Style Guru Bio: Stephanie Mimi Eng

I, Stephanie Mimi Eng, solemnly swear to never wear sweatpants to class.

As a seventeen-year-old girl who devotes every minute to productivity, I know how tempting it is to rock the bedhead and crawl straight to that Monday morning lecture. (Thanks a lot, Northeastern.) But I also know myself. Getting up early and investing precious time in my appearance goes a long way. Anyone who has met me can attest that I’m not superficial, but the little details have always reaped huge benefits for me. If my hair is up in a not-a-hair-out-of-place princess braid, I sit up straighter and focus that much harder. When I decide to disregard the pain and don those killer heels or a great wedge? I know I’m in for an invincible day. And what girl doesn’t smile like a lovesick teenager with a bit of red lipstick on?

Now, that isn’t to say that I think it’s necessary to wear a glittery corset and a black smokey eye to roast marshmallows. The most important facet of fashion to me is comfort, but not the kind that involves 24/7 Snuggie-wearing.  Above all else, I believe that all Fashionistas should be confident in their clothes. My personal definition of comfort stems from the fact that the greatest love of my life is creation. I love to paint, draw, sculpt, etc. As an artist, I have a more unique perspective and a sharper eye for design. In a painting, you can never tell how much work and thought is put into each brush stroke, but you can see the end result. Nothing I put on is worn without thought, but I make it a goal to be as low-maintenance as possible. I have to be able to run to class or dance at a party without constantly adjusting too-tight jeans or a frumpy top.  Never underestimate the power of your favorite sweater tucked into tailored, printed shorts. After all, Yves Saint Laurent famously stated, “Isn’t elegance forgetting what one is wearing?”

While I like to forget what I’m wearing, I try to make sure other people don’t.  Probably the most accurate descriptors of my wardrobe are quirky, preppy, and laid-back. To me, the perfect outfit is flattering, cohesive, and eye-catching, but with an element of surprise. I’m a huge fan of juxtaposition: trendy statement pieces mixed with timeless classics, luxurious fabrics tied together with worn-in, thrifted durability, menswear and feminine charm. I personalize my attire by focusing each outfit on unexpected twists like red skinny jeans, a gilded Indian-inspired top, a pair of floral combat boots, or delicate robot earrings.

What excites me about being a Style Guru is that I can find people like me, because going in as a freshman, I don’t know anyone. Searching for people to go to the Museum of Fine Arts with on a Saturday is much easier after you’ve befriended a Fashionista/o whose awesome triangle earrings you’ve just raved about on the Internet. So if you spot me hanging out next to Shillman’s cat with my camera, please don’t hesitate to come up and say hi!