessorizing! This Fashionista made it her own with studded sandals, a turquoise ring, and the perfect carry-all bag. Come fall, she can just as easily throw on a jacket and boots and call it a day! A versatile garment like this is great for students looking to stretch their budget! For other great dress ideas, try for all things dresses!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dress to Impress by Combining Comfort AND Style!

Summertime is often synonymous with internship time, and as much as I like high heels, they are just not practical for my new 9 to 5. The hunt for comfortable yet appropriate shoes is often a challenge, but these Fashionistas have inspired me to go the canvas route! With a rubber bottom and plenty of give, these funky flats will no doubt save my sole! (Get it?!) The Champion Slip On from Keds looks like a flat but feels like a sneaker and is my pick for summer 2010. For a more personal touch, try designing your own at!

Style Guru Bio: Stephanie Cromer

I am a senior studying Apparel Merchandising at Indiana University. In terms of personal style, I think fit is the most important element of any outfit. Beyond that, I appreciate a good color story that includes layers of complementary colors, patterns and textures. My favorite year-round accessory? Nail polish! Well manicured feet can be the perfect accent to any summertime look! You can usually find me at J. Crew, and my favorite designer is Diane von Furstenburg.